Sunday, June 19, 2011

Am I Watching "General Hospital?"

Rex and Roxy: "No Shane, it's okay. This really is 'One Life to Live.' You're not on the wrong show. It's just a bit confusing since it feels like it's 'General Hospital' lately."

Helloooooo!!!!!! Ah! Happy to type this to y'all! No, I didn't forget about y'all. Just now getting a chance to sit down and watch the show from Thursday and Friday. Oh, and Happy Father's Day...but I'm not sure how many fathers read this blog. My guess is practically zero. Oh well. So...I'm gonna do a crazy, frantic, Marty post of Thursday's episode...then one for Friday. Okie dokie. Oh...and for the life of me I tried to find a pic of Gigi from this week but couldn't. Huge woof. And Ross isn't here to do the still shot. =(

Thursday, June 16th--Frantic Marty's Observations
1. I'm watching the Soapnet version since that penis interrupted the ABC version. I if that was effing necessary. Plus, like I really need to hear the ABC News reporters give their f*@king take on a penis resigning. The world is going to shit.
2. I want to know the last time the sheets were washed at the Minuteman.
3. Natalie looks miserable in the bed with she just ate bad food and now has to go to the bathroom.
4. I have no words for Rama's foot massage orgasm.
5. I don't like Cutter but I love his suit and he is rocking it like a Brooks Brothers model...from the neck down. BB would never have a scruffy model like that.
6. Every time I see Vimal I instantly think "that poor bastard." It never fails.
7. Y'all know Christian is leaving the show early right? Do y'all care? My thoughts exactly. Oh, and I don't give two shit about Chris and Rama. Waste of my time and the show.
8. Mes is the BIGGEST f*@king spaz of all time. More so than Rex. I can also say that I wet my pants when she ran out of Matthew's room asking for a doctor. WORST ACTING EVER.
9. The depth of my anger, rage, and frustration for Mes being all up in Bo and Nora's business cannot be put into words. This shit is making me violent and I am NOT a violent person.
10. It's ABSURD how many Llanview residents are in the hospital right now!!! ABSURD. Seriously. This show should be called General Hospital. Ugh...I loathe GH. Can't lie.
11. Natty, Brody and Liam in that bed...edible. Adorbs. Presh. Cannot deal. Too bad it won't last and Brody will no doubt lose his marbles like the good St. Ann's alum he is.
12. I want Toad to just kill NuJack. Like right now. And, I need Tea out of that damn dress.
13. Gigi's make-up is still PERFECT!!!!!
14. I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW UPSET I AM WITH THESE REX/GIGI SCENES!!! Heartbreaking. So sad. And such a sad way to die. JPL is rocking it.
15. The best part of the show for me was Matt squeezing Nora's hand. Of course, the penis annoucement barred it on ABC. Thank you soapnet.
16. I can't really concentrate on these adorbs Natty, Brody, and Liam scenes because I'm mesmerized by Natty's awesome boobs. Word.
17. LOL...Shawn/Sean is so much larger than Bo.
18. Rex talking to Gigi is killing me. Sadness overload. OMG! Then he got in the bed with her...dying from sadness!
19. OMG...someone kill me. I'm even willing to go out horribly like Jen Rappaport if I have to be subjected to this Tess/Jess shit again. I'm beyond over it. Make up your effing mind! This has gone on long enough!!!!! Vain observation: the kelly green coat is dripping in adorableness.
20. I'm pretty sure the charges against NuJack get dropped...shitastic to the max.

