Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One (More) Life to Live

Clint Buchanan: Vicki, I am so thankful that Rex finally agreed to let me have GiGi's heart.
Victoria Lord: So am I, Clint. Hopefully Kim's forthcoming return doesn't ruin the plans for our long-awaited reunion. ME and MH will die if we don't get back together before OLTL ends, and they simply cannot die because they have not yet had drinks with Hillary Smith.

Good Evening My Lovelies,

I am thrilled to be back guest posting for the fabosh ME while she tries to keep up with her hectic life!

My most sincere sympathies to all whose local ABC stations interrupted OLTL to cover the Blago verdict yesterday. Don’t yall just hate it when the show is preempted for news that could have been delivered via a ticker at the bottom of the screen or on the evening news? Case in point: ABC decided to interrupt the highly anticipated bitch slapping of Inez by one Nora Hanen Gannon Buchanan for… Yea, I don’t remember what that breaking news was either. Note to ABC in the immortal words of Bon Qui Qui, “Don’t interrup… RUDE”!

Ok, so I am just going to go ahead and do a numbered drive by of random comments/observations because my brain is totally fried from grading essay exams, and this will be the easiest way. Please excuse any and all typos! K? Bon! Let’s get crackalackin, shall we?

Monday, June 27, 2011, Drive-Thru Summary of Events in Llanview. PA.

Brought to you by King Burger, “… where we can do it your way but don’t get crazy.”

  1. Dorian looks fabu. That is all!
  2. David and Dorian are sitting shiva because Clint is not dying?! David is Jewish maternally, though “Step-Nora”?! I am pretty sure I peed on myself!
  3. Clint’s hair looks a bit dischevled. The hospital’s hair stylist was obviously too busy in GiGi’s room.
  4. I flurve the look of handcuffs on nuJack, too bad that won’t last long.
  5. OMG, RH spoke? Color me shocked.
  6. This episode will be bearable because of the following: no member of the Ford family is on, no Day-en, and no Mestiny. YES!!!
  7. Snap, Kelly mentioned Zane, and I almost passed out. She knows that child’s name? Really? Ten to one, the bitch couldn’t pick her own child out of a damn line-up.
  8. Jess is kinda acting like Tess.
  9. I will cry through these Clint scenes today – FACT! Ugh, Vicki is already getting chocked up? I need Kleenex, prontito! Times, I am kinda distracted by those red buttons on Vicki’s suit.
  10. OMG, all this yelling at the LPD. My head hearts. Surely John needs an Advil, too.
  11. HAHAHAHA!!! Vickers: “Maybe since we are sitting shiva, we should actually sit… Sitting shiva is hard.”
  12. Kelly, I am also sorry that you and John decided that you are better off as friends. Boo!
  13. Ooooo, Brody told you, Joey! Word!
  14. Aaaaaaaand, I am a basket case. Thanks Clint and Vicki. Awe, Clint was his best self with Vicki. Well, just kill me. This one scene made the entire show. If these two don’t get back together before OLTL ends (Huge TEAR), I will be a very unhappy little girl.
  15. GiGi’s nails are even manicured? Mylanta. I want to be a patient at Llanview Hospital. It is like going to the spa!
  16. Baby Liam is absolutely presh, and I just want to squish his little chubby cheeks.
  17. McBain is talking above a whisper? I guess that is what happens when you have to deal with the likes of ooc Rex and Tea.
  18. May I just say that I flurve that Dorian still calls Joey “Joe.” Flurve it. I cannot even explain why. Aaaaaand David just said the following, and I had to go change my Depends, “How many times has that guy dumped you? He probably can’t count that high.” Lol, you’re right, David, I think counting past ten is learned in kindergarten, and Joey isn’t there yet… maybe in the fall. Snap, actually Dorian, the stupidest think Kelly ever did was pro-create because she sucks as a mother. There, I said it!
  19. Thank you, Queen V, for getting all HBIC on your two daughters. Sick of their catfights, so you keep their asses in line. OMG, Vicki is now sobbing, and I cannot deal.
  20. Random observation: The LPD and St. James’ Church obviously purchase their ice packs from the same company. Bo put the same kind of pack on his lip in January after he and Clint got into that scuffle. Come to think of it, I wonder if anyone ever found Bo’s ice pack in the fern that Nora put it in. Hhmmm. I know. No one but me gives a shit. Back to the show.
  21. I mean, I am just assuming that RH is the real Todd Manning, especially now that it has been confirmed that Trevor St. John is leaving the show early. Just a guess.
  22. Baby Liam is way to adorbs for words.
  23. Oh, be still my heart, an Asa Buchanan reference. I miss that cowboy so much, it’s not funny.
  24. Dammit, nuJack is going to talk now. Balls.
  25. Dear Tea, You played a role in this nuJack situation, too. If you wanted his pathetic ass to face the consequences, you should not have defended him and had Toad hire an attorney. Please don’t make me start disliking you again. XO, MH.
  26. Ok, this scene where Dorian told David that she doesn’t want Clint to die was just so fabu that I am beside myself. That was a glimpse (well, more like a flashback, I guess) of Dorian Lord, circa 1990s, and I flurve it.
  27. Peeing! Kevin and Chord will be there as fast as they can? Really? Too bad we will never see them visit their father, much like we never saw Rachel come visit Matthew when everyone (well, everyone except for Nora) thought he would die. Egregious! Times, Clint, you are entrusting a preschooler with the well-being of your family? I thought you were smarter than that, handsome.
  28. OMG, a Nat/Brody hug with baby Liam in the middle. Be still my heart. I am enjoying the hell out of these scenes while they last. Le sigh.
  29. I cannot even comment on these Toad buying nuJack’s freedom so that he can “punish” nuJack himself. Really, Father of the Year award for you Toad. Woof.
  30. Has anyone told Blair about this nuJack shit? FAIL.
  31. Dear Nat, Still waiting to borrow that blouse.
  32. Stop it!! A Dorian being a doctor reference? I am absolutely beside myself with Strasser’s performance in this episode. She is the shit, and I will cry like a baby when she leaves. Times, did I hear this correctly? Dorian, a character over the age of 15, had suggestive dialogue? Well, I just don’t even know what to say about that. Actually, I do. Can Bo and Nora have some, too? Pleeeeeeeease. I mean, who do I need to sleep with to make this happen?
  33. Look at Joey being all head of the family. Yikes!
  34. Awe, Brody took baby Liam to work. I cannot deal with this child’s cuteness. Just cannot. I hope my children (the ones I will have the day after never at this rate) are half as cute as he is!
  35. I want to have RH’s job. I mean, the man shows up for work, says two words, if that, and gets paid thousands of dollars per episode. Lucky bastard!
  36. Tea, please run away from this marriage. You can come stay at my house. I am a fabulous southern hostess!
  37. Finally, ladies and gentlemen, the Silver Fox will get One (More) Life to Live. The end!!

