Friday, June 24, 2011

Can I Get a Doctor?

David Vickers Buchanan: "Now look, just because you had sex with my little bro does not mean you get to be terrible and even haunt the screen when you're not on the show. It's unfair to the viewers. The Mestiny Virus is spreading throughout town like hotcakes, and it's making the show boring."

Morning one, morning all! I'd like to thank MH again for posting Wednesday's sweet. So, I heard that I'd hate today's episode. Like...want to claw my damn blue eyes out of my head. Let's see.

Thursday, June 23rd--Hannah O'Connor's Version of the Show (Marty's on her honeymoon with Patrick...word. Oh, plus Hannah is bored and needs something to do.)

Dammit to now Todd is staying at the Herpes Hangout? REALLY?!?! (In the best Nora voice ever.) I mean...come on, y'all! Why there? Plus, isn't this place supposed to be located kinda out of the way? Why does everyone want to stay here? I don't understand. he wearing a collarless shirt? No!

Sweet Angels in Heaven! Tea is OUT her fall/winter dress. I appreciate small favors. Awesome town.

Rex...I will say one thing: Your girl is the BEST looking brain dead patient EVER! SUH-NAP! Echo DiSavoy! As I live and breathe! Where you been, girlfriend? Hopefully letting your hair grow out a bit since I can't stand it that damn short. Huge no-no.

AH!!!! Bo is on! Happiness! My heart is fluttering! Wait...enter David Vickers. Le sigh. Bo and Nora (where is she this episode? FAIL) cannot have one minute alone with Matthew. Woof Woof.

OMG...times the f*@k out. Ugh. Sooooo....Dayt-en (for my new readers who get my nicknames confused, Deanna) went and purchased that new outfit with what money? Exactly. You KNOW that bitch didn't schlepp that outfit from Dayt-en, Ohio. Let's ALL be real here. Oh, and can we all be in agreement that in his suit Nate looks like he is about the age of 32? Fine...31, but I am not going lower.

NO!!!! James just said his mom was going to save seats for him and Starr. Please God don't let Inez be on...begging. Wait...I think I'm going to be sick. Did James just tell Starr on that voicemail something abouther graduation last year? He f*@king did. Why am I upset? The Fords have been on our screen for a year! A YEAR!!!! F*@KED UP!

Well, I'd rather be stoned to death, paper cut my tongue, pour salt into my wounds after Marty Saybrooke stabs me, etc. than be interested and watch the Baz/Yaz/Tomas shit. Yes, Yvette is now Yaz. I just feel like it...

So NuJack only wears tees with obscure, random pics on them...

REALLY?! Those hot dog costumes again? To be frank (ha!), those costumes are ridic.

What a surprise...Kim Zimmer in some shade of blue! Do they dress her in ANY OTHER color?! Please...for the love of St. Ann's put the woman in a different color.

Again, can we somehow locate NuJack's acting school and then either force it to close or just burn it down? I have matches. Y'all know it is for the public good to take action?
People like NuJack should never be allowed to be actors and any school that sends them out in the world to hurt people like you and me is just pure EVIL!

I'm sure this Blair and Starr convo will just be FAAAAAAABULOUS. My ass...

Bo will be the only bright spot in this episode for me today. Wait...Nora's talking with specialists? AS IF they wouldn't talk to the specialists together. AS IF! I couldn't help but laugh when David pulled a Clint phrase and said "yellow bellied sapsucker."

NQS needs to be right now. Not discussing him. Awe...I hate that Ross isn't here to see Rick. =(

The scenes with the Mr. and Mrs. Manning, NuJack, and the Man in Black...ENTIRELY too damn short.

Ugh...I hate that I'm not interested in this Roger Howarth stuff. I mean...I'm serious. His return was just sooooo built up, and sadly it's been nothing but a shit show.

Wait...I'm only 13 minutes into the show. It sucks such ass so far. The ONLY reason I'm not losing my shit is because Bo is on. Otherwise...le puke. I BLAME MESTINY! I will blame her for everything from here on out...woof woof.

Ok I'm sorry and I know I will be crucified for this but I am over Vickers. OVER him. I hate that his appearances are so sporadic! Times! Speaking of sporadic...y'all know Kimberly Andrews is coming back right? Whatch y'all think? I needed her to not leave when she did, but now I just don't give a shit. We will see her in August I believe. Back to Vickers...anyway, I have always hated that he is Bo's son but whatevs. However, his appearances are not as funny as they used to be and I'm kinda over it. I know that is probably a minority opinion, but I'm just saying. Sidenote: Bo is so fabulous.

