Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Starr Manning and Blair Cramer--The BEST Mothers EVER.

Starr: "Cole now that you are going to prison that means I'll have to raise Hope. I can't do that so I'll find someone else to do it. Maybe James Ford? Addie is getting too tired to do it anymore. I'm up a creek."

Good afternoon, peeps!!! I'm actually off of work today and tomorrow for Shavuot (again, you will learn something from this blog if it kills me so Google it...xx). Anyway, I've been running around all morning trying to unpack, wash and organize and I'm not even close to finishing. Woof. However, I took a quick break to sob and watch Meredith Vieira's farewell to "The Today Show." Sad Sad. Anyway, yesterday's show was decent. I'm gonna do a drive-by of that quickly AND THEN I'm gonna blog at exactly 1 as I watch the show. Should be interesting.

Tuesday, June 7th--Uber Quick Marty Leaving on a Jet Plane Version
1. I can't even discuss RH not having a scene with SH. Epic effing failure. I mean he was like 5 feet from her. DAMMIT!
2. Nigel.Is.The.Shit. Sooooo where is Renee? Just curious. I mean...the writers obviously think we are all effing dense as hell to not even wonder.
3. I'm sorry but I lurve Toad and John scenes. Toad's wit is where it's at lately.
4. I just wanna give Tea a big ole hug. She is gonna be the main one ultimately hurt by all this shit I'm sure. I mean it's taken me YEARS and I like her now. I think it's a bit self-serving. I like that she is feisty kinda like me so I like her. ;)
5. I've said it a million damn times and I'm saying it again: Natty/Brody/Liam are ADORBS!!! I mean...if their scenes didn't warm your heart then I just don't know what to say. I know they are not gonna end up together but they are cute.
6. Lord have mercy I don't give a flying f*@k about Tess and Ford. Why? I think because I know they are going to DOMINATE my screen all effing summer so in my mind I am already sick of them. However, let's be grateful...last summer was AWFUL. Y'all know it was! I'll take them over the teen scene.
7. Lord I'm so damn bored and over this Christian/Rama shit and it ain't even started. Choke me.
8. They have got to start writing better for Blair. She only comes across as horny and oblivious to her children's actions. This is sad because I like her. Please fix this, writers! xx, ME
9. I still want to do Ted King.
10. Who else feels cheated with this RH return? He has hardly even talked! Get this train out of the damn station people!!!!! Choo! Choo!
11. This Bo and Nora drought is ridiculous since their son is basically brain dead. The lack of Clint, Vicki, and Dorian is insulting too. God, I hope they are all on this summer. I cannot have another summer like last year!!!! JUST NO!!! Last year, every time I tuned into the show it was just a giant middle finger on my screen for an hour (after B/N's wedding through August).

Wednesday, June 8th

Now they have Liam in the blanket? He already has on a damn hoodie! Poor child is gonna sweat to death.

I STILL can't wrap my mind around the fact that Vicki let's Gigi, Rex, and Shane live in the carriage house for free.

OMIGOD I am going to HATE this episode and we are not even into it a damn minute. NuJack!? F*@K! Jesus, Mary, and Brad the Prune!!?? He is a walking middle finger, I swear.

Aaaaaaaand, it gets worse. Starr and James. I mean...who cares.

Blair continues to look like an idiot. Tomas is a hero for finding Natalie's baby...LOL.

I have a feeling Tea and Todd will be the only good thing about the show today. Ugh...Toad is going to keep everything from Tea. Woof.

I mean...I don't even have a lot to say so far into this episode. It's not that great.

DISGUSTING!!!!!! Brad just ate the Cramer's whip cream out of the can. My God!!! I want to shove that can up his ass!!!

I have a feeling that Cole sees Hope more than Starr does...actually, I know this. Starr is such a failure as a mother.

Hmmm so they still have to pay Susan Haskell for this episode since they are showing her. Nice. Omigod they are making Blair look like such a dumbass. "How long do you think Marty was in the pool house?" OMG!!! If I were a loyal Blair fan I'd be pissed!

Oh eff I just missed the Toad/Brody/Tea scene. I wish those were longer. They are the only ones I'm interested in today.

Poor Liam must be sweating profusely!!! Sweet Lord! He is gonna become dehydrated! Oh Natty you're a CSI so surely you can think of why Toad wanted to help Marty. You're all knowing remember? Figure it out.

UGH! These Toad/Tea/Brody scenes are too short! At least Toad alluded to the baby Liam secret.

I think I'm in hell. I thought maybe because Chicago is experiencing a heatwave but I'm now convinced it is because these Starr/James and NuJack/Brad scenes are on. I really didn't think I was that bad of a person.

OH REALLY BLAIR?! You think NuJack would have learned his lesson by now? Now we know where Starr gets her atrosh parenting skills...

Brad needs to be bludgeoned at the hands of Marty Saybrooke.

I think Liam passed out from a heatstroke, Natty! Check on him! Wait...did John say he just OWES something TO NATALIE?! My God! Just no! Retract that statement!

Ok it is a total fail that these Toad/Tea/Brody scenes are 2 seconds. IF THAT.

Sweet Lord! A Matthew reference! Thank God they are all on tomorrow. #itsthelittlethings heart just kinda broke when Shane accepted that girl's MyFace request. I hate Brad and NuJack! These little bastards are hellions!!!

Oh know NuJack wasn't going to the library. Aaaaand Blair just looked even more stupid when she said TO TOMAS that NuJack lies to her face over and over again. Hello Blair!!! Tomas is too!

