Thursday, September 1, 2011

Well...Today Was Upsetting. That's All I Got.

I caption necessary. Just whannnnn.

Morning y'all! I finally responded to comments...yay! I mean how sad was the show?! Seriously. Overall a good episode though...fabu! So...let's go on and discuss Wednesday's sad episode. Lord have mercy.

Wednesday, August 31st--Marty Just Confessed. That Little Bitch Shot Todd. Murder Solved Quickly. Game Over. Oh, and the Paternity Story Is Still Going On. WOOF

Lord...let the accusations start flying that Todd killed Victor. Rac, you're right. We are gonna get a month of people accusing Todd...lawd.

Brody is still sporting that crazy twinkle in his eyes.

I need Bo and Nora to make-out and be happy instead of munching at work. I'm selfish...sorry.

F*@k a duck. Mes & Co. Jesus. Someone take me out. In other news: I've said this 1,000 times but I NEED to try the BD Cafe's flan before I die. Just sayin'. I can't deal with this Mes baby foolishness.

I have to say I lurve Starr's in I would wear it. She looks presh. What a surprise...Blair can't find NuJack. As if this hasn't happened before...

Oh no! I'm so worried/nervous for poor Tea. Bracing myself for it!!! Oh, and she is the only one with any sense to bring an umbrella.

I mean...Blair's stupidity about Todd MAYBE taking the gun from the safe is ridiculous. She is hot stuff but dayum...girl ain't the brightest!

Oh it is. Poor Tea! LOUD SHRIEK!!! Lawd. On a selfish note: I wish Victor was on the ottoman so it could be taken as "evidence" and never seen again. Just sayin'.

Hmmm....Felicia is bad mouthing my favorite. I will say Nora was thinking about herself and Matthew (and keeping a piece of him) when she talked to Mes about not having the abortion. But, if I was in her position I'd do the same thing...sadly. So there. Oh and may I just say that Mes' dad is sweet as hell and BY FAR the coolest person in that family. BY FAR! That may be an unpopular opinion but it's how I feel. THOSE PEOPLE?! WTF Felicia?!

SNAP! I love Nora's raincoat and will no doubt tweet Hillary about it cause I want to know the brand or where it came from...presh and chic!

So...Brody is wet and McBain is dry as a damn bone. Omigod that scene is over already?! Jesus H. that was quick!

Once again I find myself staring at Blair's boobs...

Good Lord...this doctor is no doubt the tallest man ever! Seriously! Compare him to the nurses and what not. Oh, and I don't give a damn that NuJack is injured. Why can't TSJ live and NuJack die instead? Yes, you can freeze ice on my ass...THAT cold-hearted. Just can't help it...

Omigod poor Tea. This is just horrible.

Ugh...we all know RH didn't kill TSJ and I hate that everyone in town is going to think that. Woof. Oh, and RH looks rather attractive in the rain. FYI.

I must have Nora's coat and I won't let it go. Bo is so adorable and he is just a little puppy and will do anything Nora tells him it. Lordy...approaching the Evans' will go horribly no doubt. God Nora, don't tell Mes she looks beautiful. Please. Peeing...Bo is dying to leave! I love how awkward this conversation is...

Oh, I like Blair's coat, too. Wait...his name is Dr. Panjami? Is that what Blair said?

Lord...I can't deal with this Tea/Victor stuff. I mean I am not even invested in these two and I'm flippin' upset. OMG Tea is KILLING it! Perfection! Oh no...I'm tearing up with all this having to dance at Dan-YELLA's wedding stuff. I mean this really is so sad. Awe...Tea: "I can't do this by myself." WHANNNNNNN! *Le sigh* Tea said she loved him "whoever the hell he is." I mean...this is just terrible. TERRIBLE!

Ok so RH didn't kill him. I mean...too obvious. Brody looks all kinds of suspicious.

DAYUM...TSJ is playing a gun-shot victim on the verge of death perfectly, too. I mean...I would totally think he really got shot. Bravo! Poor Tea is flippin' frantic. Well, I'm genuinely upset. Tea just told "whatever the hell his name is" that he was the love of her life. Lord and she keeps stroking his hair...sadness overload! Good God.

Bo is DYING to get away from this conversation. Hysterical. OMG...Mes' dad is so adorbs. I love that Bo and Papa Evans are bonding! YES...finally Nora said she and Bo want to speak on behalf of Matthew. I love it...pulling out her "draft" at the BD cafe in the midst of this awkward conversation. I know Nora is being bashed by basically everyone about these scenes in this episode but this is why I love her. Plus, she is only looking out for Matthew and this is her opportunity to let the Evans' review the document so I get it. And, I'm sure I'll get crucified for saying all that. I don't care, because she is my favorite. Word.

