Friday, June 10, 2011

Mestiny!!! Leave Bo and Nora Alone PLEASE! xx, ME

Nora: "Bo, that child won't leave us alone. We can't have one minute with Matthew in peace."

Top o' the mornin' to y'all and HAPPY FRIDAY! Hope y'all are having better weather than we are in Chicago. Ugh...nasty right now and may I just say it's FREEZING! Dammit. Anyway, y'all know that I flurved Thursday's episode since B/N were on...and thank God! Oh, FYI...I'll respond to all previous comments AND new comments from work. Excuse the errors since I doubt I'll even have time to proofread. This will be a mess I'm sure. So....

Thursday, June 9th

Just since Tess is on that means Ford will be on today. James, too, I'm sure. Woof. When is Bess done?

Vicki!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! She looks fabu as usual! PEEING! Tess bit Dr. Levin!? God...he needs it. He is the worse doctor of all time. Even worse than Dr. Smurf with the awesome bedside manner...ugh. LOL...Vicki: "Ooooh, I'm so sorry."

Wait...did Ford just drop those weights on the floor? Bad decision. You should know not to do that. I'm sure Inez taught you nothing so I'm not surprised.

Well, if Brad is on today WITH NuJack then I am gonna need someone to just put me out of my misery Gabrielle Medina whoa.

I'm not interested in this bullying storyline at all, but at least Shane is getting smart and standing up for himself. Good on him.

Times the f*@k out!!!! Ooooooookay. Not that I give two shits where Inez is but I mean REALLY?!?! Dayt-en is just hangin' out in the living room in that purple nightie and now Nate just busts up in the there with just a damn towel on?! Is this a brothel and I'm just not aware. Also, Nate's hair is out of control and looks like Ray Liotta's hair in "Goodfellas." Okay...I'm stopping.

I just know I'm gonna want to beat Mes by the end of this show is over. Just know it.

Aaaaand Matthew's feet are hanging off the bed. I know those beds are small but even Clint's feet didn't dangle that much. Awe...good on ya Nora. Already researching cases like Matthew' determined. Just love it. And may I just say that Hillary Smith has never looked better!!! Her outfit is all kinds of fabu and I'm certain it's her own since the wardrobe dept. could never be so cool. That color is gorg on her. Bo has that looking nauseous thing down to a science. NOOOO!!!! Stop eavesdropping Mes!!! F*@k!!! Do not make me go postal on you today. poor Bo and Nora. I cannot deal.

I mean...Dayt-en is just having coffee, eating cereal, and just making herself right at home huh? My God!!!! I cannot wrap my mind around this shit.

I'm not discussing NuJack. I mean...y'all know how I feel. He and Brad are walking middle fingers with a side of douchebag. the way Rex said "MyFace" made it sound like the Shane Morasco thing "blew up on my face." LOL. Y'all need to rewind that shit if you missed it. Raise your hand if your glad GiGi has toned it down with the plaid! YAY!

The knocked up in high school joke by NuJack was kinda funny but I'm not engaging in these scenes. Ooooooh JUST what we need--Starr getting involved with this Matthew shit.

Wow...Ford can do push-ups?! OLTL never shows these guys working out. May I JUST say that I hate that damn picture of the hot dog and fries in the background. WOOF.

I'm so invested in Tess' love for Ford. FAIL.

DAYUM...Vicki is like all knowing with this ECT shit. Go ahead Dr. Levin that you are indeed the HBIC. Word!

May I also say that I hate the mother on the Jell-O Temptations commercials because she is a total bitch to her children in that tent. Ugh.

It's amazing...I actually just enjoyed the Gigi/Rex/Shane scene when they said they were going to get married at city hall today. I thought it was kind of adorbs since Shane got so excited. I'm sure it's like his dream come true. Awe.

Dr. Levin looks like he has had a LOT of plastic surgery. AHHHHH!!!!! Timeout!!!! I JUST realized who he reminds me of--David Guest! You know that guy who was married to Liza Minelli a few years ago?!?! Not that they look alike but just something reminds me of him. Something about them looks a bit plucked and pulled and tucked. hahaha! This is awesome...

WOW...there was a blind nurse on duty, Ford??? You bastard. James is the only one making sense here...

AGAIN...where in the hell did Dayt-en get that new pic sweater? With what money? Also, even after Nate's hair dried he still has the Ray Liotta look going on today. This is so strange.

