Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Better Mother: Kelly Cramer? Irene Manning? As If This Is A Contest...Irene! Word...

Irene: "Not only do I have a killer smile, but I am actually a better mother than Kelly Cramer...and a rogue agent to boot! What can I NOT do?!"

I'm baaaaaaack!!!! Lord today...and exhausted at that! How are y'all?! Firstly, I'm forever grateful for MH's fabulous ass for filling in for me while I was away. She is so wonderful and hysterical and lovely to sub for
me. Word. Oh, and ummmm she came to my par-tay this weekend and we had a helluva time!

Soooo I'm back and married...and missed a lot of OLTL. Lordy. Oh, and I'm not going on a honeymoon until January so I'll be around until the show ends. =) I JUST caught up watching the show. I can't lie...glad I didn't have to blog about Starr's singing and any dialogue with Baz, anything (and I mean ANYTHING) involving Mes and this pregnancy foolishness, and the Phylicia/Felecia and Nora conversation and SLAP. Times...the slap (as far as slaps go) was hella fabulous. I cannot lie. Uncalled for? Certainly. But, the slap was good. However, Nora just looks so damn defeated and she was uber passive...can't deal. On another note, I'm BEYOND intrigued with this Todd/Todd/Victor Jr./Irene business, but Jesus I'm confused. Oh, and OF COURSE I missed the episode where John McBain and Co. were in the Louisiana Bayou! What the hell?! UGH! And, I missed Vickers references to The Parent Trap on Thursday....whannn!

Ok, I've yapped enough. Let's get this started, shall we?

Tuesday, August 16th--Marty Just Said That Kelly Should Dry Her Tears With That Shitastic Self-Portrait Gigi Drew...

Aaaaaand Dorian looks hella fierce! That outfit is gorg!

Ok, I have to say that I am LOVING this 2 Todds story and I'm shocked. It has really gotten good...confusing as hell...but good. Notice, Vicki's back doors are flippin' wide open. Woof. Everyone under the sun is staying in that damn house and it is wide open for more people to enter. Good God.

Jesus...please pass the Manwich!!! UGH! Good REALLY, OLTL? REALLY?! How sloppy!!! SLOPPY! Out of flippin' nowhere Kelly is going to start giving a damn about Zane after YEARS of not giving two shits about this poor child!? She looks and Liam and Ryder and holds teddy bears and thinks of Zane's play or whatever he performed in on parents day and now she just has to fly back to London and live there and raise Zane or she'll just die. Give me a f*@kin' break. This is ridiculous. The writers of this show loathe Kelly Cramer and don't write for her and now her send off will be atrosh...Dorian's probably will, too. *Le sigh* We can't win...

Christian continues to have no purpose on this show and once again he lets us know that he only owns white button up shirts. Please get this boy a new outfit...

Natty looks smokin' in that dress! Very nice! God...that vodka Roxy was chugging looked cheap as hell.

Lord...Irene leaving Tina in Vicki's care. What a handful. Sooo...Irene just said these brothers are reunited. Let me write that down so I can begin to keep all this straight. Damn...Irene Manning is tall, yo? Now...identical twins...let's write that down, too.

Foxy Roxy's is soaked in pink...too much pink. I love pink but this is a bit much. Wow...Roxy just said "para-abnormal." I love it. I must say I do love Roxy and Natty's relationship.

I just can't let go of the fact that Christian only wears those damn white button-ups at Capricorn. God Bless!!!!! PLEASE make that self-portrait go away!!!!! PLEASE! It is awful! And, I just can't believe that Gigi had talent in the art department. Woof.

Aubs looks cute. Long time no see. Their scenes are hella short...

OMIGOD! Little Liam please come home with me! I want this child to tote around. I'd dress him impeccably and we would have a grand ole time together. Y'all really don't expect me to address this Kelly misses Zane foolishness anymore? Do y'all? I mean...absurd.

Oh lord...a reference to Dorian being exonerated for Victor Lord's murder. I loved that storyline! I was a tot but remember it vividly! Le sigh...I miss that OLTL.

Jesus...Irene was just Fertile Myrtle huh? This ho gets pregs rather easily it seems! Oh there is "Todd" and Victor Lord, Jr. Let's write that down (I have read no spoilers on this foolishness so it's kinda fun...). Aaaaaand REALLY? Who in the hell is John McBain on the phone with in the background? He is obviously whispering. We can't hear a word. Soooo Irene just met a man and "got involved" in the CIA? Just like that? Puh-leeze.

So this dress Aubs has on...she schlepped that from Europe? I mean if not then how is she affording the new duds?

These Kelly and Joey scenes are just downright aggravating. This whole reasoning for Kelly leaving Llanview is just insulting since she has NEVER cared about Zane. Now, if she had been a good mother (like Starr...ha!) then it would be understandable she needs to see her kid...but this is just comedic relief in a way and not believable.

Omigod I LURVE how Brody is flippin' talkin' to li'l Liam like he is his mini confidant! Too presh!

Wait...I blinked and missed those Natty/Roxy scenes. So quick! John was on the phone about the DNA tests. Word. I do like John's gray suit on him...snazzy! Of course John will secretly record Irene's tell-all to Victoria and Co. He won't let us down and neither will his suit!

