Monday, April 18, 2011

Just in Time for Passover: It's Nikki Smith

Vicki: "Yeah, if you were married to this dumb bastard you'd turn into Nikki, too. Trust me."

Ah...did y'all miss me?! I feel "off" not having done this in a while (really since last Wednesday because Thursday was just beyond depressing and I forgot that day happened). I talk to y'all everyday so today at work I was like "Gosh, I need to talk to my readers! Miss them and their comments!" Anyway, I had THE BEST time at the beach. How could I not? My friends reign supreme. Actually, I'm just glad to be amongst the living and posting tonight. I survived the plane ride from hell from Atlanta to Mobile....lord! I just KNEW I was about to meet my demise somewhere over central Alabama sitting next to a woman from Kansas City...oy! Damn torrential weather! Anyway, I'm now back and bronzed to absolute perfection. Eat your heart out Hillary Smith. Bonus, today is really a Friday for me since I have the first two days of Passover off...yay! fabulous was MH?! She was such a doll to post for me, and she might have to do it again for me very soon since I will be out of town AGAIN at the end of next week for a big Southern wedding...exciting! Sidenote: How FREAKISHLY similar are our opinions huh?! Cray Cray!!!! She and I had talked about the cancellation stuff in detail. She was so eloquent and spot on with her feelings about it that I really don't have too much more to add. However, I will add just some personal thoughts. I'll do that in a post script. So...we can just be happy and discuss the show right now. Let's do this.

Minuteman Motel Style Drive-By of Friday's Show
1. Bo and Nora are sheer perfection and so realisitc. Not being on in a week...ridic.
2. Rama and Nigel...more please.
3. Rama shooshing Dorian was FABU.
4. Did anyone think it was strange to see Christian in the kitchen at Llanfair? I did.
5. I'm ready for Marty to get out of the crazy marinade and start cooking. She has been soaking long enough. UNLEASH!!!
6. Also, I'm so tired of seeing that piece of paper with the DNA results.
7. I caught myself singing the "Access Llanview" song. #Lame
8. How great were the Rex/Clint scenes? Exactly...perf.
9. Loved Dorian at Bo and Nora's. She ever been there?
10. Overall...great episode!

Lemme try and not write a novel here...

99% of my stories are 100% accurate...nice.

KEEP the glasses on 'em! heart is anxious with anticipation for these Bo/Clint scenes. Get it? Heart is anxious...hehe. Whoa. RSW just returned from vaycay. He is a bronzed little biscuit.

Dorian's coat is the shit and soooo Dorian.

Oh lord. I'm about to get worked up with Charlie's stupidity...feel it. I'm drinking wine, so hopefully I'll be calm. I doubt it. Aaaaaand, I'm NOT feeling these Charlie/Echo scenes. Sorry...

Ewww Vicki keeps her coffee in that jar next to the sugar? Ummm just no. Put it in the freezer. Echo the Wrecko?! FLOVE IT!!!!! Lord...Vicki will probably cry again. We going on two weeks now?

Aaaaaand Ford has three cartons of milk in the fridge. Oh Lord...Tess is getting serious with the pimping out reference...yikes!

Missed the Vicki/Natty scene when I took a sip of wine. It happens...

Aaaand the same with the Charlie/Echo scene. I slow after a weekend of fun?

Dorian is so fab. WAIT...why in the hell is she at the Buenos Dias to begin with? Why did she go there? Hmmm.

Man, I can't stand the clothes Gigi wears. Lord today.

Be still my heart! These Clint/Bo scenes are fab. Gosh, I need to stop with the cardiology references...sorry.

FACT: That is Hillary Smith's own shirt. As if they would buy Nora a cute, lavendar open neck button-up to wear around...AS IF the wardrobe department is that cool.

Flove the candid JVD/RSW pic on "Access Llanview." Presh!

I detest the drapes in the garret...ATROCIOUS! Thank God! Nora is FINALLY giving Matthew some grief...especially about Nate Salinger. Normal Matthew would have NEVER let Nate take the fall for all this...whether he hated him or not!

