Sunday, April 3, 2011

Deja Vu

Rachel: "Oh mom, don't be upset. Just because Matthew and I both killed people does NOT make you a bad mother. You are just a victim of writing, that's all."

Darlings, I'm only functioning at about 70%! This weekend has been beyond fun! However, I sometimes forget that I am not a 21 year-old undergrad still at LSU. I am constantly forgetting, but I think it keeps me fun (or at least in my mind I'm fun...hmmm). Friday's episode was great!!! I'm gonna warn all of you now that I am going to discuss some spoilers in this post. So, for those of you spoiler-free peeps...deviate from this page now! I am gonna comment about the show as I quickly re-watch it and then I have a couple of things to say about this cliffhanger business amongst other things. Saving that for the end. effed up is it that the OLTL promo ALL week has shown Shane "jumping" off the building yet we never saw ANY of that this week. REALLY?!

I want Rex to beat the shit out of NuJack. Totally okay with it.

Beyond insane that Vicki lets Gigi stay in that house for free. I cannot wrap my mind around this shit.

I'm BEYOND over the Minuteman. WHOA! So, there are at least 104 rooms at the Minuteman! Rick is room 104. This place is HUGE!

Ah! Victoria! Poor Baby!!! Vicki's reaction after seeing the pic of Chuckles B. and Echo and her discussion with Bo and Clint was SPOT ON!!!!! Confusion, shock, worry...perfect! She is the queen of soaps for a reason!

FACT: They changed Nora's make-up today or something compared to yesterday. She looks fabulous (she always does know...). Aaaaaand....she got in the room. Aaaaand...she just collapsed. Of course.

"Charlie, are you leaving me?" WHAT?! This motel is making me despise these two. UGH! THE ONLY reason I am totally okay with them running off into the sunset together is because I don't want Vicki to get an STD. Lord have mercy.

NuJack should be given a wedgie immediately. His acting is not believable, and I KNOW for a fact that my puppy could give a better performance than this shit. I hate to keep bringing it up but it's too egregious not to!

OMG the Shane flashbacks make my stomach turn.

Surprisingly, I'm liking Gigi today. She and Rex are doing an excellent job with this bullying story. Good for them.

The motel manager at the Minuteman is an asshole. Woof.

Ross won't shut up at how cool Rick is...eff me. Deanna! PLEASE get out of that KOA shirt! xo,ME.

Vicki's reactions are so accurate...can't stop talking about it!

Charlie please run into oncoming traffic...NOW!!! He is "disappointing" Echo on a daily basis?! OMGosh!!!! It is scary to know that there are men like this in this world, I swear.

Whoa...for a minute there, Bo and Clint seemed to be getting along when discussing Vicki. These two are so delicious. I just lurve them. Annnnnnd he finds Nora. I love NOTHING MORE than Bo Buchanan in doting husband mode. Good God! OMG and affection today! I love this. You know, Bo probably should take her to the hospital since ummmm hello she had had a brain tumor. Duh! And two surgeries to boot! Oh, and a brain aneurysm. Cause for concern if this were real life...

I still can't believe Kim Zimmer isn't dressed in some shade of blue. This is bananas! "Echo, the thought of losing you. I cannot imagine my life without you in it." Oh good God!!!!! Leave this canvas NOW!!!!

Shane, Charlie ain't gonna do shit with you because he is too busy with "afternoon delight." Plus you will surely get some sort of disease if he comes near you, let alone if you drink after him. You are already immunocompromised so it's best he stays away...I assure you.

I can't comment on the gym scenes because they're that awful.

Well, at least Deanna is out of the KOA shirt. Ooohhhhh Rick just got an attitude yelling at Deanna.

Again...NuJack is ruining the gym scenes. Amazing how powerful he is...ruining scenes!!!

Vicki's awesomeness knows NO BOUNDS! She still manages to be compassionate and understanding to Shane and her life is falling apart. She is FABOOSH!!!!

Poor want to get Clint so bad, but lord knows you can't prove it. "And...then it goes black but it was you that I saw in there...wasn't it?" God, I kinda got upset by that...poor baby wants to know so badly and can't! Whannn! Everyone just listen to Clint...please. He knows whats up, people! Obey him!

If I hear Charlie say that he "loves Vicki" one more time I'm gonna puke up the muffins I made this morning. Yes...they have carbs in them. I'm done with no bread or starch. A girl needs a little bit! Wait Vicki didn't understand you? Only Echo does? Bullshit. Total bullshit.

