Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tricky Tricky

John McBain: "Dammit Bo. I need NuJack or Brad to confess already, because I really want to get to Llanview High's graduation. I never miss it. Looks like I'm gonna have to pull out all the stops and get tricky with these little bastards."

Good Evening, ladies and gents! Ok so I have to finish up wedding stuff this evening so I'm rushing around like Marty Ross is still away. BOO!!! Everyone please say a quick prayer for him since his grandfather passed away. =( Thank you. I know I have a couple more comments to respond to so I'll do that from work tomorrow...or possibly tonight if time permits it.

Friday, June 24th--Marty's View of Llanview

Again, there is no security at LaBoulaie or Llanfair. Utterly ridic. OMG that little Sam is ADORBS, and I can't help but gush about his adorableness every time he comes on. Please come to Chicago and just be my friend. Please. This could work I'm telling you.

I still don't give a flying f*@k about Baz and the whole thing is stupid if you really think about it. Or...stupid if you don't think about it. Just stupid.

Ah...Bo. Hi there, darling. ha...I love that Bo is basically like "Matthew tell me everything you know right now please."

NuJack, I don't like you but you should have known that Brad is a little douche and would rat you out. God...these two characters are all ate up with rotting shit. I cannot handle them. CANNOT!

Awe...Clint and Vicki. Cuteness overload. Wait...Clint's hair looks different. Maybe a little disheveled.

Sam is the shit. Bottomline. Plus, that little man is thoughtful and brought Todd and apple. What a kid. Obviously Blair has not been raising him...someone else. I hate red

Natalie looks stunning in that purple! Mercy! Snap...Clint wants a father to son convo. Let this be good please.

Does anyone else groan or become irritable when each year we have to be subjected to Llanview's graduation festivities? I mean...what a shit show.

Dayt-en's shirt is uber presh. Again, she bought this how? Exactly. I'm not acknowledging NQS, by the way. Can't. Won't. Not Allowed. I'll get sick.

I STILL cannot watch the scene where Matthew hits his head. Makes me cringe. Looks so painful! that I look at Matthew's head in that gauze I just realized that he AND his mom have had brain surgery. She has had it twice! NOT something I would want to be common in my family. Ugh...enter Dr. Smurf. YAY! Nora surfaces after the intro. Oh, and I'd like to thank the wardrobe dept. for getting Nora new clothes. This outfit is uber adorbs and her last two have been, too...and new! Thank you! I like those earrings for myself. Bo will figure this shit out. I hope he does and then I hope he beats the shit out of NQS. He won't, but I can dream.

Are you kidding me?! Now I have to discuss NQS quickly...he graduated with honors? My ass. I'm sorry that is not believable. God...if Inez surfaces I'll die. So, Dan-YELLA just said she is the president of his fan club...YUCK! just take me out now. I will have to die before I get married at this rate, because it looks like I'm gonna be subjected to these shitty teens all summer.

It just gets worse...Baz and Starr. These scenes are worse than Laffy Taffy jokes. Now she is just gonna be into Baz and over James just like that? Fail.

Toad just asked if they wanted to order pizza. Word...that is what I'm eating for dinner to reward myself for my dress fitting perfectly. ;) Again, these scenes could have been all kinds of fabu but they ain't.

Peeing! Rex just asked Clint if he would slap a cowboy hat on him...yes! He would! My posts from a few episodes ago was foreshadowing! I can tell the future. Madame Delphina who? OF some point in like every damn episode I say "poor Vicki." When Rex stormed out of Clint's room and Vicki said "Oh Clint" I could only think "poor Vicki." Poor baby.

These Natty/Rex scenes are pretty good. If anything Rex should change his mind to give Clint Gigi's heart when he looked over at Vicki and saw her standing in the doorway. She has the power to do anything so she can convince Rex. Yes, Vicki is THAT good.

OMG are we REALLY having a conversation about Starr and her singing?! This is such a f*@k least it is to me. My frustration with this teen shit knows no bounds...NO BOUNDS!!!

Dammit to hell, my high school cap and gown was the same with a gold tassel. Le woof. I now feel linked to NQS.

