Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brad (the prune) is Terrible

Blair: "Well, Mary-Ella couldn't find a good pic of Shane to use for her post. So, since it's just us you better listen to me. Get rid of your friend, Brad. He is a prune."

Well....HELLOOOOOO!!!!! How are y'all this evening?! Ah...Florida in a week! Woo hoo! Anyway, FINALLY sitting down to type this. I worked LATE. I swear a prostitute keeps better hours! Oh, I'm kidding...but I did work late. Well, no maybe I am not kidding now that I'm thinking about it in terms of hours. Anyway, I somehow proceeded to return all of my friends' calls (and talk one friend into going to have margaritas because she deserves it) on the bus ride and found time to workout. Also, Ross and I were swapping days and I mentioned "Ya know it was so weird 'Rock the Boat' played multiple times today on 3 different Pandora stations. I was kinda aggravated." Ross had no idea what the song was sooooo....I played it and, of course, we started dancing around and were both like "Dammit...this song is kind of catchy!" I still have "so I'd like to know where, you got the notion" STUCK IN MY HEAD! So...I danced the stress out of my day to "Rock the Boat" about 3 times and then to the Bee Gees. We are now going to do this everyday even if for one song! Oh, and I assure you that NONE OF YOU would associate yourself with this blog if you would have seen us dancing. FACT! We were such ass-clowns.

Today's show was FLIPPIN' FANTASTIC!!!! I know right now that I am beyond spoiled with all this Bo/Nora/Vicki/(and until today) Clint screentime. I do NOT want this pattern to ever end...whannn!

YAY!!! Happy Thursday to ME....Bo and Nora in the first scene! I flove her gold bracelet. Lord, what a situation! I will say that Matthew is lucky to have them as parents. They will figure something out, because they are fabulous. Hmmm...I wonder if Rachel killing Georgie will ever be brought up. Surely. Even something subtle...

F*@k me. UGH! For the love of God Deanna will you PUH-LEEZE get out of that KOA campsite sweatshirt (more like a Jane Fonda ,1980's off the shoulder sweater).

The painting above the mantle at Laboulaie is shiteous. Lord have mercy remove that!!!! Hmmm...we haven't had a good Blair/Starr scene in a while. Let's hope this is good. There is so much potential here!

Wait...Rex, yes...ONE of you should stay with Shane! Damn. Don't just leave him there. Good thing he is a good kid, because he could have wandered off since ummmm hello??? he just tried to kill himself.

I've beaten this to death but I FLOVE "doting, reassuring, affectionate, everything is going to be okay cause we will work through this one step at a time...together" Bo. There is just nothing better. Sorry. Game Over.

I checked. Mercury is in retrograde. No other reason for Echo NOT being dressed in some shade of blue. Please let Vicki show up. YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! I love Vicki on a mission! Sidenote: If I were Echo, I'd be shitting bricks...OMG. FACT: NO ONE on this show pronounces Gigi's name the same. Just like Inez. I love it...NOW you are kicking Echo's ass off your property? Victoria, I love you more than life but this should have been done MONTHS ago. It's ok. You were being gracious, awesome, and just your normal hospitable superhuman self by letting her stay there, but that was still dumb.

Keep the coat on Deanna!!!!! This shirt MUST go! She is a pretty girl, though...for sure. Hmmm....why they broke up? Ugh...did she have a kid?

I want to just give Bo and Nora a big hug. Nora: "This is where you are supposed to tell me not to worry." God...I'm the same way in a crisis. Ross knows I'll panic if he says otherwise!

STFU!? Gigi has Blair's cell# and her pic in there?! Please, bitches. Puh-leeze. And, Blair OF COURSE she is going to ignore your call. Don't be upset. It's just natural. xx

"How can kids be so cruel?" Nora, I don't know because I have been asking the same thing. Scary to think that young kids can be like that. Thankful I never even witnessed kids doing that growing up. Woof.

