Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Anniversary Bo and Nora! Coincidence It's the Same Day As the Start of Hurricane Season? I Think Not.

The Perfect Man, Bo: "For our anniversary this year, not only am I going to make Matthew better and I'm gonna find a way to make Destiny leave us alone."
Nora: "Omigod Bo...thank you."

Good mornin'! Good mornin'! Again in my best Clairee Belcher voice. Lord have mercy. In case none of you knew--moving is a bitch! OMG someone shoot me! Anyway, thank God Ross magically morphed into Bo Buchanan because he said he "would unpack everything and for me not to worry about it." REALLY?! Yes, he did. Awesome.

Ok soooooo how ADORBS is MH!? Her post was a million times faboosh and, of course, she hit everything I felt spot on! Lurved it and lurve her and so thankful to have her in my life! She is so sassy, witty and perfect...muah!

Oh, so I slept with the guy at the cable company and, lo and behold, we got bumped from Thursday evening to Wednesday morning...AWESOME TOWN! And...ummmm how lucky am I? I f*@king lucked out to get cable today because my favorites were PHENOM this episode...SUPERB...STELLAR...FANTASTIC! Anyway, I missed this so let's hop to it shall we?

Please excuse any and all errors!

Wednesday, June 1st

Timeout-- my puppy Lola's 3rd birthday was 6/1/11. How presh?! She has starred on this blog a couple of times so I had to share. Y'all remember her as Inez Sallinger??? Adorbs. Anywho...yay for Lola.

Oh, and my quote from the pic...yeah, ain't happenin'. I can dream though, right?

Ford looks terrible in that St. Ann's Hospital outfit.

THOSE are the keys to the Buchanan Mansion? Not how I would have pictured them...

Good God everything is way too effing neutral in that padded room.

Aaaaaaaalright...this shit with Cutter/Rama/Aubs/Joey could be great but it needs to wrap the hell up quickly. WORD! These people need to not have a story soon. We only have until January peeps.

I LOL'd at the timing of Clint's heart failing...sorry.

Mother F*@ker...I'm soooooo tired of those kids hanging out at the hospital. Huge woof. I only got to see Tuesday's episode on my iPhone but I swear the only damn thing I saw was a pleather fuschia jacket the WHOLE time...not cool, OLTL, not cool.

My poor Bo and Nora...heavens. Lord have mercy. Perfect reactions as usual. Happy Anniversary to these two huh? I mean REALLY?!

RICK!!!!!! YAY! Times! So, obviously the "Hold the Pepperoni" series has not done well to date I'm guessing? He was taping #4 at the Chlamydia Motel but he is now at the Buenos Dias talking about how his film career needs to take off. Well...I just typed/thought that through which is the equivalent of saying it aloud...sorry about that. Kill me. Dayt-en. Why does she wear so many off the shoulder shirts? This Jane Fonda/Olivia Newton-John look is a no-go for 2011.

Leigh Ann you're right...this doctor is short stuff! Bo is even looking down to talk to her! Oh Hillary, you're gonna make me upset before work I just know it. Loved that Nora told the doctor about Matthew's car accident and how the doctors said he would never walk again but he he ran and played basketball. Any parent would be just as determined as these two are...awesomeness.

I literally took a sip of coffee and missed the Clint scene. By the way, I'm so glad he is on even if his ass isn't talking.

Wait...I had to rewind. With the money Cutter got he can buy TEN (10) houses Aubs? Wait...didn't Clint give Cutter just one million dollars? Maybe more and I missed it? Anywho, is Aubs thinking of a bunch of houses in foreclosure??? TEN houses? Unless she would like to buy 2 or 3 and then rent them out...good investment! Otherwise that comment was dumb as hell. Aubs needs to be brought up to speed on home values in the U.S.

Eh...eff these Ford/Tess scenes. Ross lurves them. Me...please guess.

On another is it STILL the SAME DAMN DAY in Llanview?!?! Thank God they haven't shown Johnnie McBain! His outfit looked soiled last week! I can't imagine how it would look today. #Tidewithcolorguard

Rex is such a f*@kin' spaz! He is just so damn...spastic! That is the only adjective I got now. Oh snap...I have to give Vicki a proper good morning so "Good morning, Victoria!" I lurve seeing her...dressed ever so chicly, too!

