Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wednesday Woof

This pretty much sums up how I feel about Gigi dying (after I start liking her), the Buch sisters sexual liasons, NuJack, Tea's dress, and especially Matthew opening his eyes for Mes and not Bo and Nora.

Le sigh. I've been up since 4:30 and Ross just left for the airport. Just boo. Soooo I decided to go on and watch the show from Wednesday and do a drive-by so I'll be all caught up. Thanks again for all the well wishes!

Oh, do you like the pic? My darling friend, ME, actually gave me a sticker just like it. I thought the word "woof" was fitting so I found a copy of the sticker online. =)

Excuse the say I'm bleary eyed this morning is an understatement!

Wednesday, June 15th--Random Observations/Comments from the Peanut Gallery

1. If one good thing comes out of this episode, it will be Clint in his "C.B." robe. Times! So, MH was like "ME, Vicki and Clint's convo looked like it took place in the hallway." Ummmm yes she is right. WTF is this about? Snap...Clint's feet are on the bed today! Unbelievable. I mean...that thing is so small. If he turned in the middle of the night it would be all over...just no room!
2. OH.EM.GEE. Kill me. How low can Ford and Tess get?! I tell you if two nuns are ever going to give in and go at it, then I guess the Minuteman is as good a place as any. Plus, they have a minibar.
3. Can we all be in agreement with the fact that every time Natalie has an upsetting convo with John or receives bad news about him she makes really poor decisions. Regardless, I like Brody and Natalie together. Just had to say something about the decision making.
4. The red light outside of John's window bothers the shit out of me. Is that light coming from Llanview's red light district?
5. I can't look at Tea in that dress. Just gonna close my eyes in those scenes and just listen.
6. DAYUM...Rex came to Gigi's rescue a little faster than I thought.
7. Ooooookay...I'm sorry, but I REFUSE to discuss the Mes scenes. My blood pressure will just rise uncontrollably. I may watch a snippet here and there but throughout the show...not commenting. Oh, and I also don't give two flying nuns about Starr or Dan-YELLA's convo so oh well...
8. Wait...has NuJack ever had a scene with Tea before? I can't remember if he has before. I thought NuJack's acting had improved (I .0000001% but an improvement), but he is acting really stupid in his scenes this episode.
9. I mean...I'm gonna be really upset with these upcoming Rex/Gigi scenes. Aaaaaand of course...the Talkboy got left in the damn basement at Brad's Father's rent house? Or some shit like that....dunno what the house is really. All I know is that I'm so sick and tired of people just walking around with the damn recorder and doing nothing with it. I mean...can the writers please remove the sticks from their asses and wrap up this story. I will refrain from going off on a tangent about the writers and dragging out stories (i.e. this Eddie Ford business...just left open. Fail.)
10. Sooooo Natty/Brody gonna get it on and then Ford/Tess will both get STDs from the MM. What an episode. OF COURSE they have to coordinate it to where both pairs do it. I kinda feel insulted.
11. Bo and Nora should be with Matthew right now or we should be seeing B/N have an actual damn convo about what is going on instead of just a bunch of reactions. Plus, I'm sick and tired of Des sitting by Matthew's bed saying shit like "I'm so close to you after what happened in your bed." God...what a terrible way to put it.
12. Natalie, even though it's a bad decision to sleep with it. Brody looks uber good this episode.
13. OMG these Vicki/Clint scenes will HANDS DOWN be the damn floaties that keep me afloat while watching this episode. Otherwise I'm struggling to stay above water. These scenes are too short.
14. TSJ is like the only person who can pull off that v-neck tee (which is an expensive one...I can tell) and a jacket. I don't like it but it looks good on him.
15. I just want to jump through the tv and take Tea's dress off of her...and I don't mean it in a sexual way.
16. Wait...did Rex call Roxy mom? Tear.
17. MY BLOOD PRESSURE IS RISING!!!!!!! Mes...STFU!!!??? I have never wanted to harm someone so badly in all my life...I swear. Fast forwarding...
18. I'm assuming that Addie Cramer is keeping little Bree on this fine evening since Vicki is with Clint...her mommy is AWOL...her aunt is about to eff her "dad" in her own damn house...charlie left town. Need I say more?
19. Where is Liam during this Brody/Natty sex romp? He'd be better off with Marty's Playhouse!!! Take that to the bank!!!
20. I'm EXHAUSTED watching these Ford/Tess scenes.
21. LAWD...OLTL please cool it with the day old flashbacks for crying out loud!!! The Rex/Clint flashback was like last week. Flashbacks are for old shit! You tell Clint how it is Queen V!!!! I adore Clint like Nigel does, but he is being a stubborn bastard right now.
22. Poor Shane. He knows Gigi is really hurt. I feel terrible for all of them.
23. NuJack is an effing bastard and he needs his balls cut off! I loathe this little prick.
24. Man...poor Ross isn't here to listen to all of Ford's cheesy lines to Tess.
25. Ok so I'd love to know where Liam is during all this sex.
26. OMG this is a lot of sex for me to watch this early in the morning!!!!! I did not know it was this much. Good God.
27. NuJack I would be scared of Toad and I hope he beats the ever living shit out of you.
28. God, it's a shame that Natty, the star CSU of the LPD, isn't the one dusting the scene for prints. I feel bad John has to use his #2 at this scene, but Natty needed some ass...
29. Poor Clint...I'm like him "where are the damn orderlies?!" I can't believe they are leaving the Silver Fox just hanging out in the hallway!? He is freakin' Clint Buch! Obey, bitches!!! His pimp hand is fierce!
30. OH.HELL.MOTHER.F*@KING.NO!!!!!!!! Matthew is going to open his eyes for MESTINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you f*@king kidding me?! EGREGIOUS!!!!!! WOOF WOOF WOOF! I was fine with this episode until this shit.
31. OMG poor Rexy...poor Shane. Poor me...I finally liked Gigi and now this...lordy.

