Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Death by Red Plastic Cup

Gigi: "So wait, lemme get this straight. I'm gonna die at the hands of a red plastic cup, but people like NQS, James and Dayt-en get to stay and do cool shit? This is a fail."

Good Evening, Y'all! Sorry for my absence. Ross' grandfather is sick, and we have just had a lot going on here. Soooo Ross is flying to NOLA at the crack of dawn until Monday. Whannnnn! =( It is relatively calm at the moment so let me go on get started. I will do a full post of Tuesday's episode. I will more than likely do a drive-by of Wednesday's episode. We shall see. If I can't get to comments tonight I will tomorrow. I appreciate each and every single one and read them!

Oh...time out. I need to say thank you to everyone for being so thoughtful and concerned about us. Ross appreciates it, too. Y'all are the sweetest.

Tuesday, June 14th

OMG....kill me. The Nun, the crazy and the padded room. Woof! I must say...I'd love to run and throw myself up against the wall and see if I bounce back.

Yay Brody/Natty!

I'm dying for this Nora/Clint confrontation to be superbly awesome. I also love she is on a rampage. Awesome.

These Vicki/Bo scenes need to be fabu, too. Oooookay so my heart kinda melts every time Bo talks about Nora and her determination because he just smiles so sweetly...and smiles with his eyes. Le sigh. Oh, and snap...thank you writers for remembering that Bo and Vicki have always been close.

God I hate Tea's dress! It is very much a fall/autumn dress. Not a June dress...

I cannot believe Jack has on a shirt that is a red plastic cup. I know I won't let this go...

Poor Gigi...that dress is gonna go to waste. Damn shame. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm not gonna call Gigi silly, because I don't feel like going down this road but just in case anyone else is ever put in some shitty situation like this: Y'all do know you aren't supposed to turn on a generator in an enclosed space...right? It's just not smart.

OMG...Lola just lapped up some of Ross' pina colada (yes, we are being douchy and drinking those. This is rare and never happens. The rum is fabu, though). She will be drunk in 5 minutes. Perf.

I just want to wrap my arms around Bo and just tell him everything is going to be okay. Vicki is the most supportive friend ever. Good God!!!! A Ben reference! Well, I just cannot handle Bo Buchanan upset like this. He looks so fragile. First time he has really showed some emotion though...I like it.

Nora continues her it. Sorry...but you can most def tell that Clint is genuinely upset and concerned. Aaaaaand these scenes are too f*@king short.

OMGeezus! I don't give two flying nuns about this Ford/Tess shit. Bess knows everything, Tess? If she did then she would know that all your camera time is absurd.

This Brody/Natalie convo annoys me only because I know that the McBundle is really John's and poor Brody will get the shaft. Can't handle it.

Ahhhh!!!! There's Marty's Playhouse! Eventhough it's in a flashback from just days ago. I'm sorry, but I can't deal with Tea's dress. Good God get her out of it!

"Fig parent" and "gynecological deal." Hilar. Thanks Roxy.

Oh no....I actually feel bad for Gigi since she realized the CO is the silent killer.

OMG!!!! Ford...Tess is NOT real! I can't deal with these scenes. Maybe because I have no patience tonight...or ever.

Brody looks REALLY attractive today. Just sayin'...

Shut up NuJack and don't call the Man in Black "McPain." Tea's hair looks different today, too. I hate this. These scenes are two f*@king seconds, too! FAIL.

Roxy just said "something you put somewheres." I feel like I'm back in Louisiana.

God...Gigi basically knows she might die. Scary.

Puh-leeeeeeze let these Nora/Clint scenes be longer. Nope...too short. I know Nora is getting a lot of flack for going after Clint, but I totally see why she thinks that he may indeed be behind all this just because Clint has done so much to them and she is paranoid. And, yes Clint loves Matthew but in her mind she just thinks that Clint manipulated Matthew into killing over for Clint in her mind. Just sayin'...