"When the judge gets here you're gonna tell him that you're dropping the charges and then you are gonna let me go." EVERYONE listen to Clint...dammit! Of course, no one will. Nora...this is Rachel Gannon all over again. Don't push it with Clint. Game over.

Deanna's acting is fine but I couldn't care less about all this crap. I HATE the couch at the Minuteman. HATE it! Just think of all the sex that has happened on there...ugh.

OMG OMG OMG!!!! I DESPISE NuJack's douchebag friend!!! Hell, you should pick on him...not Shane! This guy is miniature!

Say "yes m'am" Shane Morasco!!! Not "yeah." Good lord, Gigi, did you teach him anything? Surely they have Emily Post books at the local Llanview bookstore. Go pick one up.

Hell, if I had to pick between Nora and Matthew being the killer at this point I think I'd pick Nora. Meaning....if it HAD to be one of these two. I'd rather have a do over with Nora than have another kid of hers do it. Oh well.

Wow...James and Deanna making out? WTF? You JUST got with Starr! FAIL!

Scary and disturbing Rex/Gigi cliffhanger. Ugh...makes me ill!

OH SNAP!!!!!!! Vicki B. just got an eyeful!!! I cannot wait for Monday...ah!!!!!! Sidenote: How out of place does she look at the Minuteman?! OMG. Fish out of water!

That's right Nora: this is the summer of 1998 all over again! Brace yourself! Good Lord...I wanna hug Bo and Nora asap. Let's just all hug this out. I will say this: I truly believe that Clint really didn't want to tell them that it was Matthew. He genuinely looked remorseful.

FANTASTIC episode!

Ok...lemme venture into this Matthew thing. So, I said back in December that I thought it would be Matthew. HOWEVER, as of late it appeared so obvious that it would be Matthew. So, I then thought that Clint probably thought he was covering for Matthew and it would look like Matthew did it but when it came down to it...some random person from Ohio or someone killed Eddie. That would have been totally plausible since he totally sucked ass as a human being and people would want him dead.

However, after reading the TV Guide interview with Eddie Alderson we all know that Matthew is indeed Eddie Ford's killer. I know without a doubt that the acting from RSW, HBS, and EA will be phenomenal and supposedly the story is going to be great. I just don't like this because, I mean REALLY?! BOTH of Nora's children are murderers? Come on. It's not like she is some crazy deranged woman and her kids turned out to be killers. That would be believable.'s Nora.'s Nora and Bo's ONLY child! It's bad enough that Rachel killed Georgie. THEN, Drew died. Now this? I just pray to God that they don't make Matthew out to be some crazy person and hopefully his actions are totally justifiable. I can only pray. Also, this does NOT need to be some re-write from 1998. Here is hoping for this story to be excellent and not some do-over!!!!

Ok...enough with my babble! I'm off to eat a late lunch and enjoy this day despite the nasty weather. Hope everyone has a great day! See you lovely people tomorrow!



  1. what's scary about matthew is that he was going to let nate take the fall for killing eddie (of course i wouldn't have cared if nate when away forever)he knows Clint has been covering for him--wow, just wow!

    I keep hoping echo, charlie and all the fords fall through some crack into Eterna and are never found!

    Loved how Vicki knew something was up with shane on friday was even concerned but was into much pain to deal with--that was so real! Love the Vickster--and I only hope Nikki shows up to kick Tess's but back into Jessica!

  2. @rac Lord have mercy...I'm with you about Matthew! I pray this turns out to be a great story...fingers crossed! Yeah...I am beyond over Chuckles at this rate! The Minuteman needs to have a bomb dropped on it, I swear. Vicki is the shit...bottomline! She is the most compassionate character in all of television! FACT! With you about Nikki Smith! She needs to come kick everyone's ass!

  3. This Matthew story had better be solid and justified. I agree that after what happened to Rachel and Drew this is totally ridiculous. He is the only child of a very popular couple and two loved vets. This better be done right. Bo and Nora are the best parents on the show. I want to see Bo totally there for Nora and Matthew and supporting them 1000% not preoccupied with Rex. Disturbing spoiler that after he finds out about Matthew he is suddenly all about Rex/Shane. I will be a very unhappy viewer if they don't do this story the justice it deserves for my family.

