Friday, June 3, 2011

Kelly...You Look FABU for a Hospital Patient. Oh, and I Prefer You with Kevin. xx, ME

Kevin: "Sure, Kelly and Joey may look good together but I'm better looking. Plus, I'm raising Zane in myself. Kelly needs to come with me."

Mornin' and Hi Lovers!!!! Happy Friday! Despite Thursday's show missing the fab five, it was acutally good. Lemme go on and do this post. Oh...and I'm responding to comments from work since I saw I had a few to get to from my last post. Thanks for being patient! ;)

I'm gonna do a longer drive-by. The show was great, but I'm kinda pressed for time. It's not necessarily a shorter post but it is so much easier to do timewise when the points are numbered. I have no idea why. I'm gonna do a full post of Friday's episode....whether it is awesome or atrosh! Oh, it's morning time so please excuse the shit-ton of errors I'm about to have...k, thanks.

Thursday, June 2nd--Marty's Playhouse Version of Events

1. These RH scenes are so wrong/hysterical/terrible on so many levels. I mean...I'm embarassed for RH.
2. This show is all about some flashbacks huh? Flashbacks from just weeks ago. Lord have mercy.
3. Kelly's robe is absolutely gorg! Plus she is the best looking female patient (yes, Clint takes the male prize) ever. In Llanview time she was only stabbed a few days ago...LOL. I mean...yes her hair is in a ponytail but someone even teased the top and everything! Plus she has on make-up. However, it looks like she has on a tight cami underneath which I'm not sure would be the best attire for a stabbing victim. Whatevs...
4. The Sun's headline: "Pyscho Psych Still on the Lam." I don't get it. This isn't surprising since I can be ditzy at times but I just don't. I'm sure I'll be embarassed when someone tells me what it means. Woofy.
5. Todd's backyard sure looks like the Llanview Country Club...haha.
6. I want to beat this French guy who is friends with Tomas (I don't even know his name) with a damn ham. I'm not interested in this man. It's June and we don't have endless time for he and Blair and Tomas to have scene after boring ass scene of the same shit. Merry go rounds are for recess...not soaps ending in January! WORD!
7. SCORE! Marty's Playhouse! This bitch is looney! Obviously, Liam is a great person to get feedback from since Marty talks to his ass like she would Dr. Buhari (RIP).
8. I am not discussing Mr. Keds until he busts loose or something. I laugh when I try to write about it...that awful!
9. I'll give it to her--Aubs looks super adorbs this episode. Bitch is lying from yesterday!!!! She TOTALLY gets highlights and lowlights....take it to the bank! And how much better does she look without those shitastic bangs?!
10. Aw hell...Joey is now like give me another chance? Kelz you better think about that shit long and hard, bebe. That would be a HUGE responsibility if you took him on! I would almost have to be his mother in a way. God knows you're an atrosh mom so this may not work for you.
11. That's right, Natty!!! Delphina said Liam is alive so he is. May I just say it was so stupid for her to be on the show last week but whatevs...
12. I want Marty to grab those waterguns in the pool house and just start shooting everyone "Scarface" style...hahaha! What a visual! She would probably think she was actually harming people...lurve it.
13. I just can't get on this Kelly/Joey bandwagon. I mean sure...if Nathan Fillion came back as Joey I'd be all about it (God knows he ain't) but I just can't be on board with this Joey. I don't hate Joey. Sure he is about as smart as a box of rocks but he is most def cute and sweet. However, I have to go with my long distance lover, Kevin Buchanan. He is the shit...adorbs, well-mannered, funny, smart, and a fabu dad. Plus he puts up with Kelly's antics. He is the shit and I actually like them together.
14. Blair and little Frenchman...don't eat at the Buenos Dias! NQS vomited all over that kitchen yesterday (in Llanview time)!!! #germs #virus #death
15. I am starting to like Toad. I like him like this...i.e., not on a rampage wanting to kill everyone or sue everyone etc. for messing with him or his family. YES!!!! Marty just demanded more supplies for Liam from Toad!!! Peeing! This bitch feels entitled and I flove it!
16. I am normally into Natty/Brody scenes but these are kinda boring today.
17. Aaaand, Rox just said "irreverent" instead of "irrelevant." Nice. Ooooh Angel Square is all decorated with cute. Times! Sooooo damn glad John (hell, and the rest of Llanview) finally changed clothes. I know he probably had cheese, animals, and dirt hiding in that messy, dirty suit. Gross. Awesome town...Roxy found the tape recorder.
18. The writers are basically holding us at gunpoint to accept the redemption of Robert Ford. He wants to be a good dad now and do the right thing so y'all need to like him. xx, OLTL. Woof.
19. I mean...I just can't get over how pretty Kelly looks in that bed. I'm distracted.
20. I love Tomas in all black. Hell, if he starts whispering I might think he is John McBain.
21. Wait...did Brody hurt his back? He keeps holding it like he pulled something.
22. LOL...I'm PEEING!!!!!!! Toad's reaction to Marty's outburt about Natalie being dead or she will ruin everything...fabulous! I'm assuming Liam isn't try to sleep since Marty keeps screaming. Plus, she is doing a piss poor job of trying to hide out. Someone might hear! LOL.
23. Dammit! I need Kevin back! Kevin and Kelly are better, I'm sorry. Ummmm no Kelly and not do a forehead bump! That is Bo and Nora's thing! Stealing is wrong!
24. What is Sean's purpose on the show? I like him just fine. However, I think everyone has asked that question at one point or another. He has no story. Lame.
25. Sweet Lord!!! Someone PLEASE explain this to me: How in the HELL are Kassie DePaiva and Ted King BORING?! I cannot wrap my mind around it. They put my ass to sleep. These two should be riveting and they ain't that. I'd rather read "Moby Dick." Aw hell, a Patrick Thornhart mention. I'm not excited because it's not Thorston Kaye but some random person instead will play Patrick. FAIL.
26. Again, the wardrobe and hair and make-up people know how to give Roxy that "rode hard, hung up wet" look. Do y'all say that? I say it all the time...
27. I know I keep saying this but Aubs looks presh. HAHA! I kept looking at John McBain in the background of the Aubs/Ford scenes. LOL. You KNOW he was eavesdropping since THAT is what a good investigator does. Word. ;)
28. I guess I just need to get on board with Kelly and Joey. Oh woof.
29. AH! SNAP! A Men of 21 reference!!!! I secretly loved that storyline...hehe. I wonder if Bo will get involved? Eh...prob not.
30. I FLURVE that Marty's Playhouse thinks Toad is her employee! This is the best.
31. OF COURSE...Natty is the best CSI in town and can survive falls from roofs and what not so escaping from the hospital should be a piece of cake. My ass.
32. Viewers: Ford is talking to his child in a sweet voice. Love him, please!!! xoxo, OLTL writing team. UGH! KILL ME!!!!!
33. LOL! Toad: "Marty is absolutely loosing it. We have to get her out of here." haha! He said it so funny.
34. Wait!!! Hold it one damn minute! How in the F*@K did Natty make it from the hospital to Toad's pool house? Not to mention, how in the hell did she even know to go THERE of all places?! Did I miss something? Is it THAT early in the morning? If no one can tell me then I'm just gonna chalk it up to the fact that Natty is the smartest person in town and is all-knowing thanks to her CSI skills (plus the skills she learned from her days at BE).
35. I dunno how I feel about this Patrick shit...gonna wait a bit to decide.

