Tuesday, August 9, 2011

McBain Gains a New Dart Player in Todd Manning #2. Could This Day Get Any Better?

OMIGOD...there ARE two Todd Mannings!

How are y'all on this Tuesday?! Again, I'm going to get to comments today if it kills me. Yesterday...OMG. Worst day I've had in awhile so I got home and refused to touch the computer and this bride-to-be and Ross had pizza and beer. Word. Ok, lemme see if I can crank this out and not run late...and try and make as much sense as possible. Oh...and I watched the first few minutes on Soapnet so I can blog about the whole thing...yay!

UGH...sorry about the picture! I could NOT find one from the show today and I was running late. Gonna have to start finding a good pic the night before. Sorry about that!

Monday, August 8th--Marty's Rampage About Their Being TWO Todd Mannings

I LOVE large scenes with fabu characters. SUH-NAP! Victoria bailed out RH. Word! PEEING...Todd: "Et Tu, Vicki?" Thanks, TSJ! Quoting my favorite Shakespeare play! Holla!

Oh sweet baby Jesus...AS IF I need to see Mes' ass before 6 a.m. on a Tuesday. I want to choke this ho.

Praise God! Bo and Nora present to make my day and they both look adorbs. Hmm....girlfriend must be pissed with the "Oh really I thought you were the one making all the decisions around here." So Bo let Nate go?

Who gives to flying f*@ks about NQS and Dan-YELLA and their teenage relationship? God...OLTL harps on all this teen love and gives them in-depth conversations. Yet, the adults with REAL history and complex issues to deal with...not to mention the ones with more intersting dialogue...NEVER have in depth conversations. Huge Fail.

They will drag out this RH/TSJ "who is the real Todd" mess until the last segment. I already know what the outcome will be thanks to a spoiler. Ooooooh, I have another spoiler to mention...I'll do that in a bit.

Aaaaaaand, who wants to muzzle NuJack's ass? I mean...this bastard has no business talking. Just STFU, please! I'm begging you. Times...where is little Sam? I'd like to see him. Or, he can just come hang out with me. No shocker here...Starr is getting on my nerves again. I knew that wouldn't last. Damn. I mean...who in their right mind trusts a flippin' DNA test in Llanview? Seriously. Oh snap! Marty's rape got brought up again! Look y'all...Marty is STILL keeping the show interesting! Even from afar! ;)

Ok so I'm not blogging about Dan-YELLA/NQS and the Mes shit, because I don't want to start running late. Plus, I need to be ZEN this week and not stressed. These people have no business being on the show and that thought in and of itself makes me want to go postal on the nearest living thing within a 5 mile radius. Just woof on these people making me violent. Just woof.

TIMES THE EFF OUT!!!!!! So, OLTL, you mean to tell me that Bo goes to the damn courthouse on Wednesday and says he knows who hurt their son. We never hear him tell Nora nor do we get her reaction. He leaves their house and goes to the station with NQS and NQS signs a damn confession?! Oh Nora, I hate your reading glasses. Please let those be Bo's and you just periodically wear them like Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton in "Something's Gotta Give." Oh Bo, you look all kinds of adorable but you're going to be passive today aren't you? Le sigh...

You know...instead of enlisting hippos, elephants, bears, cast iron skillets, explosives, etc. to kill Mes, how about Shawn just sit on her? I mean...he's right there. Someone could just somehow get him to fall on Mes and it would be over with right there. The answer to our problems has been in front of us the whole time. Whoop Whoop! I'm sorry, I know Matthew said it meant something when he and Mes got together but I don't believe it. Sorry. I know I'm probably I'm in the minority with that one but every time this bitch says that I roll my eyes.

Oh lord, so they BOTH raped Marty. Lawd. Ugh...Ross (yes, he is still here and about to go to work and randomly overhearing little snippets of the show) overheard Toad say he raped Marty at the KED House and thought he heard KD House. Ross is like "OMG, Marty got raped at the KD House...your sorority." Oh Ross, no. Lord! Aaaaaand, RH's reaction to the Rapemance was hella awesome. OMG...Blair just called Toad's house a "little loveshack" and I kinda peed on myself.

I mean...RH is KILLING these scenes. Lawd...Toad: "You don't know anything about it, dude. She had amnesia. She didn't know who I was." I mean...OMG. Toad says it was such irreverence, too! God...that storyline [Rapemance] grossed me out and still does. I just heard Ross laugh and say "loveshack" to himself when RH mentioned Toad set up a loveshack with Marty. God Bless America. This house this morning, I swear.

