Thursday, August 25, 2011

Addie, Renee, and Tall Hedges...Oh My!!!

Renee: "No, I assure you Asa can find a way to get rid of Mestiny. No doubt about it. He promised me he'd take care of her...just asked him."

Praise God...tomorrow is Friday! Sorry...we had a BIG company outing that started at 1:15 and ended sometime last night and I don't remember coming home. Lordy. Free drinks and good fun for HOURS on end! Yay! Sooooo I'm about to do a kinda drive-by esque post about Wednesday (show was fabu but I've been uber busy today since I got nothing done yesterday) and then ummmm I'm going to blog about Thursday's episode (with the awesome segment from yesterday's show thrown in....LOL). Seriously, so y'all know what happened? Didn't the east coast and Canada get Friday's episode...central got today's episode with a dash of yesterday's episode thrown in...west coast got the correct one? LOL. What a flub up! I mean...what in the hell is up with OLTL getting interrupted almost every damn day this week! WOOF! Anyway, so I'm taping the Soapnet version of today's since they are airing the correct one (lemme tell ya I've had to watch Soapnet too effing much this week and that's all I have to say about that) and will blog about Thursday fully either Friday or over the weekend (y'all know I have to do a big one for Dorian!!! No half assing!). Word. Oh, and I swear I'll get to the comments at some point tomorrow or this weekend! My most sincere apologies about that. K, let's do this kids...

Oh, and my pic will no doubt be of Dorian and Victoria tomorrow. I'm preparing myself for that tear fest...lord.

Wednesday, August 25th--Marty's Boozing It Up and Celebrating Because Renee and Addie Were FINALLY Let Out of the Attic

What a surprise..the doors to Llanfair are wide ass open. Lord.

I love Victoria's necklace...that's all.

Even in a wheelchair, Clint is edible.

Omigod so whipped cream, peanut butter...what else was on that tray David was carrying upstairs. Eww that visual. Well we know Dorian's already gone for the day so is he just using it on himself? So confused. Maybe Blair is upstairs and just asked him to fetch her the usual items. She probably has a man in her bed as we speak...good grief.

Dorian looks so fabu! Won't let this go. So the mayor's office is Nora's old office? I mean...REALLY? OH.SWEET.JESUS....Y'all...It's Addie flippin' Cramer!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm about to pass out! She looks presh. Welcome back!

Aaaaand we have Renee! That's it folks I think I can just die right here. So pumped! Oh, and we all need to write personal thank you notes to the security guard or whoever that unlocked the door to the attic and let Renee and Addie out...God Bless Your Soul! Whoever you are!!! I Love Bo...just sayin'. I mean...Renee just said that Bo was talkin' like a damn fool. This sassy, classy lady isn't on the show anymore because????? *crickets* Exactly. Fail. Fail. Fail. Times...Ross just made a comment and I have to share. So in these Bo and Renee scenes Ross spouts off "Man, they sure have some tall hedges in Llanview. I mean here at the cemetery, the country club, by Dorian's pool, at Todd's house, etc." LOL. He doesn't say much but when he does it's usually interesting and I must say that hubs makes a good point. Word. On another note all this Asa talk makes me miss him...

Kim looks better this go 'round on the show. She looks different. Whatever it is, work it girlie...

Peeing! Renee thought David and Dorian were gonna make Bo a grandpa...hilar!

Even funnier...that damn cake with Dorian's picture on it! "The Original Cramer Woman." I LOVE IT! That pic is so sass!!!!! Awe...this little party is so sweet. I can't lie. How are we going to get along without you Dorian?! With a heavy heart! This is so sad...whannn! When Dorian talks to Vicki I know I'm going to lose it and cry. Lawd.

Aaaaaand the back doors to Llanfair are open, too. Cool. How does Joey the pre-schooler know so much about monitoring devices? He just gaves us a mini dissertation...