Whew! Ok there you have it! Again, respond to comments from work. Loving you all and meaning it! Must run...



  1. you know I was never a Marty character fan but love the actress and I do beleive she belongs with patrick--I think it's a more fitting exit for the character then jail for life because she thought she loved John. I wish we could have 1 scene with her and Thorysten.

    Will no longer discuss the Fords or Tess because I can't see straight when they are on, so I don't know what happening.

    Yes I am old --not only did I watch when Olympia was on I remember when there were no Buchs in LLandview LOL. When they hit town the whole show changed--have you seen clips of Mimi?? thoses were the days :)

    I think I'm with you on why Kelly and Joey just don't work--it's because I always thought she was sooo much better with Kevin--but I've heard Frons doesn't like the actor who played him so they won't bring him back except for a day or two.

  2. Frons is a horse's ass. I love Dan Gauthier! A few weeks ago I saw an old episode of Friend's that he was on and kept thinking this is Kevin Buchanan!

  3. While you were stuck on Kelly's lovely robe, I was stuck on the fact that somebody gave her a manicure while she was in the hospital. :)

  4. I don't understand why they don't show TK. It's not like he's on AMC right now, and aren't he and SH together in real life? Or am I making that up in my head? Seems like he could have come back for one episode at least. I'm happy that Marty is leaving with Patrick instead of just being sent to prison for life, even though that's probably what she deserves. It's a lot more interesting and happy this way. Not a lot of happiness in Llanview.

    Completely agree that Kelly belongs with Kevin. She is an even worse mother than Starr, and I think Kevin deserves SOMETHING for raising Zane all by himself. (Wait, wasn't that the name of Kelly's blog?) Don't think this Joey and Kelly work well together at all. He's too young. It doesn't make sense. I'm guessing that Kelly is going to come to her senses and go back to London with Kevin and Zane, considering she and Dorian are set to leave Llanview soon. Still can't believe that with such little time left in the show that they are getting rid of Dorian of all people. I hope she and David ride off into the sunset together on horses with lots of Have a Seat on hand. And I'm guessing that eventually, Joey will fall for the "real" Aubrey, considering she is actually staying in town.

    "Psycho Psych Still on the Lam" means that a crazy psychiatrist is still eluding capture btw.

  5. P.S. Let's not forget that Zane isn't even Kevin's kid, and he's STILL raising him while Kelly is an ocean away, chasing after his brother.

  6. @rac Oh gosh... I so wish SH and TK would have a scene but that would just make people happy and OLTL won't do that. Woof. UGH on Ford and Tess. Ross thinks they are interesting which is vomit inducing. I'm so tired of them hogging the screen I could scream. You are not old so hush! ;) No, I haven't seen mimi...try and check it out. AH! Frons doesn't like Dan Gauthier?! He should be bludgeoned! Kevin and Kelly were so great together! Granted, I loved old, good Joey but not this one. Dammit Frons! What a bastard!

    @Katie Le sigh...I flove Dan Gauthier too and feel and uncontrollable urge to rip his damn clothes off. Ah. Goes to show you how intelligent Frons is...

    @Sherri hahaha! I noticed that, too! She had on that in style khaki colored polish (which I really don't like) but it looked good on her. For sure!

    @Desi Supposedly OL offered for him to come back but he opted not to. I think it had something to do with them firing his real-life lover, Susan Haskell. Who knows though. Your least with Patrick. It would be so damn infuriating if they locked up both mother AND son in Statesville and ended the show that way...atrosh. Ditto...not too much happiness in Llanview. Peeing on myself...YES! Raising Zane was the name of Kelly's blog. What a fucking joke. Kevin is the one that raised Zane...and it's Duke's kid! Mercy! I hate that Strasser is leaving early but it's her own choice so I guess I'm okay with it. Hope Kelly goes to London but who knows. Haven't really heard if they pair her with this Joey. Aaaand thank you for the meaning of the headline. You're a doll! OMG...Kevin deserves an effing medal. No doubt! he is the shit. Plus, I want to jump him...lord have mercy he is delicious! ;)