Poor Brody. Times...I love how it still has Oliver Fish listed as a police officer on the wall. OMG so let's just all give Brody a premature group hug. MERCY!

No John! Don't you DARE apologize about letting Marty's Playhouse unleash her crazy sauce all over Llanview! That was the best thing that could have happened!

OMG Brad has the can of whip cream AT the table with him. Dorian would be so effing livid! These children have NO MANNERS! I hate this MyFace shit going on...HATE IT!

These John and Natalie scenes are falling flat for me today. I dunno why. Hopefully they will get better...doubt it.

Sass! Tea's coat has a red lining....lurve it!!! Tea suspects Toad is up to something. Come on, girlfriend. Get down to the bottom of this shit before you get too hurt!

I'm apologizing now for how bad this blog is. I just have nothing to work with here! Oh, and may I say I hate the effing Burlington Coat Factory commercials where they talk about their bakasana or whatever the hell! It's hard to watch live with commercials this arosh.

Starr the only reason you only want Hope to have a relationship with James is because you don't want to deal with her. Bitch tell the truth! I mean....Starr is an atrosh mom and so is Blair. Yet Nora is a good mother and she has had TWO children kill someone (although I think there is a chance Matthew really didn't do it). Bogus!

True dat Rex...Bo did look sad and hollow and just...broken. Hmmmm foreshadowing? Rex thanking God he has Gigi and Shane? I wonder if GiGi is about to bite the dust? I honestly don't know.

The set-up of the MyFace chat is atrosh. Brad really?! You think that's fun? Sitting next to Nujack as he types lies to Shane? I mean how lame are you?? You suck.

"I'm Blair Cramer." Thanks for clearing up any confusion I had there, Blair. Oh, I forgot the gratuitous "I want to jump Ted King" mention.

This episode sucks.

These Natty/John scenes are pretty damn boring. AH! Liam woke up! No John...he's not hungry! He is sweating his little ass off!

Aaaand the promo with Bo and Nora has been the highlight of this atrosh episode so far...

Well Rex and Gigi talking about their wedding was sweet. I'm being serious. They do see genuinely happy with each other.

Brad what real girl would wanna even look at you? SCORE! Shane figured it out. Good for him!!!

Starr you can't wait for James to hang out with Hope ONLY because Addie probably told you she is getting tired of being the sole caregiver to Hope. You are lying to James, girlfriend! Oh and James...just in time for Father's Day you get to be a dad. Is that cool or what? NOT.

Blair is so silly to continue to believe Tomas' bullshit about Quomar or whatever the hell his name is...woof.


Tea/Toad the only good thing about today. Aaaaaaand as soon as they are about to have a convo John interrupts....effing awesome, lemme tell ya. ya buddy.

Score...back to Toad and Tea. Again...nothing. Just boo on all this. One thing is for certain...John will whisper his way to the truth. WORD.

I am so thankful this episode is over! AHHH! Thank God B/N are on tomorrow! WHAT?! No previews?! Dammit!

I'll respond to comments this evening. Need to eat lunch and unpack first.

Love y'all to pieces!


  1. Concern on what is bothering Hope...Starr says to James..."maybe she sees us spending more time together." Really? When would that be? When has Hope seen them period much less enough to notice?

    Oh geez...I'm commenting on James and Starr. Bad sign. Need Bo and Nora soon.


  2. I spent the whole episode wondering why the hell Tea was wearing a coat in June...Remember when Starr wanted to give her baby up for adoption cause she didn't want the baby to have crappy teenage parents? Yeah, she should have held on to that logic.

  3. Dorian is the best of the Cramer moms because she knew early on not to even meet your daughter until she is a teenager!!!

    I'm with you---I was FF and epi went on too long, very few scenes were actually advancing story and we just don't have long enough left for any Ford nonsense

  4. @Christie You KNOW it's bad when we are discussing James and Starr. How sad is that?! Mercy! Lucky for you...Bo and Nora are on today, Friday AND Monday. SCORE!!! Happy!

    @Katie Darling, believe it or not it was a heatwave the past two days here and then today it dropped to 60 and feels like 55 so I'm putting on a coat this afternoon. Woof. However, Tea's coat should have been more springy looking...kinda wintery. however, I did lurve it. LOL...PEEING! Ummmm yes she had a grand idea to give the baby up. Obviously, her good judgment went to hell in a handbasket. Huge fail.

    @rac hahahahahha!!!! Yes! Dorian takes the cake in the Cramer mother contest! I'm praying today's show is good. It is so hard to blog and discuss these shitastic characters! Lord have mercy! Ditto...not enough time for the Fords! Let's move this along already! So jealous you get to FF.

  5. Nat/John scenes were fabu! Especially the last one before Brody barged in - how could you not feel so sad for them?!! And speaking of the Brodster, he is totally going crazy-eyes already. I would LOVE it if it turned out he already knows he is not the dad (maybe he wasn't passed out when Marty was talking to him on the roof) and all the kissing and hanging all over Natalie and spewing "MY son" everywhere. Don't think the writers are clever enough to think of that, however.
    I think I'm going to like Todd keeping that little paternity secret in his pocket for a while.....

  6. @Anonymous Well, I'm glad you enjoyed the Natty/John scenes. I for one did not, but it is great to know others did. Why didn't I feel sad for them? I have no clue. Maybe cause I was so mad at Natty for lying all those months? I'm not sure. I only like John and Natalie separate...not together. I know...minority opinion! Oh...and the writers. No...they won't be clever to think of that and I swear they think the audience is stupid half the time. However, like you I think I will most def enjoy Todd keeping the paternity secret to himself for awhile. Should be juicy. ;)