Ok so I find Irene rather attractive.

Omigod I'm getting so confused with this Todd mess. Delphina. Brody is about to take a page out of the Marty Saybrooke playbook and we all know how that works out for ya. Aaaaand HOW long have we been dealing with this tape recorder or Talkboy foolishness? Exactly. Decades. Good God.

God bless...Cutter's shirt is HEINOUS! UGH. Poor Christian...his job has come down to retrieving documents from a printer about "Spotted Pony." How embarrassing...

Aubs' teeth are uber white.

Lord are David and Dorian about to have sex? I'm fine with this, but may I just say that Bo and Nora haven't had sex in like...over a year. And those poor babies are riddled with sadness. UGH. Unfair.

Okay so Irene got to have playtime with both it.

I can't let it go...Kelly/Joey scenes are UBER atrosh. Joey looks like a little lost duck, p.s.

"David Vickers Buchanan Productions. David Vickers Buchanan speaking." I love it. Aaaand Dorian just told David to give her a high-five. How adorbs!

Ugh....It's 10 'til 7. Need to hurry...

Oh eff...Gigi surfaced again but this time at Capricorn. Maybe she is interested in listening to Baz spin some tunes? FAIL.

Lord...this is the beginning of John and Natty getting back together and John's coolness factor will drop faster than a desperate hooker. UGH. I need them separated please!!!! Only way I can enjoy them....

Oh no!!!! Here is that "I have a ______. Her name is ______." I thought we were finished with that awfulness!!!!!?????? Victor was susceptible so he had to get Todd's memories to become Todd? This is becoming a bit far-fetched...

Believe it or not, I'm not minding the Cutter/Aubs dialogue...

I need to send a message to J.C. and tell him that he needs to close down the boutique in heaven where Gigi got that dress. It's drab...

I NEED Victoria to get new living room furniture...lawd.

Good we go again. "I have a _____. Her name is _____." If I never hear that again in my life, it won't be soon enough.

Aaaaand just like that, Kelly and Dorian are going to basically announce they are leaving the show. UGH!!! Dorian's last airdate is the 25th I believe. Tear. =(

WORD...Vickers knows about the "Spotted Pony."

YES! That is right, John! "Delphina, the crazy person." I agree wholeheartedly.

I love the little ducks in the background of Liam's nursery! So cute. However, that room has waaaaaaayyyyyyy too much yellow going on. Just no...

Let's wrap up the Marty Saybrook Talkboy ordeal. Begging...

Ok now what is happening? So she cut Victor to look like Todd. I'm still confused. Oh, and Irene is still a better mother than Kelly. ;) Word. I'm hella confused by the way but I'm just gonna sit back and try and figure this mess out as I go...

These promos for "The Screw" are just insulting.

Sweet Jesus! I mean...I don't watch "General Hospital" but I know enough about it and hell must have frozen over because Monica Quartermaine is in the damn promo! Good God! I haven't seen a Quartermaine in a promo (or the show for that matter) in ages! Go ahead, Monica...

Okay! Off to get fluffed and puffed for work! See y'all soon! So glad to be back!

Love y'all, mean it!



  1. Welcome back, Congratulations to You & Ross, Mary Heather did a bang up Job and I missed alot while I was in NJ too....Can't wait to see where this Todd/Victor, Jr thing goes....all else pales right now ! YAY, You're back !! XXOO Krisi

  2. Welcome back sadie sadie married lady!

    Ugh - Irene is worse than Medea - abandoning and then torturing and trying to kill her own sons. When she started slicing on Victor's face I totally squeemed out. Genetically those boys don't stand any chance at ALL. Two, count 'em, TWO psychopathic parental units.

    Love how Viki is treating the Todds like naughty children and they are responding in like. She says "sit" and they both march off and sit on the couch together like two contrite five-year-olds. LOL!!

    I was so uber excited about where all this was going - but you are right - it is suddenly going into over the top far-fetched territory and I am losing my on-the-edge-of-my-seat excitement factor because of it. Only good thing that will come from this is that Todd is going to be so horribly wounded by how atrociously he was treated by his own dear mother he is going to go into uber psycho Todd vindictive
    -mode. It will suck that he will be self sabotaging yet again - that is kind of a given with Todd - but RH will be greatness itself in pulling it off. I fear it will be some time before he is going to get over Blair thinking Victor was Todd. That kiss at the porno premiere will have to hold us for quite a while I expect.

    Did you get to see where Tea and Blair turned into snarling cats on each other? Tea can smell it in the air that she is somehow going to lose out somehow or another in all of this and she went all psycho looney tunes on her good old frenemy - it was AWESOME.

    Tomas has become utterly pointless.

    I yelled "NOOOO" so loudly that my 3 doggies went running for cover when Starr started singing the damn OLTL theme song the other day. GAG.

    This mass exit of core characters is rushed, stupid and all around insulting. The logic around Kelly's exit is absolutely awful. Dorian and David's exit is at least amusing - but pretty absurd and unsatisfying so far.

    Not as excited about watching today as I have been previously - but I will be there. Glad to have you back home at The Ledger!