Awe...BN holding hands. YES! Nora even suggested getting a better doctor! She. Is.So.Awesome. Now she is crying a doing a fab job! However, I can't deal with Nora or Vicki crying. Lordy. DAMMIT!!!! Mes! I CANNOT DEAL WITH YOU RUINING THE BO AND NORA SCENES. I JUST CAN'T! I want to pull my f*@king hair out. I'm like screaming at the tv and it's 6:45 a.m. Woof! YES!!!!!! Nora just shut Mes down! Thank you Jesus. Best.Move.Ever. Nora is just uber determined. I flove it. Lord...OF COURSE Bo isn't going to say anything. I know they are going to have an argument about this soon. And...I think their upcoming argument is totally warranted. I know a lot of people are upset about it, but I think it's totally realistic given the circumstances.

Ok...I kinda need to hurry. It's 10 til 7. Thank God I don't have to wash my hair this morning. So I may gloss over some of this....

I like Starr's outfit today.

Sooooo Ford and James have a gym membership to Serenity Springs to lift weights, but they also lift weights at home? Hmmm.

Score...Vicki gets to interact with someone besides Dr. Levin. And she just gave Tess an ultimatum. Awesome. ain't makin' a fool outta Shane. You're makin' a fool outta yourself on every episode your on. Word.

I think this Rex/Gigi shit about death do us part is such foreshadowing. Surely Gigi will be Clint's donor right?

Nora darling, I can't deal with you being upset. Bo has hardly said one damn word this episode, p.s. I think their silence in this scene speaks volumes! I feel my heartbreaking as they just sit there looking despondent. God...what a shitty situation. Also, if Hillary Smith doesn't get an Emmy nomination for this storyline then I'm gonna lose it.

I KNOW I can't deal with these Mes/Matthew scenes. NOOOO! "Not after what happened in your bed?!" Take me out Gabrielle Medina style RIGHT NOW! Aaaaand now Starr is involved in the story.

LOL..."That's right, anesthetize me Vicki." haha! Good question, Tess. When IS the last time Vicki felt good? Queen V deserves happiness like last year!! Give it to her, writers! She deserves it! God Bless...EVERYONE leaves Tess' room and like has a damn breakdown after.

Aaaand these Mes/Starr scenes are going to be shown on repeat in hell right after the Dayt-en/James scenes. God Bless this is torture. TORTURE!!! Cannot even engage in disucssion about this because I will get to pissy before work.

OMG...Nora is determined as hell. Lurve it. Bo looks like he just wants to vomit and doesn't have the heart to tell Nora that he doesn't think Matthew is coming back. Lord have mercy...tear. Bo and Nora are too fab for words. Again, Bo is selfless and asks Rex about the suit.

ComicGirl15 looks familiar for some reason...

YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! HBIC Vicki at Ford's door in Queen V mode. I flove this. I love when Vicki gets pissy and mad. So fabu.

These guards at St. Ann's are the douchiest lookin' guys I think I've ever seen...

OMG! Starr and Mes get out of Matthew's room...for my sanity, please.

I agree's only been a few days so I wouldn't jump to donating my child's organs. I flove Bo talking about how determined Nora is. Bo is really gonna want to vomit after Rex tells him about the heart and the blood type.

Ok...someone please tell me WHAT is on NuJack's shirt. Is that a red SOLO cup?? I'm so confused.

Score...I'm actually glad that Shane is onto Nujack's ass.

Whoa. Matthew is uber lucky to have Nora as his mom. That was a determined and heartfelt speech to Matthew. Tear.

Aaaand Bo does look nauseous. That's right...Clint and Matthew have the same blood type and Clint needs a heart and Matt is barely hanging on. Lordy. That's heavy stuff.

Ford...I mean how can you NOT obey to Vicki's requests/commands?! I mean she is mesmerizing.

I kinda hope this ECT thing works with Tess. Ready for this shit to move on. Even Ross is sick of it so you KNOW this shit has gone on for too damn long! WORD!

Thanks Bo and Nora for being uber fabulous with this storyline and thank you Vicki for being an HBIC with Ford. Oh and if ANYONE is interested in flying to Llanview to take out Mestiny please let me know! I'll pay you handsomely for it...swear.

Ooookay I'm running late. Oh, and I have a LOVELY friend in town this weekend so I am not sure what day I'll post today's episode but it will be posted...promise. Just keep checking in...

Thanks so much! Love you all!


  1. I hate those Jell-O commercials, too. Almost as much as I hate NQS. I am jealous of your weather though. The daily 105 is a bit much for me lately. Although, if it gets below 75, I will bitch then too!

  2. Bo and Nora are more powerful when they say nothing at all. The silence is what gets me. LOVED how proud Bo is over Nora not giving up, that mans eyes lit up. How does RSW do that with his eyes? My heart melts every time he does it.

    That doctor needs to learn tact. She might as well just said, why are you still hanging on to hope, he is obviously a goner, oh can you stand back while I cut him open for his organs? I hated how she put Bo on the spot, none of her damn business how he feels! She should let those two discuss it in private.