Ok so I think everyone can agree that this Dr. Panjami (sp?) is a helluva lot better than smurf. Is he the new Greg Evans?

Well, I just lost it when Victor barely mumbled "I love you." I mean...can't deal with this sadness. I truly hate he is leaving and I TRULY feel horribly for Tea. Despite their volatile relationship, they obviously loved each other very much and were truly soulmates. =( God, I can't imagine if something like that happened in my life. I mean...he is dead and that's it. Poor Tea. Oh good God...those paramedics look HORRIBLE! TSJ had no chance of survival the minute those goons walked in the room. Woof.

I want to know where in the hell RH is getting all these outfits? I mean has he gone shopping and that just happened off camera?

Jesus H. Christ...these paramedics are ATROSH!!!!!!! They look like such incompetent goobers! of them kinda looks like NQS in the face. Omigod...Tea's face when she said "I don't understand." Poor baby.

Wait...what is RH's friend's name? Louie? Well I think Louie is sweet and I lurve that he will only trust one cop: The Man in Black.

Tea is breaking my heart and I can't say much more than that. Jesus John...NOW you are going to ask Tea questions?! NOW?! Lord have mercy. Give the bitch a minute!

Again...tall hedges. Trim that shit. GASP! Where is Natty?! I mean...she is the star CSU and she isn't on the scene?! Egregious!

I love that Blair is pissed that NuJack left the house without telling her and now she demands all these answers to her 40,000 questions when it is patently obvious that NuJack isn't even coherent at this point. LOL.

Tea is just so perfect this episode. And, tons of people act like she is in her situation...especially with not being able to understand how Todd is dead and that she doesn't understand it. Hell, can you blame her? He has had 9 lives...

I know I am in the minority but I agree with Nora 100%. I am laughing during these scenes. WORD...that's right. Two teenagers created the situation! Bo is just delicious and hilarious. I mean...he just wants some flan. Please feed him. I haven't liked Felicia since she was mean to Rachel Gannon so I just want to bop her. Oh hell no...she didn't say that Nora was trying to replace Matthew with Mes' baby. Explode. Except not Mes' dad (grandfather) since he is presh.

God they are back again. I love it...Nora called them her "grandparents" while Mes calls them "mom and dad." I like Dan-YELLA's shirt, p.s.

Awe...John took the bloody towel from Tea. =( I won't let this go: Natty, star CSU of Llanview, needs to be at the damn crime scene! I mean how are we gonna trust any of the forensics if Natty ain't the one gathering the evidence?! Hmmmm???? Exactly.

Ugh...that "JM" keychain is atrosh.

Aaaaaand here we go with the Todd accusations. I love it--John (in his ever so soft whisper): "I know...we have an APB out for him." Of course you do...

I mean I can't imagine how Tea feels. The love of her life is dead and now she has the rest of her life to live without him. Just sad.

Starr is the only one with any sense in NuJack's hospital room. I mean...Blair is jumping on his ass and he can't even respond!

Well Mes is just whoofing down that milkshake in the background, huh? Lawd. Peeing...Bo thinks they should all take a breather. ha! Mes' dad is so sweet. Just sayin'. Bo is so cute! I mean...Nora told him not to speak and he didn't...then he fixed her hair. ADORBS. Can't deal.

Say what?! Poor Dan-YELLA having to show I.D. to get in the house?! WOOF.

DAYUM! Do the CSUs of the LPD use old school Polaroids? Surely. Otherwise how did John McBain get that pic to NuJack so quickly.

Ok so when RH responded with "not anymore" when asked if two people were going around saying they were Todd Manning...surely he just means that he has finally put a stop to it since the truth is out and now he can start living his life. I am not buying RH shot Victor. Plus, Victor looked really surprised to see whoever it was that came in with the gun. Right?

OMIGOD...that's it. Victor's gone and they zipped up the body bag. Sad sad. Blair, Starr, and NuJack know the news.

WHEW...what an episode! K, I'm running late for work. Hopefully today will be good. See you lovely people later!

love y'all mucho,


  1. I won't crucify you. I'm on team Nora. I think Nora should have known better to approach with documents but I get it too. She's also grieving but that does not mean she is replacing Matthew. Even Mes was defending Nora. I cannot stand Mrs Evans and her controlling/belittling attitude. It's not her baby either. Plus her attitude toward Bo/Nora/Matthew in general is cold and callous. Her blaming Nora for this situation is laughable. All Nora did was offer a solution, one that allowed her grandchild to live. All she wants now is access to see the child and make sure Matthew has custody rights. We all know at some point he will wake up and IF a baby is born he will have equal rights and Mes.