Lord have mercy! They are SHOVING this Clint redemption thing down our throats. The worst part: I'm buying it!!!! Dammit, OLTL! I'm buying it. I'm sympathizing with him...I am. This is bananas. Granted, he IS INDEED the one who put all this in motion. However, JVD is so damn charming and such a good actor that I'm okay with it. Sonofabitch. I expected to be so much more of a hardass about this. How I still sympathize with him a bit yet still want Bo and Nora to make him pay is beyond me. However, I want both. I'm greedy and don't give a shit. Oh, and I truly believe Clint does now care for Matthew like his own...oy!

Can I live at the carriage house? We are looking for a new apartment and I've decided that I'd like the carriage house. Rent free of course. June 1st move in date. xx, ME. I keep missing the Rex/Gigi

I'm still not into Chuckles and Echo. Nor am I buying that Dorian is hanging out at the Buenos Dias.

Copper teapot? Who is cleaning that? That is a tough job! That's what I want to know. I haven't seen Vicki's housekeeper. How despondent does Vicki look??? Ford will sympathize with Tess since she spilled the Nikki Smith beans. Just great...juuuuuuuust great. Oh sweet lord...a Nash Brennan reference!!!! Miss him. Sadville. :(

You know...I flove Natalie when she isn't walking around saying "John, this is your baby." I really do. She is so sass.

LOL! She-wolf! Flove it! Dorian.Is.The.Shit. SKANKY PANKY?! She is so damn hilarious. I could sit here and try and think of something really clever to call Charlie. However, I'm not. It is just so simple...why complicate things? He is simply a dunce with a phonetics problem. That is as true as it gets...word.

Yeah...not into the television reporter girl. AT ALL.

OMG...I flippin' love these Nora/Matthew scenes. That's right...Matthew why didn't you say something earlier?!?! Lord have mercy!!! Jesus, Mary, and Joseph I'd be so damn frustrated if I were Bo and Nora. Oh dammit...Nora. UGH!!!! I HATE going against you and now you're making me. "Do you know your father and I could lose our jobs over how badly we botched this investigation?" Dear God. Who gives a shit?! I know you and Bo LOVE what you do but this situation with your son is more important. Also, y'all do NOT need the money!!!! Bo is a millionaire and you are by no means broke. Your son is more important. Whoever wrote that line for her should be shot! That's it...I'm blaming the writer for that. I can always justify. Anyway, otherwise she is on point. A bunch of innocent people had to suffer because of Matthew, etc.

That background in the room next to the Buchanan study look soooooo much better than the one in the living room. Hmmm. "Isn't this the time you should forget about your frickin' job?!" Dear God...I'm even going against Bo today, too! What is going on?! Hello? Clint has a point!!! Worry about Matthew, Bo. I know you are trying to do the right thing, but you need to be a bit more protective. Woof.

If I were a Rex and Gigi fan I'd be so annoyed with this slow lead up to the proposal...good thing I'm not a die hard Rex and Gigi fan.

Aaaaaand, Nikki will make her debut shortly.

"You and Echo in love. I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or throw up." Flove it. She is smarter than all these f*@kin clowns. YEP!!! Go after her Dorian! Get the dirt! Echo knew and you know it too!

Aaaaand, here comes the profuse sweating. OMG...Bo is so bronze! Bo...I hope you take some of Clint's advice. Lord have mercy.

I kinda don't think Matthew did it??? I mean, I do think he did but I don't. Something is totally missing here. A huge piece. Plus, Nora still doesn't remember everything. Matthew now doesn't remember picking up the gun. Hmmm.

Blanca? Was that it? She is too stiff.

EA and HBS are soo faboosh today. we go. Now Ford is gonna be all defensive of Tess. Ugh.

I love that Tess calls Vicki "Victoria." The unleashing of Nikki Smith has begun...