Bo and Nora just jumped into Vicki selfless/superhuman territory on this episode. They are managing to be there for Destiny and Rex/Gigi and they found out their son just killed somone. Awesomeness. I hate that Bo left, but I knew it was going to happen thanks to spoilers. Hmmm.

I have to say ever since Farah Fath joined this show she has never done better than today. She did a good job.

Did I tell y'all I DETEST the graphing paper background of MyFace!? Dammit!!! These Starr and Blair scenes should happen more often. Blair is terrified that Jack may end up like Todd and KDP is doing an excellent job of convincing me she is worried. Ugh. That damn Brad kid or whatever the hell his name is. He reminds me of the character Fuller on "Home Alone." Minus the glasses of course. You know the one who drinks the Pepsi and may wet the bed. They are both little pipsqueeks.

God...I LOVE these Vicki/Echo scenes. "You are a devious, selfish whore!!!!" I don't even need to elaborate on that delicious statement. Vicki's so right about all of this, though. So right. Echo wanted Chuckles and knew she could get him. Game over.

Damn...those James/Deanna scenes were quick. I literally looked down for a second and it was over. WTF? I'm okay with it though.

Blair to Starr : "You turned out wiser than the rest of us put together." Ain't that the truth. I'm relieved you know that, Blair. I miss the Blair/Starr relationship. We never see it anymore.

OMG...this Destiny/Nora scene is sweet. Gosh, have the two of them ever been along together? Ah...they are paralleling this Bo/Nora/Matt stuff to Rex/Gigi/Shane. Hmmm.

Poor Shane.

OMGosh! This Brad kid is about 10 shades of douchiness with a side of smashed ass. He is a prune!!! Oh, and I'm taking comments from the peanut gallery...Ross just said: "He's wearing a denim jacket? Since when were denim jackets cool again?" LOL. I missed that memo, too, apparently. Wow...NuJack just called St. Clair "St. Queer." Sadly, I know that probably all the guys at my high school would have said something similar. Eh. UGH...Brad just said "Density." That's it! I need this prune to watch episodes of OLTL from 2006 on repeat!!! There is no better torture if you ask me.

These Vicki/Echo scenes are scrumptious. Ummmm duh, Echo. Charlie was married, but he was single when he met Queen V. Get it straight, ho! AHHHH!!!!! I just jumped when Vicki snapped "Don't you tell me what it's like to lose a child!" Nice, writers...very nice. Sad stuff. :( if I were Shane, I don't know if I would want to just pour my heart out in this spacious room with this doctor AND his parents. That room seems too...carceral. Cold. Ugh.

Bo is about 10 flavors of awesomeness so of course he would come see you Rex.

Snippy Blair!!!! Please stay around for awhile. Dear God, Please don't let me have a child like NuJack. Please. xx, ME

I don't like this interrogation of Shane. However, Shane is doing a stellar job. Poor baby.

Bo's the shit. Rex is doing a great job today...he is. And, so true if you think about it! Shane could have taken just ONE STEP and that would be it...crazy if you think about it. Wow...they are REALLY hitting it hard with these family paralells. Rex: "What kind of parents are we? I mean our son has been going to school in a cold sweat for weeks for months and we don't see it?" WOW. Yeah...he and Nora are in the superhuman category at this point. Rex is a lucky ducky.

Oh, and Vicki's the shit, too. Book it. Aaaaaaand, if I were Vicki I would have gone Nikki Smith on her ass when Echo said that we aren't all perfect like Vicki and that's why he chose her [Echo]. Nikki! Nikki! Nikki! (to the tune of Jerry Springer's audience chant).

I looked down and the James/Deanna scene was over.

Blair...just listen to Starr. She will tell you what to do and will handle shit if need be. Starr has been the Starr I have missed this week. Let's hope it stays that way!

Awe, don't worry Nora. Des will be a good friend to Matt regardless. Aaaand, they are comforting/hugging Des amid this mess that is their life. Unbelievable!

Gosh...scary when you think about it. "Do you have any firearms in the house?" Lord have mercy. That is some real shit!

