Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aaaaaand, Surely Monday Was Really April Fools Day?! A Bad Dream? Did Susan Haskell Really Leave OLTL Like This?!

Susan Haskell: "haha...yeah, sorry about that ME. My exit was shittier than I thought it would be, too, but at least I'm away from the Fords. Word!"

Morning my darlings! I'm in a rush so let me get to this. Oh, and ummmm as you can see I'm upset. Not that Marty was my favorite character (yes I've lurved her as of late since she is hella entertaining but she ain't my all-time fav) but Susan Haskell is a phenomenal actress and let's face it....Marty has been a staple on this show for ages. I think Susan Haskell has done the best job ever with the material given to her even if her character was ruined...oh well. The true Marty is not the Marty's Playhouse we have seen as of late even if it was uber entertaining. But despite that fact that SH did the best with the material given, she deserved a better send off. It's like the writers just said: Oh hey...we are getting rid of Marty so we will have her act crazy, kill her shrink, throw Natty off a roof, stab Kelly, and kidnap baby Liam. SH will do great and entertain us all. Then...to make things right we will send her off with "Patrick." The end. Ummmm just no. Sorry, but it's just how I feel. I could on about this for days, but I'll just end it here. Here we go...

Monday, June 6th

Flurve Tea's coat.

Damn...I can't believe OLTL has let Roxy be on 3 episodes. SCORE...talkboy!

Well, happy f*@kin' Tuesday to me...NuJack. WOOF! Blair, you're not eating those fries...let's be real.

OMG that Liam! I mean...the child has black hair! How much more obvious can this whole damn thing get?

Aaaaand those are the nicest chairs/seats for a plane I have ever seen!!! They tranport prisoners in that 5 star shit?! REALLY?! Oh, and how ridic is it that Todd is hiding, too.

NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Christian, Gigi and Shane at the gym?! What kind of a show is this today?! Dammit...it's bad enough that Nikki Smith wouldn't burn down the Minuteman for me and now I find out she left this place up and running, too! What a bitch. This post will most certainly be awful and I'm apologizing early...right after the opening credits!

Blair should slap the SHIT out of NuJack! Notice that Blair has not had a bite of food...just sayin'.

Tea is looking uber faboosh. Combine that with her sassiness and she is quite the package.

Wow...so Marty looks normal for the first time in about a month or two.

Oooookay....I'll say something positive about Gigi. I think she is been a good little mom to Shane during all this bullying stuff. So good for her.

How in the hell did Rama get a gym membership? Isn't she broke?

Times...so this airport is in Cherryvale? OMG...today is Marty's last day and so far I'm not pleased.

LOL...in the calmest voice ever: "I hear you left the hospital against medical advice." OMG Doc, and if you would have seen Natalie hobbling in her vibrant purple coat and then dirt rolling you'd have peed on yourself!

I don't see how Tea keeps her sanity and stays married to Todd. Oh snap! They found the binky!!!! Now...John is toting in Liam! Tea...girlfriend you need to beat Toad. I'd be livid. He just assured her she had nothing to worry about! UGH!

Solid entertainment--Christian (most valuable character on the show) and Rama discussing her non-existent baby at Serenty Springs. WOOF!

OMG how do they NOT see that baby is John's!

God bless...Natalie's doctor is so much nicer than Matthew's doctor. Mercy! The smurf is evil with no bedside manner.

I mean...for the love of God just play the tape Roxy!!!

I cannot stress enough how much of a monumental failure that Susan Haskell will not interact with Roger Howarth and Thorston Kaye.

OMG...Brody is adorbs with the baby but I keep looking at Tea's shocked face in the background. Poor baby.

I despise NuJack like no other but at least he knows what cake to order: Red Velvet! I'm salivating! Aaaaand, Blair still hasn't had a bite of food yet. What a shocker. I can't believe I just said "Go Gigi" when she took the cake from NuJack. Obviously this episode is shitastic when I just said "Go Gigi!" Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!!!! NuJack's shirt is atrosh. NOOOOO!!!!! Somebody f*@king throw acid in my eyes so I don't have to see this....BRAD!!!!! Really? I hate this little bastard! He is such a pipsqueek. Word. ;) May I also just say that when it comes to NuJack, Blair is a terrible mother. Sorry but she is.