Rex has stopped wearing those military like jackets. Just a comment.

Peeing! Clint just slammed the breaks on his wheelchair to prevent Rex from pushing him out the door. Silver Fox is quick, yo?

UGH....I'm nauseous. Bo talking about being a grandfather and Matthew...just no thank you! Renee: "I don't know what to say." Me: "I do, darling. Just tell me that you heard that Mes left Llanview or got caught in some explosion or something!!!!" Bo just said that it [pregnancy] was a good thing. Heavens. Can't deal.

Addie doesn't need champagne because sometimes I think she acts like she is a bit tipsy. Just sayin'. ;)

Wait...did Dorian just say "I'm not living?" Instead of "leaving?" Confused...

I'm dying out laughing! Every damn time Clint said "Don't panic I brought the _____." I died out laughing. Lurved it. WOW! Bo must have flippin' sprinted from the cemetery to the mansion! Made it there in record time. Snap! Clint just said "thank ya, son." Awe I want to cry!

In other news: I love the Jimmy Dean commercials where everyone is a planet and uber tired and some of the planets are collapsing. Word.

This blog is longer than anticipated and I'm almost to the half way point...

Starr...STFU! I don't give a damn about your political sciences classes! WOOF! I think I just wet my pants! Addie lurves texting and lurves "all those abbreviations." hahahahaha! Ok so I'm SERIOUSLY getting upset with these Dorian scenes. It seems and real. Dorian is such a vital part of the show. I'm so sad.

I LOVE WHEN VICTORIA GETS ANGRY!!!!! She is effing fantastic! Ummm yes Joey she is worried about Clint. She lurves him and he lurves her. I need them to get together! Start the reunion already...or at least speed it up! JOEY! You are leaving on a good note!!! I just flippin' redeemed yourself in your last appearance. You just tried to convince Queen Victoria to get back with Clint. Good on ya for trying to talk some sense into her. So, I'll refrain from saying anything uber negative about Joey for the rest of the show. Oh, and I won't make pre-k comments anymore. Word.

LOL...Clint was scared Bo brought handcuffs. Bo and Clint in a scene together?! Be still my heart! Good God...this toast to Asa has me all mopey!!! WHANNNN!!!!

Aaaand now I'm getting upset with Kelly's little speech to Dorian! What is the matter with me?!?! Get it together, ME!

Joey you are so right!!!!! Clint is better around Vickster. End game. Joey...redemption overload! You are saying everything right!!!

Clint's little look after Bo said Nigel could take him home...ADORBS! He is so presh.

Goodness Gracious! Now I'm upset with Addie talking to Dorian! Eh...I doubt I'll get upset with anything Starr says. She mentioned Hope and I laughed. And I just laughed when Starr said she would teach Hope to respect herself like Dorian taught Starr. I'm not even going to comment on that...just imagine what I'm thinking. Respect herself...please. And as if Starr will teach Hope one damn thing...

Awe...RS was really crying during Blair's speech. Sadness. God, I keep looking at Blair's boobs. No surprise.

Ooookay, Vicki and Clint are HILARIOUS! I mean...Vicki going off on Clint and then she just stormed out. I am rewinding this quickly to watch again...that fabu. Ok so it was better the second time. "Where am I going?!?! Oooooh maybe I have something to TAKE care of!" I LOVE THESE TWO!!!!!!

Awe...the last Cramer girl photo. WHANNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

Sooooo Kelly has talked about Zane in the past week more than she has since he was born. I mean...REALLY?! Ok so I'm sad about Gina Tognoni leaving because it makes me think about how badly OLTL completely botched her return. I'm also infuriated with OLTL for writing Joey so dumb. Also, I need Kevin Buchanan to surface at some point...k thanks.

Gigi's grave is like all by itself. Wtf? I mean REALLY?! Now the year is missing from the tombstone? PUH-LEEZE.

I love that Addie knew David was speaking Swedish.