I must say that these Bo/Vicki scenes are the highlight of the show for me. Aaaaaand, I cannot deal with Bo tearing up and crying! Poor thing. He REALLY is in such a difficult spot. I totally understand his position in all this, too. Oh, and any fight that he and Nora have is totally warranted and understandable in my mind. Ugh...I cried when Bo asked "How do you let your child go?" Cannot deal. Bo Buchanan overload...goodness gracious.

OMG, Tess...don't call Vicki "Pollyanna." I think that is an insult. Vicki is waaaaaay more cooler than that.

Wow...Brody is moving out of Llanfair? I forgot he even lived there. How did I forget that?

Ugh...these Toad/Johnny McB scenes are too short.

I'll be damned...I'm actually UPSET with these Gigi scenes. OMG...this is upsetting! Now she is gonna make a recording?! Is she gonna record over Marty's confession? AHHH!!!!! She can't tape over it! I cannot believe I'm genuinely interested in these scenes. Lordy.

God Bless...aaaand Bo is killing me today. Again, Vicki is beyond supportive...fabu. Bo gets so much criticism for being a hypocrite but these scenes are prime example about how truly fabulous he really is! Word yo!

Clint is totally telling the truth with all this Matthew love stuff. Again, these scenes are entirely too short.

NOOOOOOO!!!!!! Ford is tricking the blind nun! I don't like this at all...seriously!

I many f*@king times in this episode do they have to say that Brody is Liam's father?! Kill me.

I'm genuinely interested in the Toad/McBain scenes and they are 2 seconds.

NuJack needs to be knocked the f*@k out like first day he showed up. Is that a portrait of Judge Fitzwater behind NuJack?! You KNOW she would set his ass straight...word.

Ok so what is that red light that keeps blinking outside of John's office window?

I'm gonna like Gigi a week or two before she dies...unbelievable.

I love concerned Bo. So darling. And a headbump! Yay! Wow...Nora is so far gone at this point. I mean...all this talk about Matthew getting his color back and then Vicki being like "okay I"m leaving." Lordy. can you believe Clint loves Matthew when he hates Rex? Good point.

I could effing cry watching Gigi. FF is doing a really good job. She truly is...

That royal blue expandable folder in John's office is for "convictions?!" Llanview needs to get an electronic filing system. Good God.

Rex, use your PI skills to find Gigi!!! You're the best one in town!!! Now is the time!

Gigi's acting is great today. It's true cause y'all know my ass wouldn't typically say it!!! Much deserved credit!

B/N alone again...unbelievable. Aaaand Nora didn't even let Bo get a word in and then made the decision on her own (right then and there) to not take off Matthew off life support and then walked off. Lord have mercy. These two are in a terrible bind. I prefer them happy so I'd flove to move past this.

God...poor Clint. Seriously. I don't care...he is redeemed in my eyes! Redeemed!! I can't stay mad at him even if he effed with my two favorites. I don't know why, but I can't!

Ok so I'm sorry but I'm just disgusted with the Tess/Ford thing and them tying up the blind nun. Just wrong and not amusing.

Snap...Natty/Brody kissing. I know they get it on, but I wasn't expecting a kiss today. Sidenote: Where is Bree?! Does Brody even care? WTF?

Go Rex!!!! Go save her!!! Gigi's nails are manicured nicely eventhough the color is a bit too Pepto for my taste...

Ok y'all...where the f*@k is "On the Next OLTL?" Seriously! They just decided to stop showing them out of the blue (just like they decided to start showing them randomly)?! This is a huge fail. Balls!

The vets were faboosh, but their scenes were too short. Ugh.

Okay..not sure if I'll post about today's episode tonight or tomorrow. Just keep checking.

Thank you!

Much love,


  1. Hi Mija

    I am sorry to hear about what you at Ross are going through. I will keep you all in my prayers.

    Don't worry about the updates...While I LOVE them, don't let them cause you additional stress when you have real concerns going on.

    As always, I agree with what you wrote.

    I will only add what I found really sad is that while Bo was talking to Vicki, she was able to truly empathize with what he was going through in respect to Clint and Matthew.

