Thursday, June 30, 2011

Little Hope Has Lost Hope

Baby Hope: "I'm getting the hell out of Llanview. My mother is useless, and I'm tired of all the newbies. Plus, my grandfather doesn't even talk. He just stands there and spies on people. Fail."

Ah...this has been a long week! I knew today would be long when I flung my arm into the corner of the filing cabinet at work and started bleeding! I'll have a cut and lovely bruise on my forearm, and I pray they go away by my wedding. Ugh. I'm such a clutz so I'm sure something else will happen...woof. in hand I'm ready to blog. I really have no idea what happened today since I really haven't been checking the spoilers so this should be pretty fun.

Thursday, June 30th--Little Hope Thornhart's Take on This Crazy Town (Even This Little Girl Has Given Up...Hope)
1. YES! McBain drinking at his own bar. Word. Aaaand Blair's ass is hot...literally. She is workin' those white pants.
2. OMIGOD...RH is STILL lurking by Dorian's pool?! Jesus, Mary and Joseph! I guess the cool thing to do in Llanview is to NOT have alarms when you live in a mansion...just keep your doors open and shit. It's the cool thing to do. Oh...NuJack shirtless. Le barf.
3. FACT: Tea and Nora have THE BEST robes in Llanview. I tell you what...I like fiery Tea. I do. She is a little firecracker and I love it.
4. Wait just a damn minute! Who is this mo-fo at Capricorn!? Where is that irreplacable Christian Vega!? Give me back MY bartender! Hmmm...C-Vega leave with Rama? Word. Like YoSammity said...he needs to just do it with her already. Oh wait...I forgot C-Vega had to go out and find a new art assistant. Whereabouts confirmed! Oh snap...the bartender looks like a skinny version of Dokes from seasons 1 and 2 of "Dexter." I bet no one watches this (besides MH) and I'm alone in this observation.
5. Oh...effing shoot me. The sauna...Christian and Rama....barf bag, please.
6. In unison everyone: Poor Brody! Well, maybe y'all don't like him but I think he is a good guy and his ass is about to go off the DEEP END. Poor thing.
7. Todd's house is filled with like the shittiest objects of all time. Whoever decorated it should be bludgeoned. Ugh...every time I see Tomas and Tea in a scene I get all pissy that they are related because I think they would have sizzled together.
8. I love that Bruno Mars took a break from his busy music career to come to OLTL and play Tomas' son. ;)
9. Aaaaand RH is again working hard for his paycheck huh? Yes...exactly. This is the BIGGEST fail of a comeback EVER! EVER!!!!
10. Oh Blair...don't act so shocked. Bitch please!!!! Your son is a f*@kin' terror! You're a terrible mother and the fine young man named NuJack is living proof. Damn shame.
11. I am dying to know how these people storm into the sauna fully clothed and manage to last a whole episode. I almost die naked in there! WTF?!
12. Word's a damn shame that marriages in the U.S. are here today and gone tomorrow. Woof. Ok now back to the show and away from reality...
13. I FLOVE that the ONLY reason Baz agreed to live in Llanview is because of music. LOL...thanks for clearing that up Tomas. Starr said it yesterday and now you. I did NOT know Llanview was the new Seattle when it comes to the up and coming music scene. I need to look into this shit.
14. So Blair is asking John McBain for parenting advice. Of course, because this makes sense...moving right along.
15. I am so insulted with RH just hanging out behind the lattice work. Seriously.
16. Eh...not diggin' the Vimal and Toad scenes. These scenes are long yet the ones with Tea weren't as long. Ugh...I don't understand this damn show.
17. I mean...Brody is like the only one who wants a relationship here. I mean...Natty looks like she wants to puke. OMG...times if Natty and Brody did have kids they would have the prettiest blue eyes EVER! Well wait...Natty just kissed him. Hmmm. Akesha, I know you are loving all this Natty drama! ;) Ok so now Natty acts like she likes Brody but she still seems a bit apprehensive. Aaaaand despite Natty getting on my nerves she just said "it ain't my first rodeo" and I say that all the time. Lurve it.
18. I've said this before and I'll say it again...I do love John and Blair convos. I really do. Snap...John has on navy blue instead of black. Word!
19. I mean...Rama isn't even sweating!!! What a crock of shit.
20. Todd is sitting spread eagle!!! DAYUM.
21. Baz (Bruno Mars...thanks YoSammity) is an enema.
22. I don't know about y'all but these scenes with Starr, Llanview Mother of the Year, and NuJack are effing captivating!!!!!!! Whatch y'all think?! UGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
23. Ugh Blair...I disagree. I do not think John and Natalie work but I just need to get over this because they WILL be back together. Ugh...I'm nauseous and uninterested in Jolie at the same time. Oh dear God...Blair just made a reference to her trip to NYC. What a joke.
24. Eh...can't get happy about Natty and Brody doing the right thing cause it won't happen. Am I sad about this...yes. =(
25. May I just say that I have not enjoyed the show so far. C-Span is calling my name...more interesting!
26. Rama is as dry as an effin' bone leaving the sauna! FAIL!!!!!
27. I wish NuJack would drown in the pool. Yes that is harsh as hell and I don't care. Oh hell...Blair JUST missed Starr and Nujack and now RH will spy on her. This is BORING THE HELL OUT OF ME!!!!! How do the writers think this is entertaining?! How?! Holy hell!
28. I still can't get over the fact I like Tea. Wow. Toad just spilled the beans. Word. Vimal will snitch no doubt.
29. I bet Jolie people are so pumped about the upcoming Natty/John scene. Me...not so much. But, like Akesha mentioned in her comment, let's get this shit over with! (Not those exact words...I threw in "shit.")
30. Oh Suh-nap!!!!!!! The look on Brody's face in that last scene! He had cray-cray in his eyes yo!?