Friday, June 17th--Marty Won't Shut Up. She Wants to Discuss Friday, Too!
1. Jessica's coat...I MUST HAVE IT!!! I'm such a coat whore!!!! Hand it over, bitch!
2. OMG...without a doubt these Clint/Vicki/Bo scenes will be the showstopper for me. My heart literally skips beats when Bo lights up and gushes about Nora...ah! Speaking of...where is she? Fail. If she has to be absent, I hope she is removing Mes from Matt's life. Whatever means necessary.
3. Clint's doctor is the only one I like out of this motley crew. The others are dripping in stupidity and awkwardness.
4. That's right Roxy...Gigi DOES look perfect. Not a damn hair out of place. I hope I look that good when I leave this world. Word.
5. It's comforting to know that Blair drinks almost as much wine as I do. On another note, I will hate that RH will prob just spy on Blair all episode. That'll be just f*@kin' awesome.
6. Bo and Clint interacting and getting along decently well...MAKING MY DAY!
7. Again, Rex talking to Gigi is killing me!
8. I mean...UNBELIEVABLE. So....Clint, Matthew AND Gigi are ALL B-?! No. Just no.
9. Awe...Bo this Clint stuff breaks my heart, too. You sweet thing.
10. I want to get into these Natty/Brody/Jess scenes but I can't. For one, I keep looking at Jessica's coat. Plus, I'm kinda tired of all this. Jess needs to either be Tess or Jess and Brody needs to just go on and go crazy (since sadly he and Natty ain't gonna work out) and I need the truth about McBundle to just come on out. This story is dragging fat ass.
11. I'm yawning during these Ford/Cutter scenes. I'd like to have a drink to get through them but it is too early. Le sigh.
12. Poor Clint's feet are hanging off the bed. I mean...he is sitting up! Can you imagine him lying completely down?! His knees would be off! OMG...these Vicki/Clint scenes are ADORBS! I'm so ready for them to get back together that I don't even know what to do with myself.
13. OMG...Rex telling Bo about Gigi's ordeal. Just break my heart why don't you.
14. Now Vicki and Clint looking through photo albums?! Cuteness overload. Whoa...Joey surfaces 20 minutes in? REALLY?! I love that Vicki hit Clint and said "see?!" So presh.
15. God...Natalie is getting on my last nerve this episode. I'm sorry. On another note...she looks fabu in her post-sex romp robe. Brody is the coolest person in these scenes. Fact.
16. These Starr/Blair scenes are filet o' woof covered in shit sauce. Le barf.
17. I'm so tired of Blair lamenting over her love life.
18. Aaaaaand, where is Renee while all this foolishness is taking place in the living room. Just a big f*@k you...thanks writers. Don't even get me started on no Renee/Clint stuff!!! Don't even!
19. Brody is spot on with everything he is saying. Jessica has been on for all of one hot minute and I'm over her ass already.
20. Holy shit! Bree!! I'll be damned. Whoa! Aubs surfaced 40 minutes in? What is going on?
21. HOLY HELL! So between Brody and Natty's room and the nursery Jessica took off her black finger nail polish and then painted her nails green?!?! haha! Priorities, obviously. That was a "whoopsie" OLTL.
22. Rex/ words. This is just so heartbreaking. Great job by them, though....for shizzle. Roxy in the background was fabu, too.
23. Is Rama a lawyer? LOL. She was telling Cutter where to sign and everything...ha!
24. I'm VERY interested in all this Rex/Clint fallout about the heart. This will be good.
25. God...Rex and Shane are killing me. On another note...Gigi's doctor sucks HUGE donkey balls.
26. Man, OLTL had to pay RH for this episode and he didn't even effing talk. Unreal. I'd love to know how many actual words he has spoken since his return...
27. MH, you're right...that is indeed a new Ryder!
28. Bo has to break the news about Gigi to Vicki. Poor V. When V said "Omigod" I felt her shock!
29. OMG...Shane just said "mommy." God, I need Zoloft after this episode.
30. Natty...just zip it. You have made too many errors today.
31. I still can't help but rejoice for good ole Clint. I'm so glad the Silver Fox is going to live.
32. Lord...I mean does Dorian have ANY SECURITY at her house?! UNREAL! She is the mayor for crying out loud and ALWAYS has bodyguards. Yet strangers are all over her damn yard. It's as bad as Llanfair!

Whew...Pooped! See y'all tomorrow! I'll respond to comments at some point, too. Off for a run.

Loving you all!


  1. Mija!

    How are you and Ross? I hope things are starting to get better?

    It is my understanding that the sets have to be taken up and put away every day in NY. That was one of the alleged expenses that ABC sited for moving ABC from NY to LA. I say that to say it makes sense that you see people in as few locales as possible for budget reasons. I think there have been 3 on the past few shows.

    I like how Jessica dismissed Natalie from her own room.

    Brody is an arse...
    While he made some valid points about moving on, out of ALL the women in the world, Natalie should have been the last one with which he tried to pursue a relationship.

    Also, how does one attack a mental illness... I know the DID has been really played over the top on this show, but the bottom line is that Jess was/is mentally ill. I guess it is realistic that Brody wouldn't see it that way in some respects, however, part of his argument just sounds like a cop-out.

    Rex/Bo... so believable! When he said Gigi knew she was dying... so sad. Even sadder is that we know Jack is not going to pay. At least in the formal sense... please don't let Rex or Shane get caught delivering vengeance. Also, how much do you want to bet Blair will be the last to know of Jack's involvement in this... Blair...come back to us.... who is this insecure woman who is chasing after a man she barely knows anything about except that shadiness surrounds him...

    I need Mayor Vickers to put on her Llanview Hospital board of directors hat and institute mandatory sensitivity training for ALL of the doctors. Rex just lost his fiance, no one offered him grief counseling.. HE sent his son to counseling. No one has offered him to sit down on the staff, asked him if there is anything they can do to help, etc... utterly ridiculous.

    Man with Scar Manning... hmmmm I don't know... so far his memory is only in still images. Since they force us to watch flashbacks ALL of the time, shouldn't his memories actually have voice and motion to them? When Nora lost her memory, we saw brief clips of only a few seconds.. but they were in motion... my spidey senses say something is not quite right...