Omigod I love that Bo and Nora just cling to each other...even while walking. Too precious. I'm dying to know how they have her hair pulled back yet I see no bobby pins. Amazed by it, really. Awe...and a hug. I haven't really discussed anything they have said this episode cause they ain't sayin' much, so I'll just discuss their fabulousness.

I think I just peed on myself again. John McBain just offered Brad the Prune a tuna fish sandwich. Hilarious. I love tuna fish and am now dying to try the tuna at the LPD. No doubt awesome. No doubt. If I were Brad, I'd terrified of McBain.

Oh just f*@king perfect...ANOTHER new character, Brad's dad. My God. I can't deal with this shit.

These Todd/Sam scenes are about 10 shades of fabu. FABU. I'm also just thankful RH is talking. Work hard for that paycheck!!!

MH and I have discussed how the Vicki bumper makes us tear up. So sad. Whannn!

Smurf's wording is so poor. Matthew got a little...overloaded? Fail smurf. Total fail. Again, looks like B/N are just gonna be adorable and not talk much. Le sigh. Oh well...I'll take them when I can. I love how Bo lit up when Nora said she wanted to be there if Matthew says anything. Everyone needs a Bo Buchanan. All girls should be so lucky. Ah...and a kiss...I'm in heaven!

Nevermind...I'm back in hell. Starr, Baz and now James. UGH. This Baz guy is a bastard.

I FLURVE that McBain is tricking these dipshit kids.

Toad said the kids should be grounded for a month. Yeah...that will work. Awesome parenting. Just awesome.

I don't like how NuJack is talking to Tea. She could beat your ass with words alone, NuJack! Be nice!!!

I mean...Vicki is just unloading on us with all these secrets huh? First she tells us that she started a college fund for Shane with Gigi's rent money and now we find out that Gigi used to buy Vicki lottery tickets. God...what's the next tidbit V will share with us? Do tell us Vicki! Sold! I'm sold! Rex take Vicki's advice...she is all knowing and convincing.

OF COURSE...Bo is gonna run into Rex.

James...why are you being all territorial with new Llanview peeps?! This was you a year ago! Hypocrite!

Ugh...I can't watch Dan-YELLA and NQS kiss because I still am convinced he is 35.

Come on, Bo. You could have tried to talk some sense into Rex instead of just saying that whatever Rex decided wouldn't change your friendship. However, I guess saying that Gigi trusted him was his way of telling Rex to do that right thing. Hmmm. Oh and poor Rex...he looked so defeated at the end of that scene.

Look at Prune catching on to McBain's trick! Ugh...then Brad's dad storms the room. WOOF!!!! I want these kids locked up and off the show.

Oh God...Gutherie is gonna be the lawyer for Brad? Isn't that Tess and Ford's lawyer? Please say no. I forgot his name. I hate that bastard. Nora this segment...FAIL. At least I had Bo...

Oooh now Bo again...with Clint! I FLURVE these two in scenes together. Hmmm so Clint doesn't want Matthew to confess to Eddie's murder. Well, now that we all know Clint is gonna live how is this going to work? I mean...if he lives then he could go to jail since he confessed. Hmmm. I wonder how they are gonna do that.

Thank God the graduation went on and started. I hope we don't have to see the damn thing like we did last year. If so, kill me...

NuJack will get off scott-free I'm sure.

Natty can cry crocodile tears when needed! That is awesome!

Hmmm I wonder what Rex is gonna do at the LPD? He will most def spaz out like he always does I'm sure. He really is so spastic.

PRESH!!!!!! Sam just fist bumped Todd! I just can't get enough (I like the Black Eyed Peas song with the same phrase...catchy)!!!

Ummmm no Nora AGAIN. This is just wrong. She was barely on.

Wait...the show is over. I thought I had another segment. I'm losing my damn mind.

Ok...see y'all tomorrow or Tuesday morning! Will be back to comment at some point!

Loving you all and meaning it!

Margaret Saybrooke (until this wedding is over with)


  1. wow, i am so behind. let me just say that i am entirely grossed out that baz put starr's earbuds in his ears. Eeeeewwww!

