Thursday, August 18, 2011

Eh...Irene Is At Least Still A Better Mother Than Kelly.

The Brothers Manning/Lord: "Regardless of who is really Todd, we both assure you that we will do our damndest to keep Blair's legs closed for the rest of the duration of the show. It's our promise."

Ugh...running so late this morning but am determined to crank this out. Somehow we realized last night (late) that we had no coffee...UGH!!!! I'm so cranky. I'd be fine if I knew I could get Community Coffee somewhere on the way to work but I can't. So, I'm going to hit up...Dunkin' Donuts? Praying they have good coffee. Anyway, I'm gonna do as full a post as possible. No way I can comment on every scene though.

Wednesday, August 17th--Mija's Cranky So Everyone Watch Out! Including You, Margaret Saybrooke (I could take you down in a hot minute this morning...word)!

MH pointed out yesterday that Irene went all Dexter Morgan when she cut Victor's face. Lawd...truer words have never been spoken. What a bitch! Eh...she is still a better mother than Kelly. ;)

OMIGOD this tape recorder shit needs to end like MONTHS ago! I cannot deal! Jesus...come on, John. "Forensics Natalie." REALLY? What a f*@kin' joke.

Time out...what time is it in Llanview? I'm guessing around 5 o'clock? It looks rather early with all that sunlight but I'm guess it is happy hour. Sorry...had to type that out and think about it.

I hate Kelly's dress. Too geometric. Awe...Kelly just said "shut the front door." Lurve saying that. Oh and this Dorian and Kelly leaving foolishness isn't rushed or anything...nooooo...not at all. FAIL.

Dammit to hell...I can't stress enough how upset I'm gonna be when Natty and John get back together. I mean...John is gonna go from the most badass guy in town to the lamest. I'm praying for a miracle and somehow Natty and John end up bringing out the best in each other but it hasn't happened in years so why would it happen now.

I'm excited about the "Spotted Pony" business. I am kinda excited to see Kim. Oh, did y'all know that Kim Zimmer's husband is going to play the strip club manager?! LOL. Yes, it's true. This should be hilar.

"And that's why spotless ponies...can run faster." Oh David...I needed that. Thank you. I love the "have a seat" references, too.

Ummmm my Tivo titled today's episode as "Starr Learns the Truth." Hmmm, yet Starr isn't on? God knows I'm not complaining...just sayin'.

God Bless America! Kelly Cramer is gorgeous...for shizzle. But, lord that dress is not flattering. Remove it please. Aaaaand just like that Dorian is going to be a senator?

Oh good....maybe we can get some more Tea/Blair bitchy goodness. Dammit Tea...if you are going to harm objects in your home will you PLEASE for the love of God set fire to that damn ottomon!!! You are harming objects that are decent yet you let the shitty furniture pieces continue to have a life...FAIL.

Sweet Jesus! Did I just hear a Suede Pruitt reference? AH! Luna Moody?! Be still my longing for the OLTL of the '90's heart. AH! lemme Irene is going to tell us she had to create the face of Walker?

David's jokes this episode are hilar and I wish I had time to discuss it all. HAHAHA...the spotted pony was named Rex?

Ok so this Delphia and Roxy foolishness....hilar but I will just comment on the meat and potatoes of their discussion.


Awe...a "Pa" reference. Jesus, at least I can get a reference about Bo. God knows the last time we have seen him. I can't win this summer with this show when it comes to characters I like...besides Victoria. *le sigh* (in a sad way)

These Tea/Blair/Tomas scenes are hella short! Damn. Oh, and Young Boots...Tomas has ZERO purpose. I mean...he is just sitting there.

So TSJ is gonna be Victor Jr. (aka the special child). I would LOVE to know who the STELLAR plastic surgeon was for all this hogwash. He could work some magic on me no doubt...

I LURVE IT...McBain is just hangin' the hell out in the background of all this mess. Ever so cool...ever so quietly...ever so badass.

Hell, I'd be worried if Blair kissed my husband, too. Blair will open her legs to any living, breathing person of the opposite sex. I'm just gonna enjoy all this screaming. Damn it's over! Tea is kicking her out? Woof.

Yay...enter Natalie with that damn tape. Try and guess if I have an excited tone here...

OMG...Dorian's spouting off her "accomplishments" as mayor. Good God...WHEN did she do ANY of those things. She is always hanging at home, doing David, or contriving some little plan.

I love that Tea just spouted off Spanish in a heated tone...WORD. Peeing...taste test. I love it.