Slowest lead-up to a proposal EVER...ugh

OMG...Chuckles just said "Dooooooooor-ian." HE IS A F*@KING DISASTER!!!!!! DISASTER!!!!

Wow...when Bo gives off the litany of Clint's sins they are pretty damn bad. I could watch these scenes ALL DAMN DAY!

Well, Nora is really crying...mascara all under that right eye. Also, I'm assuming she isn't celebrating Passover? Hmmm.

BLANCA?! Grrr.

My heart is breaking during these Matthew/Nora scenes...lord have mercy.

"Your victims will get justice, Clint. Whether you like it or not." Dear Bo, You know, before Clint gets justice could you force Clint to change the background of the Buchanan Mansion?Please use your threats of prison as leverage to achieve this simple request. Oh, and get Renee and Nigel more screen time. xx, your girlfriend.

Niiiiiikki! Niiiiiiikki! Niiiiiiiiikki!!!!!!! I feel it coming....y'all?!?!?! Ah!

I love sass Natalie minus the John drama...

YES!!!!!!! A flashback! I will say: That haircut was AWFUL! Please don't ever have that again!!! Clint! Everyone is falling apart on this show! Oh Clint, honey. Don't bother calling for Nigel. His ass is never around when you need him.

Gigi...demand a ring. Mean, vain, rude, unromantic of me? Sure. Do I give a shit? No. She needs a ring. She has raised that damn kid for years without his help. Put a rock on her finger, P.I. Your fee from Kelly Cramer alone should pay for that shit.

So...Chuckles and Echo never ate dinner. They must be hungry. Talk about a wasted trip to get dinner...lord.

I have a feeling Nora and Bo are gonna come up with some plan to help Matthew and fix this shit. Oh, come on. There could have been a little Bo and Nora affection. Woof on that.

Nigel ain't comin' Clint. Just lie down. Better yet...get an aspirin!!!!

OMG OMG's coming I feel it!!!! "Oh, and it's Nikki Smith to you bitch!" YAY!!! My day/week/month...made. Thanks V.

Great episode!!!!

Will someone tell me the Addie/Renee gin rummy score?

Any guess on how long Marty has been marinating in St. Anne's sauce?

Glad to be back!

Ok...I'm not going to give an elaborate disseratation on this cancellation business, because I will talk about it from time to time until the last episode. I will say that I am BEYOND devastated. Also, I don't think I truly have let this news sink in since I have been so busy. I do know that Brian Frons is the antichrist. FACT. I'm still holding on to the inkling of hope that somehow they will give in and sell the right to the show and let another network pick it up. There is a chance this could happen with OLTL but not with AMC. Ross is like "Lifetime should pick up that shit." LOL...good point. I'm not banking on it, but let's all hope. There is a chance since...did y'all see the damn ratings?!!??!! The week of the Bo/Nora/Matthew fallout and Vicki/Echo/Charlie drama...OLTL was #3 overall and in ALL key demos! Talk about the irony!

Positive news: Hoover pulled all their ads from ABC. DAYUM! Talk about a statement! Oh, and...Robin Strasser is now on Twitter. I swear to God I have never read funnier shit in my life! Y'all need to follow her!

Also, I'm gonna do this blog until the very last day of the show. There is a chance the show can be saved; however, regardless of the outcome I'm doing this until January 2012. I have a feeling things will be really good on our show. Let's hope they ditch the newbies immediately. Focus on the core families/characters.

I'm getting too sad so I'll stop. Thankfully, MH did a good job so I don't have to keep talking. Last Thursday was just sad for us all. However, I do think there is some hope. Regardless, let's enjoy it until the end!!!!


  1. Can't believe you noticed the Bo / Clint photo too. Loved it. With EA, it is obvious that he grew up learning to act with two Emmy winners. And sometimes, he uses RSWs mannerisms. I swear he did in one of the after wedding scenes when Dani was breaking up with him. Very good day...Bo, Nora, Clint...and then there was Nikki Smith. I swear it was the first time I have noticed Tess sweat. Fun ahead!

