Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Say It Ain't So!!!!

Marty: "I am finally getting released from St. Anne's and these bastards fire me? REALLY?!"

Warning: This is a tangent I'm about to go on. Leave now if you need to because you find my tangents annoying.

What an evening this turned out to be! So...at 4:55 I was asked to look at some work stuff for a SECOND OR TWO. Then I got sucked in and I looked up and it was 6:30...woof. However, I wasn't upset since the guy is beyond nice (and intelligent so I was learning...bonus) so I was happy to oblige. HOWEVER, little did I know that my world would come crashing down upon me at the bus stop when I checked my Twitter on my phone. I was expecting something ludicrous or funny to pop up from the local news from back home or, even better, something incredibly witty from Hillary Smith since she has been twittering up a storm lately. No...neither one. I look down and, low and behold, WeLoveSoaps tweeted that Susan Haskell is OUT at OLTL!!! WHAT?! Are you joking?! Then...as if this wasn't a sign or what...my iPhone decided to completely go black screen and crash....as if on cue! Which we found out was due to me not syncing it since February of 2010 (it's a miracle I can operate this blog given my technological skills).

I mean...REALLY?! I mean, granted she has had little to ZERO screen time as of late. I knew that she may be on her way out since Cole went to jail. She now has zero family ties to the show, etc. Not to mention, the material they give her is so hit or miss. She is either given Emmy worthy material (which this day and age doesn't matter because the whole thing is a popularity contest with the pre-nom stuff) or she is never on or just propping. UGH. But, I thought there for a minute that despite Cole being gone they may keep her. Hell, they gave her that nice new house. I was like "Damn Marty, go ahead!" Selfish, Selfish Sidenote: Can we please transform Marty's house into Bo and Nora's old converted barn. Bo buying it back for her/them is totally believable and, let's face it, the garret sucks. I just hate this. So...OLTL wants to give a 4 year contract to the new Deanna character and to godforsaken NuJack....let the Fords run a muck all over the place...throw us porn directors and a bunch of gold-digging, STD-carrying new people but someone like Susan Haskell has to go!? Marty is a staple...I'm sorry, but she is. I don't care if you didn't watch OLTL in the 90's. Even if you didn't get to see the Spring Fling rape trial, I bet a lot of people (including relatively new viewers) will agree that Susan Haskell is a phenomenal actress! This is sad and egregious. There isn't much more to say. I hope they give her the proper send-off that she deserves. I'm sure she will rock it...no doubt. Hey, at least in real life she gets to go home to Thorston Kaye? Can't be too bad.

Ok, it's 11:15 p.m. so I'm gonna post/type at the same time. Sorry, darlings!!! I heard the show was def NOT the best today. Fitting...

OMG and the Shane near-suicide promo actually made me nervous!!!!

I cannot get over how different Tess/Jess look. Those facial expressions. The writers are DYING...DYING for us to sympathize with Ford in these scenes!!! I mean, they could not shove this down our throats any more if they tried. They must think the audience all work in the porno business because they think our throats are huge. What a happy, chubby little baby that Ryder is!!!! I LOVE chubby babies (maybe because I was one) but they are too cute. Little rubber band arms are the best.

FACT: Blair is so sass and hot. She is 50!!!! Good lord! Ok...I love some John and Blair screen time. I cannot lie. So funny to think they were married at one point! Blair CANNOT escape the crazies, huh? However, at least she is telling John about her vibe/feeling. Baby steps in the right direction.

God...play for me Ted King!!!! Play the damn piano for me!!!! "I'm a dabbler." You can dabble with me all you want, Tomas!

NuJack makes me want to go all "Oedipus Rex" on myself. My eyes cannot take this shit much longer. James and Starr look like Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep compared to this ass clown. They are stealing the scenes. He is HEINOUS!!!!!! I swear he has cue cards right in front of him!

F*@k...the Minuteman. AND...a soliloquy at the Minuteman performed by Deanna or whatever the hell her name is. Nice Shakespearean touch. My ass.

