Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Blinked and Missed Renee!

Renee: "I'm so fabulous that not only was I the most successful Madame EVER I'm also a magician? I literally just flashed before your eyes for 2 seconds in this episode and disappeared."

Morning y'all! Sorry...forgot that I had to tape the Soapnet version (again) since there was another interruption. I am this morning to crank out this blog. Word! I'll respond to comments today when I can from work ever so sneakily. =)

Wednesday, August 23rd--Marty Continues to Stay Strong and Refuses to Invite Stacy to Her Labor Day BBQ

Whannnn! Who else misses Asa? Lord knows I do. AHHHH...Bo Buchanan! I have missed you terribly! Thank you for surfacing today!

YAY! Aaaand Clint! Aaaand Vicki! Aaaaand Nigel! WORD. many tops does Vicki have that have the slanted bottom? God, I feel like she has the same shirt in every color! She looks fabu nonetheless. LOL...what are you gonna do? Put me in solitary.

Aaaaaand just like that Joey and Kelly are leaving. I think their last day is today (Wednesday). Lame. YAY...John McBain!

I think it is all kinds of awesome that Nigel is now at Llanfair to wait on Clint...and Queen Victoria. Loyal little thing.

I won't let this go--hate watching the damn show on Soapnet. However, I'm forever grateful that I get to watch it uninterrupted but the quality is shit! UGH.

Lawd....I bet that is indeed Stacy and all I have to say is...say it with me...WOOF!!!! I'm all about Kim but Jesus....Stacy is effing atrosh and reeks of pig poop! I can't deal with her. is Kim pretending to have a conversation? I mean...I don't hear Stacy responding back. Or, are we supposed to think that Stacy is really talking but we just can't hear on a cartoon. I'm so confused...

Yay! Dorian! So I have the Fab Four today! Don't EVEN get me started on Nora not being with Bo to remember Asa. Jesus Christ. I want to pull my hair out but I already knew she wasn't going to be on ALL week long. Kill me. In other news: Dorian looks 1,000 shades of fabulous. No surprised there. That breakfast from David looks nasty...

Peeing! I LOVE John's reaction to being called "thing!"

Ugh...I need Dorian's exit to tie together nicely by tomorrow because I ain't liking this so far. It NEEDS to be fabu because SHE is fabu. AH...times...did y'all see the "Good-bye Dorian" promo?! I.Want.To.Cry. Fact: I WILL cry when she tells Vicki good-bye! Whannnn!

So I was typing about Dorian and missed Aubs and Joey...oh well.

Aaaand cue the patriotic music....Dorian's going to D.C. bitches. Word.

Yes John...just like that Kelly is moving. Please...PLEASE ask Kellywhy she is moving back to London, John. It will be the most hysterical yet absurd thing you have ever heard. You need some humor right about now.

Yeppers...that is Stacy. Wait...Sierra Rose? So Rex still talks to Kyle and Fish? if. I don't buy that.

Fact: Clint looks dapper in a wheelchair. Another fact: These Clint/Queen V/Nigel scenes are delicious. God...Asa's death. I must say I LOVED those funeral scenes because everybody and their mom came back for that shit...Alex, Cord, Kevin and the REAL Joey. *Le sigh*

Can I just reach through the tv and hug Bo? Please. UGH...I'm getting upset. What is wrong with me!? I must say...Asa's grave is rather small for such a larger than life guy! I was expecting something much more grand and ornate. Word.

Wait...I'm peeing on myself. Soapnet just had a quiz about Snoop Dog! I LOVE this! Who is Snoop Dog's homie? Bo of course!

I love it...David doesn't watch the news...or any other scripted program! haha!

LOL...Clint is on a roll today! Clint: "Damn gravesite looks like a gangster's funeral most of the time thanks to Renee." I LOVE HIM! Clint Buchanan where have you been!!!!????? I'm so glad you're back. I love that Nigel has Neville's word that the London compound is under control.

Ok so I have to say that I lurve Aubs dress and jewelry...maybe because it looks like something I'd wear to work. Aaaaaand those Joey/Aubs scenes were hella short.

Ok so John resting his head on the presh. He is being so sweet today!!! Y'all I haven't seen this side of John McBain in A WHILE! John: "Still not totally sure about a grown man named Joey." LOL...ain't that the truth! Thank you, John McBain...thank you! I am not sure about Joey being grown...period!

LOL...Natalie ate at a stripper buffet for Rex! LOL. You know...I bet the food was decent since they usually just order the food from another restaurant and set it up. Don't ask how I know. ;)

If this is Stacy in that bed...who is paying for this hospital bill? Hmmm???

