Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And The Killer Who No Doubt Stayed Dry Despite the Rain Is??????

TSJ: "Don't worry...I'll make sure to keep Gigi busy so she won't keep popping up in Llanview all the time. I also assure you that I won't shop at the same department store she does."

Firstly, I'm a big liar! Ugh. I am sorry I couldn't respond to comments yet. I wasn't at my computer at work yesterday. Then after work my friend and I got mani/pedis (OPI Cajun Shrimp on toes and OPI Bubble Bath on nails...FYI) and then I got home and had to cook, etc. However, I'll be at my computer today so I will respond to comments I promise! =)

Okie dokie...lemme go on and do this since I'm pressed for time.

Tuesday, August 30th--Marty's Too Depressed to Blog About Victor's Death...WHANNN!!!

Raise your hand if you feel insulted every damn time you see Gigi's picture on the mantle where Asa's pic should be...

Ugh...I ain't in the mood for Starr today.

Liam is the star of the show! Y'all...I cannot handle it! I need him in my house!

Omigod I am so sad that TSJ is leaving. I can't believe I am this bothered but I am. In more depressing news: Why in the hell am I borderline enjoying NuJack sticking with Victor. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?! He is still a little bastard and I want him gone but I kind of enjoyed him standing by Victor and that's all I can say...

I want Tea and Tomas to get into a heated argument and spout of some Spanish.

What?! Who is that woman in Bo's office?! She didn't even ask if she could come in and sit on his couch. Lord...obviously I'm joking but Jesus...I think I forgot what Nora looked like! It's been over 2 weeks. Thank you baby Jesus she is on today...AND in a new dress/cardigan. Word. Affection overload. So adorbs and I don't even know what to say! I'm surprised OLTL let them touch...Jesus!

Snap! So it is raining and there is real movement and what not in the trees! So it looks like real trees and not like the background that a 4-year old drew....nice.

I'll ask this again...why do they dress Blair in high-waisted pants?! Also, why in the hell doesn't ANYONE bring an umbrella or raincoat with them when it is pouring down rain and thundering and lightning?! WTF. Thirdly, why did James have to surface this episode? Just why? I don't feel like discussing them. I do like Starr's outfit. That's all...

My God! Please introduce me to the fabulous people that produced Liam. I mean...I need to know what it takes to produce a child like this so let me meet the source. Peeing...I thought Brody said: "Victor's the only one left. He has to be stuffed." ha! Obviously he said "stopped" but I had to rewind to check. they are making Brody crazy and using his Navy Seal card...I've killed before but that was war thing. UGH. I hate this.

I like the color of Tea's cardigan and would like to use that for an LSU game. Nice. I also lurve that Tea is sticking by Victor! WORD!

Bo and Nora match...lots of khaki! Lordy I don't need to cry this morning. All this Matthew talk and milkshakes. In all seriousness, what are they going to do with Matthew? I'm do damn tired of him wasting away off screen in Philly. For what reason? Exactly...NONE. FAIL FAIL FAIL. God, I'm so glad Bo and Nora are back on today. Bo is so fabulous to the point I can't handle it. I also think I just fainted when they kissed! ADORBS. So somehow Nora knows all about this Victor/Todd foolishness? I would love her with RH at some point!

I can't focus on the Rex and Shane scenes because I keep looking at the real background at the Buch mansion and I'm just beside my damn self. This needed to happen YEARS ago. YEARS!

Blair is as dry as a bone. How? Why? Exactly. Yes, she has on a coat but it ain't a raincoat. And, why in the world would she be wearing that coat in August. It ain't early spring...that would be understandable.

I'd rather watch a documentary on the life cycle of worms than this Starr/James shit. That's all I got.

Wait...I just noticed that it seems a bit weird that Brody and Blair are alone together in a scene? Y'all think that's odd? Oh, and there was zippo chemistry there. FYI.

Yeah...I'm back to hating NuJack with this Gigi discussion. Also, I'm so glad Victor and NuJack are sitting on that shitastic ottoman so they can hide that eyesore! Jesus...I can't even look at it and the interior decorator of Victor's house should be shot. I'm sorry but I laugh every damn time I hear "The Gigi Morasco Scholarship Fund." My inner bitch can't help it and I just laugh...what a joke. I just want to know what the requirements are for the scholarship. I'm sure struggling single moms, etc. but I keep thinking how there also needs to be stringent requirements regarding art and art history. Like, the person must have an extensive background in watercolors and pastels, etc. Just like artist and teaching assistant. Word.

I mean...I can't stress enough how happy I am about the background at the Buch mansion.

No Bo and Nora that segment? WTF? Fail...