Wait just a damn minute!!!! NO ONE told me that Nora and Bo had a bedroom!!!! All of you comment and message me and nothing was said. Y'all should be ashamed. ;) I'm kidding. However, I'm pretty sure we haven't seen it since June of last year. Woof. I'm loving all this affection today! There is soooo damn much drama on this show. I need some love. No, I don't mean everyone ripping their clothes off. Just genuine affection and love. Rarely see that on soaps anymore. Love this. She remembers what happened? Thank God.

Lord have mercy...Vicki and Echo together are just a delight. "I don't ever want to see your lying face on my property again." Nice. Again, you should have said this months ago, V. Love ya anyway.

Ross: " So, that girl [Deanna] has been in that shirt for like 4 days now huh?" What an observant little thing he is. And, yes he is correct.

OMG...can the Buch mansion PUH-LEEZE get the background Laboulaie has?! Dear God so much better...sooooooo much! These Blair and Starr scenes were good. Of course, Starr will be the rock for Blair. Of course. Question: Where's Hope? Ummmm.....yeah, no one knows. Surprising.

I still can't believe Bo and Nora are sitting on a bed, let alone theirs. Awe hell. OF COURSE she saw Matthew....of course. There is still sooooo much missing here. I'm gonna refrain from really commenting on this now until I think about it. I will say: What? Nora just LEFT Matthew?! Eh...I dunno. She would never in a million years do that...confusion or not!

I will say...Gigi keeps the carriage house clean. Quite the tidy place. Hell, Vicki probably has a maid come twice a week...nevermind. Whoa. Gigi had to remove all that stuff from the bathroom. This shit is scary!!! Ah! Yes, Farah did good today. You too, Rex.

LOL...Bo: "This isn't the time for blame." Nora's hand motion response with "Are you kidding? If there was ever a time for blame." HILAR. I'm sorry....I LOL'd and so did Ross! Again, another Balsom/Morasco comparison to the Buchanans...hmmm. Be still my heart...a head bump and a kiss! Fab. Won't see that again for a week, probably. Woof.

Gosh...everybody was great today. Sweet is midnight!!!! Ah! I'm okay with this because tomorrow is Friday. Oh, and if I haven't posted tomorrow afternoon then it will be up by Sunday afternoon/evening at the latest. Marty's on tomorrow...woo hoo!!!!!

Hope your Thursday has been fab! If not, dance away the works! ;)



  1. Today's show was a highlight to a rather challenging day. (My car was stolen).

    Loved Nora/Destiny - Their scenes were so sweet. Seeing them together makes me think the character Matthew isn't going anywhere, but not seeing Eddie Alderson still makes me fear a recast.

    Loved Vicki as always. I loved when she schooled Echo about losing a child versus leaving a child.

    Loved Blair and Brad - Hysterical! Can't stand the little dweeb.

    Rex has been good the last couple of shows, though I still find myself annoyed that they focus more on his and Bo's relationship than on Bo and Matthew's relationship.

    And ME, your comments about Deanna's shirt crack me up, but they are so hilarious and on point.

    All in all good show, fantastic blog.

  2. @Kendall Firstly, I AM SO SORRY about your car! Gosh, that is beyond terrible. :( Boo.
    Floved the Nora/Des stuff. Again, have they been in scenes together alone? Praying EA sticks around!!! Fingers crossed. Surely, since he has been phenom! Yeah...Vicki is the shit. Enough said. UGH....Blair/Brad! HE IS TERRIBLE!!!!! Ugh. Agreed...Rex has been good the last couple of shows. I need Bo to really focus on his family over the next few weeks/months. The Bo/Rex thing is nice, but the writers have taken it too far. LOL...I know some people think I am crazy about Deanna's shirt, but I think not everyone knows about the KOA campsite sign. haha! It must go.
    Thanks for the compliment and hope you have a better day tomorrow and everything works out somehow with your car!!!

