Sunday, August 21, 2011

Addie Deserves Dinner and a Raise.

RH: "Hey, I just came by to pick up Addie and take her to a nice dinner. I know she has been the one raising Hope so I'd like to thank her. Then when I get back, we are going to talk about you being a failure as a parent. Ok, can you go get Addie now please? Thanks."

Hello darlings and Happy Sunday!!! I have somehow been up since 6:28 a.m. and have yet to go back to sleep. I swear I can't sleep late to save my life! Anyway, both Thursday and Friday were hella good episodes, right?! I mean...this Todd business has turned out to be FABU this week! For the sake of saving time (sorry I have to update my Excel spreadsheet for wedding gifts and be productive while Ross is gone for the afternoon), I'm going to do a mini drive-by of Thursday and then a FULL post about Friday's show. How's that? Oh, and I'll respond to comments at some point today or tonight. Okie dokie...

Thursday, August 21st--Marty Even Agrees That Todd Cared for Hope More In This Episode Than Starr Has Since She Has Given Birth...Word
1. Liam is the most adorbs baby of all time and I could just stare at him for an hour. In other news: Brody's crazy train has left the station and he looked like he wanted to vomit when Natty discussed all that Delphina/Marty/Talkboy business. Lord.
2. We should play a game. Christian's purpose on the show is _______. Someone just please tell me. I haven't a clue at this rate. Kinda like Mad Libs. Just make up your own occupation, phrase, etc.
3. I need NuJack to be eaten by wild dogs.
4. Blair kissing Tomas. No words. She needs to get back with RH stat. K, thanks. Plus, that is probably the only way I will like her again....if she gets back with RH that is. I haven't really cared for her in years...just think she is hot stuff. Oh and Tomas' purpose on the show is ______? Exactly.
5. Dan-YELLA is going to be so mindf*@ked with all this daddy drama. Damn...this girl can't catch a break with this father situation. Ross Rayburn...then TSJ Todd...then mini Ross Rayburn came back (atrosh recast) and TSJ Todd killed him....then she started to like RH has surfaced...then TSJ lies and says he is still Todd Manning. Holy Hell...
6. Spotted Pony could be a clever nickname for an STD that males contract...just a thought. Mind in the gutter as usual.
7. Oooookay. It pains me to write good stuff about Starr since she makes me want to pull all my damn hair out but I do love these scenes with RH. They are FABU! HOWEVER, Starr even acting like she has had a hand in raising Hope..egregious. Bitch is lying to her dad on their first real visit in 8 years. Dirty Hamster! Positive note: RH continues to rock my socks since he said "Addie." I mean...word on that...
8. May I just say that TSJ is Seriously. He is doing a phenomenal job! Poor baby. Superb acting! Even Tea and Dan-YELLA in these scenes...all area great, but especially TSJ. Right-o!
9. Are the doors at Llanfair EVER closed?! Natty and Brody just left the room and kept the doors open. FAIL.
10. TSJ and RH are effing incredible and I couldn't be happier with their performances. I'm so glad I'm liking this story right now. Oh, and RH with little Hope...adorbs.

Friday, August 19th--Marty's Excited to Discuss the "Spotted Pony" Since She Used to Work There...Believable?? ;)

Blair, I think that asking RH to explain why Starr let a complete stranger watch her daughter is a bit out of line since you have piss poor judgment with men and trust idiots/psychos/weirdos. Ok...

I need Starr to not wear that jewelry with that shirt. Ok so these TSJ scenes should be fabu...excited!

As much as Jessica annoys me I did laugh when she explained to Ford about how her day was. Also, rapist or not...Ford is cute in father mode. Maybe because I have heard how nice a guy David Gregory is I feel the need to compliment him? I dunno. I still want all the damn Fords gone but he is cute...

Give it up for the current "Puma of the Pony." I LOVE IT! I'm ready to see Kim on a pole. Damn...Clint Buchanan, just think of how much fun y'all could have had!? *Le sigh*

And the purpose of that 2 second Aubs/Cutter scene was what? Fail.

I mean...I have no words for these TSJ scenes. They are THAT good...seriously. I'm loving this...intense!

Jessica's shirt is effing hideous. Ugh. raped Jessica so Clint isn't that much worse than you so please zip it. K, thanks. Jessica is so damn pouty...