Aaaaaaaand TSJ is Victor, Jr. May I just say that I actually feel terrible for Toad/Victor Jr. I really, really do. Poor thing.

Omigod I have to hurry...almost 7:15.

My heart is also breaking for Tea. You know what if he isn't Todd then he is Victor, Jr. and you still love him.

Jesus H. Irene just clapped and said "bravo" to herself. Pompous much? All this Walker talk. Gosh, I HATED OLTL during the time period Walker surfaced so I have tried to block as much of that out as humanly possible. These Todd scenes are faaaaabulous! Ummmm Irene, John McBain NEVER ruins ANYTHING so don't you say that again or I'll have to beat your red-headed ass.

I.Am.So.Sick.Of.This.Little.Tape. Game over.

I want to know where Aubs and Cutter are getting their $$$ from...

Can't/Won't/Refuse to listen to Kelly discuss Zane. this Joey going with Kelly to London...does Kevin care? Does anyone even care about Kevin in this life EXCEPT for me? I miss him.

David doesn't have time for the little people anymore...loves it. Snap...David's agent looks uber familiar. Hmmmm.

RIP Dr. Buhari.

Ok so the Vicki/TSJ thing is breaking my heart. I did NOT in a million years think I would be bothered by all this! ass is upset! God!

Ok so where in the hell have I seen David's agent!!!???

Aaaaand the "Star Spangled Banner" is playing in the background in these Kelly and Dorian scenes. Frances Scott Key, did you ever think your song would make it on such an awesome show? didn't have a clue. ;)

Soooo David is now leaving, too. Ever so quickly. Again, OLTL isn't rushing any of these exits at all...AT ALL. UGH.

Dear Baby Jesus: Please let Rex's visit to Kentucky be better than that shitastic trip he and Gigi took New Mexico. PLEASE!!! I'm still not over that...

WHAT?! Christian surfaces in almost the last scene? What.Is.The.Purpose? Oh well, he got paid for today's episode and he hardly did anything. Poor thing still needs to leave the show like now. I believe Erin Torpey is coming back so Christian can leave town? Yes?

Blair/Tomas kissing. No words. She is just too easy...

Poor DO need a drink. OMG OMG...cue the preciousness...RH just asked for a hug. How adorbs. AHHHHH!!!! This last Vicki/RH scene...NO WORDS! FABU.

Omigod I'm so intrigued and now anxious about this Tea/TSJ convo! I wonder if he will go on and tell her?! I have no clue...excited!

Ok I have to run like NOW!

Love y'all, mean it!

Ciao bellas!


  1. Welcome back and happy marriage!
    Just have to say I find the whole delfina thing sloppy writing--so some spirit tells Nat that Todd knows what's on the tape--please (and wouldn't a heavenly spirit know his real name is Victor Jr??)

    And--I just find the whole Brody story direspectful, they pull out he's a navy Seal when it suits them then they are going to throw him under the bus instead of making him a stand up guy and tell the truth. I REALLY wish they could have given him an honorable death--let him get killed in the line of duty.

    I wish Dorian could come to my town and turn schools around and improve employment--she shouldn't just be a senator she should be president!!
    Oh I am cranky today--at least the Todds are twins and not clones--so there Jack!!

  2. Yeah yeah - okay, I am back on board and all on the edge of my seat again. Irene's tale was just getting to be TOO MUCH the other day and I started shutting down from sheer incredulity, but now that we are over that painfully weird hurdle, I am totally back perched on edge of seat again. (I am still trying to get this Victor was "special" "susceptible" and "quiet" bit *huh?* If "special" is referring to what me thinks it is referring . . . well I am just confused all around on the logic of this one. But please, PLEASE don't try to explain anything further Irene - let's just let it rest and call it a day on that atrocious mess of a tale.)

    BAWLED. You know what I am talking about - I rewound RH's face like 8 times watching the contortions of agony flicker over his face and then get swallowed back down again. Okay, kinda tearing up just thinking about it. AM SAYING IT AGAIN - I LOVE LOVE LOVE TODD AND VICKI. At least Todd isn't going to go vindicto on his big sis. (Still am coveting Vicki's awesome silver necklace btw. . . )

    I am really looking forward to Victor Jr's convo with Tea too! This oughta be pretty awesome. And yes I feel totally sorry for him - not only is he fake and didn't know it, not only does he have a nightmare of a mother, but he now knows that he is "special" "quiet' and "susceptible." I mean REALLY?? WTF???????!!!!!