Okie dokie...respond to comments that I have tomorrow! I'll prob blog about Friday's show on Saturday.

Love y'all, mean it!

Baby Hope (aka the motherless child)


  1. Hope is adorable. If they showed her more maybe Starr wouldn't make me want to shove something sharp in my ear. Anywho, I hope y'all did OK with those crazy storms!

  2. Boy did I LOL at the Baz-Bruno mars stuff---the other day my kids were talking about Bruno and I had no clue who he was, so someone described what he looked like and I said--sounds Like that new character on OLTL!!!

    My poor poor Brody--he is the most honorable man on the show (and yes even compared to BO), he is war hero, steps up for everyone and he is being thrown under the bus for FORD and McPain--not right--Frons you are an ass!!!!

    Instead of advertising the "reunion is coming" they should say "The ruination continues"!!!

  3. This was a good career move for Bruno, get on a soap, that is failing and is wrapping up in less than a year...No way but up from that.

    I totally watch Dexter, I love that show, Michael C. Hall plays creepy nice guy so well, almost TOO well, but that's besides the point...I do not see this resemblance between Dokes and Christian at all. Dokes is super scary looking and intimidating and doesn't know what smiles are... Christian is a hunk a hunka hunk...That is all.

    Natalie got so happy when she found out that Jessica called Brody, she was so happy to be out of all this...did not happen at all...

  4. @Katie hahahaha! Makes you want to put something sharp in your ear! Ah! I'm cringing at the thought, but I agree! Mercy. Hope is cute and would prob make Starr more appealing but we all know her parenting skills are shit. did storm here last night and it was kinda crazy. Didn't even know it was coming. Thanks for asking! Hitting up Florabama for the 4th? ;)

    @rac haha! I knew that Baz reminded me of somebody that was a singer or something and thanks to YoSammity I found out it was Bruno. OMG...poor Brody is right huh? I mean...I am really starting to like him, and I just hate the fact that he is gonna go pretty much bat shit crazy when he finds out the truth about Liam. Frons is an ass indeed. Yes, he is quite honorable even compared to Bo, but Bo is still the best in my book. ;) I'm totally biased. But agreed about Brody. All he wants is just a little family and to be happy...damn shame. Ooooh you should have submitted the "ruination continues" thing to ABC Daytime...MUCH better! Ugh. So over Jolie and I know I'm in the minority with that.