Nora is about to borderline panic...I feel it. Hmmm no...just a mini "Do the test!" These scenes are too short! Dammit!

Oh no she dit-ent! Mestiny: "I need to go call Sean. He'd want to be here." UGH! Oh yeah Mes, because lemme tell ya the one thing that hospital needs is another MOTHER F*@KING person there!!! Jesus, Mary and Joseph! I cannot deal with such nonsense! I'm sure people are thinking I'm a frigid bitch, but there is just too much Mes/Dan-YELLA/NQS shit. Plus, Bo and Nora haven't had room to breathe with those kids circling their asses like vultures! I understand Mes is upset, but this is family time now. Again, I'm gonna have to fly on my broom (since I'm mean as a witch on this blog I have one...terrible) and beat Mestastico with a wine bottle or some object. However, I'd have to remove her fuschia, pleather jacket first because I can't stand to look at it without becoming ill. WOOF! REALLY?! REALLY OLTL?! Mestastico hid behind the nurse and heard Doctor Smurf (just go with it since she is short...came to my head) say Matthew ain't comin' back. Yes...that's believable. LOL...REALLY?!

I'm just a big ole douche because I'm watching Bo and Nora in the background of these NQS and Dan-YELLA scenes. OMG Adorbs...Nora just wiped something off of Bo's cheek! I could watch them do that all day.

Sooooo....Queen Victoria spilled the beans to Rex. Wait...these Vicki scenes are too short.

I'll comment on the Tess/Ford shit when I feel like it...not every single one. Same thing for the Aubs/Rama/Cutter/Joey shit. It's 6:45 already so I need to hurry!

Oh sweet lord...Vicki just talked about being married to Clint. AH!!! How sweet and adorable! They are soooo getting back together and I couldn't be happier. WORD! REALLY?! Dan-YELLA: "Aunt Vicki, have you seen Mestiny?" LOL...I'm so sure. Please kids...

Sweet Jesus...a hand kiss and a real kiss!? Fabulousness overload! Bo said that he was gonna say Matthew got hurt but he is gonna be fine. Fierce! I love positive thinking in tough situations. Oh snap another kiss! I cannot handle such goodness in the morning! Plus a "love you." Awesome! These two are so perf. I'm trying to keep my gushing to a minimum! Seriously, I really am. Sweetest little scene of this episode...word!

You can probably freeze ice on my ass because I didn't feel sorry for Mestastico crying. That's awful and I know it...

Ross asked a great question last night..."What is Rick's purpose on the show?" Ummmm if anyone has an answer I'd lurve it.

Ford should never wear neutrals again. It ain't a good look...

So where is Dayt-en even getting the money for coffee? I mean I thought she was broke as a joke.

I'd rather be stoned to death than watch Mestiny's ass sob over Matthew right now. Actually, I'd like to finish my coffee first...then I'm open to being stoned. I can't watch Matthew's head hit the table...makes me cringe. Dan-YELLA is the best one of these three...fact.

OH SNAP! A Rachel Gannon mention?! Awesome town! I'm so glad they had Nora call her...good thinking! Now if we can just get her ass back to Llanview. Well damn...I'm upset. THESE PICS!!!! Times...that second pic had to be photoshopped because Hillary Smith's hair was never that long when Matthew was that age. FACT. Sweet Jesus how adorable? Nora just carries these pics around in her purse? Confused. AH! Then she taped the pic onto the cart...mercy! I can't handle this! Now Vicki! I'm so glad this show remembers they are friends! I can't handle Nora crying...let alone in the morning.

Who else I can't handle getting upset (probably more so)? Bo. I just want to hug him. OMG...and he can't get the image out of his head of how Matthew looked when they opened his eyes. Tear. =(

Well...I will say that Tess is the prettiest psych patient ever. That's all I got.

Whoa...Rama's slap looked real!!! Aaaaand so did Aubs' slap! WORD! I love cat fights! I've never participated in one and never will but I love to be a trashy audience member. ;) This fighting is OOC! REALLY?!?! She pulled out that chunk of hair? What is this Housewives of New Jersey?! Wait...Aubs said she doesn't dye her hair? She has to have highlights and lowlights...bitch is lyin'.

