Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bo's a Badass, Baker's the BEST in His Field, and Vickster Rocks Lavendar. What a Week.

Omigod who is this man that claims to be Todd Manning?!

WORD!!!! Ok, so I am going to do a quick, quick drive-by of Wednesday and Thursday THEN I'm going to go run before it rains in Chicago. THEN I'll do a full post of Friday so I can be all caught up. I really enjoyed Wednesday and Thursday but I need to play catch up so y'all will get the gist of how I felt. I'm a week away from wedding...AHHHH!!!! Hope this blog makes 50% sense!

Oh, and the picture. Even the muppets are shocked about RH's Todd Manning. The whole damn town continues to have that look (like Beaker's in the pic) on their face this week. It won't go away!

Wednesday, August 3rd--Bo's a Badass and Nate's a No-Talent Ass-Clown
1. The Gigi as a ghost thing is absurd and sadly the Rex/Echo scenes are as cool as getting a paper cut.
2. Dan-YELLA is a dipshit if she stays with NQS...let alone decides to have sex with that nasty hamster.
3. I CANNOT STAND that the writers make Nora a horrible D.A. On another note, she and Clint stole the show with their facial expressions and their 2 second scene was the shiz! It's egregious they don't have more scenes together. Monumental woof. Oh, and the judge...SUCKS ass. Sorry. He was mean to Nora AND to Vicki. Eff that.
4. By the look on Joey's face, I don't think he was accepted to kindergarten for fall. It's tough finishing pre-k 4 and now no plan in life.
5. Let's say this together: 1,2,3...poor Tea. I need homegirl to be happy...preferably with TSJ. Blair with RH. Game over...everyone wins. Oh, and OLTL remembered what a REAL flashback is...I mean, about damn time. It's amazing what a "location" scene used to be compared to now.
6. "I helped my Pa." Oh...just love it.
7. Blair looks like sex on a stick...still a ho...sorry.
8. Oh, I want to know how Kevin Buchanan reacted to Joey and Kelz being in London. I mean...that shit wasn't even addressed. Ugh...disaster.
9. Bo's confrontation with NQS...FABU!!!!! Bo's a badass and I love him. NQS is a whiny bastard and if this show tries to get us to feel sorry for him I'm going to kill someone. End of story. Oh and huge fail Bo didn't tell Nora who hurt Matthew.
10. YES!!!! Vicki/RH see each other. About damn time! Thank you, baby Jesus! Oh, and uber adorbs she was all concerned about Clint. FABU.

Thursday, August 4th--Sup Vicki? You've Been Conned. I'm Your Bro.
1. These location scenes make me think I'm watching "Guiding Light."
2. Baker: Worst Agent Ever? Or...McBain's fiercest adversary? You decide. :)
3. The Vickster/RH words. Aaaaand, OLTL is on a roll and remembers what a flashback is. All limbs crossed this streak continues. Come on, baby Jesus...make this happen. LOL..."You're the man little Sam talked about." Victoria ROCKED these scenes. No surprise.
4. I didn't know McBain was so into the Philadelphia Eagles. Helmet AND a That's team spirit. Oh, and there is a boom box from the '90s, too. WTF? I haven't seen those in years. Akesha, I agree...Baker is comedic relief. I bet the dart game between McBain and Baker would be pretty close, but McBain would come through in the clutch and win...naturally.
5. I fell asleep during the Tomas/Blair scenes. I think it's the scenery. Interesting that Tomas was here 8 years ago, though. Please let this go somewhere...and make it good.
6. How can they dress Starr in this cute outfit yet the other day they had her in that dress that was soaked in shit from the 90s. Stinky Stinky and Confusing! Just doesn't add up. Maybe the people in the wardrobe were drinking the day they put her in that dress...or just playing a joke since they may not give a shit anymore since the show is ending. Hmmm.
7. Maybe a bear or some rabid animal will attack NuJack at any waking moment...come on! Oh, and who wears those kinda boots in the summer, Starr? WITH jeans? No.
8. Tea is KILLING it today! She genuinely looks freaked the f*@k out with all this Todd stuff. I'll go on and say for the 1,000th time that I am so effing confused about who is the real Todd. I mean...TSJ is making me believe that he thinks he is the REAL one. I.Just.Don't.Know. I think I'm just that dense. I should know or think something about it...but I don't.
9. Oh, did I mention that the Vicki/RH scenes were fabu. Not to mention, AWESOME flashbacks. Jesus Christ! Talk about when the show was PHENOM! Good Lord...can't deal. When Todd wanted Asa to words. Miss that OLTL.
10. How nice has it been to have the Buch Twins and all their problems dominating the canvas? Le sigh...I've enjoyed the break. I must admit it. On the other hand, I've also hated the Mes/NQS shiz so I'd take the Buch girls and their problems any damn day over the atrosh teens.

Okay. The next post will be a FULL one! Just had to catch up!

Love y'all!


  1. I watched it on SoapNet yesterday and the ran a commercial with Melissa Archer talking about her eyelashes. My hubby (who claims not to watch btw)mentioned that the dumb blonde and big jugs hadn't been on in awhile. Can't say I miss them yet!

  2. Ok, could barely read the blog after seeing the picture of Beaker, about died laughing. LOVE the Muppets! New movie coming this fall!
    Loved that look between Clint and Nora, but that judge just sucks. With you about the Nora as the DA, curse the day the writers decided that would be a good idea.
    LOVED the Viki/RH Todd scene.
    Haven't miss the twins at all.

