Monday, June 13, 2011

Mestiny Madness

David Vickers Buchanan: "You know Mary-Ella wants to kick your ass, Mes. So I'm offering you the job of a lifetime--to work on my new movie. I got Langston out of Llanview so she could be spared from Mary-Ella so I suggest you do the same."

Good Morning Everyone!!! Hope y'all had a great weekend. Mine was absolutely fantastic! Ok so somehow I have been up since 5:30 but am off to a late start. How this happened I don't know. So, I'm gonna comment on all the scenes that I feel like...not necessarily every single one. Oh, and besides the NuJack/Brad and Mes/Starr scenes this episode was excellent. I know I have some comments so I'll get to those at some point today. Okie dokie...

Friday, June 10th

Soooo Todd has surfaced at Dorian's pool aka Llanview Country Club. haha! PEEING! Little Sam in those sunglasses! They are adorably awful looking. Wait...they just let little Sam go hang by the pool? Of course...Blair's parenting skills are shit.

Be still my heart! John and Kelly. Let me enjoy this goodness while I can cause we sure as hell won't see this again probably.

Clint! Where have you been hiding out?! Missed you.

Oh poor Bo. Hugs.

UGH!!!!!!! My rage is going to be out of control this morning!!! This Mes pregnancy shit is making ME nauseous!! Also, I mean REALLY?! She is having morning sickness this quickly? As if. Fail.

F*@k...Brad has to surface. Of course he does. Very fitting.

I will say that I think Gigi looks really good. Let me go on even further and say that (I can't believe I'm saying this) I am starting to like Gigi. OF COURSE...she is most def gonna die (I think) so as soon as I start to like her she will exit. Woof.

Hell Bo...Nora just heard you. Get ready.

hehe...that little Sam is just too cute.

Oh, and Gigi's hair is also quite tame. I also can't believe I'm enjoying these Shane/Gigi scenes. What is happening to me?!

Will someone please explain to me what is on NuJack's shirt?!?! I think it's a red plastic cup.

Mes is making me want to slit my wrists.

LOL....Clint: "Heyyyy I'm number 1." Poor baby. In some unusual way, Clint fits on that child's bed better than Matthew does. Hmmm.

I mean...Kelly Cramer looks FABU! I've never in my life seen someone look THAT great when being discharged from the hospital. Just insane. May I just say that I peed on myself when John said that Marty got on a plane with enough fuel to cross the Atlantic. HAHAHA! John!!! DAMMIT! Stop apologizing please! We are all thankful you let Marty go. Just be gracious.Wait...say what?! Did Kelly just say "Maybe we should stop seeing each other?" I thought they already broke up? I'm so confused.

"McPain Martyrs Manning" Lurve those headlines...

I think Sam stepping on NuJack's toe may just be the highlight of my day.

A Bree Where is this child?

OMG Kelly's shoes were presh!!! God...John and Kelly are so much better than John and Natalie. Woof on them not lasting and woof on Kelly leaving the show early. Like her or not, other people need to go first.

Awe...Clint I'm sad for you in these scenes but you won't die. Whew.

Oookay these Bo and Nora scenes need to be longer. Ridiculous. Brace yourself, Bo darling. Nora is about to lose it...

Well NuJack was right about something...Blair just lets Sam run around. I mean...where is Blair?! Capricorn?!

I'm so annoyed. The writers are like "Oh, let's introduce Starr into this Matthew's injury storyline since she got pregs as a teenager. She can be there for Mes and be an example of how much of a BADASS mother she is." This is such horseshit and I'm insulted. I'm FAST FORWARDING!!!! I'm sorry!

Snap...I can't fast forward here's Nora. May I just say I hate when they argue. I actually feel sorry for both of them here. These scenes are just THAT good. I have nothing else to add. They are the best.

WHAT!? A Kevin and Cord mention?! STFU! Thanks writers. Ugh. We can't see Kevin and Cord but we can see all the Fords. OMG and let me just say...WHERE IN THE HELL IS RENEE?!?! This is so f*@king insulting! Can we just get a mention? AND...may I also request that when/if we do get a Renee mention can it NOT come out of James Ford's mouth?! I mean...just scream "F*@K YOU, Mary-Ella" if you are gonna say that Renee will only let James work on her car. Please!!!