    @YoSammity Wait...first of all I'm not talking about Christian resembling Dokes...LOL! I meant the bartender that was waiting on Toad and Vimal! hahahahaha!!!! As if Christian and Dokes look alike...peeing! Glad you watch Dexter, too...fabulous show! LOL...yes, best career move of Bruno's life! His career has no where to go but up from his stint at OLTL...awesome. You're right...Natty looked like she was on cloud 9 when Brody said Jess had called him. Then she looked unhappy the entire convo and then she plants a big kiss on Brody?! I'm soooo confused at this point. Natalie is driving me nuts. She makes such poor decisions. Ugh.

  5. Haha hilarious Bruno = Baz

    Where is Liem during these scenes? Evil step/twin sister watching him!?

    Okay for the 100th episode in a row the tape player is still not listened too, and i think almost everyone in the soap has had the opportunity to!

    I love how Vimal had a pyramid of shot glasses no way he would really be able to drink that much, seems to me he'd be a light weight!!

    Stupid Todd told Vimal anything,Vimal was the one to spill the beans about the other paternity test...DUMB!

  6. i mean it was finally listened to!**

  7. Hi Mija!

    Hope all is well. I can feel you about a long week. My flight has been delayed by two days!

    I totally agree that this episode was not all that enjoyable... but the writers have set the bar pretty high as of I will accept a couple of duds as long as I am treated to a few jaw droppers as well.

    @Mija and Rac... I think Brody is okay..but I don't like his actions... I DO feel sorry for him that he got caught in the Natalie trap, as that never ends well for anyone. He accidentally signed his release papers when he chose Natalie over Jessica... I had to have a moment of silence for him, because Natalie will drop him THE SECOND John chews his gum in her direction.

    I don't see Brody as the most honorable man on the show.. Bo wins hands down. Bo would never go after a woman who was first with Asa or Clint... He didn't know Asa was with David Vicker's mother. I hate that they are going to Saybrook him, but i think he will make it a ride for all of us.

    #4 I loved Christian's replacement "Dokes" at the bar. Don't get me wrong... I don't want Christian gone, but my man did put Todd in his place pretty quickly. LOL... Anyone who can do that gets a vote from me...

    Aside... I actually liked Todd and Vimal together. Todd really hasn't had a male friend. While they would never match the bromance of Bo and Rex, if the show wasn't ending, I would have loved to see the Adventures of Todd and Vimal

    #17 LOL... I have take a blood pressure pill each time she comes into a scene. I am so conflicted because now I don't like Jessica too much either, though I do like her snapping on is starting to get old.

    Aside @YosammitySam I am going to need for Brody to take a hint. Natalie is clearly looking at Brody as her next best option since John is unavailable. Brody on the other hand is trying to figure out how soon he can get away with "re-ringing" Natalie with Jessica's ring, since tackiness isn't a concern in this situation.

    #19 Rama didn't sweat because she has no soul... Don't let her redemption story fool you.

    #27 Almost needed Depends when Starr told Blair she would handle Jack... in fact the whole scene was pure comedy. If Todd didn't scare NuJack into clean living...Starr won't fair better. I guess her experience with Cole does give her some expertise on dealing with murderers...oh well.

    Their conversation sounded so privileged when they talked about how tough they had it being the child of Todd... not to say they didn't have it tough with Todd being a rapist or on death row, or being accused of the many dastardly deeds he has tried... but the examples they gave were "Remember when he was going to move us to Hawaii?" That's the best you can do Starr...?