Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Clint's Sex Hair Is His Best Defense

Clint: "Darlin' did you think I'd really go to jail for life? With you comin' back to town I had to stick around. My sex hair will keep me out of prison...always."

Hump Day is here! Ok, I have caught up with 2/3 of comments (from 2 previous posts) and need to respond to my most recent ones and today's comments (if there are any). I appreciate your patience. My time is just beyond limited until after next weekend so bear with me until then, please. So let's do the damn thing....

Oh, and I couldn't find a picture today to save my life! WOOF!

Tuesday, August 2nd--Nora Explains She Can't Prosecute Clint for Eddie Ford's Murder Because of Clint's Sex Hair
1. Omigod. Are you effing kidding me?! I almost spit out my coffee. Kelly and Joey went to go see Zane?! Lord. I bet Addie Cramer flies to London often to check on the poor thing since she is the only one who does shit. She even takes breaks from gin rummy to go take care of things...does Kelly? Hell no.
2. Dorian looks all kinds of fabu!!! AGAIN! I love it!
3. Mes (about "Hold the Diploma): "You actually saw this hot mess?" Bitch, Dan-YELLA has to put up with YOUR messy ass every damn day since you constantly bother her so to answer your question, YES, she has seen this [you] hot mess. EXPLODE! God, I cannot stand you!
4. Ford. It's been so great not having him shoved down our throats recently. I must say though that I would take his ass over NQS any day.
5. Yay! Nora even got new courtroom clothes, too, along with her cute new everyday wear...faaaabulous. I lurve the brown with the ruffled shirt. Word. I mean...we could all discuss for days on end how ABSURD it is that Nora is prosecuting Clint. God, soap operas are horrible with legal shit. Anyway, this wouldn't happen in real life. Conflicts of interest out the ass among a multitude of other things. There...we have addressed it. I felt I had to say something.
6. SCORE! Vicki and Clint for the win. Now we have the fab five on...praise God! Vicki pushing Clint in the wheelchair. How presh? She also looks fabu in lavendar. What is that look about? The one when Clint said that Rex wouldn't be okay...
7. Aaaaaand Echo has joined the party. I want to high five someone right now. I'm so excited all the good peeps are on! I'm about to give Lola a high five her left paw.
8. Vivian and Shawn's scenes will be boring I'm sure. Shame. They could have some good scenes but they just keep babbling about Mes being with child.
9. I hope Dan-YELLA snaps and just loses her shit and goes and reaches for the poker by the fireplace and takes out Mes. Then, she won't remember she did it because she was "blacked out" at the time. This could work. I am grasping at straws here. Anything! Or, I'm still hoping a cow just falls through the ceiling and lands on her.
10. Times...I'll be damned is that the "lightning rod" from Bo and Nora's old house sitting in the corner of the garret by the window? OMG...that thing was horrible/hilarious. It looks like that is it but I can't fully tell.
11. I hate Clint's tie. Lord have mercy that's an eyesore. I mean...Clint was a billionaire and his suits are not the nicest. Plus, his ties are normally crooked. I digress. He is still a dapper little thing. Oh, and I need Clint and Vicki back soon. This is August dammit! We ain't got that much time! I don't want some reunion in the last month of the show. Woof.
12. I love that Echo said that what Rex heard was probably an animal making noise and not Gigi. Hell, I bet Echo is right. I am sure it was some animal...groaning that they just saw Gigi lurking around the grounds of the Buchanan Mansion. Even the animals in Llanview are pissed she's back...
13. What a flippin' surprise...Kim Zimmer has blue on. This Rex/Echo convo is pretty good. I'm still convinced that Rex is dripping in Marty Sauce...even if he is confessing what he almost did to Echo.
14. OMG I effing blinked and the scene at Dorian's house was over! WTF.
15. Awe...Vicki just said it matters to her about Clint's time in prison. Sha...just go on and get back together you crazy kids.
16. Nora, if you and Bo aren't going to be sleeping at night then at least spend your time wisely if you know what I mean...lord have mercy. So, all this Matthew coming home talk...I wonder when he is coming home? I haven't read any spoilers about it. He has been on hiatus long enough. NOOOOOO!!!!!!! I am so damn tired of seeing that gum wrapper in the ziplock bag! Woof! I feel like that damn thing is a third person and it just insinuates itself into everything poor Bo and Nora do. Kill me.