Okay so are John and Kelly basically having the same damn convo they had the other day? WTF is going on...

These Clint/Natty/Joey scenes are fabu, too. Clint! So before you die you want to see Joey and Natalie with the people they love? Dorian Lord for Joe!!! hehe...kidding. Well...kind of. No, I'm not kidding. I would want that...

Hillary I don't need to be tearing up before work but you're doing a phenomenal job. "So, I don't want to hear another word about blood types or organ donation and not even a whisper about how our son cannot be saved. Agreed?" AWESOME!!! So awesome! Typing how fab these two are doesn't do them justice!

OMG...soooo I kinda want to bring Sam home with me and just hang out with him and shoot the shit. I think he would be a super cool kid. We would have a good time I just know it.

I cannot handle this Bo/Nora adorableness and affection! Presh! I mean...Nora just apologized to Rex. Too sweet.

AHHH!!! It's 5 'til 7! I have to hurry. I may need to start doing this at night again...

These Shane/Gigi scenes are adorbs. I think I have some kind of spell over me...

FF'ing these Starr/Mes scenes. No time for this foolishness!!!!! FOOLISHNESS!!!!

Awe...Nora talking to Matthew. Just sad.

Aaaand Bo continues to be uber selfless and ask about Rex and be happy for him. He.Is.So.Perfect.

OMG John and Kelly adorableness is invading my living room!!! Oozing...spilling...overflowing!
Ok...I'm like drive-bying the rest of this shit...

Sam: "Are you a homeless person? Aunt Dorian says we should help the homeless." Come home with me and let's hang out, Sam! You're too cool for words.

Someone please take Mes out for me!!!! PLEASE! Again, I will pay you handsomely!

Rex and Natty...adorbs.

Woman in the Jell-O commercial...DIE! You're such a bitch to your kids!

Awe...Shane said "Morasco-Balsoms." Kinda cute. I think that IS a red solo cup on NuJack's shirt. He is such a...failure. Failure sums it up.

Yeaaaaaah.....Gigi is most def gonna die. Surely.

Kelly just made a Pine Valley reference. Nice.

I'm ready for these Rex/Clint scenes on Monday. Should be good.

Aaaaand, I'm pretty sure the writers have it out for me personally by subjecting me to this Mestiny pregs fiasco. There is just no other explanation. THIS IS PERSONAL!!! UGH!!!! Why on Earth are the writers making my blood pressure rise like this?! They need to pay for my medicine!

OMG...Nora is about to lose it. THIS DOCTOR IS AWFUL!!!!!!!!! Jesus! Aaaand, I just teared up...."I don't understand it's just so random! It's just so pointless! He can't be like this forever!" I CANNOT HANDLE Nora upset like this! Aaaand, I also can't handle Bo being despondent. He doesn't even have to say anything and I'm upset. =( These two are so mother effing fabu!

Joey/ just no. Sorry kids. Ain't a fan.

Lord...John and Natty will talk on Monday's episode. Ugh. I will now dislike both of their characters I'm sure since I enjoy them separately.

I'm assuming that Sam is an excellent swimmer and that is why no one was watching him at the pool. Fail.

Okay I must go right now!!! Today's episode should be great so I can't wait. Maybe I'll post this evening instead of tomorrow.

I'm about to try and calm down about this Mes shit.

Love y'all much,


  1. Sam is to damn adorable. So nice to see RH walking around and having some different dialog.

    I am saying Destiny just has a scare, yep just a scare. Otherwise, I may just lose it.

    Bo about killed me with the expressions when Nora pulled away from him after thinking he wanted to give Matthew's heart to Clint. Then Nora losing it, got me, end game.

    I am going to brace myself for this week, because the shit storm is coming.

  2. Egghead Sam - yay!!! I was wondering if we would ever see him again. Toe-stomping (LOL) cuteness!!!! Someone SHOULD be taking better care of him - I was wondering the same thing about letting a child that young go hang by the pool. Come ON Blair! Sam isn't in puberty yet, so you should still be in awesome mom mode with this cute little dude.

    So, I am happier now - the writers had RH doing 2 of the things I like to see - Todd devouring food and Todd interacting with children. Perfecto. Not NEARLY enough (what is it with these uber short scenes?)but it is reassuring that things are finally starting to move along there.