  2. I am very discouraged watching this show at the moment--Toad paying off Brad the prunes' father and getting NuToadJr off is probably the most disgusting thing they have written--Here's what I am hoping Rex makes a deal--Clint gets GIGI's heart Clint goes after The Toad family and takes them down!!

    EPIC FAIL: RealTodd Roger has been back a month and not intereacted with a single person from his past--TOO LONG!!! Though he and Sam are adorable--again Roger is excellent when acting with kids--this is a waste. Why am I having to see Baz with Starr and Blair with Yvette when we should be seeing them with RTodd.

    Also--how did DANI not even know about jack killing GIG when she LIVES with Tea and Toad?? Stupid that the whole family is in the dark up to this point--was it NOT in the paper, wasn't Kelly coming up with Clever headlines??

  3. @Katie You're behind on episodes? You haven't missed much sadly. hahahahaha! effing gross!!! Sharing earwax...delish. ugh.

    @rac hahahaha! I think I like NuToadJr better! How hilarious!!! I'm not surprised by Toad and prune's dad. It is so unfortunate and NuToad will prob get off scott free. Fail. OMG my blood pressure goes through the effing roof with this RH shit! Through the roof! He and Sam are adorbs but I need to see him with someone who counts. They are paying him a lot of money to be on the show and they are giving him no material. UGH. I can't discuss Baz and Yaz. Can't deal. hahahaha! Good point. I didn't think about Dan-YELLA being in the dark. I'm confused by those scenes. It was obviously a new day in Llanview so at least Tea went home and got out of that dress (thank you) so she could have told Dan-YELLA but obviously didn't. Kelly coming up with clever headlines...mercy. She is too busy raising Zane to work...hahahahahahaha! Joke of the century...Kelly a good mother.

  4. RH's Todd said he killed Agent Kent. Todd used Kent's money to pay for food Todd ordered and had delivered to his room at The Minuteman.He told Sam that Agent Kent was probably pushing up Geraniums(?sp.) How did Kent's murder go down and did Sam witness it?

  5. @Carol Agent Kent found Todd at Dorian's house and was planning on killing him, when Sam just wandered into the scene and Kent went to kill him and Todd stopped it and killed Kent.

    I was digging the Man in Black this whole episode, he is all bad-ass when he is interrogating people, especially retards like these kids... When he is doing detective things he is awesome, relationship stuff...not so much...

    No wonder the Brad kid is a douche, his dad is a douche for throwing him completely under the bus like that for money!

    I hope Rex just feels guilty and lets Clint have the heart, before they find out that its all a forgery and a fake...Clint has held on for quite a while though...

    Why does it seem like Day-ten is enjoying the possibility of being in a porno with NQS? Was I missing something over these past weeks?

  6. @Carol Ok so Yosammity (aka Awesome) answered your! Ugh...I'm so annoyed with this whole RH storyline. They are wasting his talent. =(

    @YoSammity Thanks for answering Carol's question! OMG YESS!!!!!! Ok, so I flove McBain like this...whispering, black clothing, interrogation, no emotion, and total badass. Him trying to tell Natalie his true feelings...not so much. Huge woof. OMG...Brad is a Prune and the dad is an enema! ATROSH! All ate up with shit. Oh you KNOW Dayt-en wants to be in the porn with Nate. I am so effing disgusted at the thought of that porn. I still want to know how Dayt-en is getting those cute clothes since she has no money. It ain't comin' from Inez's closet...that's for damn sure.

  7. I am trying...really I am, but I fail to understand why on earth a show would bring on new characters when they have so many fantastic ones already on canvas that are horribly under utilized.

    As for Kelly and her clever headlines, I'd almost forgot Kelly even survived her near filet-ing. Nothing says see ya like two weeks with no air time.

  8. @Sherri OMG my blood pressure rises uncontrollably when I start discussing the new characters! Why oh why?! The vets on OLTL are THE BEST in daytime television yet we never see them...egregious and insulting. Yes...Kelly is on her way out. Poor thing. She used to be a GREAT character.