Friday, August 12, 2011

In the Louisiana Bayou

Dear Readers: While down in the Louisiana Bayou, Brody, Thomas, and I went on down to the Audubon Zoo and brokered a deal to have this adorbs family of alligators flown to Llaiview and let loose on the members of the Evans, Salinger, and Ford families (Oh, and Aubs, Cutter, and all other pointless characters) since no other proposed solution has been able to rid the canvas of the pointless newbie infestation. Sincerely, John McBain, Chief of Detectives, Llanview Police Department.

Afternoon Everyone,
First of all, Blogger continues to hate me, so if the formatting is off again, I apologize. ME is going to try and post this from her Mac later this evening!
TGIF and all that jazz! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday thus far! Thankfully, I have been having a pretty low-key day but have still been busy. Getting ready to party with ME and Ross tomorrow night and am beyond excited!! Hopefully, I don't forget to pack anything. Fingers crossed.
ME will be back to post about Monday's episode, and everyone can rejoice!! So, with that being said, let's get this party started! Apologizing for typos right now!
Friday, August 12, 20011: John McBain and Co's Mudboat and Delcambre Reebox Edition of the Goings on in Llanview, PA.
Brought to you by Buba's Swamp Tours, Inc.
Ok, so I am just going to go on ahead and do a numbered post of random observations throughout the show rather than go segment by segment. Makes my life easier. Hope ya'll enjoy.
1. Delphina amuses me to an extent, but enough already.
2. In case ya'll forgot, the backdrop of the Buch Manse it atrosh.
3. Omg, those of you who know me, know how much it pains me to even think the following, but I have to say it. Nora looks atrosh. For the sake of my own sanity, I am going to convince myself that this look was put together on purpose to show how defeated and exhausted (mentally and physically) the poor woman is at this point in time. I mean, she looks like she has zero make-up on.
4. I know that Mestiny didn't just ignore Nora's phone call. Bitch, EXPLODE! Oh, and I need the "Mr./Mrs. B." shit to stop like last year.
5. Queen V looks all kinds of fabu! That is all.
6. Still don't like Jess but am thanking the Baby Jesus that she ain't acting like Tess for now.
7. Time out! McBain has been knocked out and taken to the Louisiana Bayou? Peeing!! For real? He needs to break free and crash ME and Ross wedding reception tomorrow. We'll take photographs for ya'll.
8. Did RH just say "... letting Jessica's alters run RAMPAGE"? Let me rewind. Yes, he did. All righty then. Flub!
9. Thank you, OLTL for not making these three security men assume phony southern/Louisiana accents. Seriously!
10. Aaaaand, my tv has now been muted. I REFUSE to listen to Nora grovel to Mestiny's ass yet again via a voice mail message. I cannot say enough how much I loathe this storyline.
11. God, Nora looks so defeated. Poor baby needs a hug - where is my handsome Bo Buchanan when Nora (and I) needs him? Speaking of, let's be serious, like Bo Buchanan wouldn't attend his brother's sentencing. Fail, OLTL.
12. Dani and Tea are adorbs together.
13. Omg, totally off topic, but it is thundering and about to storm here (at my parents' house in Louisiana). I will go run outside if it starts raining since the Texas drought continues, and I have forgotten what rain looks like. Ok, back to the show.
14. Oh hey, Thomas and Brody. Welcome to Louisiana! May I make a suggestion? Take that as a yes. Change your clothes immediately. All three of you will be dripping in sweat in a matter of seconds (if not already) with those long sleeves in this heat and humidity. Mercy!
15. These promos for The Spew continue to insult me.
16. I mean, Clint had a heart transplant, has been in prison, and is in a wheelchair, and he looks better than Nora.
17. Peeing, Jess. I would rather watch Nat sleeping with Brody instead of this seance foolishness.
18. Snap, a "mija" from Tea!! Always fun to hear.
19. I could quote from these RH/Toad/Vickers Buchanan scenes, but we would be here all day. I mean, I am peeing on myself!! These scenes are fabu!
20. Suh-nap, a pic of the actual Patrick Thornhart! I wonder how much Thorsten Kaye got paid for that.
21. Isn't is unethical for Viv to be Mes' doctor? I am sure it must be unprofessional also; however, since Nora can prosecute Clint, I am going to let Viv slide.
22. Ugh, I have said it before, and I will say it again, I need Judge Barbara Fitzwater to bring her fabu self back to Llanview. I cannot stand this presiding ass clown.
23. Love how the two Todds are sitting virtually the same way on Vicki's couch.
24. So, all of this Patrick/Todd/Irene stuff has been going on in Louisiana this whole time? All righty then.
25. Nat wanting to be there for Rex and help him out truly is endearing. Woah, Nat just keeps $50 bills in her cleavage/bra? Damn!
26. In case ya'll were wondering, I am not discussing this Mes shit on purpose. My blood pressure can't take it.
27. Judge Babs Fitzwater would not tolerate this free-for-all atmosphere in her courtroom.
28. Nora has not uttered a damn word yet this episode (aside from the voice mail).
29. Wait, Baker is here now? Ok.
30. Not going to lie, I am kind of curious as to how David got Irene's diary. Or, should I know this already?
31. Peeing! Alex O. is sexting Vickers-Buchanan?! Hope Dorian doesn't see those texts.
32. Have not read spoilers, so I am making a guess right now based on where this Clint sentencing seems to be headed. Clint is going to be sentenced to house arrest, Martha Stewart/Linsanity Lohan style and is going to live at Llanfair withVicki and the rest of her refugees. Let's see if I am right. Oh, and Clint's crooked tie continues to annoy the crap out of me.
33. Dani, I beg of you, please keep you promise not to get back together with NQS. It will be the best decision of your life!
34. I am ff this Mes shit, but Felicia Evans looks pissed, and I can only assume that Mes told her that Nora begged her ass to keep the baby. Not stopping to verify. This. Storyline. Needs. To. End. Now.
35. Aaaaaaand, I was correct about Clint! Lawd, I could do Delphina's job! Awe, Clint and Vicki are like seconds away from a reunion.
36. "Hello, Todds Manning." Peeing. Thanks, Vickers.
37. Awe, a Nora/Vicki moment - always a joy to watch. Btw, what the hell is this shirt that Nora has on? Atrosh.
38. Awe, now Nora is calling Bo. That makes my heart happy! TIMES! THE! EFF! OUT! OH! HELL! NO! I KNOW that I did not just see Felicia Evans forcefully grab and then slap the shit out of my Nora Buchanan. Bitch, EXPLODE right along with your annoying, bossy daughter/granddaughter/whatever. I mean, Mamma Evans wacked Nora so hard that Nora almost fell down. There is absolutely NO excuse for Mamma Evans' behavior. Neither Nora nor I needed that today, ho. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF! By the way, just an interesting little FYI: right after OLTL today, "Nora" was a trending topic on Twitter - Word, yo!
39. Dani, you are not an attorney, FYI.
40. Awe, David left? Tear. I really do want to know what is in Irene's diary.
Allll righty, everyone! I am off to finish packing for tomorrow, and then I am going to go watch reruns of "Dallas" with a friend of mine. Word!
Thank you all for putting up with me while ME is away. As always, I truly enjoy each and every moment of writing these blogs in her absence. Hopefully ME can get some pics up of the reception at some point! Have a wonderful weekend!!
Love ya'll... mean it,