    Mestiny is so upsetting I can't even talk about it. You cannot make me.

    I am really going to miss Jelly. *sniff*


  3. Sigh....I'm gonna have to stop reading this column if all this John/Nat hate continues. Sorry, but those 2 cause more sizzle just looking at each other or barely touching each other than a whole story arc of clingy "put me in someone's story so I have meaning" Kelly. SO glad she is on her way out. Too bad Joey has to go with her.
    I can't get with a Mestiny baby story. Destiny has way too good a head on her shoulders to blow her whole future that way.
    Let's have Cutter die and turn out to have Clint's blood type -mmmm,K? It can even be a murder mystery with Aubrey, Rama, Ford and Messica as suspects.
    I will be SO sad if Gigi ends up brain dead patient #2 and Llanview Hospital....

  4. All Sams are adorable. I know this for a fact. Can't help it, just comes from our name.

    I am so confused about why the doctor is being so aggressive with B&N?! Doctors are supposed to give you options and then get the hell out of there! She is like your son has absolutely no chance, pull the plug right now, there is no other way, and its pissing me off! I want Nora to just sock the hobbit doctor in her face!

    And the end of Jelly, part 2 still made me sad... I really liked them together. And while Natalie doesn't really annoy me as much anymore, I still prefer John with Kelly.

    Whenever they show that Mestiny scene of her talking to Matthew, it literally makes me want to throw up...sickening...

  5. First time poster, long time reader...I love your blog and your undying support of Bo and Nora! Gotta be honest and say HBS and RSW are the only reason I tune in. Anyways if you get a chance check out my latest Bo and Nora video. I promise it will put a smile on your face!

  6. wasn't there a scene with Nora kinda pushing Mes out the door of Matthew's room--!

    Little Sam looks like he really could be FauxTodd's son. Real Todd has always had great scene's with kids--anyone remember him with Sarah and Cj!! Could Cutter possibly be CJ???

    Loving GiGi these days too--never hated her more like I didn't care, how odd will it be it's she;s the heart donor??

  7. Lordy...I've been doing wedding stuff ALL day and this evening but let me quickly respond to you lovely folks. Y'all are the best!

    @mojomiller OMG so you KNOW that you and I would have a fabu time with Sam?! Right?! How could we not? He is THE shit and by far the coolest of Blair's brood. However, old Jack (CL) was the shit but I'll just stick with the present. Obviously, I can't deal with Mes so I am not discussing. Your theory is effing awesome so let's just stick with that. OMG...yes, Nora is making me upset but Bo has the same effect on me with just his facial expressions. He is just presh. They both are. Yes, I'm buckling my seatbelt, too, but I think they are okay by the end of the week? Supposedly...

    @cri* cri* OMG yes how cute is Sam?! haha...when I mentioned that Blair is a terrible mother I actually thought of what you said...Blair being okay with kids until puberty. I will agree with that but she slipped here with Sam. I also thought of you when I was wondering about RH's screen time. I will say that Friday was the first day I enjoyed him. Obviously, it was by NO means perf or awesome but like you said he talked to Sam and ate food...POSITIVE steps! I was just so tired of him being in the damn chair in that white outfit. Thank God it's over. I can't talk about Mes either so let's call it even. OMG...super sad about Jelly. Le sigh.

    @Anonymous Oh no. Well I hate to lose a reader, but I don't think my John/Natty negativity is going to leave anytime soon so maybe it is for the best if you didn't read. =( Whannnn. It's just a personal thing but I only enjoy them separately. On the other hand...who knows? I mean...I'm liking Gigi of all people nowadays. So for me to like John and Natalie...weirder things have happened but I just don't see it happening within the next month or so. I don't see their chemistry either. I can't and won't accept this Mes pregs thing. My disdain for her grows each day. Hell, I'm fine with Cutter being Clint's donor. Anybody but Matthew. Lord...I can't handle Gigi as brain dead patient #2 either. That hospital is crowded enough as it is! Mercy!

    @YoSammity Hey hot stuff. You're right...ALL Sams are cute. Especially ones that have "Yo" in front of their name. OMG I know right?! How mother effing atrosh is doctor smurf?! She effing sucks! She is basically like "Matthew will die. Kill him and give his organs away." I mean...really? OMG I'm all about John and Kelly and hate that it is over. Hate it! Hate that Kelly will be paired with Joey, too. FAIL. I cannot deal with Mes. Cannot effing deal.