    Enjoying Robin Strasser's tweets. Check out Catherine Hickland as well. She's on a roll with this.

  2. Loved when Nikki called Tess a bitch. Maybe I just love hearing the word "bitch" from Dorian and Vicki. Susan Lucci too, for that matter. I can't believe you were in Mobile! Weather was gorgeous this weekend, too! Did you hit up the Florabama?

  3. Vicki: "Yeah, if you were married to this dumb bastard you'd turn into Nikki, too. Trust me." <<BAHAHA! I gotta love this one.

    RSW just returned from vaycay. He is a bronzed little biscuit. << Noticed that, too! (NTS..Don't read this blog in early AM hours while kids are sleeping, alomost woke one.)

  4. @Christie OMG I LOVED the candid of JVD/RSW. I think EA has both RSW and HBS' mannerisms. He has turned into quite the actor. Such a great day for Bo, Nora, Clint and Matthew. FLOVE Nikki Smith, too. So funny to see chic and sophisticated Vicki act this way. Oh, and I follow Catherine Hickland too. You're right she is def on a roll. I just mentioned RS since she just got on twitter and has been HILAR and on the it!

    @Katie I flove it when Dorian and Vicki say "bitch" too! I don't watch AMC so I have know idea what the word sounds like coming out of La Lucci's mouth but I'm sure fab! I know...I flew into Mobile so my friends could just swing by and pick me up on their way from NOLA to Orange Beach. We had THE BEST time. Weather was perfect! Actually, we opted against the FloraBama so we could visit and just act inappropriately at the condo since we are rarely all together. We did go to Tacky Jack's though. ;)

    @Missy hahaha...hope your children didn't wake up! I meant every word of my Vicki quote...lord have mercy! Who wouldn't lose their shit if you had to deal with that ass hat all the time?! Oh...Bo looks adorable tan!

  5. Great day, I wish the show would be this consistently good.

    Nora and Matthew, couldn't be a more perfect mother/son duo. EA keeps surpassing my expectations! He truly did learn from the best. I also see both RSW and HBS in him, it cracks me up sometimes. Maybe the wardrobe department got enough complaints about Nora's clothes they are just letting Hillary dress herself.

    Now, we need a good Bo/Matthew scene, that is such a glaring misstep. Bo seems more preoccupied with doing the right thing. I know he won't just throw Matthew in jail. Nora and Bo will have a plan, but I would like to seem him show more attention to Matthew, maybe just a hug?

    Helloooo Niki! Tess look like she was ready to piss her pants.

    Destiny, honey, don't talk to strange reporters, and don't talk to them about Matthew and his parents!

    God bless twitter, loved RS calling out JPL! Also love reading about HBS's obsession with Titos.

  6. Does Tess consider Nikki her mother I can never remember---and stupid stupid Ford, if Nikki is the reason Jess became Tess wouldn't you want TESS away from Ryder

  7. @mojomiller Yes! Great day! Nora and Matthew were FABU together! Yes, EA has BOTH of their it. If we don't get a Bo/Matthew scene soon I will lose my shit. You're right he DOES seem preoccupied with tdoing the right thing. He hasn't hugged Matthew ONCE. Egregious. Oh, and Hillary is dressing doubt. When Nora is dressed cute, 90% of the time it's Hillary's shit. Another example, when she hosted the ABCD this week in soaps thing last week. Lord. Love it! I wanted to muzzle Destiny yesterday...for shizzle. Yes...God Bless Twitter. HBS is rightfully obsessed with Tito's...have you tried it?! RS is the best thing to happen to Twitter. She is HILAR!

    @Rax Oh lord...I have a feeling I'm the wrong person to ask. I think she knows and considers Vicki her mother. I think. Oh God. Ford got on my last damn nerve yesterday. Then he was all snippy with Natalie about the Nikki/Tess stuff. UGH!!! Pull my hair out!