Okay I must run. I'll get to the comments today if it kills me!

Much love to all of you and Happy Thursday!!!



  1. Mija,

    I hope you get some rest! Still keeping you in my thoughts.
    You helped me articulate what is bothering me about the Des/Matt scenes Mess =Matt+Destiny to me, so I am just sticking with Des.

    Her comments are more so about hoe SHE is impacted by Matthews' illness as opposed to emphasizing her concern over the fact he is ill. Their friendship is missing from these scenes in favor of driving home the fact we ARE going to be dealing with a teenage pregnancy story...

    Brody+Natalie and Ford + Tess were just too much for me... can't view..

    Was the overarching theme of the day Fathers in control. Todd is in handcuffs being told he can't get out of custody, yet he laid it down to NuJackCity... Can I say once again that I LOVED how Todd handled NuJack. I was scared and I hadn't done anything wrong. NuJack knows Todd will go medieval on him.

    Rex asked for him MOM!!! after he saw how serious things were with the love of his life YET he had the presence of mind to get Shane in to the psychiatrist. Awww Rex.... Clint is a FOOL who is going to owe you the half of the BUchannan fortune he has left.

    #28 LOL!!! Sad that Brody was trying to really lay it down..."I want to go slow so I can remember every moment" and Natty won't even remember once John says, "Can we give it one more try for Liam's sake?"

    Be well lady!

  2. I am really said about Gigi dying. I wasn't watching OLTL when she apparently became persona non grata to a big portion of the audience. I loved her and Rex in this bullying storyline and she's a good friend to Natalie. Watch Brody and Natalie take this as some dumb sign that they should seize the moment and be a family - double woof!

    I'm sorry but Bo/Nora did some bad parenting somewhere along the line if their precious boy is not only a killer but also didn't think to use protection when he did "what we did on the bed (barf!)" I already hate this storyline and Destiny isn't even showing yet.

    Why does Gigi have to die before ANY FORDS (except Eddie and he doesn't count)?!!! All of those dumb brothers and their lame ass mom and the boring ex from Ohio are STILL ALIVE. Not fair.

    I cannot fathom the Ford/Tess thing. I appreciate all the camera angles and vaseline on the lens, etc. But seriously, people, let's just let Jessica and Brody link back up during macrame class at St. Anns and live crazily ever after, OK?

    Nat/Brody - meh. I kept wondering if Natalie was pretending it was John. Brody had a weird smile on his face at the end - kind of grossed me out. I also kept thinking somebody better call Nat because she needs to be there for Rex like RIGHT NOW.

    Roxie was great. Todd bringing the hammer down on his brat of a son (whose acting was worse that ever) was good. Tea SUCKS as a parent.

  3. There was so much sex on this episode! And I watched it at work, so that was awkward, that I had to keep clicking away, so my boss didn't think I was watching softcore porn! The Tess and Ford thing kind of makes sense, but are Natalie and Brody that horny?! GEEZ!

    That being said, I am young and I wouldn't mind giving Natalie or TessBessJessMess the best 37 seconds of their lives (beat that Ford!).

    OMG I can't wait til NuJack gets caught for this! There has got to be some evidence, that even the #2 CSU tech can find! And if John does not pick up that tape recorder and push play immediately and end this story, I am going to be pissed!

  4. @YoSammitySam
    Brad and Emily are punks... the minute the words, "murder", "felony", and "life in prison", are mentioned, we will hear them say, "plea deal", "it was Jack's idea", and "Jack made me do it".


    The vice principal will ask Destiny, "Who killed Shane's mom?" Either way it is OVER for Jack, who will be following in his dad's (TSJ or RH, take your pick) to Statesville. Think Blair will stop messing around with Tomas long enough to hear the sentencing?


  5. @Akesha Thanks again for the thoughts! Sweetness!!! Ok so obviously my blood pressure shoots through the damn roof when discussing MESS. Sooo....I will say that everything you said is on point as usual and I pray there is no pregnancy and I know there will be...kill me. The sex scenes were too OOC for me to be watching so early in the morning and with only one cup of coffee in me. UGH. OMG...Toad was the head bastard in charge! Word! NuJack needs his ass beat and I'd love if Toad did it! Agreed about Clint being a fool (and I love him to death) but he is treating Rex like horseshit! Ridic. hahahahaha! When Brody said he wanted to go slow I was like "aw hell...Natty doesn't give a shit." Poor Brody. Your comments are so insightful and witty! Lurve them!

