Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Tale of Two Todds: More Exciting Than "A Tale of Two Cities" - Fact!

Self-explanatory photo! Bring on the Irene Manning fall-out, bitches!

Hi Everyone,

Yes, it is MH AGAIN! I know ya'll were expecting ME back to post about yesterday's episode; however, homegirl got home super duper late last night and then had to go back to work today at the butt crack of dawn (huge woof). She is FOR SHIZZLE going to post about today's episode either tonight or tomorrow, so I promise that this is the last day that ya'll will have to put up with me... for now! Oh, and McBain and Co did not crash ME and Ross' wedding reception - boo! Regardless, it was a blast, and we had a great time celebrating with the newlyweds!!

Anywho, before I die of heat stroke in this atrosh Texas heat (We are about to set a record for the most consecutive days of over 100 degree temperatures - YAY - NOT - and we now have mandatory lawn watering restrictions - WOOF!), let me take a break from listening to the new Studio 54 station on XM and type up a top ten drive by of yesterday's show. Times, one cool thing about Texas lately: George Strait's adorbs self is starring in the 25th Anniversary "Don't Mess with Texas" ads, and I am beside myself. Great, now my body temp is up - not such a cool ad campaign anymore. Ugh, I am just going to sit in a tub of ice for the rest of the summer. I am sure ya'll don't give two shits about that, so let's go ahead and get this pool party started.

Oh, and I will respond to comments from Friday's blog at some point today! As always, apologizing for typos in advance!

Monday, August 15, 2011 Summary of Shenanigans in Llanview, PA
Brought to you by Marty's special BBQ crazy sauce/marinade. Marty wanted to host a BBQ and pool party at my house, but it is entirely too hot to eat or do anything outside, so she is just going to sponsor this blog post for today. Word!

1. This two Todd's story is fab right now. TSJ and RH's scenes are always enjoyable, especially when Vicki is involved, and I am so damn glad that RH isn't just lurking in the shadows of every establishment and home in Llaiview anymore! He is talking AND eating, and that is just good no matter how you slice it. Again, I could quote from these scenes all day long, but there is not enough space!
2. I think ya'll know what I am going to say about the scenes at Toad's house... wait for it... Got Milk?
3. Dear Mamma Evans, Nora did not hold a gun to Mestiny's head and force her to keep the baby. If I am not mistaken, Mestiny is your grandchild, and you surely did raise her for your son, so quit yelling at Nora, you hypocrite. K, thanks! I used to like you, but you are making that like go to hell in a hand basket now. And, don't get me started on Nora's passivity in these scenes.
4. Not even watching or discussing these Dani/Mestiny scenes. My blood pressure cannot take it.
5. Aaaaaaaand, please shoot me cause Starr is singing. Please somebody, make it stop. I will not watch or discuss these Starr/Spaz scenes for the same reason that I will not watch or discuss Dani/Mes.
6. May I just say that I flurve these John and Co/Irene Manning scenes! I mean, the actress playing Irene ain't Liz Hubbard, but I like her anyway. Peed on myself at her expression when McBain, the Whispering Chief of Detectives, told her that pressing the alert button with her knee was not going to do any good! Damn, they are already back in Llanview. Hope they enjoyed their stay in Louisiana as much as I did last week!
7. The dialogue in these Nora/Mamma Evans scenes is just overall atrosh, - I mean, WTF was that comment about Nora treating Mes like the help? Bo and Nora have always treated Mes wonderfully despite the fact that that little busy body is always up in their business when she doesn't need to be. Huge woof on these scenes!
8. Oh, a Clint mention!!! I forgot that he still exists We don't see him for weeks, then he appears to be sentenced, so now I guess he is in a secluded section of the Llanfair Refugee Camp to serve out his house arrest? He may as well go play gin rummy with Addie and Rene (Wait, or did Rex kick them out? Hmm.) in the attic of the Buch manse cause we never see him now.
9. I am pretty sure I peed on myself when Blair and Tea started comparing the two Todds' kissing styles and sexual preferences. So much for this frenemy relationship. Bring on the bitch slapping!
10. Just a reminder, Victoria Lord is fabulous in every way and looks fabulous in red, and I don't know what else to say! Times, did Vicki say that Jess is taking care of Clint? That is a scary thought. At any rate, cannot wait to see the Vicki scenes with Irene today!

Overall, not too shabby for a Monday episode. Again, thank you all so very much for putting up with my blabbering in ME's absence. I hope this post was somewhat coherent. It was even too hot for coffee this morning. Ok, time for me to go refresh this ice tub! See ya'll next time!

Loving ya'll mucho,


  1. That help comment made me mad. WTH? Does she know they live in an attic? Bo and Nora are not snobby rich people, far from it. Also, it's not Nora's fault that Mes ran around for how long in denial that she was pregnant? She still would be if Viv hadn't forced the issue. So it's not all on Nora she missed her abortion window. This needs to end ASAP.
    Loving the two Todds!

  2. I felt so insulted with Felicia's speech to Nora. Do the writers get that they basically insulted every woman who gave a child up for adoption or had a child as a teen? How many people have kids and go to college? I work at a school and nearly every girl that gets pg in my HS go to college and since they are single parents they basically get their college paid for. Her saying Destiny can't reach her goals is bull! If she keeps the baby it will be harder, but she can do it. If she gives the baby to Bo and Nora, she can stay on track and get to know her child at the same time. People do this all the time. Destiny is not special or unique. Hell we had a girl that had three kids in the four years I was in college, she graduated, it took and extra year, but she did it. And yes this wasn't something that was planned or even thought of, but isn't that life in general? I don't know many people who get pg at 17 who plan it.
    The help comment really got me too, I screamed when I first heard it.

  3. Loved the two Todds and Vicki...everything about the scenes. She looked like she was dealing with 2 five year olds. And I love her outfit too and the excellent necklace with it.

    Tea and Blair were awesome from the topic they decided to touch to the fight that ensued.

    The fact that HBS was not in either of my top two scenes of the day must be a record.


  4. Bonjour, ya'll,

    As always, thank you so very much for commenting. I really appreciate ya'll taking the time to share your thoughts! Really, I do!! Let me try and be coherent!

    @Andrea Completely agree. I could discuss my hatred of this storyline and of Mes for days on end, but we have beaten it to death. I need OLTL to take a page from the "Dallas" playbook and have this atrosh storyline be a horrible nightmare, except Bo and Nora wake up from the dream instead of Pamela Ewing. K, thanks! Loving the Todds storyline - so nice to see vets and no teens do their thing!

    @mojomiller You said that perfectly! Completely agree with all of the above. And, just to reiterate. I hated the dialogue of these scenes. Nora just sat there and took everything Felicia said and then apologized. Um, just no. I can't even discuss it anymore cause my bp will skyrocket.

    @Christie Totally agree about the two Todds and Vicki scenes. Loved them, again, primarily because no teens were involved and/or at the center! Tea and Blair cracked me up with their discussion! Omg, don't even get me started on the Nora/Felicia scenes. I mean, Hillary always brings it, and she proved that again today; however, these scenes were poorly written, in my opinion. As I discussed, the dialogue was absolutely atrosh, and I hated the scenes, which is downright wrong on so many levels. Just woof!