  4. @Anonymous Agreed Agreed! I pray this is a GREAT story and, like you said, that Bo is a million percent there for Nora and Matthew and not all over Rex 24/7. Surely the writers will give us this...yes?!

  5. The writers better realize what they are doing here with Matthew. This isn't a Ford, or even Cole, this is Matthew Hanen Buchanan. A characters fans watched grow up, the only child of one of the shows biggest supercouples, a legacy charter, and youngest grandchild of Asa.

    Fan won't believe it for second if they leave questions or have Matthew acting totally OOC. Most fans aren't falling for the jerk Matthew, why would we believe the killer Matthew.

    I am devastated he is the killer, I kept hoping like you did, that Clint just thought Matthew was the killer, but nope. I know these three will be phenomenal, they are the strongest family unit on the show, but I really am not excited for this. The last time I felt this way about a story was when Nora slept with Sam. Of course, I cursed at the TV much more during that story. At least I get to see a very attentive Bo now.

  6. @MojoMiller I agree with's Matthew Hanen Buchanan, son of Bo and Nora, all around great kid, who has been acting totally OUT of character lately. Ugh. I hope and pray something good comes out of all this.
    OMG...I cannot even think about Same or cabanas...can't and won't do it! I'll have nightmares! Let's hope doting/attentive Bo is in full effect 24/7 now. NEED it!

  7. *I meant Sam not Same!!! Remember, I'm functioning at 70% today if that! Lord have mercy

  8. I have nothing to add that hasn't already been said about the show. Agree with you about everything. Just thought you should know about soy flour. When I was on the low-carb thing, it was a lifesaver. I made muffins and pancakes all the time!

  9. @Desi Soy flour?! I must check this out! I have never heard of it. I love muffins for breakfast...pancakes, too, who am I kidding? Thank you so much for the scoop!! ;)

  10. I am beyond aggravated that Matthew is the killer. First, I would have happily rather had it have been one of Clint's six children (especially since the only one I like is old Joey). Second, the writing has been so lazy that I hold out no hope that it's Matthew. If they were really going to give EA a story, they would have shown him in multiple scenes with his parents and Desi and had each of them notice that he was acting differently. Instead, we barely see him once a month. I smell a set up for an EA recast, which if NuJack is any indication, will be horrible. So disappointed in the story and the show. EA is one of the most talented actors, let alone teens, on the show and his character as ties to everyone. This is a stupid, short-sighted move on the part of the TPTB.

  11. @Kendall darling, I agree! No shit about it being one of Clint's 30 kids (I do like Kevin...and Cord). I am trying to just accept all of this and deal with it and blog about it as best I can. I didn't go into a lot of Matthew detail on this post, because I am waiting until we see him (I think tomorrow and it shows his phone call with Clint the night of the accident). I am also going to hate Bo being there for Rex this week. I'll be beyond livid. Also, I hope they don't recast him. I know that was the rumor for awhile that they wanted "an older, more handsome, tough Buchanan." Who knows!? I had a couple of days to absorb the news that it was Matthew before I posted that is a good thing. Otherwise, I would have been cursing the whole time. I just pray this turns out to be a good story. Trying to be optimistic! =/

  12. This was a very good episode! Finally Vicki finds out! And even though this whole Shane thing is not cool in the slightest, I totally loved Rex and Gigi acting like good parents! And Rex tossing around NuJack was great!

    And I'm with you, Clint was actually being sincere, he didn't want to tell them, I kept screaming at the screen, "Bo! Nora! Drop it already!"

    That kiss with Deanna and James didn't really make sense to me at all...It just seemed kinda random. I guess whatever there history is would justify it, idk.

  13. Mija!

    TY for the recaps. I am totally disappointed that Matthew is the killer. Didn't Nora kill someone too?

  14. @YoSammity It was indeed a very good episode! Vicki FINALLY finds out...thank you God! Also, Rex and Gigi were very good in the parenting department and I'm incredibly saddened that Rex didn't beat NuJack's ass. Grrr.
    Totally think Clint was being genuine! I was screaming at the tv, too..."Stop asking him who killed Eddie dammit!" Oh...the James/Deanna thing. I was not expecting that. They can't let James and Starr be happy for two seconds!

    @Akesha Oh, you're pleasure! Yes, Nora killed Colin McIver (in self-defense)back in 2001. She blocked the memory of it out of her mind. Then when Sam Rappaport was on trial for the murder of Colin, she remembered what happened that night and confessed it all in court. It was good stuff. She didn't get charged with anything. Lord...this happened my junior year of high school. Seems like yesterday.
    Like you, I'm disappointed it is Matthew, too. Especially since Nora's daughter Rachel killed someone, too! This is just a bit too much.

