Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Having a Conversation with My Peeps, Do You Mind?

Madame Delphina: I'm getting a sense. Hold on. Can't quite make it out. What is that? It's getting clearer. Wait for it. Here it comes. Asa Buchanan's photo will be restored to his rightful place on the mantle of the Buchanan living room. Mes, NQS, and the rest of the pointless newbies will be gone from Llanview shortly, and the Fab Five will be front and center for the remainder of OLTL's time on ABC.

(Hey, we can all dream, right?)


Blogger hates me and both computer options that I have with me, so the formatting on this entry is just all ate up with freak (I apologize for that), and it has taken me damn near two hours to post this. Just woof.

Well, I orignially intended to blog much earlier this evening, but I got invited to go watch one of my best friends rehearse for a play that opens next week (I won't get to see because I will be back in Texas - whan.)!! I apologize for the delay! I mean, I know yall are just beside yourselves with anxiety waiting for my commentary. Ok, stop laughing!

Times, so before I get into today's tasteful irreverence, let me take a moment to congratulate Mary-Ella and Ross on their marriage of this afternoon!!! YAY!!! Mazel Tov!! Congratulations, Ross and ME!! Can't wait to celebrate this weekend! Love, Mary Heather

Anywho, crazy busy, fantastic day all the way around, and I have no idea what happened on the show today. Fingers crossed that it is good. Everybody ready to get the party started? Laissez le bon temps rouler! Oh, and, as always, I apologize for any and all typos.

Thursday, August 11, 2011 (Insert clever title here because MH is too exhausted to think of one right now. K? Thanks.)

Ok, so I watched the first segment before I wrote anything, and I have a feeling that this may be just a top ten type post because, frankly, I am bored. Is it just me? Am I just sleep deprived? Who knows. Let me see what I can do.

1. There will be no comment on Starr and James' afterglow and second time. Just no! I mean, I would rather be bludgeoned to death then watch this foolishness. UGH!

2. Aaaaaand the godforsaken gym at Serenity Springs? Just WOOF! I should have raided my parents' stash of hard bourbon before watching this.

3. Natalie is back from vacay and looks cute. Sorry, but I haven't missed her.

4. This GiGi is a ghost routine is a waste of time. That is like so fifteen years ago. Woof. Oh, and I am sick of seeing her photo in place of Asa's on the mantle at the Buch manse. That is wrong on so many levels.

5. Lurve John's shirt... on him!

6. I need wardrobe to dress Thomas is some non ragedy clothes. Seriously, he looks like a hobothat sleeps under the Llantano Bridge. Thomas, your sister is Tea, and you work for the freaking CIA. Surely yall can pool all of your financial resourses and purchase a few basic pieces that can be mixed and matched. Call me. I am excellent at picking out men's clothes and have no one to do that for at this point in time - I am available... but I don't kiss on the first date and have very high moral standards, unlike Blair!! Word!

7. These Blair/Toad scenes are good and all, and they kissed, but I am just bored. Sorry. Times, I do have to say, since this is Blair we are discussing, that I am glad that she kept her legs closed! Ya'll know I had to go there!

8. Jess is also back from vacay - didn't miss her either, sorry. These scenes with RH are good, I will admit, but nothing Earth-shattering happening. Hopefully Jess' shock at seeing RH doesn't produce another alter. What other names are left that rhyme with Jess? I mean, let's go down the remaining consonants of the alphabet, shall we... Cess, Dess, Fess, Gess, Hess, Kess, Less (peeing - I wish I could see her LESS), Ness, Pess, Qess, Ress, Sess, Vess, Xess, Yess, Zess. Anything jumping out at anyone?

9. These promos for The Spew are so effing insulting. Way to pour salt in viewers' wounds. I will not be joining any of these mofos at the table. I will flip that shit Teresa Guidice style before I watch that show.

10. Delphina makes more appearances on OLTL than Rene and Addie combined. Unacceptable. Would someone like to do me a favor and volunteer to write Delphina a letter asking her to predict when Rene will be out of the attic and when Addie will be let out of babysitting hell? I mean, D could at least be useful if she is going to have these cameos. Thanks in advance.

Woah, I mean, I just have nothing else to say about the show today. Yes, I am tired, but I swear that I am not being lazy. I just honestly have nothing to say. Oh well, tomorrow is another day (And yes, I did say that in my best Scarlett O'Hara voice!).

Planning on posting tomorrow mid afternoon. Since I don't have DVR here, I can't watch and post live (no pausing). Woof! So, see yall, then - I am about to make like a tree and leave.

Love ya'll mucho,


  1. wow--I din't miss the the Buch twins either--didn't notice until they were back.

    My daughter and I were watching the other day and we thought how inappropriate it was for OLTL to go from one teen talking about getting an abortion to another teen romping in the sack? My 21 year old wanted to know who in there right mind wants to see that??

    And I about chocked when Starr said she had to go pick up Hope--and then wnet in for round 2 --gross

    It was not enjoyable to watch our beloved Nora begging Destiny---who comes up with this nonsense

  2. ugh apologizing for typos---contrary to popular opinion I can spell--I just can't type :)

  3. Hey Rac!!

    Thank you for the comments! I mean, I don't know what more I can add to what you have said! You totally hit the nail on the head with each and every one of the above statements. Oh, and don't worry about the typos!!

    Here's hoping that today's show is halfway decent!