    @Anonymous Oh lord...well BN are the only reason I watch too but I do watch the whole show and like other characters. However, if they left the show there is no question that I'd stop watching immediately. Thanks for the video! You're so sweet! Very nice. Good job. Thanks for the compliments, too!

    @Rac OMG YES!!!! There was a scene with her pushing her out the door but it was the other day. Woof! I'd love to see it every damn damn. Whoa...a Sarah and CJ reference! I DO remember them and Todd's interactions with them. Hmmmm very nice thought about Cutter. That would be a way to tie him in. Hmmm. I mean...Gigi is okay right? How in the HELL do I like her now? She effing grew on me and now she is going to be the donor. I mean....of course it would happen this way. Oh and yes...Sam looks like he could be FauxTodd/Toad's son. Most def.

  8. @Rac, that scene was on Thursday.

    I think the writers had trouble writing for Gigi originally. I think FF is way to young to be Shane's mom in real life, however, her best scenes are with him or in respect to being protective of him.

    @Mija..most definitely Gigi will die, Clint will receive her heart, and have to crawl to Rex for forgiveness. I don't want to see her go, Shane has been through so much... that will be a sad storyline to watch UNLESS we get to see nuJack imprisoned.

    Does Matthew's Dr. realize that Nora is the D.A.? She has been trying to get them to give up on Matthew since they brought him in. Shame on Nora and Bo for not getting a second opinion. Get Greg a pass for the weekend..something..

    I <3 little Sam. He is uber adorable. They should have him talk some sense into nuJack.

    I am trying to be good, but it's really annoying that Natalie and John are going to be back together again... they are so mix matched. I really prefer her with Brody, but in the same sense think that Natalie should leave Brody completely alone since she KNOWs how that will impact Jessica.

    Cash money says that won't stop Natalie and all we will hear are justifications for grossly inappropriate actions. The ONLY flaw I see in Vicki is the blind eye she turns towards Natalie. If I were Jessica, I would leave Tess out, Jessica is always asked to deal with B.S.


  9. Hey ME!! Left for a week or so and just got back on... Wanted to tell you that Mes slept with Matthew on the 5th of May which would mean she was ovulating so last week by Dr's and science, she would have been 6 weeks pregnant, making it entirely possible for morning sickness... Heck, when I was just DUE for my "Aunt" and didn't get her, one day late and I had morning sickness... I was like, "yup, this is it!"... So, I hate the whole thing, but because the whole hospital storyline spanned over a month, it didn't seem like that much time had past, but it had been a whole month since they "did the deed" before she threw up... Just sumptin' to think about. LOVE YOUR COMMENTS always!! :)

  10. @Akesha I think the writers totally had trouble writing for Gigi. I bashed her to death and still sometimes do, but I think I didn't like her mainly because the writing was bad. I heard she was great on DOOL. Who knows. I now like her and will hate to see her go. Shane HAS been through a lot (just like Matthew) and that will be sad. I believe the same about Clint feeling bad and then begging Rex for forgiveness. Yes they should get a second opinion. However, I feel that ALL of these hospital scenes are not written very well. I mean...EVERYONE is in the hospital but half are oblivious to it. This doctor is awful. The only scenes with Bo and Nora have just been there reactions to the evil doctor, etc. Little Sam needs to be my new best now. Ugh on John and Natalie, too. ONLY enjoy them separately. Yes, she should leave Brody alone but I think they have sex tomorrow. Smooth move. Yes, Vicki does turn a blind eye to Natty. OMG...when Vicki and Natty talked about her predicament with Brody and John and the baby...UGH! Vicki was like "oh I understand." NO!!! I've just lost interest in Tess/Jess/Bess/Wess.

    @Jen Hullman Oh well you have been missed! Yes, I probably should have clarified what I mean about Mes. I'm going by Llanview days so technically I think it has been a week or something stupid. I've also been going by Nora's outfits and this is her first new one since Matt/Des had sex. I hate Llanview is so off!!! If Mes is pregs I'll just shoot myself. I PRAY this is some false alarm. PRAYING. I have a feeling I may be wrong though. =( Thanks for the morning sickness info and for the compliments! ;)