So, overall, a pretty good episode. Not much dialogue from nuJack, which was a gift, in and of itself. Nothing all that spectacular happened, but I enjoyed the show overall.

As always, it has been my pleasure to fill in for ME! She will post on today’s show either later tonight or in the morning. So, until next time, everyone:

Loving you all and meaning it!!



  1. Column grade:

    Included (item 2) humorous "step-Nora" reference, (item 14) Clint / Vicki scene which I predict will stand as best scene of the week and (item 20) random side note that cracks me up "I wonder if anyone ever found Bo's ice pack in the fern." Notes included everything I needed...I can sleep happy now. Thanks for filling in.


  2. I want Viki and Clint together. ASAP. Those scenes between them when he said he was his best self with her were super duper awesome. I rewound them....well, I won't admit how many times...

  3. Thanks MH.
    Hope all is well ME

    Who gave Echo money?
    Every time another step in her revenge plot against the grand dames of Llanview is revealed, I am going to ask that question until I get an answer.

    Tea always looses her mind with anything Todd related. That is why she stood at the police station with that "where are the closest exits" look on her face when Rex walked in. Her good sense new the whole situation was wrong but she wasn't going to contradict Todd in public...


    Do you think Bo will arrest Rex for extortion after Rex tells Bo what he did to Clint? Rex tells Bo everything eventually, and selling human organs is definitely an no-no..

    No secret that I loathe Natalie...so you know they messed up Jessica, when even I can't feel sorry for Jessica as she peers in on Natalie and Brody with the Gerber baby. Jessica should be the character we have the most empathy for now since she has been suffering with a mental illness and walked over by Natalie...but she comes across so bratty until you don't care...

    Aubrey and Cutter are the WORST con artist ever... I knew that house was still the Buchannans' because they never took any of the belongings out... not even Renee who they keep locked in the attic.