Nora...God, don't worry about those kids in the hospital! Please. xx, ME. Hell...I'm tearing up again because Nora can't say that Matthew is nearly brain dead. OMG when she shook her head and said the doctors never know...cried. AH! Then she just called Matthew "a miracle!" I CANNOT HANDLE THIS! I'm gonna have to watch Meredith Vieira on the "Today Show" to laugh after this...or read Robin Strasser's tweets! Nora and Bo are SUPERB today. Oh and Nora/Vicki scenes are the shit.

Bo...I knew I loved you. "I think Nora and I better handle this one alone." YES! Now go and tell those kiddies that who are lurking in the hallway. Oh, and can we all agree that Bo is the most selfLESS man on the planet? He even thought to ask about why Rex was there and if there was a problem with Shane! He.Is.The.Best.

I'm so tired of Rama being in that workout outfit. LOL...I flove how Joey told Aubs "DON'T START." He is quite the recent pre-k grad huh?! I'm so proud of him!

That St. Ann's guard is the LEAST threatening guard I've ever seen in my life. These scenes are dumb. Any damn body can run a muck at St. Ann's. Lord.

I want to go Mortal Kombat on Mestiny's ass NOW! OH NO!!!! Dan-YELLA...Mes ain't family. Worst quote of the show. Sweet Jesus.

Vicki and Rex are looking UP at Clint's doctor! Can they find a doctor of average height for this show?!

Poor Bo...he knows Matthew ain't gonna be okay despite Nora's optimism.

Don't worry, Victoria...Clint will get a heart and y'all will run off into the sunset together. I promise you.

I AM PEEING!!!!!! Rick stole the tip from the other table! FABOOSH!!!

I NQS runs to the Buenos Dias to puke in the KITCHEN trash can?! Not the bathroom?! Dept. of Health and Human Services will be getting a call from me! No Flan People!!!! That place is nasty!

OF COURSE Clint is now at the top of the transplant list. OF COURSE. Oh and that surgery was like the quickest ever, p.s.

I mean...Bo and Nora are just too damn fabulous for words. I LOVE couples being a team (since at the end of the day I'm a big romantic douche)! They are the epitome of it and I can't think of any other couple that comes close...hell, even in real life. Aaaaand, I can't handle this last scene with the two of them upset and her stroking Matthew's chest. Jesus.

Ok...I'm off for my second cup of coffee and to fly to Llanview on my broom before work! Messy is going down!

Show was FABU!

So glad to be back and with cable/Internet/Tivo (yes Tivo now). See y'all later!

Much love,


  1. Destiny keeps ruining the intensity of Bo and Nora's emotional scenes. I watched with Destiny on and I got really sad, but I just re watched an edit without Destiny and I cried like a baby. Destiny is the weak link get her out!

    Hehe, I also was watched Bo and Nora in the background when Nate and Dani were talking, I don't think I heard a single word they said.

    I can't even begin to describe the amazingness of HBS and RSW in this episode.

    Total agreement about the Rama/Cutter/Aubs stuff. IF the show wasn't going off the air I think I'd enjoy it, but we don't have time for this, get them off! And Damn it if Rick didn't make me laugh again today, WTF? I hate AP, what is going on?

  2. @MojoMiller darling, I'm dying to beat the shit out of Messy. She is so atrosh and her acting is so poor compared to BN. I hate to bash the acting, but I have to in extreme circumstances...this is one of those times! Oh...I was totally ONLY watching BN! Glad to know you were, too...I figured! ;) HBS and RSW are beyond FABOOSH. There aren't words and my posts don't do them justice. Yes...if we had time lets see Rama/Cutter/Aubs/Joey go at it, etc. However we don't have long and I need the fab five (well, 4 since RS is leaving early) to dominate my screen! OMG...Rick makes me pee on myself! So hilarious!

  3. Mestiny needs to be removed. She has ruined all week. I had to only concentrate on Bo and Nora. I loved the Nora/Viki too. Mes better be gone by next week because we have some heavy stuff coming up. I hated that little talk about Destiny being family because Matthew loved her so much. Did I miss something? Being a friend and sleeping together does not equate love. I'm not feeling the sudden push of true love with Matthew and Mes. She needs to exit now. Her acting is just not up to snuff for my family either. Sorry but it's true.

