Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Instead of Hump Day It's Weepy Wednesday!

Matthew: "Yeah, I'm gonna tell you guys what happened with Eddie Ford. First, I'd like to take a shower because the Minuteman is full of germs. Can't seem to get rid of the grime."

Ah...Hump Day!!! Work was jam-packed and stressful and on the way home I kept thinking "God, I just cannot wait to go home and watch OLTL!" Need the hour escape! Anyway, sidetracked and am just now sitting down to watch it. Life got in the way, but here I am to discuss...oh, I dunno AN AWESOME FREAKIN' EPISODE! Lord have mercy! I'm STILL on a high from Monday and then THIS! Beyond fabulous. My favorite family was the center of attention today. Oh, and I don't know if I have time to respond to comments from yesterday but I'll try to. I have a lot going on within these next few weeks so time is precious! But, please keep them coming. Never know...maybe I can respond at work or something? Whew...ok, let's get on with it.

Shane...get down. Now. Poor baby. This whole thing is awful.

Wow...ominous much, Starr? "It's too late." WTF.

My disgust for Jack's sidekick knows NO BOUNDS. That child is so mean. I live and breathe! Poor thing. You can tell she was distraught about Todd. All over her face! As if something else needs to go wrong for this woman! She has had a rainy black cloud over her head for MONTHS! MONTHS!!! Ah!

That nursery has shit all over the place! There is just too much going on. Pottery Barn Kids will NOT be doing a shoot at the Llanfair nursery. FACT. Oh, we get a Clint/Natalie scene. I love them together!

Oh sweet angels of heaven...I have to brace myself for this Bo/Nora/Matthew stuff and try to keep it together. Vain observation: Nora looks beautiful (and bronze) in her white coat (which she NEVER wears anymore) with her scarf. stomach hurts watching this. Lord have mercy....Nora didn't say one word.

Is it just me or is that paved pathway (in the middle of a bunch of gravel/rock on a roof) leading to the ledge kinda weird?

Damn...I gotta brace myself for distraught Vicki as well. I simply CANNOT handle her and Nora crying twice this week. Sweet Lord! Wow..."I just found my husband in bed with another woman."

OMG! Did I mention I despise NuJack's friend? Oh...his name is Brad. I didn't even know. He is such a pipsqueek.

Aaaaaand, I don't find Blair threatening in the least. I don't. I don't know why. I just wouldn't be scared of her if I was NuJack. Her threats seem empty...that's it.

That bear in the rocking chair is obnoxiously large!!!! Clint: "Does he know any tricks yet?" Gosh, my puppy is 2 and STILL doesn't know how to do a damn thing. She failed puppy school at PetSmart because she couldn't sit in front of her diploma for a picture! Made it all the way to the end and then REFUSED to take a picture with the diploma. Whatcha gonna do? I guess I can objectively say that Liam knows how to get a tan since he is quite the bronze biscuit.

Matthew is KILLING it today! Does anyone else feel like these scenes are REAL?!

God, Vicki is making me tear up. Hell, I didn't think Charlie was that kinda guy either. Yes, I know I have constantly called him an ass-clown. BUT...before Echo, I really didn't think he would do that to her. So, I totally understand Vicki's point of view.

Good for you Natalie for bringing up Shane!!! Aaaand, the writers are starting the "we are trying to redeem Clint so we need the audience to sympathize with him or try and understand he was trying to protect the family." I knew it was coming and it started today. Of course. And, the sad thing is I truly believe that Clint DOES love Matthew very, very much. HOWEVER, he was so blinded by jealousy and plotting revenge that he never thought how all his machinations would affect Matthew. So...I can't get over that right now.

Typical Nora mode...trying to think of every excuse to help Matthew. Can you blame her? What mom wouldn't? :( Poor baby. She is so desperate to come up with excuses. Wow...Bo's face could not look any more despondent or helpless. AH!!! My favorite family is in shambles and I'm not even to Matt's explanation yet. Oh...and he went on and confessed he ran them off the road. So all this is coming out...hmmm. I think Vicki will now not be alone..."poor Nora" will now be used just as often, I feel it. Bo and Nora's reactions are PERFECT for parents in their situation that are desperate, confused, frantic, and upset. PERF!!

I can't believe I'm saying this: Go ahead Rex Balsom!!! Jump on that school's ass! No school should allow their students to run a muck.