These outfits these girls have on at THE Pony are quite interesting. And I agree with Natty...homegirl on the pole is gifted.

Aaaaaand, Aubs is really Christine. Cool beans.

Omigod, KZ's hubs fits the part of the strip joint manager/owner to a "T!" Totes! For shizzle...good casting! He has a good eye, too. Natty would make a good pole dancer since she is well-endowed.

I just need RH and Blair to get back together right now so I can start liking her again...please, OLTL. The sooner the better. I need this to happen.

Again, I can't emphasize enough how fabu TSJ is in these scenes. On another note, I'll gladly go to Hawaii with him...just sayin'. Starr is actually good, too. AND, of course, Tea is fab.

These promos for "The Screw" look dumb as shit. Seriously? I mean who is REALLY going to watch this? If I want to see this mess, I'll watch Food Network.

Sorry...I am just NOT feeling these Aubs/Cutter scenes. So, Christine Carr became Aubs Wentworth. Lemme guess...Aubs Wentworth's true identity is Kimberly Andrews? Good grief, Charlie Brown...

Natty looks super gorg in that red (or orange) top. Lurve it. Cole is in that pic with Starr on the front of that photo album. Brandon Buddy just got paid...good for him. Aaaand I dunno what my deal is but I'm kinda getting misty eyed watching RH go through the photo album and say he should have been there...lordy.

Tea will love Victor Jr. no matter what right? I think she will.

In other news: Blair's haircut now is sooooooo much better than her previous haircuts. Please keep this one.

I'm so thankful that SOMEONE shut the doors to Llanfair. Jesus. About damn time. Oh, and I don't feel sorry for Jess. AT ALL. Yup I'm a big frigid bitch...

Colleen with 2 E's reminds me of someone and I can't put my finger on it...

SNAP...RH is blaming Blair the Village Whore for him being locked up for 8 years! FABU!

Tea's reaction after talking to "Victoria" was perf. That's right Dan-YELLA...yet again, you are getting punk'd. Your dad is now RH. K, got it? Cool. Dan-YELLA's reactions are spot-on, too. Word...looks like Tea is STILL going to love her hubs. UGH...NuJack STFU!!!!! Explode!!! You and Mes vaporize NOW! Good God I can't even stand to hear this bastard talk!!!!! Poor TSJ: "I wish I was Todd Manning." Tear...

I.Blame.You. I kinda love it...can't lie. They will get together, but I'm totally okay with RH blaming Blair for a bit. I mean...why not?


LOL...NuJack may hate everyone right now Blair but I assure you that I hate his ass more. Woof!

Aaaand now I have to be tortured watching NuJack talk to TSJ. See...if this were the former, cool, witty Jack then I'd be totally into these scenes. Sadly, it ain't and I can't deal with it. WHANNNNN!!!! Bring back old Jack! Please, baby Jesus. I'm begging you! Dan-YELLA is a good little actress, yo? Her little speech to TSJ was rather sad.

Blair just pulled out a gun...nice.

Jessica lower your voice. You'll wake the Silver Fox and he needs rest. Le barf...a Tess reference and Ford spilling about how he misses Tess. Jesus H. Christ...can't catch a break.

STILL not caring about the Cutter/Christine scenes. Nothing has changed...

Times...I kinda feel like Starr is being a tad harsh. Just a little. I think she could be a little more understanding given the circumstances. That's all. I love TSJ's little speech to her...

Look at Blair bein' sassy and tryin' to talk some sense into Todd.

Dammit to hell...TSJ hugging the kids is so damn sad! Depression central...

Again...Jessica lower your effing voice so Clint can sleep!!!! DAMMIT! OH WOOF...Ford just HAD to suck Jessica's face.

Damn I want to see Kim! I thought she was gonna be on today! Of course her stripper name is Gigi...of course.

Aaaaaand Blair continues to be the smart bitch that she is thus leaving the safe open. FAIL in the smarts department. Joey wouldn't have even done that...

Awe...Tea please say you still love TSJ. I would appreciate it. K, thanks.

WHEW...I'm beat! About to go eat lunch since I'm starved! Again, I'll respond to all comments at some point today.

