Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vicki and McBain Play Darts...Drink Hounds...Talk Todd.

McBain: "Look Vicki, I really don't feel like talking to you right now. I've had one helluva week and then you just beat me at darts. Can I just have some time? Ok, thanks."

Evening and Happy Happy Sunday! I was going to blog about Friday's show last night, but Ross wanted to watch "The Dilemma" since we had it on Netflix. I was like "Wait, I have to blog first." His response was "I mean...Mary-Ella, let's be serious. How many people are WAITING at home on a Saturday night for you to blog? I mean...come on now." Well...excuse the hell out of me! Anyway, future hubs had a point so I said to hell with it until tonight. So here we are on Sunday. I know I have comments to get to and I'll get to them tomorrow. I have no clue as to what happened on Friday so I'll be surprised with everything. Sooo....

Friday, August 7th--RH and Marty Have a Grandchild Together. Marty's Gloating and Blogging Away...
1. Awe, I must say I love it when RH calls Starr "Shorty." Hopefully Starr's acting will be decent (as well as her character) thanks to RH. Girl needs to be saved somehow. Oh, just wondering...where's Hope? Exactly. That little tot is probably booking the first flight to Europe to get away from these clowns.
2. Dan-YELLA, you think Mes is a smart girl?! Jesus. I will hate today's show thanks to this bunch at Llanview Hospital. Thank God, I just poured a glass of wine (white wine this week since I am whitening the hell out of my teeth and red wine got the boot for the week...le sigh).
3. The location scenes with Blair and Tomas are a total snoozefest. Good God. I that RH is back in town I don't want Blair hanging out with this attractive man. I need her with RH.
4. Also, I'd prefer to see RH talking with Blair in these scenes at the jail but I understand Starr has to have her turn with him.
5. Sweet Angels in Heaven...THANK YOU! I mean...Vickster and McBain will no doubt get me through this episode. Omigod, please ask Vicki to play darts and drink Jim Daniels or Hounds. Puh-leeze!
6. As if this isn't obvious...OLTL NEEDS a new opening. Jesus H.
7. Shawn, you can't wrap your head around that Mes is having a baby?! ME EITHER! God, I will now dislike Shawn SOLELY because he is related to Mes. How effing sad is that? I mean...probably the same thing with Vivian. Also, between Dan-YELLA being there for Mes and then probably STILL dating NQS then I dislike her, too. Everyone in this hospital needs to blow up.
8. I mean...what the f*@k is up with Blair and Tomas strolling through the woods? Again, I'm watching a BAD scene from "Guiding Light" here.
9. I mean...I need these Queen V and McBain scenes to dominate the show in order for me to get through this. Ok so I'm loving Vicki's discussion about RH's Todd. Aaaand, I'm loving these scenes.
10. Starr's little guessing game is kinda clever. I'd do the same thing.
11. I'm praying a rabid bear busts up in Toad's house, eats NuJack whole in one bite, and then runs off before Toad and Tea can do anything.
12. Awe just want to Dani and Dani only. Well you know what...I NEED you to die right now! Only you. Explode, implode, melt, rot...whatever you please. Just get the hell away from my television and off of my show! God, I have never disliked a character more in my life!!! Ok, that's it. No more Mes talk.
13. Ok so besides the Victoria/McBain scenes...I'm not liking the show. I'm having trouble and I know this post is going to REEK and I am apologizing right now. I have nothing to work with here.
14. Ok so in a perfect world--Blair and RH and TSJ and Tea. I'd love this to happen, OLTL. Please do this for me.
15. Lawd, Victoria is the shit. Wow...a Spring Fling reference. Best.Storyline.Ever. Ok so Victoria just humanized Todd Manning in like a 30 second speech. Word.
16. I mean...RH ain't missin' a beat answering Starr's questions. Book or no book.
17. These Blair/Tomas scenes have been hella boring but I must say I keep watching Blair's boobs in this scene where she is storming away from Tomas. Lord have mercy. Or, I guess I always look at her boobs.
18. I will refrain from saying how I feel about the Mes' abortion scenario (at least for now), because I know people get very emotional about this stuff. Regardless, I hate these scenes and would rather drink bleach.
19. Aaaaaand Vicki continues to humanize Todd. Oh snap John...pulling the Gigi card with Vickster huh? Please tell me the card has her new hair color and new angelic white outfit... ;)
20. Tea is leaving to go to the station. Word. Poor baby's got a lot on her plate.
21. I see the bear outside of Toad's house, but he won't go in and eat NuJack. Dammit why not?!
22. Thank God...more John and Victoria. Aaand that scene was 2 seconds. Balls.
23. Peeing...I love that Toad just asked Tomas what the hell all that stuff was about him not being Todd Manning.
24. Ok, so the RH and Starr scenes are good but I'd rather have him interacting with others. Final answer. Oh Jesus...Hope's frog. Starr, please tell RH you are a total failure/disaster as a parent. At least be honest with the man and say Addie raises the child. PLEASE.
25. YES! RH just asked Starr who the lowlife is that knocked her up. Lawd. He will be pissed. Marty Saybrooke's kid. Payback's a bitch.
26. There are other options, Mes. You can explode and all this will be over.
27. LOL...Cole's not a lowlife, Starr? He killed a man in cold blood and is in Statesville. Like RH said, "pillar of society." PEEING!!!!!!!! RH: "I have a granddaughter with Marty Saybrooke?" LOL. God, yes you do. What a nightmare for you. Oh, that was a fabu reaction. It really was. Thumbs up.
28. Blair, don't be dumb as a box of rocks. Just go run to RH. Like right now.
29. WORD...Tea is now all up in this Vicki/McBain goodness. Oh, and McBain's facial expression to Tea storming in was perf.
30. LOL..."Your purloining of Todd's toothbrush had nothing to do with Jack's attack." Purloin--v. steal (something). Snap...John McBain with the comeback about Tea's vain in her forehead. Loves it. God Bless America. Thank you for these scenes. Only thing getting me through the show.
31. A WEEK without the Buch Twins! Can y'all believe it!?
32. Omg...Mes just said she didn't know what to do. Jesus. I can give her a HUGE list of shit she can do. Maybe just walk into oncoming traffic? Ugh. She'd doubt to haunt me. I'd say jump out of a building but I know she'd land on an awning. I can't win. OMIGOD...not EVEN discussing the fact that Dan-YELLA just said that Starr has to give up a lot since she has Hope. I hate this whole conversation.
33. RH's shirt is still fresh and crisp. I mean...pressed within an inch of its life. OMG...I just got upset. Jesus. RH's reaction to Hope. How am I upset about this?!
34. Word...McBain surfaced. What it do?
35. Mes will want the abortion and Nora will basically get down on her hands and knees next Wednesday and BEG Mes not to have it. Jesus, Marty, and Joseph. Someone shoot me. Bludgeon me. Stab me.
36. NO!!!!!!! Toad do NOT be mean to Vicki and ask "what the hell is she doin' here?" God...I cannot handle people being mean to her!!!! Just no.
37. Oh snap...everyone's at Toads. OH.EM.GEE. That envelope McBain's got is huge. Word. Ugh...I ain't trusting these DNA results. Well, maybe I will. I just know that in the back of my mind I'll get a vision of Lindsay Rappaport messing with it or some shit. Yes, even from Statesville prison.

