Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene is EVIL! Yet, I Lurve Her...

Irene: "That's right. I have been sent to this show for the sole purpose of removing Mes, NQS (aka Buster), and NuJack. I'm such a good agent that you can't even tell that is my mission! I'm THAT good."

Happy early Tuesday, kids! I was hoping to post last night but Ross had to draft his damn Fantasy Football team. Ugh. And, he has another draft on Wednesday...woof. I'll make this post as thorough as possible. I assure you my Tuesday post will be thorough! Oh, and I'll respond to comments from work...at some point I promise. I know I have a few more to get to. I have no clue what happened on Monday's episode or what was supposed to happen. All I know is that....*whannnn*....TSJ gets killed today. NOOOOOOO! I'll be upset no doubt. Ugh...can't deal. K, let me start...

Monday, August 29th--That's Right...Even Marty Is Starting to Get Upset That Victor Is Leaving!

UGH...Crystal Hunt is making another appearance. I don't want to see Stacy. I really don't. Gag me.

OMIGOD NOOOOOOO! Yes, this post will def be a drive-by since Mes is on this episode. Jesus Christ...forgot how much I loathe her. UGH. I wish Dan-YELLA would lose it and bop Mes with her huge coffee mug. Or that large jukebox can just magically land on Mes...SOMETHING!

Snap! Irene! Is it twisted that I kinda lurve her? Cause I do. Bitch is fierce!

I am lurving Tea's hair-do. Word.

Oh f*@k...first Mes, now Jes. I mean...what have I done to deserve this?! Her nude bra is showing...

So that answered one of my questions: Kim is paying for Stacy's bills. Wait...I didn't know Sean knew Kim. I need to rack my brain...

Ok so I'm not commenting on the Dan-YELLA and Mes scenes unless it has something to do with the extermination of Mes. I hate to short change y'all but I just have nothing to say.

Man...John is so much better with Irene than with Natalie! Lord have mercy! No, not sexually. I just enjoy John in scenes when he isn't being a boring douche, i.e. when he is with Natalie. I'm actually enjoying the Irene/John scenes.

I can't believe it, but I'm getting really upset that TSJ is about to bite the dust. WHANNNN!

The Gigi Morasco Scholarship Fund? *Le sigh* Why can't I be a normal person and find this to be a good thing? The first thing that popped up in my sick-o mind is that the person has to be a struggling wanna be artist (aka an effing trainwreck) in order to get the scholarship and work under Christian Vega...TOUGH REQUIREMENTS! Also, the recipient must have hair that looks like an electrocuted hedgehog.

TIMES! Ross and I were just like..."Omigod did Jess just say pu*@y?!" Wait...what?! I just rewound it and she did! That surely woke my ass up this morning! WTF, OLTL?!

Irene is a manipulative little biotch!!!

At least Natalie is talking sensibly to Clint about the gold-digging thing. Not that Rex is my fav but Kim is a gold-digger, too, just like Rex.

Ugh...I'm sorry. I have nothing to work with this morning! I am apologizing for how awful this is!

WHY.DO.THEY.PUT.BLAIR.IN.HIGH.WAISTED.PANTS?! Sweet Jesus! Someone answer me. Oh please...I don't believe for one minute that Jack thought that the scholarship would give Victor a tax break. I need a hippo to land on NuJack right now. Or...maybe that shark on NuJack's shirt could just come alive and devour him whole?

I ain't really interested in these Kim and Sean scenes.

I will no doubt have a bad day now that I was exposed to Mes.

I love the "Lindsay: Looney or Lucid?" Peeing! How in the world is Tea asleep with her legs crossed?

Irene is an evil bitch and I flippin' lurve her in some twisted way. What is wrong with me?!

Battle of the Buch Twins round 5,000...ugh. Speaking of these girls...I don't even flippin' care about the truth about McBundle's real daddy anymore. I mean...this shit has gone on for an eternity and now I'm just bored with it so something better get interesting. Hell, we found out the truth about Todd Manning first! Lordy!

I keep looking at Blair's boobs...no surprise. In other news: I love that Blair is shocked that Todd could have gotten the gun. I mean...I laughed when she looked distraught and said "It's gone." Bitch, please.

Peeing...RH just called Victor a "good little mutt."

I want to know what McBain is doing in the background of the Victor/Irene scenes. No doubt he is probably deciding on which black suit he should wear tomorrow. Word.

RH is cracking me up: "I'm never gonna share oxygen with that lunatic redhead again." I love it. I forgot how much I missed him.

I do like Jessica's outfit today. I'll give her that. Oh, and in case y'all forgot: Clint is adorable. I can't believe I have waited this long to say that. Ugh...Jessica's bra keeps showing.