  3. Welcome back, and congrats on the wedding! I'll co-sign that MH did a terrific job while you were goin' to the chapel (or wherever the wedding took place.)

    Glad you're back just in time for all this 2 Todds stuff to get ca-RA-zy! I will say that some of it is a little OTT for me, but damn if I'm not loving the ride. Every day they seem to outdo themselves in the what the WHAT?!? department. The whole "he was... special" thing re:Victor Jr. had me rolling my eyes and dying with laughter all at once. Oh and about The Scar: So Irene could "transplant memories" (cause he rode the short bus... oh now it all makes sense! riiight) but she couldn't use anesthesia on her own son? Way harsh, Tai.

    RH/TSJ/Queen Victoria (love that nickname) are the best thing on the show right now for me. Everything else is just kind of... eh. I am curious about Spotted Pony - could it be some weird reference to Mario Batali's Spotted Pig restaurant and maybe a little dig at The Chew? Here's hoping. (Don't really do spoilers myself, except when the network promos do it for me.)

    I was so torn on the slap - it's hard to separate the story from the writing, if that makes any sense. Do I think Nora, as things are now, needed some sense smacked into her? Sure. Do I HATE that they've written her into this terrible position where she's begging Destiny to have her grandchild and looks/sounds desperate & insane? Hell yeah. It's an insult to the character & to HBS. Praying that this "Mes" ends sooner rather than later. Hopefully some explosions are in our future.

  4. @Krisi Awe...thank you, m'am! Hope you had a FABU time in New Jersey! MH did indeed do a splendid job...always does. Oh, surprisingly, I'm like all about this whole Todd/Victor Jr./Irene thing! It has REALLY come together the past week or so and I'm thrilled! Thanks...GREAT to be back! Glad you made it back to Florida! xoxo

    @Young Boots Thanks, dahling! It feels great to be back and in a routine. Peeing...yes, Irene IS indeed worse than Madea. Ugh...I couldn't watch when she cut him. MH mentioned it is like Irene is acting like Dexter Morgan and I couldn't agree more! Oh, and agree about all things Queen Victoria running her damn house like it is a daycare! WORD! I think all of ES' scenes with the 2 Todds are all kinds of awesome! Ok so, yes I'm enjoying the story but when Irene started babbling about Victor being slow and all this swapped memory hogwash I was like...REALLY? This is a bit much. I hope this whole thing ties together beautifully, but this is OLTL after all so I ain't holdin' my breath. Good point about RH holding a grudge against Blair...didn't even cross my mind. Agree that he will DEF have resentment and go all vindictive Todd but good point about Blair. Hell, we don't have that much time left of the show on ABC...move along! Oh YES...I did have the pleasure of seeing the Tea/Blair shouting match. Blair will def get RH but I am hoping Tea gets a happy ending but I'm seeing some ominous clouds...woof. Exactly...Tomas' purpose is??? Let's try and think of one. Ugh. OMG you have no clue how happy I am I didn't have to blog about Starr singing! Jesus H. Christ. Atrosh. Your poor dogs had to listen to Starr sing too...oy! Don't even get me started on the vet mass exodus. Dorian and David's will probably be funny but Strasser deserves a PROPER send-off. Woof. The assassination of Kelly Cramer outrages me and can't deal. words for that mess either. I'm about to watch Wednesday's episode...can't wait! Glad to be back! Thanks, YB!

    @tallytofu Thank you thank you! I'm happily married and thrilled to be back! Yes, MH is always fabu. That darling never fails me! Ok, agree the Todd thing is fabu but most DEF a bit OTT for me. Like I mentioned to Young Boots above...the memory swapping foolishness...say whaaaaat? I mean...REALLY?! But, like you...dare I say I lurve this story! Oh, and the Victor Jr. rides the short bus stuff...AGAIN, like you I think it's quite hilar yet I'm like "bitch, please." OMG...agree about RH/TSJ/Queen V (glad you like the nickname...she is indeed royalty in my eyes) are the BEST thing on the show. Dare I saw it...Irene is a rather fierce (not to mention EVIL) force and I find myself liking her. I'd prefer Liz Hubbard but this bitch playing her is doing a fabu job. Ok so about "Spotted Pony" that is an awesome observation! I had no idea that was Batali's restaurant because I don't care for him...I'm Barefoot Contessa all the way! But, that could indeed be a dig. Good call! As far as spoilers go, I read them about 75% of the time but I always read the spoilers about the vets. Ok, so that slap business...well, Nora is most DEF not all there right now. Hello...just look at her! She looked like hell Friday and Monday. She just looks defeated and her passivity...don't even get me started. She and Bo have been unhappy since November and frankly I'm over that shit. They are funny, witty and happy people in general. This woe and misery has gone on for too long! Agree about how they have written Nora and it is such a middle finger to the character (ain't like they haven't ruined Nora before...good God) and to HBS (like my idol in life!). Oh, as far as explosions go...there are several of us that are attempting to blow her up but we are waiting on the right time. Please let me know if you are interested and we will take that bitch out! NEED.MES.GONE. Buh-bye, whore! UGH! Ciao!!! ;)