    Mes, I hate that girl more and more. I can't even describe it. Where the hell is Shaun, he needs to tell her to leave Bo and Nora alone, they have a lot on their mind and they don't need her over acting.

    I hate Ford more than ever before, Viki needs to send Clint's goons after him again.

  3. Damn - as much as I am going totally postal over half of the storylines, Mestiny is taking my agro to new heights. I about busted a gut when she told Starr she was afraid that Matthew might think she was a blabbermouth. YA THINK???

    *Sigh* Just "no" on this whole teenage sex out of left f**king field story - nothing is working on any level there whatsoever. Badly done.

    Poor Nora - who will have to put up with such random lameness regarding that particular issue. Not the first time I guess.

    (Speaking of random - I remember totally falling in love with Hill when I was a wee child - Nurse Kit or something on "The Doctors." I was all traumatized when it went off the air and I couldn't see her anymore. I swear I think she looks EXACTLY the same, though I can't for the life of me remember anything but her face and her voice and her adorable little nurse's hat.)

    Go Shane go! I KNEW you would figure it out! I just hope it isn't something vindictive that Shane cooks up that ends up getting his mama killed. HORRORS.

    As much as I do like the actress who plays jesstesswesmess, I have this fantasy that after ELT, suddenly Erin Torpey slips back into place. Miss her interactions with RH - that would be a treat. I know - totally living in a fantasy world on that one.


  4. @Katie Although I do loathe the Jell-O woman that bitch doesn't even compare to my hatred towards NQS. Every damn time we see the commercial Ross and I yell at the tv "God you're such a bitch to your suck!"'s 60ish now. Better. I understand...believe me I haven't forgotten about southern humidity. Still have nightmares about it. Stay cool. Drink a margarita or something.

    @mojomiller OMG STOP! I could have gone on for days on end about how fabulous Bo was being all proud of Nora but I was pressed for time and I try to keep my gushing to a minimum since it is already so obvious they are my favorites! His eyes do it for me every damn time. Oh God...that damn doctor is ATROSH! She is 3 ft. tall and mean! OMG...don't EVEN get me started on Mes! That bitch makes my blood pressure rise! I want to do a quick Mortal Kombat move on her and just end it! GAME OVER! OMG...Vicki needs to put Ford in his place! Perfectly fine with Mr. Black and Mr. Blue unleashing on Ford. Woof.

    @cri*cri UGH...Mestiny needs to be taken out STAT!!! She is KILLING me! She never shuts the hell up PLUS she always barges in on Bo and Nora when they are like crying or upset or talking to the doctor...JUST NO!!! I cannot even entertain the teenage sex and possibly pregnant notion. Just not today. I want to have a lovely weekend and discussing it puts me on edge. AS IF Matthew would not have used protection!? I MEAN REALLY?! Well I wasn't born yet for "The Doctors" but I watched her on ATWT. She does look and sound the same. Adorbs. Like you...I was like "yay Shane" when he figured this shit out. however, I now think Gigi will be the victim in all this JUST as I am starting to like them as a fam. So weird. ooooooohhhh! yes, I like Bree Williamson as Jess too, but let's be serious...Erin Torpey was THE SHIT. I flurved her. It's okay! I live in a fantasy world,too! I keep thinking "Surely Renee will surface at the hospital to see Clint or even get mentioned since Cutter is now living in the Buchanan Mansion." SOMETHING! Woof.

  5. I hope Tess stays on forever and ever! Because the more I see of her, the more boring I realize Jessica was. Tess can just stay on til the end and I would be happy.

    AND ROFLLMAO, I was saying the same thing about how Rex said "my face"! Lol omg it was too funny, I was like why didn't they make him say that over, he said it so incredibly weird! He was emphasizing for absolutely no reason at all!

    So-so episode...

  6. LMAO....amazing blog once again ;) Girl, you don't have to pay me dime to take that MESS out... I can't stand her!! They need to duct tape her damn mouth and fast!! B&N are just AMAZING... indeed they say more with there silence =( how sad for them to be going through this!! Gotta give props to Nora though for standing her ground =) Loves her xoxox