AHHH! Can't wait for Vicki and Dorian scenes!

Ok this post was much longer than a drive-by. Lordy! It's almost midnight so I'll be up in the a.m. to blog about Thursday...or at least I hope so. Maybe weekend...

Night all you lovely peeps!



  1. Oh snap! Renee and Addie in an episode and a mention of Kyle, Fish and Sierra Rose the day before? The Monopoly game is FINALLY over! I wonder who won? My money is on Addie. But I'm guessing that Renee was pissed off and will therefore be asking for a rematch, so we'll go another few months before we see them again. Maybe at some point before the finale? One can only hope.

  2. Addie and Renee! What is going on? Loved seeing all three of them, they are just not used enough. Renee and Addie have both missed to many family events, it is ridiculous.
    Glad to see someone smacking sense into Bo. I found Bo so cute when he announced he was going to a grandpa, nice to see him smile about something. But with him being happy, I see bad things for this baby, because the writers like to screw with Bo and Nora when they have any moment of happiness.
    LOVED Clint and Viki, they better not be screwing with us with these two. They are my 2nd favorite couple of all time! After Bo and Nora of course!

  3. Nothing much to say here except that I can't believe how upsetting this all is. Really?? We will NEVER see Dorian Lord again????

    A very classy send-off all around, but it still feels like a knife thrust into the heart.

    And yes, that is the second necklace in a row on Vicki that that I am coveting.

    Young Boots

  4. I think Dorian will be online. Rumor is that PP wants her. A classy send off but she shouldn't be sent off IMO. Not while people like the Fords and Mes are onscreen. I can't believe the last hurrah for Bo and Nora could be this awful mess with Destiny while Matthew is a half dead murderer. No words. Also, Asa left that mansion to Nora and Matthew and now we have Rex living it up there. Really a bitter pill for me to swallow.

  5. Sorry I'm so late with all this...

    @Desi I know right?! I can't believe they let these fab people out and discussed other characters that...ummm I dunno...flippin' dropped off the face of the earth yet still live in Llanview. Lord have mercy! Your money is on Addie? haha! I may have to go with Renee. Hell, maybe Hope beat both of them. I'll see if I can find out who really won. Omigod if we don't see them before the finale I will die! Do you hear me? DIE! Seriously...they need to be on more.

    @mojomiller I mean...I could talk about for DAYSSSSS how much I have missed both Renee and Addie but especially Renee. Jesus. Epic fail they never show them. Bo was kinda cute about being happy about the grandpa thing but I STILL don't like this baby. I think that the writers are going to have Mes lose the baby since Bo and Nora have a glimmer of hope and now want the baby so the writers will take that away. I just need this whole storyline to flippin' go away. And, I need the storyline to suck Mes up with it! Omigod...Clint and Vicki are my 2nd fav couple of all time so in total agreement with you! Writers can't screw with them and I need them back together asap. Ok thanks.

    @Young Boots Ugh...depression central, right? Dorian never being on again...seems so final. If all this online (possible network) thing works out with Prospect Park, one can only hope that Dorian surfaces again because OLTL isn't OLTL without her, ya know? Agree about the classy send-off but the knife wound is DEEP. Yes! That necklace is fabu and I thought of you when I saw it! I mentioned you in my most recent post.

    @Andrea can only hope Dorian makes it online. I know she is having a lot of back troubles and needs to get that fixed before she can work a lot again. I think she had to leave because she needed surgery? UGH...I can't deal with this Bo and Nora storyline. I am PRAYING for a damn miracle and they give them something before the show goes online. Praying. Then again, I'm also praying they make it online because I heard they may not. I mean...I don't know what they are doing with Matthew. I think they are doing some re-writing because I am almost positive they were going to kill him off but decided not to and now have to change it. UGH...Rex will NEVER look good in that mansion to me and when I see Gigi's picture on the mantle I just lose it. LOSE IT!