Poor Tea. I peed when John told Tea that the pool house was Marty's Saybrooke's hideout. haha!

ABSURD...these are gonna be Marty's last scenes!!! It feels so rushed and the dialogue is not even good for this to be Susan Haskell's last effing day! Puh-leeze!!!

Awe...Natty and Brody do look uber adorbs ooooohing and aaaaaahing over bambino Liam.

Oh.Em.Gee. I just can't comprehend that we are halfway through this show and THIS is how Marty's getting sent off. I feel insulted.

Ooookay, so I prefer the Christian/Shane scenes over the Rama/Christian scenes. DAMMIT! How is this damn lie about the baby such a BFD (big f*@kin' deal)?! This storyline is not even remotely interesting!!!! I'd rather watch Vicki/Clint or Bo/Nora do long division and not even talk. ANYTHING but this shit!

MY GOD MY BLOOD PRESSURE JUST KEEPS RISING!!! As if my Tuesday morning needs to start off with NuJack and Brad the Prune harassing Shane at SS! Plus, Shane is bigger than the Prune. This makes ZERO SENSE! I mean...I'm glad Shane broke his toe but I couldn't even enjoy that small victory since I was distracted by Brad's effing snickering. I want to give him a permanent wedgie!!!

Blair...you have GOT to step it up in the parenting department with NuJack!

Natalie's hair looks uber fab for being in the hospital. I need to see who she and Kelly Cramer use at that hospital. I don't understand. They made Tea look like hell during her stint at St. Kitt's but Kelly and Natty get the movie star treatment? I don't see how that's fair.

Tea...you're surrounded by liars.

So Marty's Pool House is JUST now realizing everything she has done. Sooooo all of a sudden she is rational, sane and reasonable?! WHAT THE F*@K?! So just out of the blue Marty is fine?! FAIL.

Do they have a muzzel on Patrick?! The guard keeps talking to him but *crickets.* NOTHING comes out of Patrick's mouth. At least make him sound like the teacher on Charlie Brown....womp womp...womp womp womp womp womp. Y'all know what I'm talking about? Give us SOME type of response! HA!

REALLY BLAIR?! You thought he was going to the damn library?! I hate that they are making Blair look this stupid.

This is the shittiest airport of all time. Look at Toad giving Marty good advice about escaping...

Aaaaand, I just want to give Brody a big ole' hug after he said how much Liam means to him. Lordy. Poor thing.

Tea you are so effing smart yet you trust Toad and Tomas. Use your instincts, girlfriend!!!

OMG...look at Toad and Marty reminiscing over their days at LU! Lord have mercy!

LOL...how could Marty stash Liam at your pool house with no one knowing about it, Tea? I mean...how did Marty get away with everything she did? She was just THAT good! Plus, she kept a baby pacified during all this. Girl's got mad skills, yo.

OMG this is gonna be Marty's last scene?! Her telling Toad to do 2 things?!

I'm DYING for that red velvet cake...DYING!

Wait...Blair just got off the phone with THE DRIVER?! So Blair has a driver to tote that weasel around?

Yucky...kissing at the gym. Ugh...I'm so not interested in Rama and Chris.

OF COURSE the tape won't play. Of course.

OMG...I'm so sorry but these 3 look so damn adorbs. I know that Natty/Brody won't be long term but I can at least think they look fabu in the mean time! =(

Oh since I haven't said it yet...yes, I want to jump Tomas.

That's right Tea...Toad lied to you!!!!

FAIL for that being Marty's last scene and for ZERO interaction with RH and TK!!!! I'm effing outraged!

Aaaand will someone please explain to me how Todd managed to sneak behind the trash cans or whatever the hell he was hiding behind?!

OH WOOF!!!!!!!!

Aw hell...Kassie DePaiva singing the "American Cancer Society" birthday song. She has been singing a lot lately.