  1. MH

    Always good to see you post.
    I don't think you will like parts of what I have to say, but I will take my chances...

    I like Delphina... her cryptic clues are always an in-show spoiler. Today's really made me laugh because I don't know how much more blatant she has to be with Natalie (in respect to Liam).

    I also liked the ABC-centric joke about LOST when she said the island moved... (sigh) I miss LOST...

    Dani and Tea ARE adorable... but they gave them the most horrible choice of clothes! I hate when they put Tea in that sundress...

    The Tale of Two Todds....

    My heart skipped a beat to see Baker is still with us...for now... I like how the torture/drugs was able to tone down his acting a bit.. I did miss the over exaggerated facial expressions... but he made up for it by making Irene take one minute to pronounce.

    The two Todds are twins??? I think not... well... maybe? Why else would Irene be around... She was a young college girl when she got knocked up by Victor, and was married to the abusive Peter Manning..where did she get the funds to fake her death and become the head of an international "security" ring? Mitch Laurence has to fit into the equation some how...

    Nora/Mrs. Evans....

    Nora (admittedly) overstepped when pressured Destiny into keeping the baby. While I don't condone violence, I can understand why Mrs. Evans was upset. Nora's decision had nothing to do with what was best for Destiny... it was what Nora wanted... and in all honesty, while I love both Rachel and Matthew.. both are killers on Nora's watch.

    I know most people hate "Mes"... I don't think she is nearly as bad as the consensus does. She is written as and accurately portrays a somewhat sheltered, somewhat responsible, yet somewhat immature 17 year old. She doesn't annoy me nearly as much as nuJack who still hasn't mastered the art of voice inflection, or Nate, who I would rather see paired with Jessica than Dany...(j/k),but you get the idea. Agree to disagree...


  2. I could not believe Mama Evans slapped Nora. I get her being upset, but that was way beyond inappropriate for this situation. It was also a complete sucker slap. What? She can't get her anger across with out using violence?

    Poor Nora, she is barely keeping it together. And she did look awful, but I am pretty sure that is on purpose.

    I love the idea of the alligators taking out the uselessness characters.