  2. I am trying to repress anything with Mes and her press-on nails. The rest was sad :( Oh, but how cute was Tea's umbrella?!

  3. I'm on Nora's side, too! Des and Matthew made the baby! Nora is upset over her soon. Cut her some slack! As far as Victor, I'm so sad! I loved it when Tea stayed with him after learning the truth and now they kill him off! Arg!!! So beyond pissed! I loved them together!

  4. So, I never comment anymore if I don't write the blog; however, I could not resist after reading Katie's comment about Mes' press-on nails. I mean, the Evans family is supposed to be middle, middle class, right? Regardless, they aren't wealthy, and I am not saying this to be mean, I'm just going by what I have seen and observed on the show. Anywho, AS EFFING IF that little bitch (Mes) can afford to go to the nail salon at least every other week to get her nails filled/did. Same goes for her hair. Seriously, I cannot stress enough how much this bothers me. I could continue and be really mean, but I'll leave it at that. Thank you, Katie, for bringing that up!

  5. Florencia is just amazing - SO DAMN SAD!!!! And TSJ nailed it as you said - not that I have witnessed a boatload of folks dying from GSW's, but that seemed very very real.

    OLTL when it is good lately makes me bawl my dang brains out (and then I look horrible and bloated the rest of the day which is NOT what anyone wants to see.)

    Even though Dorian had not been on all that much anyway, her now permanent absence is upsetting the hell out of me. That fabulous pic you posted of her the other day shot hot tears into my eyes on sight. Lord I just can't deal - THIS IS SO HARD.

    I have found myself drifting to old YouTube bits again to get my fix. Way too addictive, that.

    I have to say Todd looked really really really really GOOD. Really good. Seriously good. Big sis must have taken him out shopping and on a spa day.

    I pretty much disdain celebrity crushes, but DAMN I am a sucker for RH when he is playing Todd Manning (just couldn't get pulled into the whole ATWT Paul biz at all.) And I continue to muse . . . . WHAT THE HELL???? Some therapy puleeze.

    Okay - I have to say I find it distracting that Todd is suddenly so quick to break into a smile since he has returned. I think I may have seen our beloved joy-repressed Todd smile 5 times in 10 years, and now he breaks into sweet easy grins right and left. Torture does this to a person??? Who knew? Perhaps eight years of drugging altered his brain chemistry somewhat? .

    Well, even so, I liked Todd with Louie - that was sweet. If handing off handguns on the docks can be called sweet. And yes he will be blamed out of hand for Victor's murder, but I am praying OLTL is pulling a brilliant move and will make your statement actually come true. CRAZY MARTY came back to do the deed!!! YES SAY IT IS SO!!!!!

    I mean, it IS possible isn't it? Trying to think of who else Victor would be so very surprised to see walking in with a gun. Most people I can think of he would have just smirked at. And who would kill Victor and care enough about Jack to do a gangster style ER drop-off after braining him? We know Todd would do better by his son that that. Hmmmm . . . yeah, I am sticking with a Crazy pissed-off Marty.

    Young Boots

  6. Oh, don't worry I am with you on Nora, which I am sure is such a surprise. I think she should have told them they needed to meet in the next week to really talk and not press the issue in the diner, but I think she should be making sure Matthew's rights are heard! I sure the hell would. Mama is way to dismissive of Bo, Nora, and Matthew and their rights here. The boy may be in coma, but he voice should still be heard. Then to say Nora wanted to replace Matthew! What a horrible thing to say to a mother who may never get her son back. She says she understand, because of Shaun, but her making that statement proves she doesn't.

  7. @MH, lol! We noticed the nails because we are southern girls and down here there is no greater sin than bad nails, bad hair and bad sweet tea! I ALWAYS notice everyone's nails :)

  8. Destiny's mom/grandma raised Destiny because the biological mom died. I wonder if the biological mom's family got any say in what happened to the baby/Destiny. They just handed her over? No. I'm sure Felicia just took her and raised her without even thinking about the other side. But now she's ripping into Nora for wanting to raise her grandchild (and have Destiny and her whole family be in the baby's life), and somehow THAT is wrong? Or maybe Felicia just has no compassion for the family of people who can't decide what happens to their babies because they are dead or in a coma.