I love that David is insulted by the word "stable." David and Dorian are going to leave the show but separately? Woof.

OH MY GOD. Bless my eyes...Renee Divine!!!!!!!!! Granted 25 minutes into the show but I will take this lovely creature when I can! HELLOOOOO! Aaaand that scene was a hot second...FAIL!

The country needs Dorian...hysterical. In all seriousness...I need Dorian. OLTL needs Dorian! Whannn! Don't leave, precious!

I love that Aubs just asked Joey if she knew what Joey would be doing in London. Ummm hello space cadet! He will be enlisting in those most prestigious pre-k program in all of the U.K. Duh!

Kelly Cramer shut your cake hole! No...John does NOT need to get back with Natalie. Jesus. I know it's going to happen so I don't want to hear the encouragement. Just get on the damn plane if you are going to keep this foolishness up. God! I'm sorry but I like John and Kelly so much more than the peeps they are paired with. I mean...see how cool John was with Kelly...yeah, not so much with Natty. See how witty Nat is with Rex...yeah, not so much with John. I could discuss this for days...ugh.'s 10 after 7! How do I always run out of time!!!!???? I've been awake since 5!

In other news: The background at the Buch mansion still looks fake as hell. Hope, Shane, baby Liam...get to work! New background PLEASE!

Well, Clint needed you months ago Kim. Now that Victoria is with Clint...well game over for me. Good thing I already know that **SPOILER** Kim is going to marry Rex. Lawd. Omigod...Vickster! YES! I cool would it be if OLTL did indeed film a dinner with everyone and they talked about Asa and we got some flashbacks?! Sweet Jesus! I'd die on the spot. Sadly, we won't get that...*le sigh* HA! Clint's reaction to the juice. Amen...get the damn picture back on Asa's mantle!!!!! Lawd...remove Gigi's ass quickly! I can't take it either, Silver Fox. Aaand Clint will violate his terms and go to the mansion...fab.

What?! No Renee and Bo that segment?! Jesus when are we gonna get the Renee/Bo scenes?! I mean...Tivo calls this episode "Bo Goes to Visit Asa's Grave" or something like that yet we aren't even seeing it. WOOOOOOOF!

Ok...just drive by snippets at this point. I'm running so late.

I'm such an effing douche because I feel kinda bad for Aubrey. I feel like I'm in law school again with Joey saying he gave the engagement ring to Aubs in "good faith".

A Nora reference...thank you Natalie. I needed that. I must say...I do love Natty and Rex's relationship. They are great together.

Ok so that is Stacy. When is Erin Torpey coming back? September? And, who is she supposed to be? I don't know... David and Dorian will leave happy. Yay!

UGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Mother effing woof. Are you kidding me?! No Bo/Renee AGAIN?! What the hell?! This is egregious! UGH...the peeps in charge of OLTL are such nasty beavers at times. Why are they doing this to me?!

Joey...get on that plane to London. School starts tomorrow...

Oh snap...forgot about the new mayor! The former Dinah Marler from GL! Before Gina Tognoni's Dinah...

Gosh I kinda miss Irene? Do y'all?


Ugh...Natty's purse matches her shirt. It has to right now. She is redeemed since she was so sweet to Rex in this scene.

Normally Vicki's bar is fully stocked even though she doesn't drink so I'm surprised she had to go to Timbuktu to get that bourbon.

AGAIN!? No Bo and Renee?! REALLY?! The last f*@king segment is coming up! This is outrageous!

Hmmm so they just showed the picture of Bo and Nora on Bo's desk. Does Hillary Smith have to get paid since they showed her for two seconds? Also, will Bo ever get a new secretary? It looks like no one is at the LPD.

I mean...LONG ASS HUG! John had a conversation with Kelly, talked to Dorian and made it back to the LPD and Bo and Renee were hugging the whole damn time! LOL! Awe...she called him an "old coot." I love it. May I just say it's egregious that we don't see Renee? Patricia Elliot is a faaaabulous actress (with a Tony to boot) and we don't see her. Atrosh. UGH...the scene is over!

YES! Clint escaped! May I just say that Clint looks so much better at the Buch Mansion than Rex...sorry.

Aaaaaand Kim made it from Anchorage to Llanview in all of 2 seconds! I they still have Concordes? I thought they got rid of those...and they were in Europe. Obviously Kim found one in Anchorage...lawd.

Aaaaand it's Stacy. I'm assuming Crystal Hunt got paid for that quick shot.

I'm so pissed about this Renee/Bo shit! UGH! They were on for like 2 minutes total! WOOF!

Okay I have to go like right now!

Love y'all and mean it...mucho!




