Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dorian Will Not Be Pleased With The Denim On Denim at Laboulaie

Deanna: "You're damn right. I'm gonna wear a denim skirt AND a denim jacket so I can drive Mary-Ella cray cray. That's how we wear our denim back in 'Dayt-en'."'s ten 'til eleven and I'm JUST now sitting down to watch the show and do this. This will not be my longest post. My life will be more organized tomorrow. I'd love to do it right after work tomorrow. Ah! Hope y'all had a great day. It is EFFING cold here...dear God! Not in the 50's or anything...gonna be 35 in the morning. WTF?! Anyway, I know there are a few comments from my previous post that I need to respond to. I'll do that from work tomorrow. xx

Yay...methodical Dorian in full effect! Hell, I bet Clint doesn't talk for the whole episode. "Held up in traffic?" How much traffic is there in Llanview?

Is that Langston's room? So, Deanna is replacing Lang. Lord have mercy.

God, I know I'm gonna not like this episode. Ford brothers in hardly nothing at their apartment...woof. Again, I MUST get a hold of a Hounds beer. Dear God it's all the range in Pennsylvania, huh? Good God...Ford is just all over this Tess thing.

Again, these alters all wear vibrant colors!!! haha! Yes, Natalie...Vicki/Nikki is wearing Bree's outfit from Limited Too! She totally fits in it!

Good lord...I don't give two shits about these Deanna/Starr scenes or Ford/James. I'm exhausted and this shit is like Ambien.

Wait...did James just mention something about a guy who went to live with grizzly bears and then they ate him? What the F*@k?!!?? REALLY?!

These alters are too smart Natalie. Be careful.

God, I blinked and the Cutter/Kelly scenes were over.

So, St. Anne's is #4 is on speed dial. LOL. Love it. And Natalie, Dr. Levin is no threat. He is such an effing terrible doctor.

God, now everyone is drinking Rama's drink. So, obviously Christian continues to have no purpose on the show.

Rama is ooc today. Lord...Clint, darling, you are now in the hands of a pre-schooler! Get Joey away from him. No doubt Joey will be held back another year. There is NO WAY he learned how to tie his shoes like all pre-schoolers do. It's okay...tons of kids repeat a grade.

OMG!!! Will someone...anyone...FORCE Deanna to tell the world why she broke up with James!!?? I don't give a damn why but I'm so tired of everyone asking her. I'd love to count how many times the phrase has been said.

Again, the writers are shoving the humanization of Robert Ford down our throats. He is all about helping Tess/Jess.

Oh need help, darling. You are no match for these alters. Wait...Nikki just said she borrowed Natalie's clothing. My ass. Those are not Natalie's duds...

Awe hell, Clint won't say one damn word this episode at all. FACT: Dorian will save this episode. I can always count on Clint but now he is mute. The Nikki stuff is good but is kinda disappointing me so far....sorry!

Cutter...don't drink that fruity drink. It makes you look like you are gay which is totally fine. But, don't pretend to be into Kelly and drink that. I mean...let's be serious...

Oh there about to be a Langston reference??? UGH...yes. Ford is still blabbing about Lang. Wait...he didn't know she was in Cali with Markko? Hmmmm

OMG OMG OMG OMG...somebody f*@king kill me!!!!! PLEASE just spill the beans, Deanna. Hell, I think my hunch may have been right awhile back. She probably had his kid. Hell, maybe she had an abortion?

Missed the Ford/James scene...damn. hehe

Natalie, that is Jim Daniels, aka John McBain's best friend. You know what it is...don't be silly. Nikki...there is a shit-ton of booze in the living room. Go after that shit! Ok...Nikki is becoming more hilarious. Her facial expressions are PRICELESS!!!! Ross loves Nikki...OMG he floves her.

Oh God...I flove when Dorian calls Joey "Joe." Where is David??? Just curious. TELL JOE, Dorian!!!!!

Kelly: "Incest is Best." Wow...haven't heard that since I moved above the Mason-Dixon line. Nice to hear it again. Kelly is being a badass...thank God. About damn time...

Eh...I'm not feeling Aubs' robe.

That drink looks like shit because there is so much foam. Ugh. Yeah...I think Cutter would have been a better Joey. Why did they do that switcheroo again???

"This is really awkward." Yes, Deanna, you summed it up perfectly. That living situation is cray cray!!!

I love Kelly's earrings. I LOATHE the background music they play at Capricorn...just sayin'.

Rama...just out Aubrey's ass. I want this to happen stat. Dear God. That was a cute pic of Clint and Joey. I must say it...

Dorian...Natalie just told you where Vicki is! Go and see Nikki in action!!!! So...that tape recorder thing had the name "Echo" handwritten on it? Kinda sloppy huh, Clint Buch???

I just missed the James/Ford scenes.

Dear Deanna, You have on a denim skirt. Therefore, you don't wear a denim jacket. If you were going line dancing then that would be one thing (and I hate it then). Please wear one or the other. If you don't fix this, I'm gonna lose my shit! xx, ME

That doctor DOES NOT look trustworthy!!! God, can you imagine if your dad's life was in his hands?! Stiff acting!!! Yes...Clint has been mute the entire episode. Sucky town.

God Aubs is always in sleeping attire or just nothing. Woof.

PLEASE writers...give Christian SOMETHING! He does NOTHING on this show. NOTHING! So embarrassing.

Lord...Nikki is out of control (just like the milk in Ford's fridge...all over the damn place)! Yay!!! Dorian! hahah...I love when Nikki is playing Vicki she is so overly dramatic!!! Lord Dorian...spilling the beans to Vicki when she's Nikki. Awesome f*@king timing.

I think I just fell asleep during the James/Ford/Starr/Deana scenes. Thank God Ross woke me up!!!

DOES CHRISTIAN EVER GO TO HIS "TEACHING" JOB?! How does he have time to be a renowned artist, work at Capricorn, and box at the gym?! Dear God.

I prefer Clint talking. I know I know. He had a heart attack. I'm just saying that I already miss his strong, commanding voice. Le' sigh. Awe damn...Aubrey really feels bad for Joey. They are going to continue to try and redeem her ass, too.

Missed the Tess/Ford scene...

I love Dorian/Vicki (Nikki). I can watch them do about Joey's new pre-school. That would be more interesting than the Ford/James shit. Word, yo!'re so sass and smart. FIGURE THIS OUT!!!

I'm ready for them to be in court already!!! Wait, will Nora still be Vicki's attorney? Hmmm.

Nikki's eye rolling is so awesome. Those earrings are OOC!!!

Tess just said: "When you get to court tomorr." Yeah...she never finished the word. I rewound that shit. God, no one pronounces shit correctly in this town.

God, I need Bo and Nora on tomorrow or I'll lose it. I'll take either at this rate.

I heard Renee beat Addie in the gin rummy game. They are now playing Texas Hold 'Em. My money is on Renee given her history with Texas.

Marty is still in the St. Anne's marinade.

We haven't seen "Toad" in the hospital lately. Probably just jinxed that...damn.

Thank God...Bo is on tomorrow. Also, John McBain will be whispering his way to the truth about Tomas. Word!!!

Exhausted and heading to bed!

kisses to all of you!

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