  9. I don't think the bio family even knew about Destiny or what happened to the mom. Shaun didn't and it was his girlfriend. SO, basically Felicia stole the baby in my eyes. Now she's stealing this one. Destiny looked uncomfortable. I'm not so sure she even asked her mom to raise the baby. Appeared to me Felicia just made that decision on her own. I'm sure Nora's agreement likely had monetary obligations for them in regard for the baby too. It's not like they wouldn't offer to help support it financially.

  10. The only reason I am NOT on Nora's side is because it means Mes sticks around and is related to the Buchs--so unless-god forgive me--they kill her off in childbirth-- I just want that baby to go away!!

    Victor did look surprised --he would not have had that reaction to Todd, ugh Rex might have left Jack at hospital so he could live and suffer like Shane but i just don't buy it--it has to Brody--he can't hurt kids after his war thing.

  11. I have never seen such a bunch of mean spirited people in my life that you pick on a 17 year old girl because you don't like the way a sl is written shame on all of ya! I don't find Destiny annoying at all I am just glad we're getting a break from the double mint twins!

  12. Ummm...I don't care how old Destiny is or for this particular storyline but the character has annoyed the snot out of me since she came on bossing Matthew around and urging him to sue his parents. It has escalated now that Bo, Nora, and Matthew must all revolve around her annoying self. There isn't an age limit that a character has to achieve to be disliked by me. I also dislike Shane, Jack, Dani, Nate, Rex, Ford, James, and Jess these days. So, age is not a factor. This storyline is dragging my Nora through the mud and the writers have done it since 1998. I have had enough. I don't care what happens to Destiny but I want her gone and far away from my Bo/Nora/Matthew.
    I want the baby gone too rac! Destiny needs to find a nice long winding staircase.

  13. Am I late to this party or what? Ok I'm about to do this in two posts...

    @Andrea Merci! So glad you have decided not to crucify me! I mean...I'm always on Team Nora; however, I feel like I do call her out when I need to (although sometimes I know that I make excuses for her). The papers...yeah, she could have pulled those out in a couple of weeks but I understood where she was coming from since she just wanted to talk with the Evans' while she could (especially after the terrible slap confrontation). So...timing could have been better but I get it. And, I have to admit that I died out laughing when she pulled the papers out since that is typical Nora fashion and I thought it was hilar. Lawd...don't EVEN get my ass started on Felicia. I know a lot of people are sticking with her but my ass sure as hell ain't on Team Felicia. Again, I KNEW I didn't like her when she was mean to Rachel Gannon. She is indeed cold and callous to Nora and Bo. Oh, and I need Matthew to wake-up like last month...literally. UGH. Egregious! I need this storyline overwith and for BN to have something that is their OWN...not propping Mes & Co. WOOF.

    @Katie Snap! Tea's umbrella was uber adorbs and I am impressed it held up so well. I can't believe I didn't comment on that...good call! I need to find out where she purchased it. I LOVE this press-on nails won't let it go and I appreciate you for it...THANKS!

    @Madolynn Praise more person on Team Nora cause lord knows it is a rather small team, I feel! I mean...thank you! She is just looking out for Matt and ummmm Matt AND Mes created this problem Felicia! Ok, thanks. Woof. This whole storyline is infuriating. Omigod...Tea sticking with Victor--so sad. Also, I liked Tea and Victor together, too. The relationship she had with Victor was so much better than the one she had with RH and personally I only think RH is made for Blair. I wish they could have found a way to keep TSJ on the show. Boo. =(

    @MH Well, I'll be damned...look who it is surfacing!? ;) It takes a comment about Lee press-on nails to get your ass to comment! Kidding! Anyway, we have discussed at GREAT LENGTH about Mes' clothes, nails, and hair and how she can't afford it. My blood pressure is rising. This show is absurd. Oh and don't even get me started on how they are in Marty's house....whannnnn!!!!! I mean...we bash Mes to death and what we say cannot be divulged on this blog! But, word on those nails. Bitch can't afford it. Get with it OLTL.