  3. Did anyone else laugh when Natalie compared Rex losing Gigi to her losing Jarrod? The only way that would be at all similar is if Gigi died thanks to Adriana being inept and then Rex immediately started trying to seduce Adriana. Then he would need to get her to break up with her boyfriend while he simultaneously hooks up with Layla and knocks her up. Sorry, Natalie. You don't know how Rex feels because you're a whore. He's actually upset that Gigi died, unlike you, who started going after John before Jarrod's body was cold in his grave.

  4. I want Viki's gorgeous silver necklace - VERY nice.

    Vickers, Manning & Manning Inc was over the top fabulous entertainment. I know it isn't everybody's cup of tea when everything gets so tongue-in-cheek and self referential - and it does take things even further out of the realm of what is believable . . but HONESTLY nothing on soaps is believable, so they might as well run with it I say. As long as they have the talent to pull it off - and this crew absolutely has IT.

    I too was wondering how the heck David got his mitts back on Irene's diary. Loved the the Haley Mills/ Lindsay Lohan reference - just hysterical . . .

    Todd 2.0 watching Todd 1.0 wolf the gargantuan Dagwood sandwich was priceless.

    Fell on the FLOOR with that slap heard 'round the daytime universe. I mean DAMN - I would be surprised if Nora didn't need to go get some dental repair after than one! And it was SO wrong. But kudos to the ladies for making it so disturbingly real - most slaps seem a little silly in daytime - but that was TOO convincing.

    Hear ya on not remembering what rain looks like. Austin is experiencing its worst drought AND worst heat wave ever on record SIMULTANEOUSLY. Life in a bloody convection oven I swear.

    Young Boots

  5. Hell to the No about my girl getting slapped! Confronting her was one thing but an assault? Unjustified. I'm on team Nora on this one. I'm a mama and I would want my grandbaby to live regardless of my son's health. I would want that baby too, especially if it's alternative is not living. I can't fault Nora for doing the same thing I would. Nora has said a few times that it IS Destiny's decision and I haven't seen her handcuffing her or locking her up anywhere. But I do hate this storyline and yes, I hate Mes. I think she is a bossy, nosy, loud, little know it all and the sooner she is away from Bo and Nora the happier I will be. Unleash the gators! I'm sure there will not be a baby now. Destiny clearly does not want it and it simply can't go to Nora under the circumstances. Too many viewers would resent the poor child even being born. Not a fan of this storyline at all. It needs to end so we can move Nora and Bo along. Nora looks awful, ITA.
    Loved the two Todds and David.

  6. Hi Everyone,

    Thank ya'll so much for taking the time to comment! I truly appreciate it!! Omg, my sincerest apologies for taking so long to respond to these comments. Have been traveling and running around like a crazy person and then trying to recouperate. Whew! Let me try and get this in all in one post!

    @Akesha Thanks for commenting - as if I wouldn't like what you have to say! No worries. Always good to have opposing points of view!! Ok, so, Delphina - I like her but get so angry that we see her more than characters like Rene, etc. with the show ending, and that's my beef. Never watched "Lost" (I know, GASP), so I didn't get that reference. Lol - Tea and Dani do get dressed in some pretty hideious fashions, agreed!! I am really enjoying this story, and the more we find out, the more I like it! As for Nora and co, I do understand where each player is coming from; however, this is not the Jerry Springer Show, so Felicia could have handled that confrontation better than she did. Mes, in my opinion, is equally as bad of an actress as nuJack. Perhaps, just perhaps, I would like her character more if a different actress played the part. Lol - definitely agree to disagree on her!

    @mojomiller Yay!!! So excited you commented! Uumm, totally agree with what you said! Again, this ain't the Jerry Springer Show. I hate that Nora looked atrosh, and yes, it was probably on purpose. Glad you liked the gator idea - figured it was appropriate since John and Co. were in the Louisiana swamps!

    @Desi Omg, YES!!! Could not agree more. I mean, I really liked Jared and Nat, and when she went after John less than a hot minute after Jared died, I started disliking her. Cannot stand her and John even though that is an unpopular opinion.

    @cri*cri/Young Boots (Lol) I mean, I cannot stress enough how pleasant it is to watch professional/veteran actors do their thing, so to speak. Agree that the story is far-fetched; however, I love it, if not for the single fact that there are basically no teens at the center of it. Lol at that "Parent Trap" reference by David. On of my fav quotes from this episode! So many of them, there was no way I could type them all. Agreed that that was quite the slap, and Nora probably does now need dental work! Omg, I cannot deal with this drought anymore. I don't know what else today! Austin, huh? I am not too far from you! I live in The Woodlands! Stay cool and hydrated!

    @Anonymous Could not agree more with your comments about Nora and Mes. I mean, I just have nothing else to add! Let's all hope and pray that the baby, Mes, and this storyline all go away very soon!