  4. MH! It's you! I figured something was going on with ME that was preventing her from providing an amazing post, but you have stepped in again to save the day! Brayvo! Brayvo! (thats how I say bravo....)

    I totally thought Jessica was being Tess-like, and I like Tess but I do not like Jessica being like Tess, it makes me want to punch her in the ovaries...

    Hey Blair, your son was arrested for attempted murder...just thought you should know...You should have done more than slap the s$%@ out of him, but thats just my opinion...

    Dorian being a doctor...a mayor...its just laughable, she has not barely does either of those jobs...The city has not been protected while she has been in Cali....really!?

  5. So, does Llanview have the WORST mail carriers on the planet? What mail carrier leaves the mail on the mat in front of the door? FAIL!!!

    And ya'll are right...where has Blair been? She supposedly is back from NYC...Spaz Baz was at the HS graduation. Yep, great Mom...

    Good on Rex to go after the Buch money to fight the Manning clan. I think once the Buch's figure out why he did it, they will understand. And does this mean that Cutter n Crew will leave Llanview now??? We can only pray!

    Totally over the Brody/Natalie thing. Let's get that truth out for once and for all. This is yet another storyline that has gone on WAY too long.

  6. LOL--I totally agree YoSammity--Jess with a Tess attitude is very very annoying. Tess is a loon,Jess as Tess is a nasty rightous biatch!!

  7. Please tell me you know where to buy the gold dress Gigi has been wearing in her scenes this week?!

  8. Hi Everybody!! Thank you all for the fabulous comments - I appreciate each and every one and love reading them. Let me try to respond to them while my students watch a film!

    @Christie My pleasure to fill in, and I am glad the comments made you happy! I don't know why I pee on myself every time David calls Nora "Step Nora," but I do. Also, don't ask me why I thought of that random ice pack info. Just random! Also, I agree. That Vicki/Clint scene, which lasted all of a hot minute, WILL be the scene of the week (well, maybe aside from the Rex/GiGi goodbye scenes). Most definitely!

    @Tina Again, that much too short scene was all kinds of fabulous, and I rewound it a few times, too! I want Vicki and Clint back together, prontito!

    @Akesha I wonder who gave Echo money, too. Didn't she mention that she had been away on a job for a while? Perhaps she charges a hefty fee for her photography services?
    I agree, Tea wouldn't contradict Toad in public, but I do think that she could have addressed the issue while they were speaking privately. She needs to run far away from Toad like yesterday.
    Bo will give Rex a pass on his extortion of Clint - Woof! I am sick of seeing Bo prop Rex constantly while he (Bo) barely has scenes with his own son and wife. Like it makes my blood pressure rise.
    Totally agree with your assessment of Nat/Jess and Cutter/Aubs. Just sick of all of that foolishness!

    @YoSammitySam As always, my pleasure to fill in for ME! Omg, I must steel the "Brayvo" phrase - flove it!!! I will pay you to punch Jess in the ovaries that way there would be no way she would be pregnant with another Ford spawn. I will lose my shit if she ends up preggers again from getting jiggy with Ford.
    Ugh, Blair is such a horrible mother - guess Starr learned from the best in that department. Word!
    Don't even get me started on Dorian, the freaking MAYOR of Llanview, having time to go make a movie. I mean, this show could do so much with her fabu self as mayor, but this is the storyline she gets. Seriously, I am insluted for Strasser.

    @Anonymous Great observation on the mail carriers. Omg, huge fail, USPS!
    Of course, totally agree on Blair. Cannot even comment on Spaz's pointless self on this show. And, that graduation lead to the most pointless scenes ever. Just woof on the whole thing!
    I am certain that Rex/Clint will reconcile before all is said and done, so I'll just sit tight. Also, Cutter and Co cannot leave fast enough for me - sheesh, I mean, they are effing pointless, especically now that we know that Joey and Kelly are leaving early (and together).
    Totally agree that this Nat and co storyline has gone on way too long; however, I do like Nat and Brody together, so I will be sad to see them end. Just don't like Nat/John because I think they act way too out of character when together. I know I am in the minority with that opinion.

    @Rac Unfortunately, I am just over the lot of BW characters (Jess/Tess/Wess/Bess). Perhaps if she were on less I would feel differently. Sad :(

    @Linda I unfortunately do not know where to purchase GiGi's dress :( Sorry I could not be of help there. The dress is super chic and looks great on GiGi, though - very flattering to her figure and skin tone.