  3. ME - Thanks for your encouragement about my car.

    To answer your question about Nora and Des, I think Bo and Matthew left them alone right before Bo and Nora's wedding (Before they left for Roxy's boutique.) Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

  4. Yup - an awesome week on OLTL it has been. I was dancing around the house with my pups and a margarita tonight singing "you're a devious selfish WHORE" over and over again, giggling maniacally. The doggies were totally digging it.

    It ssems to me Vicki doesn't really need her alters at this point - she seems fully in touch with the crap going down in her life and doesn't seem to be hiding in repression whatsoever. Lord I cannot BELIEVE what is coming out of her mouth this week! I love it!!

    I wonder what the heck it is that is going to push her over the edge into being Nicki at this point? What more could possibly happen to our blond-bobbed heroine??

    Blair really needs to get medieval on Jack's ass, but you're right (from your post yesterday) - she just doesn't seem to really have it in her. I personally think it is an acting choice made by KDP - it was really bothering me as well how completely non-threatening she was coming off, even with the face slap. (The slap in itself is a weak move - she should have been able to respond with a look far more effectively. I am firmly in the "violence begets violence" camp - that was a lame weak move on Blair's part. Though honestly I really wanted to slap the shit out of him myself! Mosty for his stilted, disconnected and unimaginative delivery of his diologue. Wretched wretched wretched.

  5. I hope this ends the Bo/Rex constant love on the show. They have been way overdone. Rex is my age and the idea that he HAS to have a daddy figure is just annoying and immature. I want to see Bo hug Matthew and show compassion, something we haven't seen for months. I hope we see more of Bo and Nora's bedroom. I don't believe for a minute that Nora walked away and left Matthew there.
    Viki continues to be awesome.
    I feel for Blair because I do think she's a good mother, as much as this show allows.

  6. Mija,

    Thanks for the posts.
    I've noticed that quite often that the writers do try to parallel stories...
    This episode was pretty strong for Blair, Gigi and Nora reflecting on what they missed as mothers...

    I need TPTB to get down on their knees and beg realJack to take over from nuJack.

    I loved how cold as ice Vicki was...

  7. I'll try and drive by comment at work. It's Friday so I'm having trouble focusing!

    @Kendall You're welcome. Hope today is going better. Ah...yes, the wedding. So...Des/Nora scene alone for first time since then and scenes in Bo and Nora's bedroom. Hmmm. Thanks!

    @cri*cr You are so funny! I read to Ross that you were singing "you devious, selfish whore" and having margs...loved it. Even better you singing it maniacally. vicki is PHENOM. Oh, I think Tess pushes her over the edge. Blair was better on this episode than the previous one. I need her to go all kinds of cray cray on Jack's ass. ASAP! Anxious for some RH/KDP scenes...mmmm!

    @anonymous I hope darling Bo focuses on his fam for the next few months. I have a feeling he will. I'm soooo looking forward to it! OMG...who effing knew they had a bedroom?! I can't believe they even sat on the damn thing together. Progress writers! Vicki's the shit. And, Blair was better in the mother dept. on this episode. So thumbs up.

    @Akesha It's my pleasure to post, so you are quite welcome! You're right about the parallels. I FLOVED all those motherly scenes. Need more of that! OLTL has been on fire lately. OMG...I will prostitute myself to anyone if I knew NuJack would return! AH! Vickster in frigid bitch mode. thumbs up!

  8. when that micro-goon, Brad said "word" i almost peed myself.

  9. @Katie HA! Ross and I laughed at that, too. Micro-goon...I must steal this at some point. He is such a wart and I want him frozen and removed from this show. WOOF!

  10. Mary-Ella, you saved my day clarifying firearms as Rex,Gigi and Shane left the ER room I have never laughed so hard.

    Grateful, Iam not the only one who hears Gigi's name pronounced differently by all who speak of her. Yes how unbelievable Gigi would have Blairs pic and cell number on her cell phone.

