Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who Killed Eddie Ford?

Clint: "Well Madame D.A., I think YOU killed Eddie Ford. To be perfectly candid, I'm insulted you even thought I could possibly have killed a man in cold blood."

Two posts in a weekend! Wow! Anyway, Happy Sunday Funday everyone! I slept until noon today...yep, noon. No, I'm not a lazy ass, but I stayed up super late last night. Thus, the cycle begins. I pray I go to bed by 1 a.m. tonight...let's hope.

So, here's the deal. I haven't read hardly ANYTHING on this who killed Eddie Ford mess. I know that all this begins to come out least it begins to be pieced together within the next two weeks. Anywho, I thought it would be fun if I kinda did a run through of who could be the killer etc. Then, I would LOVE IT if people would comment and tell me who they think killed Eddie Ford. I will tally all the votes and then display the results. I have my settings on this blog where everyone can post a comment. So, you can just post the name of the killer or you can even give me a reason why you think that person killed Eddie (I know my loyal commenters will give their reasons...wink wink). I mean, a decent amount of people read this least 500 people a day (pretty good with no advertisements!), so I'd just think it would be great if the people who never comment would on just this. If you don't mind, of course. Oh, and I'll take an email since I know people like to correspond with me that way. Cool? I think this will be fun since literally no spoilers are out there about it. Then we can see how totally FAR we are from the truth or how accurate we's that? I did a post on this back in December but it needs to be revisited, I think.

So...let's jump into the list of suspects, shall we? I'm gonna go through each and discuss and then give a final vote.

Clint Buchanan
No. Maybe he had a part in it, but I just can't imagine him pulling the trigger. Actually, no it's not even him pulling the trigger. No, it's the fact that Bo and Nora are so effing dead set on the idea that Clint DID do it. All this makes me think that it can't be him at all. They are gonna make Bo and Nora be wrong because they have said a few times that they WILL pin Eddie's murder on Clint and we know that just won't happen because this is a soap opera. However, Clint had a motive. Eddie became a bit reckless and Clint didn't want anyone to know he had his hand in anything. I'm sure Clint had the time to go to the motel and kill him, too. I can see him maybe getting some of his men to go and take Eddie out but I doubt it. I think that Clint was maybe there when Eddie was murdered, though. Maybe he went to see Eddie and he witnessed the murder. So...maybe he was there but I think Clint did NOT kill Eddie. So...he's out in my mind.

Nate Sallinger
God knows I would love nothing more for this bastard to have killed Eddie and be found guilty and leave the screen. I just am not sure if he did. His opportunity and motive were soooo obvious. Whether it be his bad temper at the gym or him telling Dan-YELLA a bunch of stuff about getting back at Eddie or how he was gone all night and came home to Inez's the next morning. Hell, he was even charged with the crime. But...I just don't think he did and it would be too good to be true. AND...there were too many shots of him standing over Eddie's dead body. So, I'm gonna say this is a "no" as well.

James Ford
I just think this kid is too much of a pansy to pull the trigger. HOWEVER, out of ALL the suspects God knows he had the most motive. I mean, this poor thing was verbally and physically abused by this maniac for years and years. So, even if he did kill him there would definitely be mitigating circumstances. So, if he was found guilty James wouldn't leave the canvas. I could see this working, I think. Even though I can't see him doing it, this could work and people would be like "ok, I totally understand why he did it." Unlike Nate, James would have a defense and Ford really wouldn't have one since he left James to fend for himself years ago. James had the time to do we think. So, this could work and I'd get on board with it. This is a maybe for me right now.

Robert Ford
Ok, well we know he had time because he wasn't in the hospital all night. And, he has been protective of James and even Nate since Eddie arrived back in town. So, he could have done it to protect his family. Like I've said before, I don't think Bobby Ford is leaving the show any time soon. So, if he did do it there would have to be some sort of mitigating circumstance because he can't just be locked up in Statesville. I can see this. And, he hated Eddie ever since this is a maybe for me.

Inez Sallinger
Yeah, besides, take that back. Actually, I want Inez to be the killer more than Nate and I need her to be erased from the canvas. This hot mama had multiple motives. Hello? She is terrified of him since he "allegedly" (come on, I went to law school so I have to say that) beat her and terrorized her for years to the point to where she had to leave Ohio without her kids. Also, it's patently obvious she was desperate and would do anything to get rid of him to protect her children. Hell, I'd be scared, too. You run away to escape a madman and he tracks you down in Llanview, PA, and he is threatening to harm you and your kids. Yeah, I'd kill his ass. AND...Bo was passed out...AND...his gun was there. So, she had plenty of time to leave there and go kill him and come back. Plus, Jessica Leccia isn't on contract...only recurring. I might go with her on this one.