Whoa! Jack just pulled the "you got knocked up in high school" card. What a bastard, huh?

Ah! Hellllooooooo Eddie Ford! OMG...Eddie Alderson is FABULOUS!!! YES! And, at least the writers remember that Matthew has ALWAYS been protective of Nora. Matthew frantically searching for her was beyond believable.

God...I'm so ready for Vicki to have a REAL MAN! Charlie has been totally ruined. And, I just teared up. What is WITH ME this week?! God, I'm not watching Lifetime all least you admitted that allowing Echo to live at your house was stupid, Vicki. Come on. Y'all know it's true! No woman in her right mind would have allowed that nonsense!

The background at Laboulaie is better than the Buch mansion background. FACT. Oh, and Blair is STILL not threatening! Why do I feel this way?

Agreed Rex Balsom!!!! Why children are allowed to bring cell phones to class is beyond me! We didn't do that shit in high school. I am all about this Rex/Asst. Princ. confrontation!

Lord...Nora is about to cry which means I will. Dammit! Whoa!!!! Eddie Ford is mindf*@king Matthew with his lies! FACT: Eddie Alderson is the BEST teen actor on the show. THE BEST. Let's all pray they keep him around!!!! Seriously, if you put yourself in Matt's shoes his whole world is falling apart in that motel room. Hmmm...Matthew just kinda nervously pulled the trigger. God...those scenes were fab.

Shane looks TERRIFIED!

And, Vicki still manages to be the most selfLESS human being on the planet. She just found Chuckles and Echo in bed and now she is concerned for Tea and feeling terrible about how she hasn't been there for her and Todd. She is BEYOND human. Superhuman. "Any romance...sounds good to me." AH! I cannot take this! My grandmother's heart is breaking in front of me. I'm officially on a mission to find her a man. Tomas? You could go down the David/Dorian path. Hehehe...TOTALLY kidding.

Clint: "Natalie, how's John?" Natalie: "Well, that's one way to shut me up." I literally laughed out loud at this...HILAR!!!! These two are so great together. We don't have enough scenes with them? Gosh, Clint floves Kelly huh? I swear he treats her like his own. Wow..."just when you think you are gonna spend the rest of your life with someone and suddenly it gets pulled from under ya." Natalie: "I know it makes you do crazy things." Clint: "All I did was protect them." twice already the writers have started the path to redemption for Clint. Step by step. Like here, he started doing crazy things when Nora left him....heavens.

God, Matthew is on fire today. His acting after killing Eddie and being nauseous were PERF. PERF. Wow...Clint is such a badass. He just walks in and says "what happened" as he makes sure his hair is in place. I FLOVE badass Clint. And, he is sooooo in charge and cool, calm and collected with Matthew.

Quick sidenote: I'm not even going to bring up all the shit-ton of stuff that is missing. Like, who did Nora see? Was it Clint? Did Clint see Nora? Did he bring her back to the crash site? There are so many unanswered questions. I know we will see them play out because I believe JWS came back in February and did scenes with HBS and did some stuff regarding Ohio or something? Who knows? So, Matthew shot Eddie but there is a lot more to this. Oh, and hello? Ummm...Nora hasn't gotten her memory back. That will be key. Probably at the last minute. Lord...where was I?

Ah...there are 105 rooms at the Minuteman!? Eddie was in #105. This is CRAY CRAY! This place is a monstrosity! I CANNOT handle Nora sobbing. I simply cannot. I'm such a douche...I just cried when Nora hugged Matthew. Ugh. I am so lame. Ah...I think Bo's saddened face is worse than all of it! He KNOWS their lives will NEVER be the same: He is the police commisioner, his wife is the D.A., their son killed a man. Also, he knows his brother is the one that put ALL of this in motion and his son is having to pay for it. Talk about a dilemma!

Awe...Sean and Destiny are so cute together. They are quite the believable brother/sister duo.

Are Rex and Gigi ever going to ponder marriage?

I'm refraining from NuJack negativity tonight because the show was that good...and this is my altruistic gesture of the week.

"Well, you really screwed this up royally didn't ya Eddie?" hahahaha! Clint's quotes have made me laugh twice! And this is a dramatic/sad episode! Snap...who did he call? Mr. Black? Mr. Blue? Renee (to check on the score of the gin rummy game she has going with Addy)? Hmmm. Interesting.

