Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Irene Manning Likes Generic Pepto-bismol...the CVS Version

Liz Hubbard: "Mary-Ella, I'm sorry I couldn't be Irene Manning. I signed up for the part, but then they told me my secret headquarters was the Llanview Airport. I lost interest at that point. Not to mention, I like original Pepto-Bismol...not generic. Woof."

What it do?! ;) Happy Wednesday everyone! I've ALMOST caught up to comments. Need to respond to yesterday's post today. So, I'm kinda running late so lemme start this.

Tuesday, August 9th--Marty Laughing Maniacally Because She Switched the DNA Tests....ahahahahahaha. Not Really

Again, I love that EVERYONE is standing around Todd's house and that McBain is dragging this shiz out. Word.

Undisclosed location my ass! Someone call the two Todd's and tell them Mommy's headquarters is at the Llanview airport! In case y'all forgot, Baker is the worst agent ever and a clown to top it off. WOOF. I knew Irene Manning wasn't being played by Liz Hubbard the moment I heard her voice...whannnnn! What a disappointment! Oh...and I'm going to wait a few episodes before I really start discussing Irene. I mean...I know she "died" back in '78 or so from cancer. All this was before I was born and I've only heard her mentioned a little bit. Regardless, if she is behind all this Todd mess then she is the worst mother ever.

I cannot tell you how upset I am that the Evans got Marty's house. Y'all just don't even know...

Word...this confrontation with Nora and NQS will be good...thanks to Hillary, no doubt. I kinda wish Inez would walk in so Nora could rip her a new one.

Aw hell, David is showing Matthew "Vickerman." Poor child ain't ever gonna wake up. I think I just peed on myself...David: "I know what you're thinking though. Do I have a sequel in me? Have I lived enough life to fill another hour and 29?" I will say...David does have a sweet little heart. Oh, and this place in Philly most def has better rooms than those rooms at the Llanview Hospital that are about as big as something Barbie uses. My childhood fake hospital stuff was cooler than that hell hole.

What is Tomas' purpose on the show nowadays? Also, Dan-YELLA is now going to have a THIRD person that could be her father. Unbelievable. No really, unbelievable.

Baker's explanation is HILARIOUS!!! Akesha, he is starting to grow on me since he is making me laugh. Ummm....HELLS YES you couldn't predict John McBain! He is like a phantom, Baker! Fear him!

OMG...I just peed on myself. John McBain: "Shut up, Jack." morning is made and there is nothing that can make this day go wrong. If something happens, I will hear this scene in my head. Thank you. Ugh...I'm so confused about this Todd stuff. Hell, I didn't even know Irene Manning was coming until day before yesterday. OLTL is keeping this shit under wraps pretty well.

See I know that these scenes with Mes and her "mom" are supposed to warm my heart, but I abhor Mes' ass so much that there is just no way I can get into this foolishness. She is still a bitch and she ruins my life on a daily basis. I should sue her for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Yessss....a dig at Inez. Thank you, Nora. ha! Yes...Nate has indeed been launching his career as a porn star. Ugh. Why can't this bastard take a page out of the "Langston Wilde Handbook for Horrible OLTL Characters" and just get his ass to California?! Jesus. No, he has to stick around to torture me. Woof. Nora is killing these scenes. Aaaand, NQS just mentioned how Eddie can't be brought back. Nora will now feel guilty and she will end up not prosecuting him...lord.

OMG...the one liners going on up in the Manning household. I LOVE IT. LOVES IT! Ummmm no Toad...John McBain will never be wrong! You're right that there is a first time for everything, but John McBain is superhuman and doesn't count. He always wins. Aw hell...enter Dan-YELLA. I mean...this poor child. Hell, if RH is your real father then maybe TSJ can get a gig doing a prescription drug commercial and you can see him everyday like we do Ross Rayburn for "Cymbalta." Just sayin'...everyone wins.

TIMES THE EFF OUT. So, there is total product placement of the Pepto.'s the CVS brand?! What the hell? I just don't understand. These people are talking UP some McBain!

I think Dan-YELLA's purse is about to start walking around and taking on a life of its own. That thing grew since yesterday. Awwwww....RH's reaction to Dan-YELLA was sweet.

Ugh...don't even get me started on Inez leaving her kids in Ohio with Eddie. Just shut up, Nate. Please. Okay so it needs to be disclosed that Nora and Bo did NOT know that Matthew did it while she was prosecuting Nate. Woof. I mean...the show is dying for us to like Nate and they are trying everything they can for us to like him. It won't with me you clowns. Nah nah nah nah nah!

Aaaand David just said "Pa and Step-Nora." Thanks for that. Hahahahaha! David: "They [Bo and Nora] look like something the cat threw up. Speaking of which, Blair says 'hi'." I.LOVE.IT. Loves it! How Eddie Alderson kept a straight face I'll never know. Awe...David is being so sweet. I'm somewhat emotional this week with all this wedding stuff so I'll probably flippin' cry if David keeps going with all this tenderness. Lordy...

Well, I'm just a frigid bitch since I couldn't care less about these Mes scenes with her mom. I'm still praying a rabid cow just busts through the window and tramples them and keeps going. I would say Shaun could sit on them but he is not available at the moment...balls!

