Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Family Reunion?

Stacey: "I will only allow Gigi to die if she brings me back my boots! I don't care if Kim has them you bring them back! Make it happen or I'll lock you in a room with Mes for life!"

Mornin' y'all! I'm sleep-deprived and running around like crazy with wedding stuff. Lordy. I am praying this post makes about 60% sense. Will be a damn miracle! I see I have comments so I'll do those from work at some point or later this evening. I'm not necessarily doing a drive-by but I'm going to number my comments since I find it easier...at least in the mornings. Alright then...

Monday, June 13th

1. Wow...so RH is talking for the second day in a row. It effing took long enough. I still have nightmares of him spouting off bullshit while dressed as a cloud with white Keds. Ugh.
2. I hate to say it but poor Vicki. WHAT?!?! NOOOOO! REALLY?! Ford is dressed as a nun? Give me a f*@king break! This is so ridic and downright insulting. Thanks for the middle fingers writers.
3. OMG I cannot deal with this doctor being mean to B/N. She is so awful.
4. Aaaand Gigi looks adorbs. That dress is so pretty and looks good ON her. I have been complimenting this bitch like no other. What in the hell is going on?!
5. Aw hell, not only do we have to see Brad the Prune and NuJack (still in the red plastic cup shirt) but now they are toting a new chick with them? Is that the same girl from last time? Emily? I don't remember and really don't give a shit enough to look it up. They all need to explode...including the girl and I don't even know her.
6. OMG the universe is out of whack because Roxy is on for like the 4th or 5th time in a week. She doesn't have the "I just got f*@ked in a truckstop bathroom" look today. I mean...her hair is more tame.
7. Ooookay so when John walked up and said "What's wrong? Is it Liam?!" I kinda peed on myself when I heard him say it...kinda funny the way it came out. I know their scenes are going to be the bulk of the show today I'm sure. Le sigh. Yes John they are sure Clint is dying, but I'm sure you could go check Clint out yourself (whisper the whole time you're doing it, obviously) and REALLY find out if Clint is indeed dying or not. Your FBI training will tell you. Oh, and Natty is right--Clint always forgives her. Sweet.
8. Ok y'all know I lurve Clint like nobody's business but he is being kind of a bastard still. I wish he would soften up with Rex a bit, but I'm sure it will take Gigi dying to do it.
9. B/N affection is adorable. OH.EM.GEE. This doctor (with her hands in her pockets) is like "I just thought you should know. Not only could he save a life but it could be the life of his own uncle. I thought that might inform your decision." REALLY!? The way she said it was like "Hey, if you buy the second sweater you get a 3rd for 40% off. Just thought you should know." I need Nora to go postal on her ass NOW! When Mes gets taken out I need this doctor gone, too...two for one deal!
10. Once again, it just goes to show how effing atrosh Dr. Levin is as a doctor. His ECTs are even a failure of epic proportions. How this man is employed I will never know. Also, Ford in this Nun's outfit is just a big middle finger. AS IF this could work! I mean where did he get the outfit?! The supply closet?! Yeah right.
11. Starr don't even act concerned that Sam was talking to a homeless man. You know that both you and Blair don't give a shit. Pretending like you care ain't working. You and your mom care about sex too much to care about Sam hanging by the pool alone and talking to homeless men.
12. OMG so the new Jell-O Temptations commercial shows a girl polishing coal because she took the Jell-O?! WARPED!
13. I'm not even watching Tess/Brody/Vicki since I'm just staring at Ford in the background.
14. Ooookay...it's thesaurus time, writers. This show says "gall" WAYYYYYY too much. It is like their go-to word. I swear they are using it instead of "balls." hehe...no, I'm kidding but they need a new damn word. Ok so if I were in Nora's position I would totally think Clint was behind all this. I'd be a bit warped. These scenes are wayyyyy to f*@king short. Fail.
15. Aaaaand these Rex/Clint scenes are too damn short. These should be intense and a little longer. Just no.
16. I flove that Roxy wanted strippers. What a hoot it would be if Roxy brought strippers to the ceremony? Oh snap! The talkboy. Awe....ok so I saw the tape recorder and kinda got upset because I thought of Marty's Playhouse. Escpecially the visual of Marty throwing her hands in the air and going "aaahhhhh!" after she threw Natty off the roof. Good times. Aaaaand, a flashback...yeah because that was needed. Woof.
17. I'm not into John and Natalie, but if I were I'd be upset since their scenes are like 2 seconds long, too. ALL of these scenes today seem short.
18. Gigi didn't lock the door when she left. Not that it matters...
19. God, I feel NOTHING when watching these John and Natalie scenes. Yes, everyone hate me. Hate away. I have to be honest with y'all though....aaaand, that's just how I feel.
20. Ah...RH flashback with Starr! Now THAT is a flashback! Not one from days ago...years ago! Finally done right.
21. OMG...who do I have to sleep with to get the writers to stop insulting us. Between Ford in this Halloween costume (which by the way...he is ALWAYS in some costume now that I think about it) and Brad the Prune and NuJack and his red plastic cup shirt I want to pull my hair out. And, I'm enjoying the show today too!
22. Dr. Levin is bad like the smurf doctor but I find Dr. Levin kinda of funny in a creepy way.
23. Who gives a flying f*@k about Ford and Tess? YoSammity I know you do...Ross does, too. But I for one sure as hell don't. Huge woof.
24. Poor Nora has been crying for days...days! She still looks fabu by the way. Bo has looked nauseous and despondent for days. These two need some happiness...lord have mercy! They are NEVER happy! Unfair.
25. DAMN...Rex is such a spaz.
26. So is it only raining at this rental property and not the rest of Llanview? Omigod that music is HEINOUS!!! I want to remove my eardrums! AWFUL!
27. John and Natalie kissed after John told Natalie that their moment wasn't just a moment. So romantic. Can you tell if I'm being serious?
28. These Ford/Tess scenes are riveting!!!!! I love a man trying to profess his love while dressed in Nun's outfit. Sacrelig? Maybe.
29. A Kevin mention!!!! Be still my heart! I got turned on just hearing his name. Le sigh.
30. Foreshadowing with the whole Clint not having a chance to know Gigi and Shane before it was too late. Well, Clint is going to get very close to Gigi if he gets her heart.
31. Oh so NOW NuJack is starting to feel bad?! That bastard. I don't care. I don't feel sorry for him or think he has a heart. I just don't.
32. Aaaand I totally feel sorry/worried for Gigi. Ok so I'm just really almost 100% sure it is Gigi that dies. Gosh...her poor parents. First Stacey (I was elated about that one) and now Gigi...poor parents.
33. I must admit that I do laugh when I hear Tess call Brody "Dudley." haha.
34. That's right, John. Kissing Natalie at the hospital is "not the place." You need to take Natty back to your awesome digs with the slot machine. Aw hell...we know it's not "really over" Natalie. Don't fret. You will get your man in black back. All in good time, darling. All in good time.
35. UGH...Bo and Nora weren't in the past two segments. Barf Barf Woof.
36. LOL..."Kelly forgot her laptop and I told her I'd come by and get it." REALLY?! I mean really, John?
37. Another smart move in the making...Natty and Brody sleep together this week. I love that Natalie is always upset about John and then just decides "Oh hey I'll sleep with Brody." Obviously that seems to be workin' for her. Everything has gone so well ever since their first roll in the hay.
38. SHAMEFUL!!!! Nuns are not supposed to be in relationships! What would God think about this Ford?! The church?!
39. Ok so who wants to just go hug Bo? I'm tearing up. He just kissed Matthew's hand. I can't deal.
40. Oh snap. I cannot wait for this Nora/Clint confrontation. Please be awesome. It has all the potential in the world. Aaaand, how about everyone storming Clint's room to chew him out? LOL. His room has been full of action and drama!
41. Carbon Monoxide...scary. Poor Gigi.
42. Starr!!! I get so offended when you pretend to be responsible and a parent! Addie is the one! Addie!
43. Omigod I LOATHE the KDP Happy Bday thing. Y'all it's atrosh.
44. What in the HELL is going on?! B/N in ANOTHER promo?! This is like their 3rd within a month! Matthew opens his eyes? I'm not getting my hopes up.
45. Where is Dorian? Miss her.