    How do you face your mortality?
    She has had a heart transplant like Clint...
    How do you learn to love a child you believe is a know good schemer out to hurt your family?
    She also knows what Clint is going through with Rex (i.e. her initial relationship with Natalie).
    How do you know when to take someone off of life support?
    She had to make the choice to end life support for Ben
    How do you let go of a child? She had to let go of Meagan...
    How do you decide what course of treatment is correct for a child with DID?
    She knows what Jessica is going through with the DID
    I have to stop! What hasn't this women been through! OR
    When are we going to get new story lines?

    Gigi and Evangeline both getting done in by carbon monoxide poisoning...
    Brody and Natalie giving up on John and Jess on the same day...right before the tape is discovered (because of Gigi) and Jess comes back (because of the ECT)... need I go on?

    Wednesday was even better (FYI)

    Again...hope all is well; take care if yourself.

    P.S. I think there should be some type of party for the last episode of OLTL IF we can't figure out a way to keep it on the air...

    Take Care,



  3. Hope your hubby's grandad is doing ok, safe travels to him.

    Wednesday show was good too bad too many teen scenes--Mes/Starr/Dani ruined what should have been an awesome epi--why do we have to listen to them at hosp--and why don't Joey and Nat know thier cousin is dying???

  4. @Rac,
    Let's go a bit further... why aren't Cord and Kevin at their father's bedside, given he only has DAYS to live?

    I didn't need the Star/YELLA conversations... I LOVED Todd coming down on nuJackCity... I hate when they are SOOO obvious i.e. We didn't use protection... we could NEVER end up like Star... Liam is YOUR son. John and I are done... we will NEVER get back together... I could keep going on.

  5. @Rac I'm surprised everybody doesn't know he's dying with Mestiny's big mouth!

    ME, definitely keeping you guys in my prayers and hoping everything turns out for the best!

    I am glad you started to like Gigi, when it is entirely too late! Well I'm pretty sure it's too late, I only get my spoilers from you on and you said it was pretty definite, so that makes me sad! And when she decided not to record over her it just for her friend, I was like there is no way ME can hate on her now! She is selfless! And one of the few good moms on the show!

    And I can see what you mean about the Tess/Ford thing now, but for some reason, no matter how awful it gets, I still enjoy it...I know, I'm sick!

    Really, Brody and Natalie! They are so dumb...For people they claim to love, they just give up like that, for a roll in the hay...It makes more sense this time than last time, but still!

  6. Ooookie dokie...lemme do a quick reply to all these.

    @Akesha awe you sweet thing...thank you! I will tell Ross. Much appreciated! are most def right about Vicki. Lord knows she has been to hell and back and she totally empathized with Bo...ever so perfectly just like Vicki does. ALL your points are SPOT ON!!! Ugh...I hate thatI like Gigi and now this...Evangeline 2.0 really. Yes...the writing was on the wall with Brody and Natty and Jess attempting to emerge. UGH. haha! I had to laugh at "Wednesday was even better." LOL! Huge woof on Wednesday! OMG a party?! Like all of us getting together?! xx

    @Anonymous I think I'm confused by your post. I'm very ditzy so it happens...

    @Rac thank you so much! I hope he gets better too! =( UGH...Wednesday had too much teen shit for me and I can't discuss the possibility of Mes being pregs. I mean...makes my skin crawl! Good point about Joey and Natty. I mean...EVERYONE is at the hospital. Surely they would know. Llanview ain't that damn big.

    @Anonymous Excellent point about Kevin and Cord...UGH! Pisses me off! I didn't need the Starr/Dan-YELLA scenes either. Way to go Toad for stomping on NuJack! hahahaha! Your comments are funny so I think I would like for you to keep going on and on!

    @YoSammity Aaaaand, I just peed myself about your Mes comment! So true!!! Thank you soooo much for the kind thoughts and wishes! You're so sweet! No shit about me being late on the Gigi train! However...I saw it happening about a month or two ago, but still too late. Oh well. I didn't like her before but yes...she was a good, hard-working, single mom. So good on her!'re not sick. I wish Ross could have seen the Tess/Ford stuff because I know he would enjoy it too...twisted or not!!! FACT: Brody and Natty are the worst decision makers in Llanview. Piss poor.