See...these Dayt-en and Rick scenes just infuriate me since I keep thinking we only have until January. Disgusting.

Wait...y'all this episode is HORRIBLE!!!!! I cannot keep going in detail like this. My wedding is more important than discussing some of these newbie characters! Mother F*@ker! I'm now just going to sporadicaly comment! MESTINY VIRUS! Infecting the show today!

May I just say that Blair looks like sex on a stick and so does Starr today. God, Starr and Blair's relationship is horrible. The writers have never made Blair look so stupid, I swear.

Yeah...don't care about the Tomas/WVNB/Dan-YELLA shit. Echo just spouted off a lot of legal shit about that power of attorney stuff. I mean...I couldn't be that succinct and I went through 3 years of law school. Good on ya, Echo.

OMG I am DYING to fast forward through this Ford/James stuff.

WAIT!!!! Did Starr jus say she TAKES CARE of Hope?!?! How dare she! You stupid whore! You are NEVER with your child!!!! I assure you that you DO have time to entertain WVNB since you don't do anything else! God, you're such a failure. My patience is growing thin. Can y'all tell?

I've missed Kim Zimmer...have y'all? Echo may not be my fav, but she is just so good. Times! Echo's jewelry reminds me of that shit jewelry in that store in New Mexico...remember when Gigi did that whole Rick and Lily thing?! God...that was AWFUL!!!

I am so bored.

Oh look, Todd is sitting against an armoire. I STILL cannot wrap my mind around that shit. What a joke. The Minuteman is so weird. Echo just forged Gigi's signature? Don't lie to Bo, Rex! David is bringing up the escorts he hired for them when Bo and Nora were on their honeymoon?! Ummmm there was ZERO follow-up with that! Whatever happened to that hooker that got left at their house? Exactly. OH.HELL.NO. HELLLLL NO! Sooo let me get this straight: Matthew opened his eyes for Mes and NOW he is going to say his first words to David Vickers?!?! I mean...seriously?! Take me out like Jen Rappaport! RIGHT NOW! I'm furious.

These John/Toad/Tea/NuJack scenes could be excellent but they are too damn short!

I have nothing to say and am not even commenting on the Rick and the future porn star. No words.

No words for Starr and Blair either. WVNB reminds me of some young, famous singer but I don't know who! Dammit! Does anybody think the same thing?

God, I can't stand Blair and Starr's mother/daughter talks. Also, the more I think about it this whole thing with Tomas and her is just beyond stupid and I swear I've never seen Blair be so foolish in all my life. I mean...she is just coming off of the Eli fiasco yet she is now being more stupid yet thinks she is being smart about the way she is going about this. Grade: F.

At least Bo is awesome as usual...otherwise I'm yawning.

NuJack is like the worst kid on all of daytime television.

Wait...Bo, run! Go see Matthew! Why are you just standing there!?

All these new cops at the LPD. Whatever happened to Detective Price???

I'm curious to know if Llanview High School has won another basketball state championship since 2004? That is the only banner I see. They are obviously not that good...

Tear. I kinda teared up when Matthew said "Dad." Can't lie.

Again, I just want to look as good as Gigi does when I'm on my deathbed. Word.

I mean...Bo, go run and get Nora! This is egregious. Wait...I think Matthew is going to wake up and something will be off...memory loss? I dunno. Something is going to be awry I just know it.

AH! HOW COOL?! WVNB and Starr ran into one another at LHS! They are meant to be together...such a strong connection already. Ugh. PLEASE BITCHES! Atrosh.

Awe...nice Echo/Rex moment.

Ugh...Tea, I need you to not defend NuJack. I know he is your stepson and all, but I don't like this. AT ALL.

Sonofabitch...this RH return is dragging fat ass and just will not move forward! Lord have mercy. I'm so NOT interested in this story anymore and I'm sad about it. Seriously, I'm sad. This could have been so mother effing awesome. Yet, it's not. I get to see WVNB and Starr interact and discuss songs on her mp3. Intense stuff. Just Boo. Woof. Barf.

I thought this episode was pretty boring. =( Obviously, the show has come down with the Mestiny Virus and just can't seem to get rid of it. I totally blame Mes. I need a doctor (OUTSIDE of Llanview since all those doctors are shit) to come in and cure what is ailing the show today.

Ok, I have to run! About to respond to comments quickly!

Loving you all and meaning it! Have a fabulous Friday!



  1. WVNB reminds me of Bruno Marrs, if thats the name you were looking for?

    Why is Rick being all douchey?! I mean he was kind of before, but it was he is just being a straight douche! And whatever about that whole story!