  15. @ME,

    I feel you about trying to be positive. My little rant was directed at the decision makers at OLTL. So frustrated.

    That being said, the show was good on Friday in that Chuckles's days are numbered. I also liked that Rex almost smacked the crap out of NuJack. We'll see what today brings.

  16. @Kendall Oh yes, I know your rant was directed at the decision makers and not me! ;) If it was directed at me then that would have been fine, too! I'm trying to be positive since I saw that Hillary Smith tweeted that all of the upcoming stuff was supposed to be GREAT. So, here's hoping it is. (Also, I am dying for her to read my blog. Ah!) Oh...Chuckles. The writers have killed him which is sad because I used to really like him...a lot! Ridic! Also, I hope anyone...and I mean some sense into NuJack! The sooner the better!

  17. I did not see any comments about Natalie on your blog. I cannot stand her and am tired of hearing her so outraged at everything John does. Do we think Marty changed the DNA and Liam really is John's son???

  18. @anonymous Well, Natalie wasn't on the show Friday so I didn't discuss her. For the most part, I only discuss the characters and events that are on that day. Sometimes I'll chat about others, too. About the test results, I think that originally Marty did change the DNA tests and Liam really was John's son. Maybe that will be the case, but there is a rumor that people are liking the John/Kelly pairing so the writers may have changed it to where Liam is NOT John's son. But, I know nothing for sure.

  19. I love reading your blog =) I just wanted to tell you that you've got another loyal reader out here lol =) also.... You apologize often for writing along while your watching and honestly I like it better when you do that! It takes it in order of the show and guarantees you get a chance to talk about each thing happening! Then there's my own selfish reason in that if I miss a day and I can't watch it then I just read your blog for that day and it's a pretty good detailed update lol. I also agree with most of what you write on here so that makes it better =) except I do like Natalie and I want her with John and Kelly outta the picture....she annoys the crap outta me lol! I also totally believe that Liam will be theirs!! Brody also annoys me......ugh lol!! Anyway thank you for posting and keep doing so cuz I look forward to reading it everynight while I'm winding down getting ready for bed! It's very entertaining!! ~Melissa

  20. @Melissa Well, I am tickled you like it! You know, you are not the first person who has told me they like it better when I watch/type simultaneously. It's also easier for me to do it that way...bonus! I've been doing it like that lately and think I am gonna stick with it. It's okay to disagree. Believe it or not...I really really did like Natalie for forever! I just have NOT liked her at all this past year, really. Obviously you know I am on this Kelly and John train but with these writers who knows how long that will last! I have no idea who will be Liam's dad. There for awhile I thought SURELY it was John's but I heard rumors the writers changed the story? Who knows at this point. Again, so glad you enjoy it and that MY nonsenes is YOUR entertainment! Cheers! :)

  21. *nonsense! typing is TERRIBLE today!

  22. Mary~Ella..... Lol I also wanted to comment on your vocab hehe! You not only entertain me with your "nonsense" as you say lol but your choice of words also cracks me up and gives me a nice little escape before bed lol!! Your lurve it and faboosh just crack me up no matter what I'm reading about =) and that's cool...I'm glad others have mentioned that they enjoy you writing and watching together cuz it's way better that way and yes and awesome bonus for you hehe!! It's funny you say that it's only been about the last year that you haven't been too fond of Natalie because about a year is all I've been watching so far lol. I hope that doesn't reflect on me for liking this only "side" of her I've seen lol... I'm not even sure why I like them. I hear you for sure about the writers changing their minds for which direction to go with the stories. I've been watching other soaps longer than this one so Ive seen it a bunch but I'm still hopin the rumors aren't true lol. It's funny, I was watching today (Tuesday) and I seen lil Liam and he totally looks like a John baby with that head full of dark dark hair hehe!! Soooooo hopefully it's gonna stick hehe!! Oh and since I've been reading your blog I actually look at different things during the show lol. I just sat up one night and went back and read alllll your posts haha and now when I'm watching I keep thinking of what your gonna say about this part or that part lol or something will happen and I'm like..."oh shit Mary Ella or Ross are gonna love that!!" keep up the great work girly! =) chat with ya later....