Monday, August 29, 2011

Still Depressed Dorian's Gone...WHANNN!

Dorian: "Yes, I'm so fabulous that it will take more than one episode to get over me. Oh, and I'm sending someone from the CIA or FBI to take out Mes. I'll use all my Washington connections to make this work."

Top o' the mornin'! I was going to blog last night but Ross was doing research for his Fantasy Football team...yes, really. So as I mentioned, I'm going to do a drive-by of Friday. I'm confused about the episode since some of the spoilers for Monday were shown in Friday's episode? I didn't Tivo the Soapnet version so I am just blogging about what ABC showed. Maybe it's all correct...maybe not. Not really sure. Alright darlings...

Friday, August 26th--Marty and Friends Are STILL Crying About Dorian's Departure!

1. Gigi's death year being erased...DUMB.AS.HELL. I mean let's just all get a life, shall we?
2. I must say that I like the Brody/Shane stuff.
3. The Llanview Cemetery is the worst cemetery of all time. The hedges are too effing tall and all the graves are isolated which is lame.
4. I thought today's episode was going to be tolerable but then James and Starr surfaced. Dammit to hell. I can't catch a break. I really can't. Gag me with a spoon please...k, thanks.
5. Guess what? I'm crying...thanks to the Dorian flashback.
6. The lame secretary with the shitastic outfit surfaced again...awesometown...not. The point of her running in and saying something to the effect of "Mr. Manning do you want me to kick him out??" Exactly. I mean...let's be serious...what would this bitch really do?
7. Peeing!!! Blair said "pity sex!" I love saying that. On another note: Why do they always make Blair wear high-waisted pants? I mean what's the point?
8. I'm so thankful that Bo, the love of my life, surfaced 16 minutes into the show. Sha...presh thing he is. I lurve Bo.
9. Rex is back to wearing military jackets. He must have read my blog...
10. I'd like to know where RH got his new duds. Nice outfit.
11. Cha ching. Catherine Hickland just got paid. That headline...ha! Lindsay was indeed looney. Miss her antics.
12. I don't know who is going to kill Victor. Can y'all believe he gets killed tomorrow?! UGH. Anyway, I thought Brody since it appeared that RH would kill Victor and maybe it will be Brody. could be Tea by accident like I had heard earlier. I hope not but who knows...maybe it is Tea? Yes, maybe so. I just thought/typed aloud.
13. I peed when Blair said Tea was a pain in her ass.
14. Gigi's burial Very matronly. Like "Old Mother Hubbard." Speaking of...Gigi is so little she could live in a shoe. Oh, and I'm beyond thankful Gigi's ass ain't alive. Insensitive? Yes. But I don't care. Now let's all move on...
15. Word! Bo throwing out RH. I mean...I love RH but Bo is the only one making sense it seems. No one can take Irene Manning's word for now. Amen.
16. I don't want TSJ to go!!!!!
17. Starr and James make me want to papercut myself to death and then jump into a tub of salt.
18. Did Tea get a new haircut? Regardless, her hair-do is presh!
19. God, why can't Nora stop being the D.A. and become a defense attorney again. HA! She could defend RH's Todd. How fabu.
20. I need OLTL to be correct all this week. hurricanes, earthquakes, presidential interruptions, etc. Okay, thanks!
21. I was kinda bored this episode. Except I loved Bo. But, overall...bored.

Off to hair and make-up. My stylist is uber pissed I'm keeping her waiting!

Ciao bellas!



  1. I think RS will be back with PP's version. Just a feeling I have plus there is a rumor. Maybe I'm just in denial.
    This whole Rex storyline is lame. I honestly have hated every storyline he's had on the show.
    Nora needs to be a defense attorney like yesterday. Word! I would love to see she and Tea team up. Those two have great chemistry and rarely share scenes.

  2. @Andrea You think she will be with PP? I sure hope so. Oh, I am over Rex's ass and need him out of the Buch mansion like last month. Lord! And I just cannot handle Gigi's picture being on the mantle and I am outraged every damn time I see it. Omigod don't even get me started on Nora being a defense attorney. As soon as she went to the D.A.'s office her courtroom stuff has been dripping in terrible! AH! I would LOVE for Tea and Nora to team up...they do have fabu chemistry and sadly they rarely do scenes together. Whannn.