SNAP!!!!! Bo and Nora in a promo?! This is like their 3rd one within a month and a half! What in the HELL is going on?! I'll just enjoy this and not question it. Aaaaand Gigi just got thrown down. I hope she is Clint's heart donor.

Where are the damn previews? I mean...the sneak peeks are over so where are the previews? FAIL.

Okie dokie. I must go get dressed. See y'all soon! Love you all and I mean it!



  1. Hey Mija - Blogger ain't letting me sign in today so gonna have to comment under cover.

    Firstly, I have torn MOST of my hair out with these 5-10 second maddening snippets of the whole "TM" story line. I have to drink twice as much to keep from throwing things at the flatscreen! I think I have seen a total of 4 seconds of the ACTUAL Todd I know and love since they have brought RH on. Other than those precious fleeting seconds it has been truly horrid – no satisfaction whatsoever so far really.

    LOL on Blair - seems she is a great Mom up until puberty hits and then she clearly has no skills for the teenage years whatsoever. That probably makes sense with her character's history now that I think about it. The whole girlfriend chummy thing with Starr and her flat out inadequacy with NuJack is very disturbing. I love Blair and hate seeing her be so lame.

    Seems they could have handled the Patrick bit a little more skillfully - I mean, they aren't even really TRYING. Are we going into short-timer’s disease already??

    Maddening – RH and SH in the same Podunk airport and no interaction. Just AWFUL.

    I have to say TSJ has been cracking me up with his oh so dark snarky humor as of late. His job has clearly become more interesting and his smart ass beautifully understated twisted quips so hilarious, his fans should be thrilled.

    Guess I am quite a goose for still holding out some hope that the writers will be able to reconcile this mess with Todd and Toad in a way that won't require a boatload of Mezcal to swallow. I hope the writers surprise me, but am not feeling the faith at the moment . . .


  2. "I'd rather watch Vicki/Clint or Bo/Nora do long division and not even talk." I swear you throw these comments in just for me since you know I love them so...gets me everytime.

    And I so knew you'd notice the fond reiminiscing Todd was doing about his LU days with Marty. It was sooo bizarre...like they used to study at the library together after class and then catch up over coffee...please.


  3. @Cri*Cri* Gosh, someone else said there was a problem with blogger. UGH!!! Go figure! Sorry about that. Darling...wholeheartedly agree about these effing 2 second snippets of RH!!! REALLY?! Atrosh! He and SH not having a scene together..slap in the face. I just don't see how the writers even thought that was REMOTELY alright. Huge woof. Oh gosh Blair...lord help her. LOL you're so right...once they hit puberty God help the child! Seriously, she is a good character but I think they write horribly for her and that was not always the case. Ditto on the Starr being her gf and her stupidity/apathy with NuJack. Egregious. I can't even bring up the Patrick Thornhart shit! Terrible! However, if Thorston Kaye won't come back then he won't...I get that. But all this stuff could have been written a lot better. OMG...totally agree about TSJ! I said a couple of posts ago that he was cracking me up! I love his snark and dry wit. I do lurve him. However, when it comes to Todd it's only RH for me but I totally enjoy TSJ. Oh darling....I'm not feeling the writers will do the Todd/Toad story justice. However, I know it will dominate the screen all summer while the vets are on vaycay and never shown. =( So hopefully we will get something good out of this story! Fingers crossed. xo

    @Christie Oh darling, I'm so glad you appreciate my little comments I throw in the blog about my beloved B/N and C/V. Ah! Yes...I do those comments ONLY for you. ;) Seriously, I bet you and only a select few appreciate them so I'm glad you like them! Oh sweet lord...Toad reminiscing about Marty. PLEASE!!! I am curious how this will go down since RH's Todd did the raping and Toad only did the Rapemance story back in '08. Who knows. glad you liked it! Oh, and I hate long division...so it just goes to show. ha! xo

  4. Susan haskell did an amazing job--you can read her mind and see her switch gears just by the look on her face--I was thrilled when Todd pointed out to John that he drove her to do what she did. L love that she is with patrick just so upset he couldn't make a 5 minute appearance. I also loved watching Todd watch Toad with John--wait am I day ahead??? sorry