  14. Lordy...I might need three posts. Not too sure.

    @Young Boots I have talked with MH and I know they are having wild fires...aren't you in Texas? Hope you are okay! Anyway, ummm yes FL killed it as usual (she is fabu) and TSJ was EXCELLENT as a gsw victim. I mean, I really thought he was dying! if you look horrible and bloated after crying about the show! But, I know what you mean...when they hit a home run they do. OMG OMG...stop it. The Dorian absence is hella depressing! Do you follow Robin Strasser on Twitter? She just tweeted that OLTL hasn't asked her back for the finale AND she hasn't been approached by PP. I mean...REALLY?! UGH! Anyway, I miss her fabulous ass and exquisite clothes. *Le sigh* Oh and Todd...dying to know where he is getting his clothes. This needs to be explained. But, yes he looks yummy. Well, I used to watch ATWT back in the day when I was a tot (why I love Hillary) and then I watched it off and on growing up. So, I remember when RH became Paul and I even watched the last 6 months it was on (dvr'd it while I dvr'd or watched OLTL) and like ain't the same. I mean...he was a good Paul but it wasn't the same allure, ya know? RH is Todd...end game...bottom line...not much else to say. GOOD POINT about RH smiling so much! Bastard is downright giddy at times...I mean seriously. Wow...good point. I may need to mention that and give you credit, of course! Peeing...if handing off handguns can be considered sweet...lurve it! YES! It can! Good God...can you imagine if the killer was really Marty?!?! I would also make sense. Soooooo much history there. jesus. If ONLY OLTL was smart enough to use that history. Woof Woof. But, in all seriousness I really don't know who it could have been that killed Victor since he DID seem genuinely surprised. I was praying it was Marty....who knows. I haven't read any spoilers on all this. If I do I'll let you know...and vice versa please. Thanks! ;)

    @mojomiller BIG SHOCKER you are with me! ;) ha! So glad you are, too! Yes, I mentioned in a previous response that I think she could have waited with the papers but I get it...and I love her for it and I ain't mad at her. She is just watching out for Matthew. Ummm Felicia is annoying the hell out of me. STOP IT! When Felicia said that Nora wanted to replace Matthew I think I wanted to leap through the damn tv. How terrible! Totally agree...she really doesn't understand since Shaun came back and Matt is STILL in his coma. Oh, and I need that shit to end like yesterday...k, thanks. I mean...when is the last time we saw EA talk? Oh, excuse's repeat episode. WOOF!! Right?

    @Katie OMG OMG...THE TRUTH. Nothing worse than bad hair, bad nails, and bad sweet tea. My husband would love you. Such a true statment!

    @Desi Well, I forgot the biological mom's name...Charlene? Anyway, remember she died because her heel got caught on the carpet or something and she fell? Yes...I'm not making that up. I think Greg made up some lame ass story like that and told it to Mes...pretty sure. I mean...obviously I am TOTALLY biased with this story since Nora is my fav but I try to call her out when I feel she should be but I truly am on her side here. She is just trying to look out for Matthew and they want to raise the kid and this may be all she has left of him. So I get it. Felicia is really pissing me off and when she said that Norea created the problem or whatever I almost lost it. WOOF!

  15. @Anonymous Yes, I think Charlene was Shaun's gf's name and she is Mes' mom. Gosh, I should know this but I think I just didnt' care THAT much so I kinda forgot? Yea...basically Felicia stole the baby. Agreed. Oh and Mes def looked uncomfortable. Granted, I can't stand the girl but she did look uncomfy. Word. I think Nora's agreement would have been totally fair. I don't think the agreement was so much about Bo and Nora getting to keep the baby 24/7. I think it had more to do with Matthew's rights, etc. They were just looking out for him. Regardless, I'm ready for this storyline to be NOW! ;)

    @rac Lawd have mercy. Lemme tell ya...I am DYING...DYING for this baby to go! I heard it might but now I'm not so sure. Anyway, I have a feeling it might stick around so regardless I'm on Team Nora. I am just disgusted with this whole storyline all around. WOOF. Oh and with the whole who killed Victor thing...I dunno. I do think that it was a surprise. Or, maybe OLTL is just trying to get us to think that so we will totally be in the dark. I'm not sure. I pray it's Marty but it ain't I'm sure. Why make me happy? ;) I have no many suspects. Woof. I miss TSJ already.

    @Renee Oh, I'm sorry if we offended you. Well, it's not just this storyline for me. I have not liked Mes from the get-go. Granted, she was nice to Matthew during his whole surgery storyline and I tolerated her but I loathe her and that ain't changing and this storyline just made me realize how much I REALLY loathe her. So, if we are offending you about Mes then maybe you should stop reading this blog...unfortunately. My hatred for her will only increase I'm sure...the more this storyline goes on. =( Oh, and I don't think I'm mean spiritied...just passionate! And fot the record I don't like bad mouthing someone THIS much. She brings it out in me.

    @anonymous Soooo who is this? ;) Do I know you? My response to your comment--AMEN! Age ain't the problem's the character. Oh and don't EVEN get me started on the dragging Nora through the mud since 1998. FACT. I need this baby gone and I need Matthew walking and talking and I need Bo and Nora to have their own storyline. Oh, and no dislike and want gone all the peeps I do. OF COURSE!