Yes, Shaun (THAT is the way you spell it I think!), Mes wants you to squish her. Right now.

Aaaaaand Nora is livid. OH.EM.GEE. Oh dear God. Oh dear God. This will be one of those RARE occassions where I will want to choke Bo Buchanan...I just know it. NQS didn't have a choice! Jesus! AS IF the Sallingers need to be defended...AGAIN. You will be lucky, Bo, if Nora doesn't beat your ass right now. Oooooookay. So I KNOW that Bo is a stellar guy and is trying to be objective and reasonable with all this NQS/Matthew mess but I want to choke him right now. I don't need this mess this morning. Nate's been in his own hell, Bo? I mean...why are you doing this to me? WHY?!

Dan-YELLA's a dipshit and deserves anything that happens to her if she stays with this nasty hamster. Word.

LOL...McBain is DRAAAAAAAGING these test results out and I lurve it. McBain knows how to work the room, yo. What it do?

Dan-YELLA, you had potential to be one of the teens I liked and that is now all ruined thanks to your stupidity in the guy department. Explode.

Oh really, Bo? I mean, really? You just KNEW NQS was THE ONE that hurt Matthew? I don't buy it...

Bo's being too passive for me right now. Woof. I still love him, but so far this episode...ugh. He does make a good point though--they can't go after Nate without giving up Matthew. Woof.

Shaun, I am BEGGING you to sit on Mes!!! I mean...I will do anything at this rate to get this to happen!!!! Possibilities are endless!!!!!

Vicki is enamored with RH's Todd! I love it. I wish these scenes were longer. I just want to see these scenes and the Bo and Nora ones...that is it. K, thanks.

God, Bo and Nora really are in one helluva mess. I don't see how Nora hasn't had a nervous breakdown at some point. Not to mention, we STILL haven't dealt with her missing memory stuff from the Eddie Ford fiasco. Hmmm. Awe hell, now Bo just said that they are the ones responsible for Matthew getting hurt. As if she needed to hear that...

Your worst nightmare, NQS, is that all the mistakes you made might have cost you Dani? EXPLODE, you bastard. God bless...I LOATHE this character!!!!

God, I'm so glad I didn't blog yesterday. I would have been so much more mean thanks to my bad day.

NO!!!!!! Toad is yelling at Victoria!!! STOP IT! Stop it right now! Regardless, these scenes are FABU! I'm just watching and loving it. PEEING!!!!!!!!!!! I LURVE that McBain is just in the foyer hanging out with the other DNA test results. You can barely see him in the background. ha! Snap...Blair finally brought up Walker. I am just loving these scenes. Aaaand, McBain NOW says he has the results to the other test. This big reveal is in turtle mode!

I am actually LOL'ing at this toothbrush foolishness. hahaha! That is right, TSJ! This wouldn't be the first time someone has messed with DNA in this town. Lord knows that is the truth! I'm telling you...Lindsay Rappaport messed with it! ;)

OF COURSE! Mes' parents now OBVIOUSLY have Marty Saybrooke's house. WOOF! Their house is nicer than Bo and Nora's. FAIL.

NQS, yes you would eff Dayt-en again. Let's be serious here...

Bo, please hug Nora before the poor thing collapses. Jesus. AHHHHHHHH!!!!! Nora: "Matthew is paying." Bo: "Well so is Nate." KILL ME!!! Why am I being subjected to this?! God, I'm getting upset since Nora's upset. She actually shed actual tears! Normally that doesn't happen. Hillary is all kinds of fabu today! Ugh, fine. Bo gets a mini redemption for the "I love you's" and affection. Where has that been for weeks? Good God. WORD...go after NQS' ass right now, Nora! Please! I need you to tear into him!

Dan-YELLA's purse is HUGE!!!!! OMG...NQS wants to start with a clean slate? I mean...how is that possible? Dan-YELLA, just remember where NQS' hands have been--ALL OVER DAYT-EN in a porn. And he is now holding your hands...germs, germs, germs.