Ah...I flove the Nora/Matthew relationship since I've watched them for forever and they are so believable. Yes! Nora is blaming Clint for starting all this shit! Yes, I will catch hell for saying that but I'm okay with it and that's how I feel. Bob Woods has been fantastic and he hasn't even said anything! He doesn't even flippin' need to. He is watching the two people he loves more than anything sob and now he has to decide what to do...lord have mercy. Somebody hold me.

Weird sidenote: Ross is fascinated with the female eye doctor on the "Restasis" commericals. He just told me "Yeah, I googled the Restasis woman and she ain't that cute in real life. She looks so much better on the commercial." Ummmm okay. case any of you are wondering: The Restasis doctor is not that cute in real life. Oy!

Awe...Tea and Vicki. That's right, Vicki...LISTEN to Tea. You are so flippin' strong! Eh...until Nikki comes out soon...but otherwise you are TUFF! ;) I know Nikki comes to play soon, but I kinda miss Jean Randolph, too! I'm sorry! She is just such a methodical bitch...miss her.

Ok...I KNOW Blair should not have hit Jack...BUT, I was totally okay with it yesterday given the circumstances. I know I will catch hell for that from someone...but still. I don't think Blair is a bully. NuJack needs a damn intervention! The writers are ruining him. :(

Good on Rex and Gigi for insisting that Shane get treatment. Parents need to see that. Shane needs to talk to a 3rd party about his situation and get some help. Poor thing. I can't imagine.

Sean and Destiny...too presh.

OMG...forget Clint. JVD is fabulous with that baby! Loves it! God...PUH-LEEZE fix this "nursery" (aka Jess/Tess' bedroom). The color schemes are so off.

How flippin' adorable?! A juicebox?! Is is JuicyJuice? You know that is made with "real" juice. Sean and Tea warm my heart. They have a nice little friendship. She always opens up to him. Awe...and fruit snacks. He thinks of everything, that Sean!

Oh.Dear.God. I got upset and had to rewind this last scene. Nora and Matthew are KILLING me. Based on spoilers, we know Nora won't try and run away with Matthew like she did Rachel...whew! Was nervous about that! I have a feeling they are gonna handle this gut is telling me so. Bo's look of despair and loss in the mirror...chills! Nora collapsing and crying in Bo's arms pretty much was the dagger in my heart. Game over for this girl. The way it was shot... from the patio looking in... genius! I honestly buy they are a real couple and family. Unbelievable. Hillary Smith and Bob Woods were beyond fantastic as usual! I just adore these two!!! Perfection.

How effing FABU was the show today?! OLTL is on fire this week!

Hmmm...previews look good. The best will be the Vicki/Echo doubt! I know I'll be livid because I think Bo runs off to go help Rex...double woof on that shit. He should stay with his family. Ugh.

Sorry...have to run! Things to do and it's 11:15. Lord help me! Try and catch up on comments tomorrow or respond to the ones about this post!



  1. Damn Bo, Nora, and Matthew, only damn people on TV that can make me cry! DAMN THEM!
    So perfect. PLEASE TPTB, realize the treasure you have with EA, that boy is awesome. Compare his scene with Eddie to James scene with Eddie, OMG night and day. James made my laugh and cringe, Matthew had me believing his fear, worry, and anger. God, when he was crying on Clint's shoulder, killed me! I am also thrilled they threw in his protectiveness of Nora, something I completely believe.

    I LOVE Clint, but this is all his fault. When he used Matthew, that was over the line for me. Out of all the things he did, including having Nora kidnapped, him using Matthew was the only thing that I can't get over. I know he loves Matthew, and I could not believe he could be so cruel to a boy that he loves like a son.

  2. I think Clint loves Matthew too and is truly remorseful over involving him. EA, HBS, RSW, and JVD are all on fire in this story. All of them are so believable and I really feel the family with these 4. I still hate that Matthew is the killer. I believe he shot Eddie accidently and he was terrified and worried for his mom. But I don't believe Matthew would have let Nate take the blame. I really hope there is a whole lot more to the story. They haven't addressed why in the world Nora ever went back there. Shane is fine and has lots of support. I will be beyond livid if Bo goes trotting off for Rex. For once he needs to support his own wife and son and stop playing hero to others. After yesterday there is no way I believe that Bo would leave them voluntarily. That ending scene spoke volumes.