    You are fabulous and I look forward to reading the Ledger daily. Karen

  11. @karen Awe, thank you. Pretty sure you just made my day with the "fabulous" comment! You're too sweet! OMG, right? How much bullshit was Gigi having Blair's pic on her cell. Let's be real. I Blair took the time to pose for a photo with Gigi's camera phone?! When would this ever happen? LOL
    Also...the mispronunciation of Gigi's name is out of control!!! OUT OF CONTROL!
    Oh...those hospital scenes with Rex, Gigi, and Shane were kind of strange.
    Thanks again!

  12. First of all, I had to play Rock the Boat while reading this post, and I have to say it made it 10 times better!
    @Katie omg i laughed so hard when he said word too, i was like seriously!
    And i thought this was an excellent show, even though I was confused about Shane's doctor. Not only is she grilling him but she is screaming in his face! "HOW ARE YOU FEELING, SHANE? DO YOU STILL WANT TO KILL YOUR SELF?"

  13. @YoSammity OMG I just peed on myself a little at work! You listened to "Rock the Boat?" That shit is kind of know it!

    The show was great. That doctor had the WORST bedside manner ever! The whole thing was kind of awkward to me.

  14. You’re coming to Florida, just as I’m leaving!

    I’m sure Deanna is going to say that she broke up with James to protect him because his crazy father was being threatening and that she never stopped loving him. Blah. It took FOREVER for James and Starr to get together, and then this chick shows up? Maybe she can hook up with Christian since he hasn’t been seen since that awful KK fiasco.

    How is it possible that Brad is a bully? He kinda reminds me of the little sidekick from “A Christmas Story”—does anyone really believe that kids would be scared of someone like that? And it seems like he is the one pulling the strings more than Jack is. He’s the one who wanted to do drugs and everything. Also, weren’t these kids around when Matthew was being bullied? He did just call her Density after all. Didn’t they see how that turned out? And they are still acting like this?

    Granted, Starr did get pregnant in high school, but she had the same parents growing up that Jack did. How is it possible that she turned out so normal if they are going to blame this whole thing on having Todd for a father?

    I still can’t fathom that anyone would choose Echo over Vicki.

    Maybe crazy Marty picked up Hope, and they are having a tea party with Sierra Rose?

    There is still a possibility that Matthew made that story up to cover for Nora so that Clint would cover for him. He knew that Clint would never cover for Nora. That’s the only explanation of the holes I could think of. I don’t think Nora would really just leave Matthew there.

  15. @Desi On Star and Jack... We always have seen Blair and Todd spend a LOT of time with Starr and now Danyella. We rarely see them with Jack and Sam. jack and Sam seem to be with Addie most of the time.

    Just think about how often Blair has been in a coma, or kidnapped, or trapped and Todd and Blair have been looking for a kidnapped Starr or DanYELLA or just dealing with anything besides Jack or Sam.

    I can fathom Charlie choosing Echo over Vicki because Charlie doesn't have good sense. He is weak, and he probably doesn't feel worthy of Vicki, (which I agree with him, he isn't). Vicki is far from perfect as Echo claimed... but what makes her appear perfect is how hard she goes out of her way to make the right choice and to do what is right by everyone else. I hope she can keep (Nikki, Jean, Tori and company) at bay. When Vicki spoke to Echo... she was not the VIcki we are used to seeing, which I liked! She seems so well integrated, and has gone through so much that I am wondering what would have to happen to make Nikki resurface if the show decided she should come back.

    I think there is more to the Matthew story. I think Matthew did shoot him, but we will find out that is not what caused him to die and/or that isn't what finished the job... someone else was involved; I think it was significant that Nora pointed out that Matthew said the door was locked yet she was able to unlock it... maybe not, but I am holding out hope... I refuse to believe they would ruin Bo and Nora's family like that.

    @All with the phone... it wasn't that hard for me to believe that Blair's picture would show on Gigi's phone. I don't think Gigi would have put it in there, but she may have an app that did it based on what information Blair had on the net. Plausible/Possible...not too far from the truth...