Love y'all to pieces.

infinite xo,


  1. I can't believe that Dan-YELLA said that she is still going to think of Victor as her father? Wtf? Because he's been in your life for about five minutes? What about Ross Rayburn? As soon as everyone found out that Todd was her father, it was like, screw Ross. He just has to deal because Todd is her real father. And now it's, well, Victor has been acting like a dad for the past year, so I'm just going to go ahead and still think of him as my dad. Who cares about the guy who raised me and was murdered? I was only mildly upset for about three seconds. HELLO? Double standard much, OLTL? Let's not forget that John made Liam a mix CD, so that makes him more qualified to be a parent than Brody. OLTL keeps going back and forth between whether they think that biological parents should be considered the real parents or the ones who have actually been there for them. I still think it's a little weird that Natalie called the woman who named her Roxy and the woman who came into her life as an adult and happens to share the same DNA "Mom." Like Dan-YELLA calling the guy who raised her her whole life "Ross" after knowing that Todd was her father for five minutes and then calling Victor "Dad." Ugh, I could go on about this for hours.

    Also, I kinda like Ford now. Didn't like him at first, but I do now. Sorry, can't help it. Maybe it's just because I want him to move to Florida so that I can have his babies? lol. Don't mind James that much either (mostly because he's a much better alternative to either Cole of Baz). NQS (what was his porn name again?) can be gone yesterday though.

  2. Buster Ridge! That was the porn name that NQS gave himself. I'm not going to call him NQS anymore. I'm going to call him Buster haha.

  3. must say when all the Manning kids were hugging VJ, I kept thinking poor real Todd--he didn't choose not to be there for 8 years he doesn't deserve for them to just side with Toad--why does it have to be one or the other with OLTL. And Irene did give the impression that VJ went into this willingly at the beginning, though he may not remember.

    Also I'm not sure by special the mean slow, they could mean genius.

    Desi about nat not calling Roxy mom--it doesn't really bother me because it was established early that she was beyong terrible to nat as a child--not at all the kind kooky woman she is today.

    can't wait to see Kim!!

  4. Christian's purpose on the show is to serve as a hunky accessory, to spruce up any scene or any situation. You can sprinkle him in on a Rex storyline as a garnish or lightly dust him on any Buchanan situation to taste. He really does go with anything!

  5. @Desi Ok before I discuss anything else...THANK YOU for reminding me of NQS' porn moniker! Buster Ridge...I need to call him that, too. Buster...he looks like a "Buster" doesn't he? Ah...thanks! AMEN sista! You are so right...It's okay Victor I still love you. You shot the only man I knew as my father from birth but I don't really care because you are just such a badass. The fact that you are really biggie! The only reason I wasn't too upset is because Ross has been treated like a red-headed stepchild for as long as I can remember so I wasn't surprised by any of that. Ugh. make a really good point about the biological parents vs. the parents who raised them etc. I haven't thought too much about it...excellent thought. Lawd...every damn time you mention about John making the mix tape I die out laughing. Granted, I think John is awesome but I sure as hell don't want his ass with Natty and I HATE what the writers are going to do to Brody. HATE it I tell you! Oh and I'm not mad at you for liking Ford. I mean...I want to dislike him because he did rape Jessica but he is so damn gorgeous and he is so cute with that baby! AH! It doesn't help that I heard DG is beyond nice and gracious in real life so I want to like him, too. So I feel ya. Let me know if you get to have his babies. ;) As far as James goes...yes, he is better than every other teen but I just find him boring as hell. Incredibly cute...but boring. But you're right...sooooo much better than NQS and Baz. Woof.

    @rac Jesus...I cannot wait to see Kim either! I haven't had a chance to watch Monday's episode yet so I'm super excited. You're right about real Todd having his life being snatched away for 8 years. I just couldn't help but kinda tear up when VJ was with the kids and I ONLY think I felt that way because TSJ is doing THAT good of a job with all this. He really is. Snap...special could mean genius huh? ;) Who knows...I kinda don't like all this "special" business but whatevs. Wonder when we are going to see Irene again? Hmmm. I just hope this storyline ties up nicely. Praying. Oh and if I didn't mention it I'm ready to see Kim! ;)

    @YoSammity THANK YOU for participating in my little game. Obviously, no one was really into it. ;) I think your assessment is spot on! I love that you used "sprinkle", "garnish", and "lightly dust!" I can actually picture that in my head. I will say that homeboy needs a new outfit! So tired of the white button-up! Lord have mercy!