Bo Buchanan
Not possible and my answer is no. But, he would have motive to kill Eddie since this man did torture and nearly rape his wife but just absolutely not.

Nora Buchanan
I'm praying to God the answer is "no" ONLY because this has been done before and surely OLTL won't venture down this road again. I mean, we all remember Collin McIver don't we? And, even though her account of the whole Colin thing on the witness stand was AWESOME...I don't want or need this to happen again. We know she had motive. And, we know she had time. The chunk of missing memory will be key. So...either she will remember she did it (please God no). Or, she SAW who did it. I'm going with the latter. I'm pretty sure she saw who did it and has blocked it out. But, I'm saying she is NOT the killer. However, I think there is a chance that more happened when she did see the killer. Maybe she actually was raped? Maybe something else happened...I think maybe.

Matthew Buchanan
Man, it pains me to write this. we know that Matthew KNEW where Eddie and Nora were because Clint told him. AND...Matt talked to Eddie Ford on the phone. We also know that Matthew was driving erratically and ran Rex and Nora off the road. And...he was traveling in the direction of the Minuteman. Maybe he went to the Minuteman to confront his mom and Eddie and only found Eddie there...or Eddie showed up later and found Matthew there? What if Eddie started talking smack to Matthew about his mom, etc.? Matthew could have snapped? In the meantime, Nora may have witnessed all this but blocked it out since...that's plausible because her memory isn't the greatest thanks to Lindsay Rappaport and that damn syringe. I pray to God this is NOT what happened. It's bad enough Matt ran Nora and Rex off the road and that hasn't come to light yet. But, come on people. Nora already had a child go crazy and defend her from a crazy person. Poor Rachel killed Georgie Phillips (sidenote: that was soooooooooo awesome. I mean, OLTL was broadcast on a Friday night at like 7 or 8 o'clock or something. It was the primetime who killed Georgie times) because Georgie was obsessed with Bo...and batshit crazy. So, let's hope this ain't it but it just may be. But...since I hear they may SORAS Matthew soon that would mean that maybe he wouldn't be the killer? But, I dunno.

Random Joe
Thanks to Desi for mentioning she thinks a random person committed the crime. I meant to say this. Hell, knowing OLTL it will be a random person. Either it's someone from Ohio who Eddie did business with or some person from our canvas that we would least expect. So, that could be an option. The motive and opportunity would have to be disclosed to us at a later date. But, this is a possibility. God knows Eddie was such an ass and encountered enough people in his life that he pissed off. Oh, and the last time I did this post in December I said Todd Manning could be a

Todd Manning
He's batshit crazy and hates people who abuse their kids. That's motive. I'm pretty sure he had the opportunity, too. However, I just am gonna go with "no." And, I'm tired of Todd always being on trial. It's gotten old. I need to guess now. You know...OLTL may have decided on someone to name as the killer but then changed their mind. I know that JWS (Eddie Ford) just finished filming more scenes at OLTL so maybe the writers changed their story/killer? I dunno., I don't know who to pick. Just because I'm hoping it is not Matthew...I'm gonna go with Inez Sallinger. Final Answer.

I'm sure most of you can give more insight on all of this, but I just thought it would be cool to do this. I'm sure by late next week that more spoilers will be out about the killer so this will be interesting to see who everyone picks.

Hope everyone has a GREAT Monday and see y'all tomorrow.


  1. How could it be Matthew, and how could Nora see him do it if she were run off the road, leaving the Minuteman while Matthew was on his way there? I think they are going to pull out the old "nobody can guess this person had a motive" thing like they did with Eli. I mean, who could have possibly been more random than that? They just picked someone arbitrarily because it was the person you would have least suspected. Or they are going to pull out something like, it was some guy that Eddie had scammed in Ohio, and that's why he can to Llanview in the first place to hide from this guy. It could be the "big boss" that he was working for. Someone that we don't actually know. They love to pull stuff like that on us so we think it's someone we know and then it's someone we have never seen before or the last person we would suspect. And Nate (unfortunately) was already cleared, and Inez swore up and down that she would never let her son go to prison for a crime that she committed. So my official vote is going to be someone we don't know.

  2. Ah! I almost wanted to go with the random Joe...cause it could be some person from Ohio. Actually, I may edit my post to say "random person." Just because Nora left the accident for like, I dunno, a few hours or something? And, supposedly, Hillary Smith said in an interview that "Nora's missing memory is key." So I dunno. Maybe she left the accident and made it to the Minuteman for help or something and saw either the killer or Matthew...I have no idea. Thankful I have people like you who comment to give me ideas! ;)

  3. At this point, I think Matthew or Nora are probably the most notable characters that the writers don't want us to suspect, but I don't think Nora killed Mr. Munster. Maybe Matthew, yes, but I still don't believe it.

    My random prediction is that Clint got Hannah out of prison to kill Eddie. Boom!