  7. You know what would be hilarious? If Jessica's next alter was "Des" and she could think she's pregnant with Matthew's baby. Ha! I just thought of that after cri cri wrote jesstesswesmess lol. OK, no, that would be even weirder than Wes. Anyway, sad to see that Kelly is leaving with Joey because that means she and Kevin aren't getting back together. But on the plus side, that means Joey is leaving, which means Aubrey and Cutter will probably be leaving too, as well as Rama and Vimal. Just a guess, but that's what I'm hoping, considering we don't have much time left, and I want to focus on the characters who have been around for more than five minutes. NQS and Dina (I don't like how the show spells her name) should run off to Dayt-en together while we're at it...just sayin'. I had to rewind the way Rex said "MyFace" too. It was hilarious. Was that on purpose? You'd think that if Gigi was going to die, she'd be in the Comings and Goings. Plus, aren't she and Rex together in real life? I don't see them ever breaking that up, but they didn't bring back TK for SH, so I guess it's possible. I'm so over the teens. It must be summer. NuJack and Brad need to go yesterday. I am glad that they have the real Matthew in the hospital bed, and it's not a weird stand-in, like when Toad was in the hospital. But unlike NuJack, I could watch Sam all day long. He is just too adorable! I know you haven't blogged this yet, but I thought it was hilarious that Sam told the real Todd that his grandmother was watching him. Ha! Like Addie has any time for him when she's watching Hope 24/7.

  8. Okay I was getting some nourishment when Destiny stated she didn't want Matthew to think she was a blabbermouth. I think I lost consciousness from laughing to hard or choking...

    @Mija While I think Matt/Des teen sex was very much so storyline driven as opposed to character driven, it's very much a reality of teen life. It's very believable that a teen like Matthew, who was thinking moreso of going to prison than a possible pregnancy would not use a condom. After all Matthew didn't wear a seatbelt and got into a car with a kid he knew was high; so yes... while he has matured, he is not infallible.

    I think ALL of the teens are being too intrusive on Bo and Nora...

    Again, why are Matthew, Clint, Natalie, and Kelly in regular rooms... where are the private suites?

    Loved Vickie, Tess, and Ford scenes. First off, who believes Ford would automatically know what ECT means? Secondly Vicki laid down the law... I would be scared to even think about going against her.

    Nujack is getting SMALL bit better...
    Glad Shane is sticking up for himself.


  9. Ah...forgot I had these. Let me respond quickly.

    @YoSammity You and Ross can drink and discuss the fabulousness of Ford and Tess. LOL...he loves them, too. OMG YESSSSS!!!!! I pointed it out to Ross and he noticed but that was oooo obvious when Rex said that! LOL. Of course, you were the person to notice with me!

    @kim100676 Awe...why thank you darling. You're too sweet. OMG if we gather up enough of us I just KNOW that we can take Mes out...know it! Strength in numbers! She is atrosh! Oh God, I can discuss BN's fabulousness for days on end and keep on going. They are so perf and both are doing this story so well. The Best! Loves her and him! xxxx

    @Desi hahahaha! Peeing! How effing awesome would the Des/Mes alter be?! Lurve it! Lord...agreed about Kelly and Joey. Ugh. I want her ass with Kevin in the end but that won't happen. Snap, I HOPE Cutter/Aubs/Rama are gone soon but I don't know. They are bringing in even MORE new people this summer! did you know that? How ridic! Maybe Aubs/Cutter/Rama will just kinda drop off like Inez did? Maybe? Oh f*@k...AGREE on NQS and Dayt-en/Dina! Leave now! Oh, and the way she spells her name and pronounces it....insulting. Effing insulting. How hilar was that Rex " my face" shit? I think JPL may have just said it that way? Who knows. Agreed about Gigi in the comings and goings but I just don't know who else it is that dies? Plus, they have kept these spoilers (as well as the RH ones) under wraps. OMG so over the teens already and we aren't even halfway through June yet! I hope it is better than last summer...please! OMG thank God it's really Matthew and not a a fake one...couldn't deal. hahahaha...peeing about Addie! Yes! Her ass is all wrapped up in Hope that that bitch doesn't have time to even think about Sam! She probably doesn't even know who he is. I mean...he is uber adorbs. AH.

    @Akesha hahahaha! She didn't want Matthew to think she was a blabbermouth. Lord have mercy who is she kidding!!!! I hope you didn't choke, p.s. You're right about Matthew but I think I hold him to some creepy weird high standard (maybe because he is BN's kid) and I know I shouldn't and I have no reason to do so. I still would hope he would think to be smart about his first time but *le sigh* he wasn't. I'm still disappointed in him. I cannot lie. OMG I CANNOT deal with the intrusive teens. Nor can I deal with the lack of BN airtime. Scenes are too damn short. Good point about the private suites. AT LEAST get Clint and Matthew better beds! Lord have mercy! The Buchanans built the damn hospital practically. I floved the Vicki/Tess and Vicki/Ford scenes too. hehe...Ford probs would not know about ECT initially. Vickster is the shit and FLOVE her in HBIC mode! The.Shit. I guess I could agree with the NuJack improvement but I just loathe him so damn much. His red plastic cup shirt is killing me. OMG so glad Shane is sticking up for himself and getting smart! Word!