  16. So, here I was going along just watching the show cuz my favorite Queen V was on and I've been waiting for her to find out about Chuckles the Cheating SOB and then this week just smacked me in the face. Oh yeah! This is what my favorite soap is like!! I loved, loved,loved the show. I swear! Any of the first four shows could win us an Emmy. Drama! Emotion! Amazing acting! And!! Amazing writing! Our beloved vets just knocked it out of the ball park. Bravo!

    Viki was all shades of awesome and once again Erika blew me away. From Viki's barely controlled (I mean she was visibly shaking) anger to dejection, to devastation and finally to ice cold determination. Oh, Snap! The way she whirled around and told Echo the difference in her dumping Rex and Jared dying. Holy Cow! The Queen is scary!! I do wish they would bring out an alter to help Viki it should be Tori - who incidently burned down Llanfair the last time she was out- cuz she is the revenge alter OR Jean because she is the original ice cold gatekeeper. She really doesn't need Niki but I guess with all the drama, stress (and really, how is all this on her heart) it's understandable if she isn't quite strong enough mentally and emotionally to fight off Niki. It's gonna be fun if Niki comes out because I find Niki to be such a hoot.

    As much as Erika and Viki blew me away. I wasn't really surprised by her. I expect her to blow me way. The couple that so totally blew me away and left me with my jaw wide open was Farah Fath and JPL. Holy Cow! Who knew Rex and Gigi could make me cry? Not me. Not in a million years. And, let's not forget the little dude who plays Shane. I got chills from a few times. I gasped out loud and echo'd Gigi's scream cuz I thought he jumped! This is such awesome soap and I hope, really hope our ratings go through the roof.

    And, you know who else got to me? Blair. I felt Kassie, and I felt Blair's frustration, disbelief and sheer fright over the man her son was turning into. KA and KdP were awesome.

    And, then the whole Bo/Nora/Matthew/Clint (okay, I'm sorry but I flove Clint. He is such a bad ass. I find him sexy.) But, the drama with Bo/Nora realizing that it was Matty who Clint was protecting was heartbreaking. Dang. Nora got a major case of DeJaVu here!!

    Seriously...this week was what separates OL from the rest of the pack. Good family drama dealing with things that are true to life and what most of us can relate too. I can't wait for Monday!

  17. @Desi Dammit!!! Of course, you're leaving as I'm coming. Boo on that. We could have misbehaved together! Very nice thought about Deanna and James! OMG...I saw "KK" and panicked! Ah! Agreed...Starr and James have been together for one hot minute and then this shit. I hate that OLTL doesn't let anyone be happy...ever! OMG who KNOWS how Brad is a bully. He is such a little jackass. LOL!!!! Flove the Christmas Story comparison. Spot on! Never thought of it! I don't see why anyone would choose Echo over Vicki and I won't accept it. OMG...fab idea with the tea party. I'd love to see what Sierra Rose looks like now. There has to be more to the Matthew story. I don't buy for one minute she left his ass.

    @Akesha You're right about the phone. This little girl is not technologically savvy. Ross said the same thing. Keep me in check!

    @snappydaze The show was PHENOM this week! Eh..Friday was okay but overall...FABU! Vicki ALWAYS blows me away but she really did this week. I see what you mean about the alters. However, I still need Nikki to make a brief appearance to burn down the Minuteman and Serenity Springs. Then, she can leave and Queen V can return. I do love Jean Randolph though. Hmmmm. FF and JPL did a great job this week and I NEVER give FF compliments. She did her best acting to date in my opinion. Good on her! She came across as a believable mother whose heart was breaking and she was scared. JPL did the same thing. KA and KDP need to have more scenes like that. They rarely do anymore. I miss convos like that. I flove Clint because he is a badass. However, I do believe he set all this shit in motion. Bo and Nora are my favorites so of course I thought their stuff was great. EA did a PHENOM job, as well. Love him. OLTL was fab this week and here is hoping it is again this week!