  4. Good show today! Me and Ross are on totally on the same page: Team Fess/Team Tord all the way!

    I personally think that Rama should stay in that workout outfit forever and ever! And then when that time is up keep it on for a couple more days.

    And I was totally laughing about that St. Anne's guard guy, he was super unintimdating, then after he "threw" Ford out he like to grab by the neck in some kind of chokehold, and totally failed. Even Ford could have taken that guy.

    Now here are some statements I wanted to tell some characters:

    Rick, you're fun.

    Nate, you're stupid.

    Mestiny, you are a horribly ugly and uncomfortable to watch crier.

    Bo, I want you to be my dad.

    Tess, you are so fine!

    That is all.

  5. @andrea Lord knows I hate to bash acting, but I cannot handle her in the Bo and Nora scenes! Firstly, I need them ALONE. Entirely too many kiddos at the hospital swarming BN like vultures. Oh and if she is pregnant I will just curl up and die! Jesus spare me from some mess like that! Lord have mercy! Totally agree with everything you said!

    @yosammity You always make me giggle! Well you and Ross need to watch the damn show together and just have one helluva good time. He floves Rama's exotic ass, too! OMG...I'm peeing on myself! Your assessments of the characters were DEAD ON! Flove it and feel the same way...however, I could say a lot meaner things about NQS and Mestastico. I just have nothing nice to say about these two. Oh and the guard at St. Ann's...bitch please. He was feeble.

  6. I have a problem with Llandview hospital. The Buchannans are supposed to be what..billionaires. They should be in deluxe, private suites, where anyone off the street can get their medical condition. Between Destiny and DanYella, there is no need for Phyllis Rose or Blanca ???

    What neurosurgeon makes a pronouncement that big without running more than one test? In the real world there would be two test and possibly a consult..

    Didn't Matthew's makeup look great? He really looks like he has been through trauma (from the surgery).

    Did I miss something? While Clint did tell Vickie he was dying, we never saw him tell a Dr. it was okay to give her his medical information. She technically isn't family, so why is he sharing information with her?

    Now NQS finds out that he might have killed someone, and he runs not home, or for a walk, but to a diner? Why? He doesn't strike me as an emotional eater.

    I am totally with Nora... I heard "minimal chance", operative word being chance...which means (to me), we will get my boy Matthew back.

    Attention Rama... I don't care what dirty little secret you have on anyone. Neither she nor Aubrey are sympathetic characters. I don't wish to see them nor Cutter on screen... well, Cutter, when Bo is arresting him for extortion... but that's it.

    Vicki is too classy to go at Aubrey. This is the one time I see a use for Natalie... and she can't be useful.

    Slightly related aside...
    Natalie = Top CSI Investigator
    KNOWS DNA test were tampered with...
    KNOWS Llandview Hospital has a history of DNA tampering
    KNOWS Marty had a copy of the DNA test
    KNOWS Marty was happy when she tore up the results
    KNOWS Marty has been telling people Marty broke up Natalie and John
    KNOWS Marty and Natalie were arguing over something before she was pushed from the roof
    and STILL can't figure out what's going on...

  7. Oh AKesha I love Natty--she's the only Buch grandkid who got any of Asa's spunk--which is cool since she didn't grow up with them it's her DNA!!

    I really think with Clint so sick Kevin and Cord need to make an appearance, and all the Buch kids should be rallying around Jessica.

    Today's (Thursday) pet peeve--JOEY your father and Cousin are in that hospital DYING and you are mushy mushy buying flowers for Kelly the woman who left you for your brother then had a baby she ignores with your nephew--icky icky.

    My heart be still is that really patrick thornheart in the cell???

  8. OK, can someone please confirm or deny? Is Matthew really going to die? I can't find him on the Comings and Goings. Can someone also please tell me who the real Todd Manning is? Sorry if this has already been posted before, but I've been ridiculously swamped with work and have just now had the time to catch up on what's going on in Llanview.

  9. @rac...
    I really have tried HARD to like Natalie...
    but too many good characters (actress portraying them have all been nominated or won emmys for these characters)...have been ruined in order to redeem her actions...
    Jessica, Evangeline, and now Marty.