That's right...everyone listen to Vicki! John McBain supervised that shit and he is never wrong. Oh hell...what is Starr's explanation going to be. On the edge of my seat...

UGH...I thought I saw a cow outside of the Evans' window!! It's Marty! She is back to take back what is hers--HER HOUSE! She must kill Mes in the process! If the mom is collateral damage then so be it. I need Mes gone. Who better to do it than Marty?! Yes!

Ugh...Nora don't sit on that couch! I mean...I'm getting visions of Inez and Bo. VOMIT! Times...I blinked and that scene was over. UGH.

Why is Marty just lurking outside? Why doesn't she go in? Scared of getting caught!? PLEASE take out Mes now!!!

LORD...Baker is the WORST agent ever! I mean...he had RH for 8 years and got no info out of him and now the bastard has escaped. Fire him!

So Starr is now a geneticist?! SHUT THE HELL UP! This girl is such a prize. ABSURD. UGH. Go see what your child is doing? Maybe how many birthdays of hers you have missed. I mean...I knew you would get on my nerves again. Dammit.

Ugh...I need to speed this thing up so I can look decent for work.

Shaun looks hella skinny in that picture at the Evans house. Word. Oh, and in case y'all forgot...I don't give two shits that Mes is now back with her mom. The thing is...the mom is fine and I like her. Mes is just ruining these scenes. That is all...

haha! LOL...who knows what they are teaching Starr at the college, RH! I have been wondering the same thing! Please someone tell me. OMG OMG OMG...I loathe NuJack like no ones business but he just made a flippin' "Guiding Light" reference with his comment about there being clones in Springfield! God, I LOATHED the Reva getting cloned storyline. Anyway, very nice comment. I'm sure Kim Zimmer thought it was hilar.

I want to know why Irene has CVS Pepto. Also, I need to find her manicurist. if this were a James Bond movie, Irene would have Baker killed after she explains all his eff ups and how he botched the investigation. ha! that the horse is officially out of the barn. I love it. I mean...these people can't stop talking about McBain!

And the writers are still trying to redeem Nate since he "offered" to take the fall. Lord have mercy.

haha....I love that David said Harrison was badgering Mel about doing that movie with the beaver. TIMES!!!!!!! Good God! So obviously there is an effing autobahn in the state of Pennsylvania and I just didn't know it. Mes got to Philly in flippin' record time!!!! This is not even remotely plausible....just no. We are not dumb, writers!

Poor Nora looks like she is on the verge of a breakdown and I just want to hug her. LOL...Yes, you did cross the obstructing justice bridge weeks ago. Lawd. Hmmmm why do I think that somehow NQS or someone else will find out what Matthew did? Ugh. Ok so my heart broke when Nora said she believed Nate but too bad it wasn't enough. =(

Tomas...just give it up, dude. Blair doesn't want to be yours anymore.

Omigod! I CANNOT HANDLE THIS!!!! I do NOT want to see poor Nora beg to Mes to have that kid. I am dreading watching those scenes. As if Nora needs to hear this shit! UGH. So poor Bo never got any Kung Pao Chicken?! Jesus! Nora ALSO got on the autobahn to Philly and made it there in record time. Lordy.

Well, I just keep looking at Blair's boobs in these scenes at LaBoulae (or however you spell it). I want TSJ and Tea together, but I'm scared that ain't happenin. WOOF!!!!

AHHH!!!!! RH and Vickster at Llanfair together! Word!!! PEEING!!!!! I think RH gets the line of the day: "Well, you must be kinda tired of having Llanfair used as a refugee camp." PREACH IT! No shit! Hell, I'm tired of it so I know Vicki has to be tired of it. Aaaaand, now Vickster is discussing Irene.

DAMN! I was hoping Irene would be Liz Hubbard, but they DEF look alike! Lord have mercy!

Nice cliffhanger, OLTL. Word!

Ok...have to go get all fluffed and puffed! I'll finish up responses to comments today. Almost caught up...yay!

Love y'all...mean it MUCHO!


  1. I loved when John said "shut up, jack." I ROFL'ed and LOL'ed and GTFO'ed for like 20 minutes! So I am confused about the Todds now, even though I would hate it if it was, if they are not clones what the hell?! Its going to be some completely crazy, far-fetched explanation.

  2. Cannot tell you how crushed I was that Liz Hubbard was not Irene. I loved her on ATWT!! As you did, I knew immediately by the voice. So sad.

    Stopped watching GL years ago so I missed the clone storyline, but the CBS soap girl in me immediately heard the Springfield comment and Googled it up. Fabulous.


  3. The pointed thing about the Pepto was SO super deluxe bizarro. I mean WHAT THE HELL could that possibly be there for?? She has a bad case of
    IBS due to extreme evil mommy guilt?

    Oh my poor poor Nora . . .

    Young Boots (just for you)

  4. You got my hopes all up, then bam! No Liz! But luckily for you I am a very forgiving person. But I am still sad, she would been so awesome!

    Poor Nora, that really all I can say right now.

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