Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh Snap, Duckies

Bo: "Balsom, the only reason I was going to forgive you is because you promised that bedding you gave Nora and me was Egyptian cotton and 800 thread count. Now that I know it's not, then all bets are off. We are through."

As lethargic as my ass is right now, I'm posting. Why? Because I love all of you. Also, I love the hilarious commentary that all of you either post on here or message me about. So here I am! Anyway, I forgot what it was like to work all day long! OMG. Tough transition this shall be...and I'm not even a lazy person. Oy! So...this is a drive by post of today's awesome episode!

The Bo/Rex scenes were flippin' fantastic! As I mentioned yesterday, Bo is really scary when he is angry...good Lord! I don't know why but I do kinda feel sorry for Rex. But, my hard ass side always gets the better of me. Bottom line: Rex knew David was rotting in Morocco since August. He kept it from the man who is like a father to him knowing damn good and well that Bo would have helped him. Therefore, Bo deserves to loathe him for a bit. I have nothing negative or sassy to say about these scenes because they really were that good.

WHAT I WILL BE NEGATIVE ABOUT...wanna guess? Anyone? Anyone? Matthew Buchanan! OMG. I come home to see him 1.) Being a douche (which is now a given every time he 's on); 2.) Being mean to Nora which makes me livid; 3.) Sitting in Clint's chair?! 4.) That hair gel!!! AH! It has a mind of its own now! I'm not gonna speculate much because I know people are saying that based on his reactions today (when Nora told him that they think they know who killed Eddie) that he may have killed Eddie, etc. I'm gonna discuss that for a later post. Again, based on spoilers and interviews I've read, the key will be that chunk of missing time that Nora can't remember. Oh, and I'm totally fine with her telling Matthew all this crap without asking Bo first. Matt just needs to be told the truth so good for her. Anyway Mathew, please return to us. You officially suck. The only highlight of those scenes was that Nora had on my favorite coat.

I loved the Wendy Williams shit. No, I by no means want it everyday but it was good! She acted exactly how she does on her own show and, hopefully, people tuned into OLTL today to see her. So, if it helps the show I'm all about it, duckies!

So...Tess needs to be zapped into something miniature or pint size so she can sit on Vicki's shoulder and whisper into her ear all the logical things that Vicki needs to hear! Oh dear God! At least Tess told Vickster how it was with the whole Echo moving in thing. Tess was on fire as usual. Icing on the cake is telling Ford the sex sucked. Nice. Anyway, we need a mini and talking Tess on Vicki's shoulder ASAP. It's the only way Vicki will be able to be smart and cope with all this shit going on. Of course, only the audience and Vicki will be able to see mini Tess. I think this will work splendidly if implemented.

You can just go on and say you can freeze ice on my ass because I still am having zero sympathy for Langston. Hell, I'm not even feeling it for Brody right now because he keeps pulling his top cop card on Tess all the time. Eff that.

OMG OMG OMG! Ok, so I was sooooo blindsided with the Charlie/Echo make-out. Oh, and where did just Charlie just get back from?? I never knew he was going on a trip. Hmmm. DAMN YOU CHARLIE!!! What a two-faced bastard!? He sucks Echo's face and tells her he has feelings for her and then Vicki comes back and runs into his arms. I'm surprised he didn't just have sex with her right there in the middle of the living room of Llanfair. Nothing surprises me anymore with this idiotic man. Chuckles needs to be roughed and tumbled immediately...or just kicked in the balls! Something! He has lost it. No one in this town has any sense right now!

Ok...I know (and from browsing some spoilers) where they are going with this Dorian/Cutter thing. I cannot and will not accept them together in any way shape or form. I can take Dorian going younger with Joe and even Vickers (not really anymore though) but this does it for me!!! Cutter is nasty. NO, OLTL! God, the STDs on this show...can only imagine. Eww.

Llanview airport is a shithole.

Aubrey, I don't want to see you christen the new shower with a minor! Woof!

Dare I say it? Is Joey getting a brain? He's like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. Maybe he'll finally get it after all?

Nigel Nigel Nigel! Oh, and supposedly he is about to be on a lot. Cannot wait! Just like I can't wait for Bo and Rex to go to Asa's island and see Alex. Beside myself!

LOL! On the sneak peek online, it shows an airport scene with a non-stop flight from Llanview, PA to Casablanca, Morocco. My ass.

Inez is on tomorrow...and Dan-YELLA and Nate. God help me. I need tomorrow to be good.

Again, sorry so short. I figured it's better to post a little then nothing, right? Tomorrow's post will be longer. I'm just hungover from my first day of work! This girl is hitting the sack!

xoxoxo lovely people,


  1. Hey mija!

    Todays show was awesome! Especially Bo and Rex's scene. I was like hey Rex, if there was any time in the history of the world, in which you should not tell Bo the news, it would have to be at that exact moment. But he did. And it was bad. And great!

    So were the Tess scenes too! Even though it made me mad that Brody tried to use the same logic to get her committed back in Llanview. I'm pretty sure Tess and Ford didn't get divorced on the plane ride over so the rules still apply!

    I agree, Cutter + any living thing = gross.

    I could literally see the wheels turning in Joey's head as he remembered! Maybe he is going to pass first grade and move on to second? We can only hope.

    I also need to move to Llanview, because I have to take like 8 connecting flights from Omaha to get anywhere!