Ok...have to go. Thanks for reading/commenting/being fabulous. Love you all and have a lovely day.



  1. Geez, I haven't been first in a while! It makes me feel special!

    Anyways, another step in the most epic love story in all of soap history, Tess and Ford...(that was for you, ME as much as Ross...lol)

    I definitely see what you are talking about with
    Dr. Levin, he has no idea what he is doing at all, its completely ridiculous, he is completely just winging everything that he does! You are not supposed to just wing ECT, buddy! Good for Vicki, but she really get TessJessBessWesMess to another place immediately!

    Definite parenting fail with Sam! But also definite fail on security, people can literally get into anywhere on this rich people's estates! I have better security at my house and all we got is a doorlock! So is NuJack going to be arrested for murder? Whoa!

  2. LOL I just saw someone refer to Matthew's anti-advocate as "Dr. Killgood."


  3. Happy to take care of hugging Bo for you. Purchasing the plane ticket to Llanview now.


  4. Everytime Brody is on now I just get angry with a very large A! What they plan to do to him is so outrageous I can't take it--all for the disgusting Ford. I don't think any storyline has ever sickened me more!

    As sad as it will be I am really enjoying the Rex/Clint/Gigi/ storyline

  5. I'm so late to this party...lemme drive by it quickly!

    @YoSammity You are special regardless! No need to be first. Ain't discussing Tess/Ford...you and Ross can. Dr. Levin is a huge fail. hahahaha PEEING! No shit! The security at the Mayor Lord's house...THE MAYOR...is shit! Huge fail.

    @cri*cri* haha! I never saw that name thrown out. That is a good one...thanks!

    @Christie OMG let's just have a damn hugging party! Glad you took care of it for me. I know if I started with a hug it just wouldn't stop...shameful

    @Rac OMG I know it! I have totally fallen for Brody and now I'm like dammit why are they doing this to him!? Breaks my heart. Can't discuss Ford. It makes me pissy. Oh and I am soooo enjoying the whole Rex/Gigi/Clint thing. I"m shocked as hell I am...even more that I LIKE Gigi now. And of course she died...I can't win.