  3. Hi Mija...

    My travel schedule has precluded so many activities as of late... trying to get back in the swing of things...

    mojomiller... Beaker did it for me too! His facial expression was so appropriate until I wish he was at the movie premiere as well :)

    katie... your husband may have cursed us.... btw I saw that commercial and must say I like Melissa Archer as an actress... I just don't like how Natalie is written.

    Bo and NQS scenes were great. Bo did tell Nora... you see, we aren't privy to half of the Bora scenes because someone believes we have to see other things like Rama, Cutter, Aubrey, etc... I bet we will learn next week the Bo told Nora and we missed it.

    I want Dany and NQS to continue seeing each other...otherwise what point would Nathan Q serve on the show? LOL... The super couple status of "Date" gives Dany more to do than to be left out of critical family moments and be "the voice of reason" (I say facetiously) to Destiny. If she sticks with Nate, she can definitely continue the trend the writers seem to love... that all teen girls must get pregnant before starting college. Langston was spared because they caught Ray Montez's daughter before she could be initiated into the "sorority".

    I am sorry, but I have to disagree... The Judge made me giggle when he called Clint and Nora out on the obvious looks across the courtroom. Too funny... but he could calm down a notch.

    Now I AM with you on Tea!!!! OMG RHTodd treated her like she was the evening trash and she STILL came back for him every time he asked. TSJTodd doesn't treat her much better, but he did choose her over Blair.

    Baker: Loved his smug self!... please let him work under Bo and John when the CIA kicks him to the curb. We could see him repent by babysitting for Hope. Then Addie and Renee can have some on-screen "ME" time.


  4. I half expected RH to say, "I have a granddaughter. Her name is Hope." Hahaha! So glad he's having "real" flashbacks now instead of those photos with "I have a ... his/her name is ..." blah. That sucked. The real Todd has always and will always pick Blair over Tea. Sorry, Tea. You got the impostor. But I do like the idea that she's still in love with TSJ no matter what and will stick with him, even if he isn't the real Todd. Also would love to see Dani's reaction to this whole thing. I mean, she grew up for 15 year, believing that Ross Rayburn was her father, and for the past 2 years has been calling TSJ "Dad." She's going to flip the F out that she now has a THIRD person that she needs to learn to accept as her father. I still can't believe that she would cover for Nate and is even contemplating forgiving him after seeing him have sex "20 feet tall" with his brother's ex. Well, with anyone for that matter. If I found out my bf made a porno with anyone while he was still with me, you know I'd get away from him as fast as RH did when he got on his raft to leave Tea on the island to go home to Blair.

  5. P.S. Tomas thinks he can break the cycle of Blair never loving anyone the way she loved Todd? HA! There is NO way to break up Todd and Blair for good, especially now that the REAL Todd is in town. He saw that kiss, right? Fireworks! She never kissed Tomas that way.

  6. Ok going to try and reply sneakily from work... ;)

    @Katie Oh, yes I have seen that thing with Melissa Archer. You can watch the full "60 seconds with Melissa Archer" (and the most of the other cast members) on youtube. LOL...yes, I'm sure your hubs likes to watch it and then pretend he doesn't. Agreed...I haven't missed the Buch twins but Natty is back today. Woof.

    @mojomiller ha! Glad you like Beaker. To be honest, I ONLY like the cartoon Muppet Babies and not the puppets but I couldn't resist the pic. My friend has it as his gtalk avatar...LOL. Nora/Clint 2 second scene fabu and I HATE that she is the D.A. God, I could go on for days about that! Woof. OMG...lurved Vickster and RH, too. Buch Twins...still happy they aren't around. I'm sure they will surface soon.

    @Akesha Totally understand...traveling is tiring! Glad to have you back! Oh, I have to agree with you about Melissa Archer. I do like her and think she is a great actress and she seems really sweet in person. However, Natty ain't my fav. We all know that. OF were sooo right! OL had to have Bo telling Nora about NQS off camera! Dammit to hell! That's okay because we got some AWESOME NQS and Dan-YELLA scenes. Kill me. Just kill me. haha...DATE? I Lurve it. jesus...if this ho gets pregs, too, then I'll just die. I can't deal with this foolishness. Oh well I'm glad the judge makes you giggle. He just pisses me off since he is uber serious. Woof. He is so stiff. I NEED Tea to get a happy ending and I'd prefer it with TSJ. However, I have heard some spoilers about it and I ain't happy. You know what I'm talking about? hahaha! Repent by babysitting Hope?! I LOVE THIS. Oh snap...did you see that Renee filmed scenes with Bo recently and that Addie...yes gonna be on soon! WORD!

    @Desi haha! Peeing! Yes, I'm somewhat surprised he acted all normal and didn't throw out his now famous catch phrase. Lawd. Word on those real flashbacks! So glad OLTL finally remembered what a flashback is. Took long enough. In agreement on all things RH/Blair and TSJ/Tea. RH belongs to Blair...bottomline. Ugh, I was hoping (and still am) that Tea and TSJ end up together but I read some disturbing spoilers that indicate otherwise. WOOF. However, there may be no truth to it. Oh, it is totally egregious Dan-YELLA has been left out...good point. I think I haven't discussed it since I am so livid she is covering for NQS. Barf. She is dumb to stay with him. hahahaha! So if your bf does a porn, you would leave hella quick like Toad. I love it! Nice visual of Todd leaving. ;)Tomas' purpose on the show is OVER! I mean...I love him and all but compared to spark at all! Blair/RH...word!