There is mercy in this life...hello Bo and Clint. I may have never needed you more than I do today. That cop with Bo looks real f*@kin useful...lemme tell ya. He is standing there like a bump on a log. OF COURSE...these scenes will be 2 seconds each I'm sure. However, Deanna talking to herself will have 5 minute segments. Ugh.

These Sean and Natalie scenes are boring me. Ooooh, I like Natalie's coat. Not on me, but it looks cute on her.

UGH!!!!!!!!! I am LOVING the Bo/Clint scenes, but I looked up and they were over. "I bet you never thought you end up in a triple X movie." LURVE it.

World Famous Flan at the Buenos Dias. I have GOT to get me some of that! I LOVE flan.

NuJack is such a wonderful actor. Every scene with him is so believable. NOT. Oh...shoutout to Desi, NuJack's shirt is DEF from "Legends of the Hidden Temple." It has to be! Good call! I'm not commenting on this shit. I just think that James and Starr looked like Academy Award winners today. All you need to do is to surround yourself with an incompetent ass-clown and you look like Oscar gold.

Tomas/Dan-YELLA...those scenes are flippin' short, too. So short I really can't comment. Awe...Tomas and Dan-YELLA just had a nice convo. Damn...hey Blair. Ruined that moment.

So...John is on the sober train. Very nice. They showed the Roger Howarth wedding photo...they have to PAY him for that! That was TSJ's paycheck for this episode right there. So, some John/Natalie interaction. Wait is John going on a date with Kelly? Oh Natalie...your daddy is a mess. Whoa! Natalie...you are getting a bit better but then you go off about lies to John and keeping secrets. Hush right now. Oh God...she won't stop. She is gonna keep on going. Natty STOP!!!!! Natalie, if this WERE a contest...John would win. STOP it dammit! I will forget you acted this way today.

This "Access Llanview" talk is OUT OF CONTROL!!! I kinda like it though.

Deanna and Rick scenes...eh, ok. Is Rick some motivational speaker?! WTF.

THAT BABY IS TOO DAMN PRESH!!!! Ah! I'm in love with this kid! Awe hell...I'm fine with Jess morphing into Tess for awhile. However, she was back as Jess yesterday. NOW she is Tess AGAIN!?!? I can't keep dealing with the switcheroo. No....

Y'all...Ok, I KNOW I have beaten this horse to hell and back, but NuJack really is THAT awful! Not even being a smart-ass this time. He really is just that terrible. How are the writers/directors/producers okay with this?

Bo and Clint are like the little snippets of happiness in this day...thank you! As if Nora wouldn't be in there with Bo and Clint...my ass.

Blair...Jack sucks. Deal with it. This ain't the old Jack.

Brody and Natty...I see a little bit of consoling coming our way. Yes...there are tears and a sob story present. I'm sensing a hug. YES!!! A hug...John saw it. Even better. I kinda like Brody/Natty. Sorry!

"I confess that I did not kill Eddie Ford and my brother the commissioner can go straight to hell." PERFECT!!!! Why were they not on more today?! Dammit!

Ok...I'm kinda starting to sense the Blair/Tomas chemistry and I swear it was the piano music that did it.

I LOVE this piano music at the end.

I hate Blair's little bumper. Ugh.

Ok...ummmm today kinda sucked. Here is hoping tomorrow is better.

Exhausted and going to bed...it's midnight! If I missed responding to a comment from my last post, I'll try and do it tomorrow.

Goodnight lovelies!


  1. I just started watching the show, but I decided to read your blog first. LOL. I only have one question: Why do I have to watch Ford and Jack instead the ever more interesting Matthew Buchanan?

  2. Haaaaaaaaarumph......*Stomps out of the room sobbing.....Why Marty...Why ????????????? WTF...
    Hey, She & Thorston will be down here for the weekend in April.....the annual....glad to hear that...I've never done a fan event...probs not gonna this year either...I hope todays is better, and we don't get any more bad news. XO Krisi

  3. You are RIGHT. Susan is TOTALLY WASTED and has been and now to let her go right when . . . well let's just say, things are getting interesting? I think this is a huge mistake. She's so talented I, for one, will miss her. I would have loved to see her opposite Roger Howarth again.