WORD!!! TSJ is a match, too! Now for some DE-LISH news! Spoiler alert: Guess who Agent Baker has been working for this whole time? Drum roll please....Irene Manning, bitches!!! Omigod and word on the street is that Liz Hubbard (Lucinda from ATWT...regal, classy, badass) may play Irene. I think I have died and gone to heaven if that is true! I am jumping up and down over this possible fabulous news! AH! Again, I love how McBain is dragging this shit out in true McBain fashion.

I'm so livid the Evans' got Marty's house and Bo and Nora didn't. =(

SUH-NAP! Nora looks fierce as hell at Nate's doorstep! I am so effing ready for this confrontation. Hillary will be fabu, no doubt! Word.

Lawd...good ending, OLTL!!! Now, there you have it. We have two Todd Mannings. So...are they identical twins? Hmmm. I don't know at this point. But, I did hear how I think TSJ is going to leave the show and I must say I don't like it. =( I'll refrain from posting.

Ok, must go! Ready for some more Todd fallout and for NQS to get screamed at today...yay!

See y'all this evening or in the morning and I will respond to comments if it kills me!

Love y'all and meant it...mucho!


  1. I hate to say it but the Bo and nora scenes were the most disturbing part of the show for me because i hate when i am disgusted by both of them (the disgust should be saved for Danyella and mes)They are both wrong--Bo should NEVER prop a Ford/Salinger--ever!! And Nora you want to go after Nate but you allowed your son WHO KILLED SOMEONE to get away with it--I did not like her double standard.

    If the Todds end up being twins it will just be Jessica/natalie part 2 i guess. Stupid. (Don't you wish Jessica would have a DID character named natalie since she is really nat and Nat is really jess)

    I don't know what to think about Irene Manning--don't remember her being evil so why would she be behind this mess

  2. Yeah, Bo and Nora and this covering for Matthew highly disturbs me too. Nora does look like a huge hypocrite and I love her. I still don't think Matthew killed Eddie like he said because if so they've ruined a legacy character and he can never be brought back. I also get irked with Bo being so passive and I am sick to death of him defending the stupid Fords. He has done it since they came to town and considering how much he and his family have suffered at their hands it's ridiculous.
    Don't care about Dani and Nate and their relationship. Such a waste of airtime.
    Ahhh! Shaun sitting on Mes is a winner. Mes can't carry this storyline. No, I think Matthew wanted comfort and Mes was there. I have never thought he cared about her past friendship.
    PLEASE show address Nora's memories. I would like to think that in her subconscious she knows that Matthew didn't kill Eddie or more was involved. It's time for Nate to go down and the rest of the Fords to slink out of town.

  3. Bo is an idiot when it comes to the Fords. I hate it when they have him defending those asswipes! He just looks like a jerk who cares more about them than his own family. Which I know isn't the fact, but that is the way it looks. Best thing for Bo's character is for all those morons to leave.
    As for Nora, I know it hypocritical, but I really don't mind double standards in this case. Just because Matthew is her son and truthfully she and Bo didn't even have time to really think things through, they found out and a day later he was in the hospital fighting for his life. I sure the hell wouldn't want the world to know my son is murder when he is lying half brain dead in a hospital unable to defend himself. But I sure the hell would want guy who put him there to pay. I don't care it would be hypocritical, but that is exactly how I would feel.

    I don't even want to start about them not dealing the Nora's memory loss.

    I loved RH Todd going off about TSJ Todd being with Marty. Spoke for so many fans. Liz Hubbard!!!!! OMG! That would be AWESOME! I would squeal with joy.

    Minus Mes and Nate/Dani, it was a good day.

  4. Just wanted to tell you, I stumbled upon your blog only a couple of weeks ago, and it was love at first sight. Don't know why it's taken me this long to comment. You are freaking hysterical! The stuff about Shaun sitting on Mes... bril. I too need her (and Nate) to just vanish, like yesterday. Dani can stay ONLY as a supporting character to Tea and her father, whoever he is this month. (Remember when the kids were mostly supporting characters in their parents dramas? Miss those days.) I truly hope Nora kicks the ever-loving crap out of Nate today.

    I thought that RH's reaction to the rapemance was by far the best part of the episode. "None of you figured out that he wasn't me?!?" His utter shock/disgust at this turn of events was perfection. I wish Marty (and Dorian for that matter) could be a part of this storyline too.

  5. I am going to go ahead and go here and say that one of the chicks on the stupid show replacing All My Children looks like Beaker.