  1. what in the world would be the point of bringing Stacey back--unless it's to bring a load of backpacking students (NQS, jack, des, James) up to LLantano Mt this winter and push them out onto the ice. She is not needed.

    Is kim marrying Rex to get the money back for Clint? I had not heard that spoiler.

    I think Kelly and John should have been end game, they really bring out the better sides in each other, having her go from the convo with John to seeing Joey really brought that home oh well--maybe when she gets back to London she'll hook up with Kevin again.

    Please Please Please Vikki throw that dinner party--I got my hopes up for a second when she said it. Asa's photo at the head of the table with his glass of bourbon,Real Todd could bring Blair, Renee could call Max, Clint, Vikki, Bo and Nora. Nat and Jess could sit at the childrens table with joey--It could have been AMAZING!

  2. Awww shux what a lovely epi. Starting out with the zoom in to Asa's grave made tears spring to my eyes right off. Love Nigel at Llanfair ("I am quite comfortable here") with Clint and Vicki. Just feels right doesn't it??

    Good lord I hope this doesn't mean they are bringing skanky Stacy back. ick ick ick.

    You know I am SO on board with wishing things could have worked out with John and Kelly. *Sigh* Why were so many fans against that rocking combo? I just don't get it. And YES John was super adorable here with his head all resting on the bannister and being so sweet and funny with Kelly. I did nearly pee myself on the "grown man named Joey" line. Do you sometimes get the feeling they are reading your blog?

    Thought of you right away when Renee made an appearance. Agreed - these scenes were way too short. But I was loving all our beloved vets generally dominating the canvas - nice.

    Had to google Anchorage KY just to make sure it existed - looks kind of sweet actually - but why would Kim and the not dead but apparently comatose Stacy end up there of all places? Ohhh yes - the draw of the rockin' Spotted Pony must have been it. WHATever.

    It was actually a relief to get a break from the intensity of the Todd/Victor melodrama. Phew!! AND NO FREAKY DEAKY TEEN SCENE IN SIGHT! Hooray!! A very tasty spread all around methinks.

    Am looking forward to the Dorian Vicki finale - except for the fact that it is a finale. Damn this is SO WRONG.

  3. Yay someone else doesn't like Nat & John they are both tacky together. Loved Bo & Renee together also love seeing old characters come back. Hoping to see Lindsay doesn't look like that's going to happen

  4. Again, I'm tardy for this party...shocker.

    @rac Hope you are ok in NY and that that bitch Irene didn't do any damage! hahahaha. Ummmm I don't want Stacy back but if they bring her back to push those atrosh peeps onto the ice then bring that bitch back! Oh, and then kill her off immediately. I'd appreciate her service to us--killing off Mes and Co. Yes, Kim does marry Rex. Now whether it is strictly for money, etc. I'm not sure but I did read that. Maybe on Lord...agreed about Kelly and John. Oh, Jelly. I lurved them. They truly do bring out the best in each are so right! I would kill for a Kevin Buchanan cameo before the show ends but that won't happen. Woof. I heart skipped a beat when Vicki mentioned the dinner party and then I told myself to get real because OLTL would never be so cool as to throw that dinner party. FAIL. OMG OMG OMG...PLEASE send your ideas to OLTL. Your dinner party suggestion...PERFECTION! You should be a writer!

    @Young Boots heart kinda stopped for a second when they zoomed in on Asa's grave. whannn! The only thing about those scenes is that I needed them to be longer. Oh and Nigel at Llanfair was nothing short of perfect and adorable. UGH...I don't think they are bringing back Stacy. Maybe for just a hot second but I do think she is alive??? Yes? I dunno. Omigod, I can discuss the fabulousness of Jelly for days and why so many people are all about the damn Jolie pairing...makes me scream! The Joey comment was nothing short of hilar and to answer your question: Yes. I don't think the writers read my blog but I know other columnists HAVE to...seriously. ha! I lurve that you googled Anchorage, KY. Well, I have no idea why Kim and apparently alive Stacy wound up there but I think that Cutter is the key to why they are in Kentucky? Maybe? I'm not really sure. Yes, I enjoyed the break from the victor/todd intense! I pray there aren't many teens on this coming week. I have enjoyed the break. Oh, Vicki and Dorian...I sobbed like a damn baby!

    @Anonymous Hells yes! AMEN! I do NOT want John and Natty back together. Lurve them separately but NOT together. WOOF. Lord the Bo and Renee scenes were 100 shades of fabulous. Oh, and I'd love to Lindsay back, too, but agreed...doubt it. Especially after all her Brian Frons comments on Twitter. She was fabulous! ;) Maybe when it goes online? I'd love it, too!