Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Destitute? No. How Can I Be Destitute When I Have This Awesome New Sex Hair?

C Daddy Buch: "You see Rex I'd have no problem handing over my fortune to you, but I'm kinda pissed. Gigi has cursed me with this wild hair-do. But, Mary-Ella likes it so on second thought I'll keep the hair-do and give you my money."

Good Evening Good Evening!!! My apologies for not blogging about Monday's episode. Oh, and I hated that I didn't because I missed the "sitting shiva" for Step Nora...dammit. Anyway, things have just been hectic so I hope y'all are patient with me. ;)

If I sound like Marty Saybrooke then this is a GOOD post! How scary, right? I've lost it...seriously. My posts will probably make only about 65% sense until things slow down. By Thursday or Friday life will be a bit calmer (once this guest list is finalized) and Ross will be back...word! Oh, and I would LURVE to invite you all to my big wedding festivities!!! How much fun would we have, huh?!?! I hate I can't meet all of you. =( MH will be at my party so she can fill y'all in on it. I'm gonna do a drive by of each. Alrighty...let's do this.

Tuesday, June 28th--Marty's Party
1. May I just say that Tea looks sass in red? Snap!!! RH spying on Tea. If he talks to Tea before Blair I think I'm gonna be pissed. Yes, I would doubt about it. I'm not even a Blair fan!
2. Whaddya know...Echo in some shade of blue. Mercy. The wardrobe department is definitely of the "if ain't broke" mentality, huh? HOLD UP...who the hell is that bitch Echo is talking to?'s that Ionia woman. I forgot she was gonna make an appearance. Wait...for a brief moment it looked like Sean Young but I know it's not.
3. Dorian looks about 1,000 shades of fabulous!!!! May I just throw out that I believe I am going to hate where they are going with this David/Dorian mess. Totally ridic.
4. Score!!!!! A Vickster and Echo scene! So pumped.
5. AH!!!!!!! Nigel! Now dammit give me some Renee Divine! For the love of God!!!!
6. Omigod how atrosh is this Rama's fake pregnancy shit? I mean...I loved Rama when she first came on. Now...not so much. Oh, and they have painted Vimal to be such a clueless schmuck. Sad.
7. OH HELLS YES...Robin Strasser says "bitch" better than anybody on daytime...or television for that matter. "Tongue obstructing your vocal chords..." Lurve it.
8. Sooo in the short time that Cutter got the million dollars from Clint he went to a tailor had all these cool suits done? He's dressing pretty damn snazzy...
9. Aaaand here I go...poor Tea. I'm gonna feel bad for her before all this shit is over and done with...
10. Dayum. Are the nurses rubbing their fingers through Clint's hair when they come and check his vitals?! I looks like he just had sex with that hair. Mercy! Get this billionaire a comb!
11. Ok I don't how I feel about Rex asking clint for the money so I'll have to make a decision in a bit.
12. UGH!!!!!!!!!!! I even hit fast forward and somehow I just saw the preview for "The Chew!" Talk about a huge f*@k you. This show looks like a disaster.
13. I'm now kinda loving Clint's sex hair.
14. Aaaand I could watch Erika Slezak and Kim Zimmer play solitaire across from each other in a library and never talk. They are THAT fabu. I think Echo, Vicki, and Rex are the only 3 people who say "Gigi" correctly.
15. Ok so Ionia needs a giant boulder to fall on her right now! Some random freak accident. Please happen now. I hate this storyline for Dorian. She is so much better than this shit.
16. NuJack you kinda feel bad about Brad now? Jesus God. I swear. I can't deal. Both NuJack and Brad need their little asses beat by somebody the size of Sean! OMG...I kinda jumped when Toad yelled "shut up!"
17. Oooookay. I don't care what Rex gets from Clint, because I KNOW that Clint effing Buchanan will NOT be broke and this show end. He just won't. He and Rex will reconcile or Rex will change his mind...something. So I'm not worried about this...that's how I feel. From Rex's point of view I understand what he is doing and why he is doing it. However, I'll always be on Team Silver Fox (unless against Bo). So...bastard or not I'm still for C Buch.
18. Ok so I need these Vicki/Echo scenes to be longer. This show WASTES their awesome vets. They have the best vets in daytime yet the scenes are two seconds. Ugh. Aaaaaand they're not. Yet...we will have longer scenes with Ionia. Makes sense huh? Fail.
19. OMIGOD they are making Vimal look so effing Odie on "Garfield." No! Nermal!
20. Aaaaaand RH will get overpaid for yet another episode where he doesn't f*@king talk. I mean REALLY?!
21. MINORITY OPINION: Rex is being a jackass and it is kinda getting on my nerves. Yes, I'm a big frigid bitch.
22. AHHH!!! An RH/Tea flashback. Look at OLTL doing a flashback correctly for a change.
23. Jesus H. Christ...that ottoman or coffee table or whatever the hell that is in Todd's house is all ate up with ATROSH! It looks like somebody splashed black paint on it.
24. I'm forever thankful Kim Zimmer's hair has grown out! You just don't know..
25. WHAT?! Joey surfaces after halftime?! What is going on? Enter Kelly now?! WHAT?! It's like 33 minutes into the show! And NOW they are gonna have Nigel go see Clint?! Kinda last minute huh?
26. have I not discussed this already? How FUGLY is Ionia's red leapord ensemble? Dear God. Anna Wintour would bludgeon someone like that on the spot.
27. Dorian looks fabulous. That just had to be said again...sorry.
28. Times! Is that Christian in the background in the white button-up? I can't tell. AHHH!!!!! It is! We are effing 42 minutes into the show and NOW Christian surfaces? What is up with this episode? I'm peeing on myself. Does Christian do his "art" between making Delhi Bellies? This is absurd. Has anyone told Christian that he will no longer have a teaching assistant? Probably not. Get Starr to be your new helper. Word.
29. I'll be damned! Nigel making an appearance at Clint's bedside. Be.Still.My.Heart. I STILL can't deal with Clint's sex hair since I now like it...mercy! Wait...that's it?! Nigel is leaving after 2 seconds and saying I'm glad you've been given another chance to live? Let's be serious. SNAP! Olympia's ring?! Rex just snatched it?! Woof.
30. Yeah...RH is working REALLY HARD for that paycheck. Dammit. Anyone can lurk in the shadows. Seriously.
31. Is anyone gonna find Agent Kent's body at Dorian's house or wherever the hell it is?
32. Christian Vega--a component part to "One Life to Live" and the ONLY reason I watch this show.
33. Ok so I kinda loved it when Nigel snapped his fingers and said "make it snappy." Can't lie.
34. AHHH!!!!! My heart skipped a beat when Vicki and Clint held hands!
35. I've said it 1,000 times but I'll say it 1,001...Gigi is the BEST looking patient in a coma. MERCY!
36. Oh...JPL's acting has been phenomenal. Good for him.