17. Times...can we all take a moment to think about something? Let's be serious...before this story did we EVER see NQS chewing gum? Maybe y'all did but my ass surely didn't and I find myself somewhat observant and I don't remember it. This is so insulting. This whole storyline with the gum is a HUGE middle finger. HUGE. I mean...NQS chews the shit constantly now! This.Is.Dumb.
18. The Buenos Dias kitchen looks dirty. I wouldn't eat there. Well, if Christian Vega was making the food...maybe. Speaking of...where is that talented bastard? Does anyone care? Yeah probably not. I'll just assume he is interviewing students to be his new teaching assistant at LU. Word.
19. OH YEAH, MESTINY!? Why does Dan-YELLA have to tell Bo and Nora that NQS punched Matthew?! Why doesn't your annoying ass go tell them?! Hell, y'all are like family at this point since you are pregs with their grandchild. Go tell! You owe them that. I mean...make up for lying to them last night. BITCH! UGH! I want to scream!!!!!
20. I'm assuming there are no bugs, ants, other animals in Llanview because between Dorian and Vicki their back doors are ALWAYS open! To animals...and to strangers!!! Heavens!
21. I love it...David just made a "have a seat" reference. Hilar. Then he wants to have a private premiere at Bo and Step-Nora's?! God, I wish! That would be fabu!
22. I mean...I have been up since 5:15 and somehow I'm running late with this blog. Dammit. It's after 7:00! Need to pick it up a bit.
23. OMG...I think I just saw a cow lurking in Todd's backyard! Maybe it is headed on the roof so he can fall on Mes. All limbs crossed, people!
24. Yeah...Shawn and Viv scenes are boring. Woof.
25. I wish the Tale of Two Todds thing was on today...whann!!!! Could take the place of the Shawn/Vivi, Mes/Dan-YELLA, Ford/NQS shit. Word!
26. REALLY Ford?! Maybe Nate should go to Bo and Nora and just tell them about punching Matthew? You are not friends with them! As if you are calling them by their first names...
27. Awe...Nora blew Bo a kiss. Sweetness. They could have kissed, but whatevs.
28. Clint's attorney new? I feel that all of Clint's attorneys look alike!
29. Yeah so the gum wrapper has now taken on a life of its own and I feel it will start talking to Bo at any moment.
30. ha! David: "Well, well, well I should have known you'd be related to the world's biggest weiner." I LOVE IT! Aaaaaand David now has the gum. He will no doubt go give that shit to his Pa and we will FINALLY get moving with this. Thank you, baby Jesus!
31. Time out...Joey's hair looks different or something. Longer? Darker? Styled differently? Something is off.
32. God...this must be hella awkward for poor Vicki and Nora. Again, no one would be put in this situation in a normal environment. But to quote Clint Buchanan from a few years ago, "this is such a screwed up town" so it is only normal that Nora be the one prosecuting her former husband and current brother-in-law. Not to mention, Bo is the commisioner and married to the district attorney. Mercy! Oh, and AS IF Bo would miss Clint's arraignment. AS FLIPPIN' IF!!! Fail, OLTL. Fail. And, as if Natty and Jessica wouldn't be there for Clint. PLEASE.
33. I'm now in a hurry....
34. I love it...David just screamed "Ma, get out here!" He is too much this episode.
35. Eff...I can't stand this judge. WOOF! Paging Babs Fitzwater! I MISS HER ASS!
36. Nora will no doubt cave and not want to prosecute Clint. She looks nauseous. Aaaaand she stoop up. Word.
37. Dorian and Echo...hells yeah!
38. Well hell, there's Gigi. I hear the animals groaning. Good to know there are department stores and hair salons in heaven. If I am lucky enough to make it there, I'll continue to shop my ass off cause it looks like Gigi is doing just that...and getting her hair did!
39. Mes confessed she is pregs to Shawn and Viv. I have nothing more to add except that I now want to die.
40. Damn...that Echo/Dorian scene was waaaaaay to short. Just no! What a tease!
41. Ugh...please God make Nora a defense attorney again. She was so badass! PLEASE! I will even take Mestiny to breakfast (and probably poison her food...not probably, I would). But, I see this as REALLY going out of my way to make this happen.
42. Word! I think Bo tells Nora on Wednesday's episode that NQS did it. I NEED NQS to leave the show because of this foolishness. PLEASE!