    @Anonymous Well, I have loathed Gigi from the get-go pretty much and started to warm up to her around the time of the bullying story and I'll be damned if now I effing like her and she dies! Lordy! Well, I would like for Brody and Natty to get together but I don't think that is happening. =( While I'm sure Bo and Nora have made some parental errors, I'll justify all their actions and I still think they are the best parents because they are my two favorites so I'm completely and totally biased but I'm very open about it. OMG...PREACH IT! Why in the hell are we stuck with the Fords and then Gigi dies?! My thoughts EXACTLY! Egregious! From what I have heard, I don't think that Brody and Jessica are getting back together? Who knows though. OLTL loves having Jessica unleash those damn alters. YES...Natty does need to be there for Rex. I like Brody and Natalie but I agree...probably thinking of John. Toad was awesome with NuJack and I'm shocked as hell Roxy has been on for like a week straight! I've started to like Tea too...dammit.

    @YoSammity ha!!! OF COURSE you watched all the sex scenes at work!!!! You got a pair, huh?! I would be scared to do that. Yes, I think Natalie and Brody are just THAT horny and they make super poor decisions! hahahaha! I am peeing on myself this evening! 37 seconds!? Huh? Very impressive! You have most people beat! Well I hope the #2 tech doesn't get blamed if the crime scene goes to hell in a handbasket and no evidence is collected. OMG..TELL ME ABOUT IT! If John doesn't play that shit stat I will absolutely go schitzo on someone!!! I'm so tired of this being dragged out!

    @Akesha HILAR and so right. Lordy! All these children SUCK! Oh and Blair will not stop trying to get ass to care for her children. She sucks as a mother. FAIL, Blair!

  6. If Roxie had been doing her job as mom and called nat about Rex and Gigi she could have been at hospital where she belonged instead of in bed with Brody LOL!!

    I'm sorry but how can Ford think he has a shot at getting Ryder when he helped knock out a NUN and tie her up in a straight jacket to help an ALTER escape--this story is just too much bull for me to handle.

    AND don't get me started on the awful Destiny being the one at Matts bedside when he opened his eyes--what writer thought that was better than it being NORA????

    If Jack doens't go to jail with Cord this show deserves to be cancelled

  7. haha not Cord meant Cole Cord whould be with his father, cousin and brother rex!

  8. Firstly, so sorry to hear that your honey's family is having a hard time - sending good wishes . . . hope you have some better news over the weekend.

    Secondly, I am so coveting that WOOF sticker! It is AWESOME and I need one!!

    Thirdly - yesterday's sex-fest in Llanview was GROSS, but mostly just annoying.

    Fourthly - what was up with Tea getting all "hey what the hell are you doing?" over Toad getting a little pissed at NuJack? Gawd AWFUL NuJack. I can not BEAR the thought of him interacting with RH at ALL unless RH can school that pipsqueak actor BIG time.

    Fifthly - ROTHLMAO re YoSammity! Go for it Mister 36 second maestro!

    Sixthly - what is UP with Blogger? I hit sign in, and there I am, but it won't let me post as me? No big deal really - it is just that this has been going on for over a week now!


  9. @Anonymous

    I would hold off on marking Bo and Nora as bad parents.

    1. I don't think Matthew is the killer. While we are pretty sure he shot Eddie ford, it was very much (as shown) a crime of passion; which means there was no premeditation shown.. (did I get that right Mija)? The cover-up was a different story.

    2. Under the belief he killed someone and was about to go away for murder (because he was indeed turning himself in prior to being sucker-punched by Nate), he was under heavy stress and was a teenager. From my experience with teens, they tend to think they are invincible because of their youth and sometimes make related mistakes. We didn't actually see the scenes to see what the characters thoughts were about not having protection, however, it has been framed that the situation wasn't even about sex... it was about being scared and finding comfort with someone you trust. Does that rationalize the characters not using protection? Absolutely not! But it also doesn't speak to Bo and Nora's parenting skills.

    have to disagree with you on a couple of points. Roxie was taking care of Shane and helping Rex. She was doing her job as a mom for the child that needed her most at the time. Natalie does what Natalie wants period. I do believe she would have been there for Rex had she known what was going on, but she just would have had grief sex instead of its really over with John sex.

    OLTL doesn't deserve to be taken off of the air period. I don't think Jack will go to jail. Look how long it took for them to put Cole in jail after his several infractions. Jack does deserve some criminal time, but with Tea as a lawyer and Todd as a father, he won't see jail time. He might not even see any criminal action, which is unfortunately realistic. If that is how it goes down, then OLTL is being more reflective of societal conditions (which is one of the core objectives of the show), and makes for more compelling T.V.

    What I hope doesn't happen is that we don't see Rex or Shane try to avenge Gigi and be further punished.

    I do hope we see a huge does of karma delivered to Jack two-fold.