  3. A "Stellar" show by all today, Gots to say....When I found myself in tears I KNEW you would cry too when you saw it, and I secretly wished you went home sick so you were watching too.....Yup, that Eddie Alderson is good, I believe he actually has a future in acting !!!
    My blood pressure was hitting the roof until Shane was safe in Rex & GiGis arms....Can't wait for Rex to be the DAD and go up against the school for allowing such a horror to be going on there...Glad you were able to squeeze the show in to your busy schedule, this is NOT the time to be missing an episode !! Even NuJack escaped a scalping today, courtesy of the rest of the show being so believable ! Thanks for writing about it, and have a great day Mija :) !

  4. Ah!!!! I am so cross-eyed from looking at figures and properties in Miami! Quick break to respond!

    @MojoMiller I must tell you. When my email dings in the morning between 7:45 and 8:15, I just KNOW it is going to be a notification from your commenting on the blog. It's part of my daily routine to look down and see what you have to say. ha! Agreed. I cried. Woof. Only these three...well, Vicki too. You are so damn right about the comparison of Eddie/Matthew and Eddie/James. No question as to who was better! I flove Clint, too. *sigh* However, he was beyond wrong for doing this too Matthew. Ditto!

    @Anonymous well, I think you are going to be beyond livid, because I think Bo trots away today to Rex's aid. :( Ditto...these actors are knocking the whole thing out of the park. I hate that Matthew did it, too, but I love that they get all this screen time. There has to be a lot more to this story. Too much is missing...entirely too much. The ending made me cry...awesome stuff! ;)

    @Krisi You are THE sweetest!!! I was DYING to be sick and at home...haha! Thankfully my friend, Mary Heather, gave me a play by play via text messaging. You're right...I cried and I'll officially proclaim myself as a sap. Ugh. EA is so awesome with all of this. Hell, all of them are. Yes...NuJack was spared! I can't promise that again this week, but he got a free pass yesterday. I am BARELY able to fit this thing in my schedule nowadays. Scared my writing has suffered a bit. Actually, through the first week of June I'll be busy. We are out of town all over the place and have weddings (oh and I'm planning mine) and then we are now switching apartments at the end of May (kill me now). You're welcome though. My pleasure!!! xx

  5. The best way to redeem Clint is air scenes of JVD and a baby. Poor Matthew, it is crazy how Nora now has killed someone herself and both of her kids (Rachel and Matthew) have too.

  6. @bl agreed! JVD is too damn adorable with a baby in his arms. LOVED that! OMG...poor Matthew is right. I HATE that Nora and now both kids have killed people. However, nothing I can do about it so I'm just gonna enjoy seeing my favorite family get a lot of screen time. :)

  7. Oh I am so disappointed I didn't see the show! A police officer was shot and they took the whole hour repeating the same thing over and over again...But after reading your post, I am gonna definitely watch it online!

  8. As far as I'm concerned, Matthew shot and killed the wrong person. Eddie did not deserve to die (I have a soft spot for John Wesley Shipp). The person Matt should have killed is that miserable bitch 'Audrey Wentworth'. She is the real threat to the Buchanans. Eddie was not Cliff Huxtable, but he should not have been killed off.

  9. Oh I am so glad I watched it! That was awesome! Nora, Bo, and Matthew were awesome! And Rex's emotions at the school was amazing...And I totally said the same thing about the was very "convenient"...

    Oh, I had a brief crush on the Restasis woman as well, but its disappointing that she doesn't hold up in "real life" lmao, thats great!

  10. Ok so I must ask as the ER Doctor left the examining room with Rex, Gigi and Shane she said "Does your home have smoke detectors". WTF does that have to do with his release. Iam soooo confused.

  11. @YoSammity So glad you decided to watch!!!! How great was it, right?! EVERYONE was fab! LOL...the path to the ledge was obnoxious. I told Ross about your Restasis crush. He said...YOU SEE?! There is something about her! We were dying laughing...too funny.

    @Patience JWS ROCKED all of his flippin' scenes on OLTL. They killed him off way too quickly. Aubrey gets on my nerves because she is sleeping with everybody. LOL...Eddie wasn't Cliff. True!

    @Anonymous I just died out laughing!!! I missed that. Have to go back and watch it. No shit...confusing!!! It's like when James was at the Buenos Dias the other day and said he had to go wash his hands before he applied for jobs on the ha!