    Hope your first day went as well as today's episode! Catch ya later!

  2. OK, so this comment has nothing to do with today's episode other than the fact we know that Marty will once again be on our screens soon. Did John forget that Marty told him that it was NATALIE who held MARTY at gunpoint at the cabin? NATALIE who kidnapped MARTY? All so she could keep this charade of a lie going? Yes, everyone please feel sorry for poor, poor Natalie because John won't pretend that her bastard child is his. I really don't understand why the writers think they can just blow by that whole thing and totally forget that she lied for MONTHS. And she's mad at John for jumping in bed with Kelly so quickly after all of her dirty lies were exposed? Hmmmm, I wonder how Jarrod would feel if he knew how quickly you started chasing John after he DIED!

    Yeah, sorry this didn't have to do with today's show. It was just on my mind and needed to be said. Other than that, completely agree with everything in your post. And the Dorian/Cutter pairing is just gross on so many levels. Why wouldn't Rex tell Dorian that David didn't run out on her if he's telling Bo that? Doesn't make any sense.

  3. Okay Mija,

    I am with you on the Bo and Rex scenes and well, pretty much everything.. but I have to play devil's advocate (it is in my nature).

    Matthew is a teen. His rebellion started when he wanted to be part of the "cool" crowd that shunned him, as you know. When he needed the surgery to cure his paralysis, is when he first faced off against his parents and was proven right. The surgery was risky, but it worked and also proved to him that his parents were fallible.

    They didn't seem (from his perspective) to really take his opinion about how he wanted to live his life into account. Also, they didn't appear (from his perspective) to really listen to him. After the surgery worked out, (and he had DanYELLA in his life), he was apologetic for a bit , and back to the normal Matthew we know and love. But when things went bad, i.e. Dani and David leaving him, etc... Clint was in the right place at the right time to do what his parents were not doing... listening to him and (again from Matthew's perspective), treating him like an adult.

    Don't get me wrong...Matthew is showing completely out, and the way he treated Destiny is completely inexcusable; but I do see where the writers are coming from with his relationship between Bo and Nora. They do keep him out the loop (for his own good), and they don't do a good job of explaining why (so that Matthew doesn't take it personally).

    He is too old for the do as I say because I said so bit. Plus Bo and Nora have really underestimated Clint's influence on Matthew, and why Matthew was subseptible to Clint's machination against Bo's famiy. They have been so busy with Clint's manipulations, Eddie Ford/Inez, work, etc..that they have kind of missed out on how ill prepared Matthew was to handle DanYELLA's rejection. They never really addressed the whole bullying he went through at school and how he handled it because of the accident. All of it is related, but it is a soap...

    okay... maybe I am completely off with this...but that is what I think when I see the Matthew that was sacrificed for Nate.

  4. What they have done to Matthew is nothing short of character assassination.

    Matthew has turned to a kid that is no longer recognizable. This is a kid who immediately forgave Cole for paralyzing him and wanted to make sure his parents weren't hurt by him suing them. Even after the kidnapping and him getting his surgery the first thing he worried about was his parents being upset with him. So what changed? Oh that right DanYella, she was the one that made Matthew a jerk. Total fail. He was thrown under the bus for a stupid ass Ford. The only time I have seen the real Matthew since Nate came to town is when he and Nora talked about Bo's "affair".

    I will be so pissed if he is the killer. Nora already had one child go to jail for killing a psycho, she doesn't need another.

    I am also thrilled that Bo is pissed at Rex. I get nauseous over their bromance sometimes. Bo focuses and helps Rex more than he does Matthew. It is ridiculous, Rex is a grown man.

  5. @yoSammity LOL about the 8 connecting flights from Omaha! No shit! I feel like that even in Chicago sometimes when trying to fly to New Orleans! Was that airport situation not the most absurd thing you have ever seen...haha! totally agree with you about Bo/Rex awesomeness and the Tess scenes. It seems you could discuss this Dorian/Cutter mess the same way I could...OMG I'm sickened thinking about it. At least he isn't trying to get with Vicki. Dear God...the horror!Oh, and thanks for the job wishes. It went well...just a little overwhelmed!, OMG did you see on the previews what John says to Marty tomorrow? Some crap about Marty wanting to threaten Natalie or something....WHAT?! I swear if Natalie gets away with all this crap and Marty takes the fall then you and I are flying to the set of OLTL and kicking someone's ass! Oh, and I loved the random it whenevs you please!

    @Akesha Good devil's advocate! Are you in law school? ;) I feel that's all we did. No, your points are sound...I am just super annoyed. You know, I swear I think that if he got rid of the hair gel that I wouldn't be as furious. I'm serious. His hair gel is completely out of control. Anyway, I do want him to start getting along with Bo and Nora again. I would like them to face something together. Maybe they can do that with Clint once he is exposed? I'd love it. But...great points!

    @Mojomiller...OMG have you been tapping into my brain! Agree! Agree! OMG. Is this not the most horrible thing?! I, too, don't want Matthew to be the killer. I posted a while back that Nora does NOT need another child go whacko and kill someone. I can see if one of Todd Manning's kids did this but Nora's?! Come on! Agree with Bo being pissed, too. However, knowing OLTL, I feel it won't last. Then, they will probably work on their relationship and Matthew will be left out of the picture...again! Boo!