  4. Could it Mr Black and Mr Blue?

  5. I WANT it to be Inez or Nate, both are dull and waste of my time and this would get them off my screen.

    But I think it is going to Nora, Inez, or Matthew.

    I really don't want it to be Matthew, because I fear that they will SOARS Matthew and I don't want to lose EA. He is the best damn actor under the age of 30. Plus, we already had Rachel as a killer, we don't need her brother to be one too.

    Nora, like you stated, it almost identical to Colin's killing. Psycho takes Nora, psycho tries to rape Nora, Nora kills psycho, Nora forgets killing psycho.

    Random prediction... Rachel yet again! She miraculous found out what was happening, flew down from Chicago, tracked down her mother, suddenly flashed back to Georgie and in an insane moment killed Eddie. She then realized what she did and fled back to Chicago. In the meantime Clint thinks Matthew did it and takes the money, hides the gun in Inez's apartment in an attempt to protect his nephew.

  6. Wow, I didn't SORAS was an actual term, I had to wikipedia it...

    Anyways, like pretty much every sign is pointing to Matthew, Nora's memory loss, him knowing where they were, having pretty good motive. The only thing that kinda doesn't add up is how he has been acting since. Since I really don't think he is some kind of psychopath, I don't think him just getting really douchey would be the only side affect of him murdering someone. And plus it just seems way too good to be true. AH IDK!

    And I totally want to go with Inez, because she is totally annoying, but I really don't think she is that bad a mom that she will let her son go down for something she personally I think Clint hired someone to do it and plant the gun at the Salinger apartment. But when that comes out, something will happen that will stop them from connecting Clint with the crime and he will get off scott-free. I am pretty stumped on this one.

  7. I am going with Nate because I want to put it out in the universe that I want him to take up the bunk next to Cole and be off the show for 5 to 10.

  8. Hey Mary-Ella,

    Congratulations on the new job! I hope you love it!

    I hope Matthew is not the killer. If he is and they don't give him some sort of plausible self-defense case I will never watch OLTL again. I'd be thrilled if it was Danny, Ford, Echo or Charlie.

  9. The Fords seemed to be systematically "cleared" one at a time, although I don't remember any actual proof that Ford or Inez didn't do it other than Bo's determination to pin it on Clint. I wouldn't mind it being one of the Fords.

    ITA that Clint didn't do it (nor had someone do it for him) for the reason you stated - Bo and Nora are so gung-ho against him. I also may be the only one left who doesn't think Clint is cold-blooded now just because he's gone dark. I do think he's involved somehow because it seemed obvious that he was trying to frame any Ford he could. I think it will look really bad for Clint until the final reveal. IMO he's covering up for the real killer, out of guilt and love (whether it was Nora or Matthew).

    I can see it being either Nora or Matthew as the killer. We know Nora left the car accident and went for help, possibly back to the motel. But Matthew was in a car and would have gotten there faster. I don't want Matthew to be a cold-blooded killer, so I hope he was trying to save his mother, if it was him. It's a repeat story either way if Nora or her child was the killer. Nora didn't block out Eddie trying to rape her or the car accident, so whatever memory she's blocking has to be traumatic for her. That could be either having to kill Eddie herself before he tried to rape her again, or seeing her baby kill Eddie.

    However, I think Matthew should be more freaked out if he killed someone, so maybe he's just trying to keep his mother from remembering while also defending Clint. Matthew was trying to call Clint after seeing Bo with Inez. Clint would come running if Matthew called him for help from the Minuteman. Then in Matthew's eyes, Clint is protecting the family (him and/or Nora).

  10. Where yo blog at girl? You better post today for this episode!

  11. Sorry! I'm posting this afternoon/evening. By 8 o'clock central time. I've gotta get home from work, then watch and then post. ;) See ya then!

  12. I'm going with Matthew just because TPTB probably think a year in prison will make accepting recasting easier and he was shown as pretty crazed that night. I don't want to see Eddie leave, just the godawful hair gel...Nora would be too much of a redux.

    I would much prefer Inez but would she have let her son go to prison for her? And Nate just would have been too perfect and ended the horrid Sole 2.0 but it seems like he's exonerated.

    So Matthew is my final answer but I'm hoping to be wrong.

  13. i really did think Matthew to tell you the truth.

  14. I think it was Matthew or Clint.

  15. Hi first off thanks for such a fabulous blog, I love that you make references to OLTL's past, for those of us who have only been watching for the past few years. It helps put the craziness or lack there of in perspective. That said..

    I think it is going to turn out that Nora blacked out and killed Eddie Ford, and she because he kidnapped her at the request of Clint, that he will be charged for Eddie Fords murder. Since Nora would never have done so if Clint had not hired Eddie to begin with. Thats my two cents worth. Keep up the good work...