    Grrr I don't even know what to say about this was just...ugh!

  2. @YoSammity YES!!!! Thank you! He DOES look like Bruno Mars! Word! Ugh...Rick is being all douchey. This episode was so bad that I deleted it from Tivo. I don't think Ross will be upset that he missed this shit. This episode was all ate up with Mes' Virus. Dripping.

  3. I can't wait to watch this episode!

  4. OMG...Sunny beware! It was AWFUL!

  5. Oh good heavens! This RH story line is TORTUOUS. Until he actually interacts with someone meaningful in Llanview and has a scene longer than 5 seconds I don't even want to subject myself to this hell. Okay - interactions with my man Sam has been kind of cute - but not nearly enough to make up for this otherwise un-engaging crap-fest. I just don't recognize him as Todd, and with the "snap-shot memory" choice, I am fearing that he may not be the real deal after all. Who knows, and at this point who cares.

    Yes, the whole Vickers routine has sadly gotten mostly irritating - though his whole spiel with Matthew and the hookers was kinda hilarious - just incongruous with the whole vibe of the situation. It kind of made me a little woozy. I thought for sure the next words out of Matthew's mouth after "David" would be "shut the hell up you freak!"

    These teenagers have GOT TO GO. Seriously does ANYBODY care about these lame dullards?

    Mija - did you really just call Starr a WHORE?? She is being written totally lame and dumb as a brick (just like Blair)these days, but I can't help but flash back to six year old Starr and, well, WHORE?? Dayum grrl.

    Lawd I need real Todd to come and whack this veneer of stupidity off of his family before I just completely give up.

  6. So, let me get this straight, we went through a whole year of Starr having flirtations with James while she was still with Cole. And now that she is finally with James, she's going to have a wandering eye again? Don't get me wrong, she's a cute girl, but I just can't imagine that she would really be getting every guy who comes to town would fall all over themselves for her like this.

    And I can't believe that David talking about hookers is what made Matthew come back to life. That's kinda creepy. But I do love David. And I am excited about Kim coming back. I really liked her and Clint together actually. I've kinda been wondering, with the show drawing to a close, will they have Clint and Viki get back together? Kim had enough sass to still be lovable, unlike many others who have tried (cough, cough, Rama). I'd like her to come back and have all the other newbies leave, starting with NQS and Dayt-en. Maybe NQS and Dayt-en will actually become stars thanks to Rick and then move to California with Langston and Markko.

    I'm guessing that because of the photographs in his memory, RH is not really Todd. It's the original Todd's face, and whoever he is swapped faces with Todd. And then he was brainwashed or whatever with photos to make him believe that he is Todd Manning or as part of a master plan that he doesn't remember to steal Todd's money.

  7. @cri*cri OMG...if I am disappointed with the RH storyline then I KNOW you are! Like you said, his scenes with same are hella cute but he hasn't interacted with ANYONE significant really and he has just been on the show too long for this nonsense. He should have talked to Blair or Tea at this point. Something. Oh, and I thought for sure that RH would be real Todd but now I am confused. I'm still holding out hope that he is but who knows. Sadly I'm over David. He is hilar, but his humor has just run its course with me and his appearances are just too sporadic. hahaha! Dullards?! I LOVE that!!! Too funny! least I don't give a shit about the teen scene. Yup...I called Starr a big ole WHORE. ;) I know she was uber adorbs and sassy as a kid but I am so over her ass and I'm over every guy that comes to town falling all over her. She and Blair are so poorly written nowadays...for years really. God...let's pray Todd saves his family. I'm not holding my breath because I know I'll pass out then die. Ugh.

    @Desi THANK YOU! Yes. This Starr nonsense is ridiculous. Seriously...she and James played cat and mouse for a year and now she is ogling the new kid in town...puh-leeze. Ridiculous. Yes she is cute, but let's be serious. As I mentioned in the blog, I'm over Vickers. But I thought it was strange that Matt woke up to Vickers hooker story...LOL. Kinda weird. Oh...I FLOVED Kim and Clint, too. I did! However, I never wanted that bitch to leave. I wanted her and Clint to give it a go because they really did seem to have a connection. However, the show cannot end without Vicki and Clint getting back together...just can't. So I am curious to see what Kim's purpose on the show will be. OMG yes! I need the other newbies gone!!!! They can all do porn films in California for all I care. Ugh. confused. I thought for certain that he would be the real Todd but now I just don't have a clue really (although I'm still hoping he will be real Todd...just a little hope) and frankly I'm starting not to care because this storyline is dragging ass. So anybody's guess on what is to happen in this story sounds good to me!!!