  6. HOLY COW. Irene Manning is behind all of this? WTF????????

    Sure as hell didn't see this coming - and I am a little nervous about how completely outrageous the logic (or lack thereof) may be playing out on this. Ultimately, that may be okay if the writers can keep it compelling and badass. And if they can keep all our faves front and center bouncing off of each other with all the craziness.

    I can't see this playing out without Irene not being clearly the major winner of the world's worst mother ever, including Medea.

    LOVED RH's reaction to the Rapemance Loveshack - the place really should be burned to the ground.

  7. @rac I know...they were both disturbing. However, I constantly make excuses for both of them because I love them so much. I do see why she wants to protect her son and all but I don't understand Bo's support of NQS...whether he is being objective or not. Regardless, I'm always glad to see them. She is quite self-righteous some of the time, but it is one of the reasons I just love her. Aaaaaand, I just got confused trying to get the DID scenario! God...I'm over twins and alters (except Jean Randolph...word). Well, TSJ is leaving soon so this will all come to a head quickly...I think. Well,she died about 6 years before I came into this world but I know she wasn't evil...at least then. So, I honestly have no idea about all this. I need to venture into some spoilers...

    @Andrea I, too, that Matthew may not be the one that actually killed Eddie. There is just too much time missing. They need to go on and wrap this story up. It's gonna be a damn year before any truth comes out. yes, I know nora is a hypocrite but I love her anyway. They are in a really tough spot right now. Poor babies. Oh, Bo's passiveness...dont' get me started. I get nauseous. Ummmm Dan-YELLA and NQS. Snooze fest and waste of time. Woof. Oh God Bless...there is no way Matthew is attracted to her. She was ALWAYS his friend and he emphasized that then...BAM! They do it? No. YES...Shaun has been under our noses all along! How did we NOT think of this? Oh and Nora's memories...dying to know but at this rate OLTL will never let us know. GRRRR

    @mojomiller OMIGOD...agreed about Bo! They make him take up for the Fords and it appears he cares for them but we all know that is not the case...just comes across that way. AH! Drives me up the damn wall! Aaaand again...agreed about Nora being a hypocrite in this situation! There world is in a tailspin right now. It's amazing she hasn't lost her damn mind completely at this rate. This whole situation is atrosh no matter how you slice it. Good God...are we EVER going to find out about her memories?! I mean...REALLY? Are they just not going to address it? UGH. Agree about RH going off on TSJ about the Rapemance. God bless that storyline bothered me. WOOF!! Oh, so the Liz Hubbard thing was a fail. Boo. That spoiler/spumor got me all excited and then *crickets*. woof.

    Ok lemme post this and then do another one...running out of space.

  8. @tallytofu Why thank you! So glad you enjoy the blog. Funny name, by the way...loves it! OMG...Shaun has been in front of our eyes this whole damn time! However, I will take any human, animal, force of nature, cast iron skillet etc...just remove this bitch from my screen! UGH! Oh, NQS...sweet Jesus. That bastard needs to explode, too. I can't deal. I think Dan-YELLA is a good actress but she and Nate are uber annoying. OMG...I LONG for the good ole days when kids supported their parents and the main focus was on the parents...tear. ;( Yes, RH's reaction to the rapemance was pretty fabu and spot on. Omigod...I miss Marty Saybrooke...you just don't know. Oh and Dorian...praying her send-off on the 25th is good. However, I have little faith. Woof. Glad you found the blog and welcome! Thanks again!

    @katie aaaaaaaand, I just died out laughing at my desk. I read your comment yesterday and forgot how funny it was! You mean the girl from Top Chef?! MOST DEF. There is another girl on the Food Network that looks like Beaker, too. She does that "Secrets of a Restaurant Chef" show. Her hair...ugh. Thanks for making me laugh!

    @Young Boots? Or Cri*Cri? Ummmm HOLY COW is right! I mean...I JUST heard the rumor Irene was behind all this and then *BAM* she surfaces two days later (and it ain't Liz Hubbard...could cry about that). I mean...WTF? I agree with you how this all could get a little illogical. I mean, Irene was "dead" back in 1978 and was supposedly a decent character. I'm not sure how this will play out and I haven't read any spoilers on her. I need to get on that. haha! I too loved RH's reaction to the rapemance and I did laugh when Blair called it a loveshack...couldn't help it. Yes, that whole damn place should be burned and I'd like to start with the ottoman. WOOF!