Okay! Again, I'll respond to comments tomorrow. Trying to mentally prepare myself for all the Mestiny shit that is coming this week. WOOF. Have a great rest of the evening!

Love to you all!


  1. I am seeing all these spoilers for Cutter and I know that Cord and Tina are coming back so I was wondering if Cutter is possibly a disowned and disgruntled CJ? Has anyone heard anything?

  2. Lindsay probably did mess with the DNA results. Everyone's looking to save money today including the labs. I'm sure they outsourced the work to the prisoners at Statesville.


  3. You can tell Ross that I totally looked on a Saturday night to see if you blogged lol. But in my defense, it's because I had to work on a Saturday night instead of going out. So...two Todds, huh? Clones? Or did TSJ get someone to switch the test? RH doesn't have any friends in town who would do it for him. Plus, he was behind bars when the test was done.

    Oh, and I meant to comment before, beyond Kevin's reaction to Kelly being in London with Joey, I'd like to know Zane's reaction. I mean, did he even know who his mother was? And if so, what did he think of her hooking up with his uncle? Well, technically, Kevin's his grandpa, not his dad, right? Has he been writing "Raising Zane" or has Kelly switched the name of her blog to "My Ex-husband Whose Son I Slept With Is Raising Zane"? He's what, 5 now? So that means in soap terms that he should be getting ready to go to college soon.

  4. How about "My Former Brother-in-law that I slept with who became my Ex-Husband when I slept with his son" I HATE that TPTB ignore this when throwing Kelly and Joey together as the love of each other's life just NO

    Monday's show was NOT enjoyable though I do love me some Helia from Weeds

  5. @Katie Hmmm very nice observation about the possibility of Cutter being CJ (disowned and disgruntled at that). I want to say I heard that idea tossed around whenever he first came to town. I honestly haven't heard. The only weird thing I heard was that Kimberly Andrews may turn out to be the real Aubs. Hmmm. Will def let you know when I hear something.

    @Christie haha! YES! God, I blame Lindsay every damn opportunity I can get. I love to hate her. She effs with Nora so much so I hate her but there is just something about her I love to watch. I wish they would let her out of jail before the show ends (on tv). However, I don't need her causing trouble for BN since they are going through enough. Oh, and I don't trust ANY DNA tests conducted in Llanview...lawd.

    @Desi THANK YOU! I will most def tell him in the morning when he gets up. I am so confused about this Todd shit and will be until it is totally unraveled. Lord. I get more confused by the day with the shit. I haven't read too many spoilers about it...only a few. I MAY want to stay spoiler free for this??? Just maybe. Still thinking about it. AH! I KNEW you liked Kevin so you would think about that whenever Kelly and Joey disclosed they went to London. Hello?! I mean...Kevin's reaction? Zane's? I mean...does Kelly just call Zane in London and say I'm back with Uncle Joey now? Then she goes to visit them. Kevin is TOTALLY cool with it and takes them out for dinner and drinks? WOOF. I heard Brian Frons hates Dan Gauthier (kevin) so that is why he NEVER comes back. Ugh. Peeing...yes! Kelly should rename her blog to anything you suggest! I love it. Yes, Zane will be interning at the London office of Buchanan Enterprises next summer. Lawd.

    @rac AGREED about Kelly and Joey. For one thing, I only like Kelly with the BEST Joey, Nathan Fillion. Secondly, I have to say that I am very much a Kevin person. TPTB are just throwing these two together and then *crickets*. I mean...Gina Tognoni is one helluva actress but OLTL doesn't write for her or give a damn about her...sad. I just don't understand why the writers threw them together so...out of the blue and quickly...and then NOTHING about Kevin. Eff that. Oh snap...I don't watch "Weeds." Good show? Heard it was...

  6. I like Destiny, sorry you think she should explode or what ever you said.