    Am really hoping Tea can maintain enough sanity to eventually not care what the identity of this man is who has been giving her that crazy ass lovin' that she seems to be so in to. Hey - not my cup of tea and all, but I can respect different strokes for . . . ewwww - not finishing that one!

    Okay - if you are saying Kelly is a worse mother than Irene due to sheer hypocrisy, then you indeed have a point my dear! Her bum's rush exit is atrocious from all angles. Just boo. I seem to not be able to do anything but ignore Joey almost entirely and could care less what he does.

    Am so happy Erin is coming back - just ain't gonna be the same when she isn't Jess, but oh well. Beggars and all that.

    Ciao for now Married Mija!

    Young Boots

  3. OMG hooray! Just read that Baz is out!! Dude, Llantano Mountain can't be showing up in your rear view mirror too soon for moi!

    Feeling my glass getting fuller . . .


  4. Wow, I haven't been on this blog forever! Work has been nuts! Anyways, I have missed it so much and it's good to see if you have not missed a beat and still funny as ever!

    For me, the show has been awesome these past couple weeks, stories were roaring and questions were getting answered, everything except that stupid tape, which everyone, except the people who need to the most, has heard... Brody looks so crazy, especially on yesterday's episode.

    Kim has something to do with Spotted Pony? Oh i loved her with her weirdly attractive should be fun...even though I hate Cutter, I am kind of curious about what he did...

    Tea gets like crazy angry in like 2 seconds flat! Just screaming and throwing HER OWN SHIT around...come on, boo, get it together...

    So are you married now? If so, congratulations! If not, there is still time to escape! :P

  5. @rac thank you, m'am! Feels good to be back! Ugh...Delphina. I don't dislike her but you're right...a bit sloppy. I just don't really feel like putting up with Delphina right now. Maybe I'm just frustrated that I think it has taken waaaaaay too long for this tape business to come out...woof. You're right about the whole Brody thing being disrespectful. I think the writers are just like...hey, he has been in St. Anne's before so we can make him crazy again. UGH. I hate that. Especially since Brody is a hero and an all around good guy. Damn shame. haha! Yes, Dorian sounded like quite the accomplished public servant huh? You're right...she SHOULD be the prez. Lord have mercy. I do feel that her story is just too rushed though. Her last day is the 25th...this week!! Oh and if the Todds would have been clones I think I would have stopped watching because I couldn't deal when that happened to Reva on Guiding Light. Mercy!

    @Young Boots Ummmm AGREED! When Irene started spouting off all that swapping memories crap I was like oh no...we are getting into unbelievable, far-fetched territory and this story is going to hell in a handbasket soon. However, angels intervened and now, like you, I'm all about this story and TSJ and RH are killing it. Word! Irene needs to stay mute. Oh, and the whole thing with Victor being special, slow, mentally challenged....I'm not buyin' it but whatevs. I actually thought of you during the RH and Vicki scenes and when he asked for a hug...even I got weepy. Lordy. I love RH but not nearly as much as you do so I knew if I was upset that you would be too! Yes, TSJ and Tea...they should finish their convo today (Monday)? I think? But, agreed...he ain't the person he thought he was...mommy's evil...and he was "slow." Mindf*@ked much? hahaha...different strokes for different folks? I'll finish it for you! ;) I, too, hope Tea stays in love with TSJ regardless. Hoping she will! Ugh....I mean, of course Irene is worse than Kelly but Jesus...this "I have to see Zane....NOW!" I mean...bit rushed. Not believable. Absurd. Woof. God, I WISH Erin was gonna be Jessica. Damn shame. It really is. Word on Baz leaving! So happy to see that. Now I need Mes and NQS now! WOOF! Ciao, YB! ;)

    @YoSammity Stranger! Glad you're back. Hope work has slowed down a bit for you. Thanks...hope my wit doesn't die with this marriage. If so then maybe I should file for divorce? ;) Agreed about the show being awesome!!! Oh.Em.Gee. Do not even get me started on this tape foolishness!!! ATROSH. I need this shit over now. Poor Brody, right? His eyes have that crazy look in his eyes fo sho! hahaha...."oh I loed her with her weirdly attractive face." You're so funny. Yes, Kim is gonna be a pole dancer at THE Pony. I'm eager to see where all this goes, too. I think Tea may pull herself together and support Victor Jr. but I'm not too sure since I feel like I don't know to much about it. yes, I'm married now and thank you for the congrats! I could always escape but it would just cost me money! ha! Good thing I have no desire to do that. ;)