  4. I have been watching the show since Karen Wolceck took the witness stand and said she was a hooker--so I have seen ALL the marty stuff and never ever liked the character but could always appreciate the actress and the characters ties--and if they bring back old Todd and marty is not around POX ON TPTB!! they are Crazy as Marty has become.

    Brody should have marched Jess right to the judge not Ford's apt--and when Tess came back out he should have gone there again. What Ford did is beyond horrible--why does nobody SHOUT--WHAT ABOUT BREE!!! FORD must DIE

  5. Ford needs to die! There is no redeeming him after he did that to Jess, that was brutal. "I did it for my son" doesn't fly. DIE FORD DIE!

    I can't say I am shocked that SH is out, kind of saw it coming, but it still sucks. I love crazy Marty and I wanted to see more of her, and SH so rocks.

    Jack, OMG, that kid made James look like a freakin Shakespearean actor.

    PS Don't reply from work! Seriously, if it makes you nervous DON'T DO IT! Love your replies, but it isn't worthy you having a nervous breakdown.

  6. I know I should hate Ford for bringing Tess back out but I just don't want boring Jessica back. So I was cheering him on- I am a terrible person. I also don't want Jess back until we get some more development on the Brody/Nat front.

    Sad to see SH go after waiting so many years to get her back. I would be happy firing Nate, Jack, Deanna, Cutter, Aubrey and Gigi if it means we can keep Marty. This will be an ever bigger loss if RH ends up back because their scenes were always so great. I wonder if she will just go off the deep end and head to St Ann's permanently or if maybe we'll get a 1-2 day Patrick return to spirit her out of town. I'm sure she could talk her husband into it. I blame John McBain for this development. Hopefully we get happy return news soon to counter this :)

  7. I'm about to try and get in some quick replies!

    @Kendall Hope my post didn't put a wet blanket on your episode watching! Ditto: Matthew Buchanan is the shit. I'm so over watching these other goons. Grrr

    @Krisi I'm beyond depressed about SH leaving, too. I do love Thorston Kaye...better with age! ;) Here's hoping NO MORE BAD NEWS! xx

    @Kim Gosh, I was hoping since they gave her that new house the writers intended to keep her around for a bit so she could interact with RH if he returned. That would have been awesome. Really sad. :(

    @rac so you have been watching since the good old days! I wasn't in existence at the time, but I have seen the Judith Light stuff...PHENOM! Oh, and I need to add: it's not that I think Marty the character is so great. I just think that SH is indeed THAT great. It's just sad they can't utilize her the way she deserves. Lord...Bree? I'm sure Addie Cramer is babysitting with the help of Renee. I love it: Ford must Die. Too funny.

    @MojoMiller Wow...a second Ford must die! This is great! yeah...I guess I'm not THAT surprised about SH. Actually, when I heard they were getting rid of Cole before he left I thought "well there goes Marty." THEN they gave her that house, etc. so I thought maybe they would keep her around. Ugh. RIGHT?! Anyone in a scene with NuJack looks like they are Academy Award winners...convinced! He is TERRIBLE!!!! Oh...and the work thing. I will sneak the replies in when I can. I have a feeling though I am gonna be incredibly busy from here on out. Le sigh.

    @Lauren You are NOT terrible! Tess is indeed more entertaining. I just don't want them to keep going back and forth, though. I'm all about developing a Brody/Natalie thing. ;) Ditto on who you would want fired so we could keep SH...AMEN! Hell, I thought there would have been some confirmation about RH at this point but...*crickets* All the discussion ceased, I feel. :( I would like a Patrick return, too, but I'm not gonna hold my breath. You are so funny..."I blame John McBain for this development." haha!

  8. Hope tomorrow is better.....I was waiting for Marty to drop the "I changed the DNA test" bomb....AND...I DO NOT WANT to find out Shane jumps (preview)...These writers need totighten this up......GROANNNNNNN.... Nite-Nite XO<3