    I don't see the resemblance to Asa... I adored his character and wished there was a character that was truly like him. Clint is in some ways, but what is missing is the dramatic flair (outside of the rifle). Asa was ALWAYS over the top and dramatic... and had a method to his was always well thought out (even if the plan didn't actually work out).

    Natalie acts without thinking and plans only in reaction to situations which she usually has contributed to creating. True, it makes interesting story, but her actions SEEM to be self-serving, moreso than family-centered.

    She kept Jared's secret because she loved Jared; not because it was best for the Buchannans... Nash died, the family lost the company. etc...

    She kept the secret about the baby because she wanted John. Yes she didn't want to hurt Jessica and John as well, but she had ample opportunities to avoid the hurt she caused; daydreams about her happy life are what prevailed (at least that is how it was portrayed).

    I am still waiting for an apology that doesn't include a BUT from her. When John has confronted her arguments with a logical statement; she gets flustered and changes the subject.

    Oh well, I will try not to Natalie bash anymore...
    but do you disagree that a CSI EXPERT should be a little more on top of things than Natalie has?

  10. Vicki's face when Nora turns away from her during their talk said everything. She was strong for Nora, but when Nora wasn't watching you could see Vicki react to how bad she sensed the situation to be. Loved that they brought Vicki in. ES and HBS in a scene...what a luxury for the work for him that day.


  11. @Christine

    You are so right!
    I hope we get more scenes with ES, HBS, RW, JVD, and RS (before she leaves)...

  12. haha I think Natalie is a TERRIBLE CSI!! I liked her better at BE--made more sense for the character

    Those secrets are what make her more Asa like to me--remember Pamala and Olympia. sleeping with delila. She's a very flawed character but she has spunk, the only other Buch grandkid with spunk is kevin! But I don't think John is right for her at all--I actually would have rather seen her with Brody.

  13. Oh lord...I might have to do this in two posts but maybe not since some of y'all are talking amongst yourselves! ;)

    @Akesha Darling you are ALWAYS so damn spot on! Totally agree with the doctor who I think is a smurf. This is a soap so the writers think we are dumb. Matthew's make-up looks hella good! Snap about the Vicki shit! You are totally right! She should not know all the medical info...HIPAA violation! Stop it with NQS...puking at the diner was all kinds of disgusting. Nora ain't gonna let Matthew die. You're right..."chance" was heard and that was all that was needed! Oh...Rama/Cutter/Aubs OUT THE DOOR PLEASE! over them and over Rama and this baby ridic. Vicki is entirely too regal to even be associated with Aubs. OMG OMG OMG I'm PEEING with all your Natty comments!!!! So damn true!!! Hilarious! her being a CSI is such an effing joke! Every time she wears that jacket, hat and totes around her "kit" I just laugh. You're so funny.

    @rac I used to FLOVE Natty. Hated her during this baby fiasco. I'm starting to slowly like her again, but I think she is NOT BELIEVABLE as a CSI. It provides for excellent comedic relief. ha! OMG...I'm DYING to see Kevin and Cord! I even put Kevin in my post this morning! Very good point about Joey. He is such a mushroom. Oh...and it's gonna be Patrick or a Patrick look alike in the cell but not Thorston Kaye's Patrick...woof.

    @Desi Darling, you've been missed! I cannot 100% confirm shit but I think they were going to kill Matthew but now it is all but certain they aren't. I'm 99% certain they aren't. You just can't kill off BN's only kid when Clint has like 20. I think the real Todd is going to be RH's Todd. Supposedly. I don't know how they could make him be somebody else. RH being Todd is the most plausible (at this stage in the game) and TSJ may be Walker or someone else. I haven't read too many spoilers on it. Glad you're back and good luck with work!

    @Christie right about Vicki! You could totally tell she was being strong and then was like "OMG this is REALLY bad" when Nora turned away. She is so awesome! ES and HBS are so fab them! My favs!

    @Akesha PRAISE GOD! I second that notion! MUST have them in lots of scenes together and before RS leaves the show!

    @rac Again my love for Kevin knows no bounds. I wasn't watching when Olympia and Delila were around but have seen clips. I was either too small or not born...ha! ;) Oh...and I see you think Natalie is a shitastic CSI! Sorry I discussed it in my above "@" to you!