Thursday, August 11, 2011

Be Gone, Before Somebody Drops a House on You!

Glinda, the Good Witch of the North: Dear Mary-Ella, I cannot get those gorg ruby slippers off of Dorothy (and your wedding shoes are just as fab), so as a wedding gift, I will have the next tornado drop a house on Mes so that she and her spawn will be gone from Llanview. Love, Glinda.

Good morning, my lovlies,

I am thrilled to be back posted while ME is running around doing wedding activities!! I wasn't supposed to blog about yesterday's episode, and I have a busy day ahead, so I am going to do a drive by of yesterday's episode and hopefully a full post about today's at some point this evening. Fingers crossed!

Oh, and just to further prove how creepily alike ME and I are, that bitch totally stole the pic AND caption that I was going to use for this post. We did not discuss it beforehand.

So, I am at my parents' house in South Louisiana and have to use the good ole VCR to tape OLTL this week - huge woof! And before anyone asks, no, I am not keeping an eye on our pet alligator in the backyard, and no, I did not get here in my pirogue. Anywho, I am on cup of Community Coffee (shameless plug) number two, so hopefully this post makes sense.

Apologizing for any and all typos right now. Ready? Allons!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 Drive by of events in Llanview, PA: Brought to you by Community Coffee, the Lulaby League, and the Lolipop Guild

1. RH and Queen V are fabulous in every way! Period. End of sentence. Enough said!
2. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy couldn't Liz Hubbard play the role of Irene Manning like the rumours said? I mean, I would be perfectly fine if, on the next episode, I hear "The role of Irene Manning will now be played by Elizabeth Hubbard."
3. These Toad/Tea scenes are fab, and Tea looks gorg; however, sitting on that atrosh ottoman brings down Tea's appearance rating. I mean, every time I see that eye sore, all I can think of is "Got milk?"
4. Ok, so typically I would be over David's over the top antics; however, he is welcome comedic relief this eposide. Peeing - "I won't hire hookers this time." Oh, and I guess Nora called Bo to come get his kung pow chicken in Philly? I mean, it's these little details that are missing on soaps these days. Sheesh.
5. I will not watch these Nora/Mes scenes with volume. Hillary Smith is fabu enough that I can pretty much tell (since I read spoilers and recaps) what is going on in these scenes without having to listen to Mestiny. Oh, and I refuse to watch Nora grovel at Mestiny's feet. Cannot, will not, makes me physically ill. Really, I am outraged for Hillary and co that they have to be a part of this Mes storyline. Let's be serious, munchkins, if the writers wanted Mes to come full circle with her "parents," Darren or any other random person could just as easily have been the baby daddy. Word, yo.
6. UGH, I need to win the lottery so that I can pay for my parents to get DVR and wireless Internet. I mean, the lack of technology in this house is for the birds (or for the monkeys, since we have a Wizard of Oz theme going on for this post).
7. Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my, Blair and co are here. Ted King is all kinds of hot and all, but this whole Blair/Thomas romance (or whatever it was) was pointless now that RH is back. I mean, I will never get that time back.
8. Thank you, OLTL for not making me stomach nuJack in this episode. I would not have minded a little Sam appearance, though.
9. Please raise your hand if you care about Starr and James having sex. Only positive on this front is that the scenes were relatively short.
10. How much shit are the writers trying to throw at Bo and Nora? Those two cannot catch a break for anything. And to make matters worse, the rooms at this rehab facility are nicer than their entire garrett. Word. I need the dynamic duo to be happy sometime in the near future.

Ok, have to run now. Lunch with friends, baby gift shopping, then visiting a friend who just had a precious baby girl! Like yall care. I will be back at some point this evening to post about today's show. Fingers crossed it's a good episode.

Until later,


  1. Thanks, MH! Hey, house, Shaun, whatever works. I want this Mes mess over. Yes, Matthew did NOT need to be the baby daddy. I hate how they ruined their friendship over this baby ordeal.

  2. I think a foamed at the mouth when Nora got on her knees. BAH! Kill Mes KILL! Nora does not beg!
    Can we ever see Bo and Nora happy? They are famous for being happy and fun, guess the writers missed that memo.

    Raising my hand enthusiastically, I love watching irrelevant boring couples getting on, I mean the tension we have had to deal with for over a year!

  3. I just love to watch RSW's face whenever he has a scene with David. Words are not necessary.

  4. Hey Ladies,

    Thank ya'll so much for commenting! I apologize for taking this long to respond to your comments, but let me do so quickly before today's show.

    @Andrea I could discuss for days how ridic Matt being the baby daddy is, not to mention the fact that, yes, he and Mes' friendship is effectively ruined. I will refrain from further commenting because people may send me hate mail!

    @mojomiller Even though I watched the Nora/Mes scenes on mute, I had to ff that one scene. Seriously, it makes me physically ill that Nora would get on her knees to beg Mes (or anybody else for that matter) to do anything. You are so right that BN are famous for being happy and fun. That is why they became and are so popular, and it is beyond me why the writers refused to pay attention to that memo! Peeing with your comment on Starr and James!!

    @Christie Lol! I totally agree! I would love to know what the actors' strategies are for keeping a straight face during scenes with Tuc!

    Ok, fingers crossed that today's show is decent!