Sunday, August 28, 2011

Washington Just Got a Lot More Fabulous While Llanview Lost It's Most Beloved French Speaking Dame.

Vicki: "Oh Dorian, you caaan't (in my best Vicki way to say "can't") leave! You just caaaan't!"

Morning all you fine people! I hope that all of you east coasters are safe and sound! I am no stranger to hurricanes so I am sure that all of you are ready for that bitch Irene to be gone...what a ho! Ok I'm responding to comments today. I'm about to do a full post about Thursday and then I'm gonna do Friday a little later but it might just be a drive-by. I heard that Friday's episode showed something that wasn't supposed to be on until Monday (at least according to spoilers). WTF is up with OLTL this week?! Anyway, let me get going because I have so much to do today.

Thursday, August 25th--Even Marty Sobbed Like a Baby During That Dorian/Vicki Montage...WHANN!!!!

I cannot stress enough how much I hate watching the show on Soapnet. PLEASE ABC get it right this week...begging!

So is Brody about to threaten Victor? Wait...we all know that TSJ is leaving so I wonder if Brody is the one that kills him? Just a thought...

Happy Sunday to me...John and Natalie. UGH! Separately please!

Omigod that pic of Matt was so adorbs! Nice close up. Ugh...Nora on the phone and that's it. Monday will be two weeks since she has been on...just woof. Peeing...Bo doesn't need any more bad news. No joke, commish!

Clint lit up like a damn Christmas tree when Kim walked in.

AH! Vicki and Dorian...I will relish this goodness no doubt! Yes, Young Boots, I want to steal Vicki's necklace, too! Just fabulous!

Peeing...Ross is opening a bunch of our wedding gifts while I have the show on and I made a comment about how upset I am that Dorian is leaving and he said "God, then I can't imagine how you would be if it was Nora leaving the show. You would have to join the 12 step program." Sadly, he is probably right.

Say what? Who is this bitch? Todd's secretary? Excuse me...Victor. I can't keep this straight when typing.

I'm so damn bored with this John and Natalie convo. I'm sorry...everyone yell at me. I actually feel bad that I can't like these two but it just won't happen! Believe me...I've tried! parked down the street and "snuck in the back?" Bitch please. You don't even have to sneak in the back. That shit is wide open for all to come and let Vicki take care of them. Who can blame people? I mean...I'd want Vicki to feed me and then tuck me in at night, too. Who wouldn't?

Awe...David had to aim a little higher once he found out he was Bo's son? Sha. Not that I have been a big fan of David being Bo's son but these scenes are kinda sweet...

My God...Dorian and Vicki. No words. These two in a room! Look at how fierce they look! So faaaabulous. Peeing...Dorian: "Oh really? And when did you get your medical degree?" These scenes are THAT good and they just started. ha...Dorian: "You're so full of it."

Clint is so handsome...that is all.

Saint Victoria! Dorian is on a roll!

Bo really does seems like he is so proud of David. Adorbs.

*Le sigh* a Marty mention. Snap...I wish these Victor and Brody scenes were a bit longer. I'm still disgusted they are going to turn Brody into a mini Marty (I say mini because I just don't see him losing it as beautifully as Marty did).

I'm actually having coffee and some how just fell asleep during these Natty/John scenes. Also, I'm tired of this tape shit since they keep having the same damn conversations about this over and over and over. Oy!

LOL...Victor is enjoying McBain moping around town being completely oblivious. UGH...these scenes are too short!!!!

Clint is so case y'all forgot.

Awe...David thinks Vicki is his best friend. I love it. Dorian just screamed "Bastard!" I lurve it.
Bo is peeing on himself about Dorian and Vickers just said she would be the next Hillary...minus the cheating husband. David could be the "First Husband." I LOVE IT.

OF COURSE...Vicki and Dorian are STUCK together yet again. I love this.

God there has been so much talk this week of Vicki and Clint getting back together...even Kim is concerned! I wonder when this is going to happen?! Ummm now please! K, thanks!

I am just wetting my pants left and right with Dorian and Vicki. Vicki: "Dorian, in all the years that you have known me have I ever, ever played a practical joke." Dorian: "No, you are rather challenged in the humor department." THESE.TWO.ARE.THE.BEST! Also, I love "The Sun" headlines all over the room. Awesome...Dorian doesn't even know how to dial out of her own office. Peeing.

Who is THIS new cop coming into Bo's office? Two new characters this episode...lord. hahahaha! David is going to be saving the innocent blonde children of Scandinavia! Possibly my fav line of the show!

