Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's the Luck of the Irish! Patrick Is Alive, Marty! Oh, and He Will Lurve Your Marinade...Don't Be Nervous

Marty: "Patrick you need to stick around for my new show, Marty's Playhouse! You can't die on me!" Good thing for Marty he is alive and well.

Good Evening! Hope all of you had a happy weekend! We have been busy exploring our new neighborhood and unpacking...but we have a helluva lot more to unpack. UGH. Soooo....I KNOW I said "I'll do a full post of Friday's episode." But, let's be serious the show really wasn't THAT all. EXCEPT...Susan Haskell was fabu. No surprise there. Ross didn't even really watch with there you go. least I didn't think so but again the fab 5 weren't on my screen. Oh, I'm also a bit bitter that Thorston Kaye won't be making an appearance as Patrick...barf barf woof. I'll respond tomorrow to all comments I have. Sorry...been busy! Anyway, let's do this darlings!

Friday, June 3rd--Marty's Pool House Version of Events
1. YAY!!!! Marty's Pool House opening the show. Oooooookay time out everyone. How egregious is this Natalie escaping the hospital (in the most vibrant purple coat EVER! inconspicuous huh?) and getting to Toad's pool house?! I mean...REALLY?!
2. I already knew about the Patrick stuff so I wasn't shocked that Tomas suggested it to Toad.
3. John's hair looks a little more slicked back than usual. Maybe because he hasn't bathed and there is a little grease hangin' out?
4. I mean...this whole Ford redemption thing is like a damn supossitory up the ass! They are DYING for us to take this redemption shit so we will feel all better about Ford. Hell to the no. Well, I retract. I think Ford is uber adorbs with the baby and then Ross likes him so I have to hear that constantly. Ugh. I dunno. I think I'm just mad the writers are doing this...woof.
5. Toad: "For some reason he [Patrick] loved that crazy bitch hiding out in our pool house." FLURVE IT!
6. Aw hell...Hope is surfacing today? REALLY?! Let's all applaud Starr for giving Addie the day off. Come on...y'all know Addie's ass needs a break! WORD!
7. I flove Aubs' jacket...adorbs.
8. I'm just not interested in these Ford/James scenes. Just apathetic, really...
9. Dear Bess, You will never be a match for Jean Randolph. love ya, ME
10. Is it wrong that I'm peeing on myself that Natalie is writhing in pain covered in dirt and then Marty was like "It's true...that bitch is alive." Beyond comical...
11. Aaaaand Marty lifting the gun is also hysterical. She looks deranged.
12. I'm more interested in a damn Tomas/Toad scene than Tomas and Blair...even when Blair and Tomas were at The Palace. How is this effing possible?!?!
13. The guy from hospital security is NOT threatening in the least and looks creepily similar to the St. Ann's security guard...bizarre.
14. I tell you what...for Marty to be hiding out in a pool house her clothes and hair and make-up are fabu. And this bitch is off her rocker. Good thing to know...if I ever go crazy I can still look good. Positive news.
15. I'm also not really into these Joey/Aubs scenes...don't ask me why. Maybe I'm just not feeling them this episode.
16. I'd love to see Jean Randolph and Bess go at it at Trivial Pursuit. Talk about intense...
17. John and Roxy both look like they need to bathe. Just sayin'. Soap is amazing. Shampoo and conditioner are also nice...
18. Awe how cute--Blair and Starr are discussing their infamous clandestine Palace hotel hook-ups. What a great mother/daughter convo. FAIL.
19. Susan Haskell's reaction to Patrick being alive and then seeing the pic....Phenom.
20. I mean...REALLY!? Todd magically/mysteriously/sneakily got on that damn plane? My ass.
21. I'm DYING to know if Ford is REALLY in love with Tess and vice versa...DYING I tell you! If they aren't in love with each other then my summer will be ruined! AH! Ugh...over this shit. I couldn't care less about these two getting paired up.
22. I mean...Joey knows Clint is dying. I think he should be there.
23. Natalie is driving me nuts this episode. I preferred her covered in dirt and almost having an altercation with Marty. Woof.
24. Lord...poor Patrick Thornhart. WAIT JUST A DAMN MINUTE! So Toad was clean shaven earlier in the house and now has a shit-ton of facial hair outside of the pool house?! REALLY?!
25. Starr: STOP gushing to your mom about Hope. You haven't seen Hope in months.
26. I'm so distracted by the butterfly on Roxy's shirt because every damn time I see a butterfly I think of Mariah Carey!!! Do any of y'all know what I'm talking about???
27. PEEING!!!! AS IF that was enough delay before kicking in the door, John McBain! Lurve it.
28. That little Liam is just so damn edible! Sound asleep and still a little heartbreaker!
29. I mentioned this earlier (and probably will again once we really see how this all plays out) but I'm uber annoyed Patrick isn't Thorston Kaye this go around...oh woof.
30. OMG those little blue socks on Ryder are so damn cute!!!!!
31. I can sleep peacefully: Tess and Ford flurve each other. Oh....and what do we have here? A flashback of them making out. God, OLTL never shows flashbacks of recent events. So unusual. WOOF! OMG these scenes are so bad...
32. LOL...did John McBain touch the pool house door to see if it was hot? Like it there could be a fire inside? Awesomeness!
33. Aaaaand now Toad is clean shaven at the airport! hahahahaha! Oh snap so now Toad knows the truth about Baby McBain/Lurvett...hmmm.

Exhausted! Respond to comments tomorrow. Will post tomorrow evening or Tuesday morning.

infinite xo,


  1. ok, this has nothing to do with friday's episode but I was watching an episode from June "08 on youtube and Lenny Platt's old fart self was an extra. He was hanging out with Langston and Markko on their class trip. Starr was 16 in this episode so Nate should have been 13!

  2. there are characters named Ford on this show??--I had not noticed!

  3. @katie Get the fuck out?! Are you serious?! he was an extra in June of 08? WOOF! I mean...these ages are so unbelievable. Hmmmm what episode were you watching? I'm curious.

    @rac Lord...I notice because I have to watch the whole damn show in order to do this blog!!!! Otherwise, I assure you I would fast forward. Mercy! so tired of them being shoved down our throats.

  4. June 19, 2008! he doesn't even look 16 then!

  5. @Katie HILARIOUS! If I remember I'll check it out. The only old episodes I watch are all Bo/Nora related but this sounds kinda funny. Thanks! ;)

  6. @Katie, OMG! I totally just watched that after reading your comment. That's hysterical. Also funny that his character's name is James. Kinda weird that the episode that NQS was on in 2008 also included Cole talking about not wanting Starr to give up her baby because he has no other family left. Well, as it turns out, Cole DID have family left (both parents apparently), and Starr kept her baby. Sucks for him that he's stuck in prison and won't get a chance to appreciate any of that.

    On a side note, Cole about doubled in weight since 2008. I'm guessing that's why they replaced him and Markko with the Fords. Not trying to be mean, just throwing it out there.