Ooooookay!!!! I'm pouring glass of wine #2 to start post #2. Wednesday's episode here I come!

Love y'all..mean it!
Margaret Saybrooke


  1. I would totally have so much fun at your wedding! I would be doing the cabbage patch and the herky jerky all night long!

    I totally agree with you that Rex is being a real jerk! Yeah, you need some money but you ain't need everything! What a horrible example to Shane! I bet if he just told Clint, "hey I need for you to teach those Manning people a lesson", Clint would pulled a Eddie Ford on them and they would be sorry! But know he gotta be greedy!

    Christian cracks me up. He does nothing now. If I was him, I would just go off script and be like "Rama, I really have nothing better to do, so I really don't care how much of an asshole you are, I just want to sleep with you."

    Also, at your wedding, I dance a mean conga...

  2. @YoSammity Well, then you need to come! We would have a great time and I'd pay to see the herky jerky and conga...oh, and the tootsie roll. Yes...Rex is being a jerk. I mean, I feel sorry for him but he was acting like such a douche with Clint and I was like ugh. OMG...Christian is so effing useless on this show! This poor bastard has no purpose so I feel I need to put him in my blog just so he can get some attention. Agreed he just needs to go on and jump Rama and then they can just leave the show together. I'm over it. I mean...he showed up like 42 or 43 minutes into the show. REALLY?!