Sooooo Brody and Victor are kinda bonding over this "my kids aren't really mine" thing but now Victor thinks he has to tell John the truth since he grew a conscience overnight. Hmmmm I think Brody really may be the one that kills him.

Ugh...please wake me up when these John and Natty scenes are over. I just can't get into this.

LOL...Dorian is her own nemesis. I do agree with Vicki though...they are "frenemies." Too bad Dorian doesn't like verbal mash-ups...ha! That's right Dorian...I'm going to be bored to tears without you, too. PLEASE DON'T GO! PLEASE. Vicki needs you in her life to function. Whannn. Erika Slezak and Robin Strasser are really starting to get upset. Seriously. Omigod...I'm losing it. Vicki just said she loved her in a very hard way. I can't deal. CANNOT DEAL!!!! Vicki: "I think I'm going to miss you." Dorian: "I know I'm going to miss you." Whannnn! Somebody hold me! Erika Slezak really wants to cry! You can tell!

Enter the new secretary for all of two seconds. And, I blinked and missed the Brody/Victor scene but I did get the foreshadowing....Victor's a "dead man." I am really thinking Brody is going to be the killer.

ha! Natty just kicked Kim out. This is the Natty I know and love! "Go get sleazeballs to paper your panties!" FABU.

Awe...Dorian: "I can't imagine what life is going to be like without you." Agreed Victoria...I can't imagine Llanview without her. THIS.IS.SO.SAD. I'm crying!!!! This montage is FAAAAAAABULOUS!!!! It really is such a good example of how intertwined these two are...through good, bad, and ugly. Ugh...this montage really makes it real that OLTL is ending and I'm depressed. These two ARE the show and I'm sobbing! Vicki: "Dorian, you have made my life hell...over and over again and in a very real and profound way you have made my life. I will miss you." Just perfection. Awe...David just called Dorian his hot little freshman senator. I am just a big ball of sadness right now and that's all I have to say.

Ok so the send-off for Dorian was rather classy but depressing and Vicki crying and shaking her head at the end...well just someone hug me right now.

Why in the hell do the shots in the hallway at the LPD look like a reality show?! The camera is shaky!

Victor will tell the truth and Brody will be his killer? Maybe?

In all seriousness, Robin Strasser is one classy dame and a fabu actress and she will be missed terribly. Thank you for all that you have done! Hope it's not the last time we see you! Au revoir, mon cherie!

Ok, I'm about to go watch something funny rather quickly and unpack some gifts!

Love you all and will respond to comments after while. Stay safe all my friends in the east. Thinking of you!



  1. Don't worry, there will be a bunch of us that will have to enter the 12 step program if Nora leaves :(. Big woof to her lack of airtime and good story. HBS is so fabulous and OLTL totally does not utilize her.
    As much as I hate to see Dorian leaving I did enjoy the montage and her scenes with Viki. So many characters should be leaving over RS and TSJ. If ABC would call me then I'd give them a list.

  2. @andrea I know...Ross had a point huh? How sad. Woof on all the lack of airtime and I'm just in depression central with their current storyline! UGH. Cannot flippin' deal and blood pressure is rising...woof. Oh lord, I LURVED the montage. I just hate to see her go. TSJ doesn't need to leave either. But for some reason OLTL thinks we would rather see NQS, Rama, Vimal, Aubs, Cutter, etc. As if that makes sense. Egregious!

  3. If HBS leaves, I'll join the program with you. We can have our own group.

    Vicki as the most important person in Dorian's life. I think that's right. Loved the scenes. ES was interviewed and said she "cried like a baby" on the day they filmed these. Show was made with just these moments, but loved that I got the bonus of Bo being cute with David.


  4. I already called ahead and made reservations for the 12-step program for the day after the show is canceled. I don't think Brody will be the killer though. That would be too obvious. They always make it someone you wouldn't expect. My money is on Hope. She likes her new grandpa better. :-P

  5. @Christie Oh fabulous! I am so glad to know that I am not the only one who ain't watching the show if she leaves. I am pretty sure we could have a fabulously fun group! WORD! Oh, I am in total agreement about Dorian being the most important person in Vicki's life and how she made her life. I don't blame ES for crying. Those scenes were phenomenal and well the montage...PERFECTION. Oh lord...Bo and David were adorbs and I will watch Bo fold laundry and relish it.

    @Desi Omigod please get me a spot in the program if it is not too late! We could have our own recovery program. You're right about Brody. People are now saying Shane...who knows. hahahahaha! Hope?! Now that would be awesome! AWESOME! And what a motive for pulling the trigger, too! Lurve it!