Ok I am running so late! Have to run! Will comment today...

Love y'all, mean it!


  1. Now there's an idea. Dani goes crazy and takes out Mes. We'd get a two for one on getting rid of annoying teens. Why is the show focused on Destiny? Why? This is such a fail. Shaun and Vivian had huge potential to be interesting characters and a cute couple but they are dragged down in this stupid lame after school special too. Mes needs to go NOW and take NQS with her.

  2. I said that exact same thing to about Mess, why can't she tell them?! That doesn't even make sense at all! All she does is lie and ugh! I can NOT stand her!

    That is all.

  3. Viki has single-handedly convinced me to go out and buy myself a dark lavender suit.

    Young Boots

  4. I thought I couldn't be any more upset that they were ending this show with such crap on my screen, but now I'm actually even more upset that they are ending the show now that it's starting to get good. OK, yesterday's episode royally sucked, thanks to NQS and Gigi's ghost, but today and the day before yesterday with RH, ahhhh! Bliss! I have been such a huge Todd and Blair fan since I was a little girl. So happy the real one is back and can't wait to see what they do with this storyline. When I saw Todd give Blair a big old smooch on the lips, I actually teared up a little. And I think that Tea is upset because she knows that Blair is the love of Todd's life. That's how she must know that the man she is married to is an impostor. The man she is married to is not Todd Manning. Todd Manning left her on a deserted island so her could go back home to Blair! Team Blair all the way!

  5. Lawd have MERCY Desi - you are preaching the truth. Isn't this such a wonderful combination of relief and joy to see them back together?!

    Problem is that it just sets up craving for MORE.

    Endless Todd and Blair drama is all I am asking out of daytime TV - and I will clearly put up with a lot of horrendous mundane BS to get it. I can't be the only one.

    I think it must just be this huge emotional imprint for those of us who watched all this through childhood, adolescence and teenager-land. Don't know how else to explain it - is RH really that good? Is anyone really that good?? This stuff just fascinates the hell out of me . . .

    Young Boots

  6. Hey ME! Long time no comment, been reading, but haven't had much chance to comment!

    After reading the spoilers I am not only going to take out Mes, but also the writers. If they do what I think they are going to do to Nora, I am going hate this story even more, that is saying a lot!
    It is still fab to see our couple more than once every two weeks, just wish it was a much better story.
    I smile every time David calls Nora Step-Nora, can't help myself.

  7. Sweet Jesus. I have had zero time to comment...lemme try (ever so sneakily) from work.

    @Andrea I think we have discussed Mes leaving in several ways: giant precious hippo landing on her, getting sucked out of an airplane, exploding, getting hit with a Tito's bottle (or cheap bottle and keep the Tito's to booze with)...the list goes on and on. I'm fine with any damn scenario at this point. Lord, agreed about Shawn and Viv. They are only propping Mes. Damn shame.

    @YoSammity EXACTLY! Why can't her ass tell them?! That whore. I just want to steam roll her ass like yesterday. That is all.

    @Young Boots I would love to see you in a lavender suit and introduce yourself as Young Boots. The reactions would be fab...

    @Desi Haven't heard from you in awhile, dear! Ok so I am in all kinds of agreement with you. The show is picking the RH department. I'm still miffed with the pregnancy storyline and after reading the spoilers for it want to kill myself. The 2 Todds thing IS good. Agreed that Blair is the love of RH Todd's life. Tea did marry an imposter. I believe that TSJ Todd does love Tea and I think/hope she loves him, too. I'm on Team Blair with the RH thing but I don't want Tea to get the shaft completely. I need her to be happy some way. Oh, and the RH/Blair kiss...NO WORDS! FABU!

    @Young Boots Part Deaux. I want some good old school Todd and Blair drama, too. I do think RH is THAT good. However, I do think TSJ is good, but he was never really Todd to me. My Todd is RH. I accepted TSJ but just not as Todd...make sense?

    @mojomiller OMG...long time no comment is right, darlin'! STOP IT! I KNOW you have read the effing new spoilers and are as outraged as I am. They are gonna have Nora lose her damn mind and do things completely out of character (but who can blame her...bad year...bad writing!). Agreed it's great to see them, but I am nauseous about this upcoming mess with Mes. Kill me. OMG...I pretty much pee on myself when David calls her Step-Nora, too. Every time I laugh...never fails! Welcome back!