Word! They are back! Whannnn! Matthew SHOULD be applying to schools right now. I get so angry knowing he is being wasted. Peeing...Bo will no doubt think that Nora wants to have another kid.

Aaaaand I will never say "brown chicken, brown cow" again. Thanks, Starr. Bitch. Oh, and all this Hope discussion is a crock of poo. I mean...the child doesn't even know who Starr is. No.No.No.No. I can't hear this f*@king demo tape. I just can't! Don't do this OLTL! PLEASE!

Look at those trees move in the rain! I am so beside myself! So it took Rex moving to the mansion to get real trees...Jesus Christ.

Blair still remains dry as a bone as she basically trick-or-treats from house to house. Good God. You know for it to be TSJ's last day he ain't on much. And his scenes are all with Sorry but it just bothers me. I can't believe he is leaving! I haven't faced the reality of it yet...

Yeppers...Bo thought Nora wanted to be preggers. Which by the way would have been so much better than this Mes being pregs shit. UGH! I can't think about it. AS IF they are JUST NOW having this damn discussion about raising the baby. AS IF! I mean...they have probably discussed everything under the sun BUT raising the baby until now. Just no. Ummm yes I did say we would raise the baby and now I'm asking you. ha! I get sad thinking about Bo not raising ANY of his children from birth. UGH. Well, Bo needs to marry me and I'll go to jail for polygamy. "No, what I'm saying is IF we have the option to raise our grandchild with...the best mother in the world then...I'd be honored." Well just kill me. He is so fabulous and I'm beside my damn self. And a hug...*le sigh*

WHANNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!! All this bodyguard talk! Poor Victor. Poor TSJ. Ugh...he should have more scenes today. It's his last effing day, OLTL. Seriously. You had him on with NuJack the whole time. Woof.

Peeing...Tea doesn't want to be a bridesmaid if Tomas and Blair get married. I don't blame ya, sista. I'm sure the bridesmaids dresses would be slutty looking. Oh woof...Tomas is meeting Sebastian at Capricorn. Joke of the century...after Starr's music career.

That's right, Shane! What is the point in trying to go to sleep since you can't sleep. You are THAT damn excited you have real trees in your backyard! I'd be so excited I couldn't sleep either. Word. the killer won't be Brody since that is too obvious. And, it must not be raining cause he is outside and he is not wet. I'm so confused with the weather in Llanview. is raining. Victor is watching the rain. So Brody is invincible and waterproof. Got it.

NuJack looks a little wet.

KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!! If we are going to have a Tuesday music montage then for God's sake don't make it be Starr singing! WOOF! the song it said "always searching for hope." Bitch, you probably are always searching for Hope. You never know where your damn kid is!

Everyone has a safe for valuables in Llanview but no one locks the door.

This song would be great if Starr wasn't singing it. I do love that it's "One Life to Live." SADNESS.

Oh no! Tea just got Blair's voicemail. I'm sad.

OMG OMG OMG. I'm about to cry with TSJ about to get shot. WHANNN! NO!!! That's it?!?! He is shot and it's over?! It is hard to believe that TSJ is gonna get taken out by one bullet. I mean...woof.

Regardless, he has been a phenomenal Walker/Todd/Victor for the past 8 years and I will miss him. I wish his send-off would have been a bit better. Hopefully this story will turn out to be fabulous. I'm still sad though. Gonna miss him.

Ok, I'm UBER late for work and can't look like shit so I have to go get ready. I promise I'll respond to comments, darlings!

Love y'all and mean it...mucho!

Au revoir!


  1. I have a terrible feeling that Shane killed Victor---we know it won't be Todd but we will spend weeks watching everyone blame him __BORING!! Brody is too obvious, just too obvious--but we know Rex is leaving, and I just think they can't make him that bad a parent to Shane--but Shane is just annoying!

    I hate NUJack being so disrespectful to his true father--I get he feels loyal to Victor but to keep calling Todd scarface really is ridiculous--Todd did not choose to abandon his family, he was held and tortured, even Tea kicking him out of the Sun bugged me.

    I go through waves where I don't enjoy the show and this is one of them--Victor and Todd ganging up on Irene, that i would have enjoyed!

  2. @rac I have yet to watch Wednesday's episode yet but yes Shane could def be the killer. Lordy. OMG agreed about everyone going to blame Todd. That will no doubt be boring. God...can you imagine how long it will take to reveal the killer?! I mean...this paternity mess has taken years and the Eddie Ford thing...Woof! And with many teens in Llanview are they making killers?! Yes, I like NuJack sticking by Victor but good point...NuJack is uber disrespectful to Todd. However, I'm not surprised since I think NJ is a piece of crap. Oh and Irene...I would have loved them ganging up on her, too! I so wish they would have made it possible for both Victor and Todd to be on the show. What could have been!!