Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nobody Picks On My Grandson and Gets Away With It

Clint: "Kimberly, it's been over a year since all hell broke loose. I think it's time I go back to my old ways. Well, maybe not old ways, but I can at least try and be a better guy. P.S. The show needs to bring you back...stat. xx, CB"

Lord have mercy...hump day! So ready for sun and sand this weekend, but I must say I'm enjoying the cooler weather here. I still have a lot to do tonight so let me go on and start...

Lord...I can tell already this episode ain't gonna be the best. I am so tired of these James/Deanna scenes. Woof.

So, Deanna and Dan-YELLA are in purple and Tea has some purple on, too. Hmmm.

Nice...passport. I've been using my passport as my I.D. since mine got lost at a bar recently. Woof. I mean they are just tossing around Roger Howarth's face all the damn time now! I mean, they have to pay his ass every time they show it, too.

Damn...NuJack. Blair is a HOT mama, no doubt. But, I hate those little vests she wears...grrr!

Wow...the Rex/Gigi/Shane scenes are the bright spot thus far. Just wow. I can't believe it. They really look like a real family, p.s.

YAY!!!!!! My heart is skipping a beat. Clint in the Buch study AND Echo. OMG, Echo has on purple, too. What is up with today and the ladies in vibrant violet shades?! I love these two having scenes. Again, 2 GL alums. Lurve it.

Sweet Lord. I don't think I can handle Vicki having a meltdown. I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for her tears. CHARLIE!!!!! You make me want to do evil things!!!!! Lord have mercy...your bullshit isn't even good. UGH.

Clint defending Vicki...nice.

FACT: Vicki is SUPERHUMAN. Good God. She is so fabulous. As much as it pains me to see her emotionally distraught, it's for the best:
1. She deserves better than Chuckles.
2. If they stayed together, Vicki would probably get an STD or WORSE...maybe staph infection from the Minuteman's germs.
3. The writers have ruined Charlie's character beyond redemption at this point.
4. V shouldn't be married to someone who can't say they are "saw-ry." Ridic.
5. Face it, she and Clint look like Llanview's equivalent of some king and queen. They must get together.
6. Charlie sucks Vicki dry emotionally. The bitch has enough on her plate. Toss him.

Clint continues to be a badass.

WHAT?!?! Is that a purple flower on the back on Blair's vest. Dear God! Remove that shit now...or burn it. That is tacky as f*@k. What a surprise...the flower is lavender. Hmmm.

"Mija" haven't heard that in awhile. Nice. Again, I'm begging. I NEED Tomas to NOT be Tea's brother so they can have sex. God, those baskets and vases in the hallway are heinous. Todd could afford a good decorator.

Well, I can honestly say that I have not shed tears over Lang's departure like Starr. I tried to but it didn't work. Plus, I fell asleep during the second minute of our vigil last night. Yeah, you can see how into it I was. I will say this...Langston's send-off kinda sucked. She didn't even tell Dorian, Blair or Kelly good-bye. WHAT?! They are family for crying out loud. Plus, no text to Ford even. Not that I give a shit, because I don't. However, objectively the send-off was below par. Starr's new hair is still cute...word.

AH! Sneaky Tea in full effect! Wonder if she will stumble across the RH pic?!

I'll take the wine, Tomas. Give it here, darling.

Awe...good for Rex and Gigi for giving Shane the confidence he needs. Poor baby.

Lord...I have a feeling they are gonna keep up this redemption thing with Clint. That's right, Clint!!!! Once again you have stirred up shit and now VICKI is hurting. Of all people...woof.

Ooooooookay. Is it just me or are y'all bored with Tomas and Blair? I mean, wasn't Ted King brought on this damn show specifically to work with Kassie Depaiva, because they have great chemistry, etc. Their scenes are always so damn short and I feel NOTHING ever gets accomplished! WTF. This has been going on for too damn long and now I'm just not that interested.

Brace yourself, ME...Vicki's about to open the floodgates. I feel it. we go. YESSS! Tell him to go. Ugh. I keep calling Charlie an ass-clown so it's probably best if he join the circus. WAIT just a damn minute. Isn't he a contractor? That bastard NEVER works! He's the male Dorian. At least we see Bo and Clint working, but we never see Charlie. Hmmm

Clint still loves Vicki (like either ever stopped deep down), but I think he may act on it in the near future.

They need to get Shane into counseling or something. However, for what it's worth, I think Rex and Gigi are handling this situation pretty well. Lord knows that ER doctor was awful! TERRIBLE bedside manner. Sheesh.

I'm so tired of all this euro talk. What? Tomas is about to strip?

I do love Dan-YELLA and Tea's relationship. Now...only if we can get more of that kinda stuff with Matthew/Bo/Nora. Eh, doubt it.

Yep. My friend, MH, told me there would be a mention of "Dayt-en" instead of "Dayton." She was right. just when I think I have escaped this madness by Langston's departure Deanna arrives to take her spot. I can't win. PHONETICS is key in life! Sonofabitch. If I were Starr, I'd be effing livid. These kids haven't been happy for 2 damn seconds and now this...

Clint is handsome, rich and a badass...FACT. Yeah...they are gonna keep up this redemption thing. Thus, the entitled quote of this post. Soooo....the writers made Clint do like 30 bad things in a row. Now, they are gonna make him look like a good guy. In the meantime, Nora will feel guilty over leaving Clint for Bo since she thinks none of this mess with Matthew would have never happened had she not left Clint (that's true based on spoilers). Just...Woof Woof.