Wait...Brody just surfaced? Almost 30 minutes in? Wait...or has he already been on today? My brain is addled a bit since I don't feel very well. So maybe he has been on already but I don't think so? Or was he on with Shane earlier? Regardless, all I need now is for Christian Vega to show up in the last segment...

Ah-ha! Brody is Bo's new secretary! I knew he would get a replacement.

I have to say that besides the Irene/John/Victor stuff and the RH/Tea stuff I'm bored as hell.

Omigod...Irene is EVIL! She just said Victor was a mental and emotional runt?! Wait what?! He is hugging her like he is a child?! Omigod now he is choking her?!?! ha! This is fabulous!

I blinked and missed the Blair/NuJack scenes. I need that shark to come to life like right now...

I do like the RH/Delgado scenes.

Snap...is Victor about to tell John about McBundle? If so, then I'll be interested in that reveal. What I'm not interested in is the follow-up convo that John and Natty will have. Bludgeon me now please.

Hmmm....I wonder if there will be a new set for Natty and John's apartment? Or will they just use Marty's house, too, like the Evans are? ha! Hell, we probably won't even make it far enough for John and Natty to get a new apartment.

Well woof...Victor ain't tellin' John now. Dammit to hell. In other creepy news: Brody has the looney bin look in his eyes. Lawd.

I can't help but laugh about Blair's paranoia about Todd having the gun that Dorian kept in the safe. She is so foolish...

PEEING...I LURVE when TSJ calls Brody "Love-ett." HILAR.

Ugh...who in the world is going to kill Victor? I hate this...whannnn!

Again, it looks like a reality show when anything is filmed in the hallway of the LPD. BRODY.LOOKS.CRAY.CRAY! DAYUM! His eyes are so scary!

Snap...Jess has a point. Yes, she could make an effort with Natalie but Clint could have made more of an effort with Bo. I know I know...but Clint is telling Jess to do that so I had to look at his situation as well. =)

Ugh...I have nothing to work with this morning! I am apologizing for how awful this is...AGAIN.

I hope Mes chokes on her burger at the Buenos Dias. K, thanks.

Rex was barely on today. I feel like his scenes were just sort of thrown in...

So...It's raining yet Victor isn't wet. And, NuJack just surfaced out of nowhere dry as a bone?

OMG OMG OMG...Liam is ADORBS!!!! I cannot deal!!!!!! Cannot effing deal with this cuteness! I love how Brody just haaaad to say out loud that "I'm not your father...John is." I mean...REALLY?! REALLY?

Whannnn...I can't believe I am saying this but--Victor! Listen to NuJack!!!!

I love that Brody said he played the Navy Seal card...lawd. Liam's hair looks lighter...

God...I must have had Kool-Aid this morning--I think it's nice how protective NuJack is being of Victor. That is all I can say...not elaborating. Lord...I have been brainwashed!

Ok, I'm running all kinds of late! I'll do comments today and I will blog this evening. I will make the next blog better I swear! I just hope I have more to work with.

Ciao bellas!



  1. the best part of the show was watching baby Liam play with brody's name tag than his badge --LOVE THAT KID

  2. I admit that the comment Natalie and her boobies made to Jessica about knocking her teeth out made me laugh. Oh, did anyone else notice Desitny's HOrrific manicure?? They don't even look good enough to be Lee Press-on nails!!

  3. What happened to Mes? The makeup was awful too. What a totaly waste those Dani/Mes scenes were. I'd rather watch paint dry. Seriously. PP better step up to the plate or I'm not following the show. Tired of lame Rex, the ditzy twins, and the teens. Oh, and Ford the hot dog. I have zero interest in Kim and her escapades. Bring on a real vixen, OLTL.

  4. Sorry I'm so late with these!

    @rac OMG baby Liam playing with tag and badge...ADORBS! He is my favorite daytime baby of all time! FACT! So presh.

    @katie hahahahaha! Natty AND her boobies. Lurve it. Oh I think MH noticed Mes' horrible manicure. I didn't because I chose to not really pay attention in those scenes. ATROSH. OMG...may I just say that I haven't heard "Lee Press-On Nails" in YEARS! I used to force my mother to buy me those as a child! ha!

    @andrea UGH...what happened to Mes?! What happened is that that bitch somehow learned how to dodge flying animals because we have been sending a ton of them to land on her (hippos, elephants, etc.) and none have landed on her! Dammit! Yes, the scenes were awful. AWFUL. I agree with being tired of all the same peeps...however, I do like Kim but her return has been rather lame. Regardless, I need focus on the vets until the end...PLEASE!!! Oh and for BN to go to PP. K, thanks!