    Cutter... Cutter is annoying, but he does have a few good one liners :) Rama on the other hand... man Vimal, you were Clint's go to man which means you had to be smart... why can't you see through the window which is your wife??

    Okay I am done for the moment!

  2. I thought Brody was RIGHT ON when he went after Jessica and how she doesn't except responsibility for anything she does--I was CHEERING LOUDLY. GO BRODY GO!!! LOVE Nat with Brody to bad Clint can't get McBains heart

    The end of the show when Nat would not shut up about Clints new heart and Rex had that LOOK on his face I was in tears

  3. @Rac, the more I think about it, the more I agree with you. He was right in saying what he felt to Jessica. She has to come up with a better way of dealing with her problems than allowing herself to loose control. I still say Brody had no business messing with his ex-fiance's sister...AGAIN.

    I would pay good money to hear Clint cry out "I'm coming Asa", in Fred Sanford's voice with the way he has been clutching his chest. Clint did a good job of showing a truly bittersweet reaction to Matthew's recovery. While he didn't want Matthew to die, it seemed to be his last chance at a heart.

    Those doctors must think whoever finds Clint a heart will get a Buchannan bonus. Matthew's doctor seemed downright disappointed when he opened his eyes. Chillax lady! Matthew is a Buchannan too!


  4. Bo, Nora, and Rex need to call for an investigation into the Llanview hospital. Everybody seems just a little to eager to rip out organs, and pressuring the families into doing it. Smurf doctor was visibly upset she wasn't getting Matthew's heart, does she get commission on hearts? Nora still needs to knock her out.

    Brody! Finally somebody telling Jess off! About effin time. Jess has been ruined, I have zero interest in her anymore. Let her turn into Tess and live happily ever after with her rapist, I don't care anymore.

    As for Brody and Nat, I want them together! But I know OLTL will never allow that. They are super hot! Such a better alternative to Jolie.

  5. Wow Friday's episode was really good! I usually watch OLTL at about 70% attention, with the rest just mindlessly on the internet, but I devoted all my attention to the Brody/Jessica scene and anything dealing with Gigi! Good job! I was like being deeply affected...Rex's face when Natalie kept droning on and on like a retard, was making me so sad!

    I'm glad Brody told Jessica off, he should have one last hurrah before he is cut off at the knees...

    @Akesha I was wondering about the same thing with the pictures, I was like why do they only show those, the only soap I watch now is the Young and the Restless and they show clips from the 80s and 90s all the time... And these doctors are literally trying to kill everybody to save Matthew, lmao!

  6. WORD!!! Being sneaky at work. Sorry for my absence. Quick responses to all...

    @Akesha AH! Ok...didn't know they had to take them apart everyday. Knew they rotated them and what not. I mean...they have been in the hospital for what feels like a damn eternity!!! Oh...I'm in the minority and liked Brody and Natty. I'm sorry. But, true it was wrong of Brody to do that. For shizzle. Omigod...Rex/Bo SO BELIEVABLE! While I do get upset with so much Rex/Bo and not enough Matt/Bo, I couldn't help but appreciate their relationship. Great scene. Mayor Vickers...thanks, I just peed on myself! I need to call her that. If I do you get credit don't worry! God...NOTHING is right about the Scarr Manning story! It is dragging fat ass and I find it a snooze fest. Oh, and Nora's memory loss...will that EVER be cleared up?! Cutter DOES have good one liners. However, I need him to go...despite his good looks. Thanks for the well wishes!

    @rac YES!!! Agree!!! I was so glad Brody went after Jessica! I know Jessica is sick...yada yada yada...but I don't care. Brody was right. I flurve Brody and Natty, too but I just don't see a future thanks to the writers. OMG...wanted to choke Natty when she wouldn't shut up about the damn heart!

    @akesha PEEING ON MYSELF about the Samford and Son reference! OMG...thanks TBS for constantly playing those old episodes. Oh, and no shit about Matthew being a Buchanan, too. You're right...smurf was uber upset Matthew opened his eyes. Nora should have ripped her hair out weeks ago.

    @mojomiller omg...smurf was DEV-AH-STAY-TED about Matthew getting better! I have been wanting Nora to kick her ass since we first saw this bitch. Bedside manner...ATROSH. I'm all aboard the Brody telling off Jess train! Choo Choo! OMG...why WOULD OLTL be cool and put Brody and Natty together? Jolie is a joke. I just do not see it. Obviously I'm in the minority but I just don't get it.

    @YoSammity 70% attention?! REALLY? I was expecting 100%! OMG...I was totally effected by Gigi and Rex. God Bless that shit was sad and felt super real. Oh God...when Natty kept rambling I was like "STFU right now!" Rex looked so sad. Yay! I'm so glad everybody is pumped Brody told off Jessica!! WORD! I hope his departure is a decent one. Worried about it.