Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ciao from Almost Married Mija!

Nora: "Mary-Ella, don't worry your eye will be fine! I assure you!"

MORNING!!!! Ok, so I thought I could blog about Wednesday but I just don't have the time (hate that I don't have time because I had A LOT to say about that Mes/Nora confrontation...mercy). Anyway, my right eye is now slightly red and now I have to go to the eye doctor...just faaaaaaabulous! UGH. No eye patch I hope! (I think I pinched my eye removing my contact...I mean, really?) Anyway, so MH is going to do a drive-by of Wednesday and then her fabulous self is sweet enough to do Thursday and Friday's posts for me. So sweet.

I'll try and respond to comments today (but probably won't until Monday). I'll be back to blog about Monday's episode! Wish y'all could all fun would that be?! Cri*Cri, you could introduce yourself as "Young Boots" in a lavendar suit. ;) Hilar. y'all, mean it! I'll check in if I can! I will miss y'all...seriously. We chat everyday...gonna feel "off" a bit!

Almost married Mija


  1. Oh Mija have a magical, fun-filled and all around GLORIOUS weekend!!

    Young Boots

  2. Have great wedding! I am sure it will be amazing!

  3. Congratulations!!! Enjoy! Weddings don't happen often in one life...unless you're on OLTL.

  4. Happy Wedding!! Best wishes to you both!! (he is the real Ross correct? and not an imposter I hope!)