Rex/Gigi/Shane are doing a great job. Not the longest scenes, but they are good. I genuinely feel for them.

I can't focus on these damn Blair and Tomas scenes because of that damn vest! Lord have mercy!!!!

Well, I missed that quick Shane/Gigi/Rex scene.

Again, I'm distracted by the vest. I love the living room at Laboulaie. Very Dorian. Again, these two need to pick up the damn pace!!! UGH.

All these shades of violet are overwhelming me today. OMG...Dan-YELLA has on those godforesaken prune tights. Eff me. These two are good together. Do you miss Todd, Tea? Or that little stand-in person in the coma? Come on, you have to pick.

YES!!! "Give me the names and those kids wish they would have never been born." Clint is so cool. Yes, cool.

Wow...the house has always been set without you. Nice, V. This is so sad. Their marriage is totally over right now. WOOF! Poor Vicki. I need her to be happy. I'm not happy until she is.

That's right Starr Manning!!! A bit different situation, but Deanna is Echo. Learn from your Aunt Vicki's situation!!!!

Lord...Gigi and Rex, like Bo and Nora, have their damn hands full. JPL has always been good, but I think FF has done really well the past couple of weeks. Y'all KNOW I mean it because I have always made negative Gigi comments. However, she has done a lot recently. Good for her. That's it for the week, though. I'm all out of Gigi compliments.

What a surprise...a lavender coat. This episode is out of control!!!! OUT OF CONTROL with this color scheme! Hell, at least that damn vest is covered. It's a damn shame, because Blair has a hot body.

Clint is the bright spot for me today...FACT. He is so choice.

Vicki has been crying since early last week. Visine please. Oh lord...a Paris, Texas, reference. Dear God...I cannot handle this!!!!! Ugh. Stop telling Vicki she changed your life. I'm sure she did (God knows for the better), but just hush it Charlie. Now is just not the time. Woof. She gave him the mug and then opened the door and he left...whannnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so effing tired of Vicki being upset! This.Must.End.

What?! A Bo reference? Where is he Rex? Tell me. Dying to know myself. Rex was very doting today. Thumbs up. Oh, and NuJack is atrocious. I don't think I said that yet.

Wowza!!! ANOTHER Roger Howarth pic. Pimping that all over the damn place...

Good for you Rex!!!! It's about time SOMEBODY told Blair what happened to Shane. She's been in the dark at this rate...

To have no money, Deanna has a her little outfits all planned out.

THANK YOU GOD!!!! Clint arrived to Vicki's. I love ending things on a good note. Tomorrow will be good (oh lord...if they show them ).

No previews...WOOF.

Did anyone find out the score of Addie and Renee's gin rummy game? Thanks.

If Bo, Nora, and Matthew aren't on tomorrow I'm gonna lose my shit! Damn.

I thought about it a bit more and Lang's exit was pretty shitty.

Going off of that...when is Charlie's last episode? Should I know this?

Ok...I'll have another quick post tomorrow night!!!! Today's show

See y'all tomorrow!



  1. Thanks Mija,

    Did you notice how Charlie looked surprised when Vicki said, she would send him his things and he could leave? Did he really think he would be welcome at Llandfair after how he played Vicki?

    Also, Echo D. Savoy... I was so hoping Clint would choose to tell Charlie that she knew, however, I doubt Charlie would believe him. As soon as Charlie sees Clint he would probably break into a sprint, given how much of a coward he is.

    I am hoping we get a Blair/Gigi scene. I think Gigi could hold her own against Blair.

    Also, since you hinted at it... who do you think will be the "real" Todd, as written by the OLTL scribes, CurrentTodd or OriginalTodd? The only way it will make sense to me is T. St.James is the "real" Todd, but can't prove it. (The Llanview DNA lab is worthless).

  2. hahaha--I noticed our ESL teacher (I work in a school)says impor-ent too!! Oh and the music teacher, and the regular ed teacher--I was secretly laughing all day yesterday!

  3. I think my favorite line of the day was Clint telling Echo that he would have given Chuckles the SOB a hazmat suit and a stick if he'd known he was susceptible to her. Haha! I think Viki's tears are over for a while. Oh, but I do need a big ole HUG between Viki/Clint. Yes. I do.

  4. Watch Clint and Viki on YT, forget everything else. Another day were I wanted to jump Clint's bones. Man is the sexiest thing on the show, forget those stupid Fords, I'll take the silver fox twice my age!

    I am getting cranky not seeing Bo and Nora, I don't do well when I have to go long periods without seeing them.

  5. Mija,

    Good news- Bo, Nora and Matthew should be on tomorrow. Bad news- One Life to Live just got the axe along with AMC. The last air dates for OLTL will be in January. I'm so bummed.

  6. Okay... what do we need to do to get these shows back on the air? I have no need for ABC otherwise.

  7. just read about OLTL being cancelled too--bah on Frons--the idiot

  8. For some reason, I think Charlie expected Vicki to be more broken up about it...and thats why he kept saying things about it. Shut up Chuckles!
    Oh and good for you Rex! You set them straight

    ...OMG i just read the comment above me, NO! That sucks!

  9. I loved the blog today as always. Sorry I have not been commenting (1L brief writing hell is my life)- but I did love earlier in the week when you said please God, let me never have a child like Jack Manning. Made me laugh all week. Agreed that a clint/viki reunion must happen. I think we will get it now that no good, horrible, very bad news has come out. I am absolutely heartbroken and I hope you're hanging in there.