Monday, April 4, 2011

Talk About a Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day in Llanview!

This is the LAST happy picture we will be taking for awhile. *sigh*

I hope all of you are reading this after having a fabulous Monday! Nothing better than starting your week off splendidly. Selfish, vain, superficial note: I am in a fantastic mood because today I got to wear my coral, knee-length coat from Ann Taylor (that I will never, ever part with) to work, and I NEVER got to do that back in Louisiana since it was already 90 degrees and humid at this time every spring. Anna Wintour herself would have liked my coat...fact! So, all in all, my day has been flippin' lovely. I'm also probably excited because my beach trip to Florida (with my gorgeous and fun friends) is rapidly approaching...anxious anxious anxious!

Anyway, I'm going to post about the show, then I have something important I wanted to point out to all of you wonderful readers. Y'all ready?

First, let's just get it out's episode was EFFING FANTASTIC!!!!! Ok...that being said.

YES!!!!!! Vicki in the first scene! I have one simple request: When Nikki Smith comes back this month, can she PUH-LEEZE burn down the Minuteman motel just like she burned down Llanfair in 1995. Please?! This place is infested with bedbugs, STDs, porn shoots, and dead MUST be destroyed! All of the people of Llanview go there and do things that would even make me blush and then go and spread Minuteman germs to all of the other citizens of the town! Ugh! Yucky Yucky! Not to mention, this place is HUGE! Hello?! 104 rooms at least?! Way too sprawling if you ask me. Oh, and I'm just tired of seeing it. God where was I? Oh...poor Vicki. My phrase that I have been saying since the month of February. I'm still taking suggestions for a new phrase. It's getting old. Also, were Charlie's first words "I thought you were at the custody hearing?" haha! HILAR! Please, if you are going to do this at least think of something better to come up with when your wife walks in. Actually, was perfect. Most cheaters are stupid.

I do love Starr's hair as of late. They are styling it different, but I like it. how obnoxious is this "Todd" in the bed?! Hmmm? Seriously. RIDIC! His head is perfectly blocked...ugh! We KNOW it's not him!

All these children at LHS totally suck and their parents are obviously the best parents in the world. Ummmm yeah. This Shane stuff makes me nauseous...still!

Yay! Matthew's hair is not loaded with hair gel. I love it just normal looking. Thumbs up.

I have a feeling that I am gonna cry before this episode is over. Between Bo and Nora and then Vicki well I'm just at a loss!

Vicki: "It's a picture of you kissing that piece of trash." YES!!!! Gosh, I watched "Anchorman" yesterday since it was on tv and I just want Vicki to yell to Echo to "Go back to her house on whore island!" Or, that Echo "has a dirty, whorish mouth!" It won't happen...just a thought. How delicious would it be though if Vicki spout off all that...ah! Oh, and if you have never seen that movie...please do so. You won't regret it.

God...someone come and hug ME as I type this! I cannot handle Bo and Nora having a child that is a murderer...I just can't. Noooooooo!!!! I mean, I know Matthew is the killer but this recording that Clint has is making me sick. Hillary Smith's reactions are totally believable and we are only about 10 minutes into the show right now. She and Vicki are killing it today!

Destiny! Where have you been, darling?! It's been ages I swear! Hell, Matthew where have YOU been? I haven't seen you in weeks, I feel!

These Starr and Sean scenes are kinda boring me.

Dammit! Deanna is STILL in that sweatshirt that looks like a KOA campsite advertisement! PLEASE for the love of God change shirts...I'm begging you!

Huh? Rex, you think Shane went back to Texas? That's so stupid. No....just no. OMG, I just noticed that there is no mantle above the fireplace at the carriage house. What?! It looks TERRIBLE! Please put something there. Needs dimension! Such an eyesore. Woof!

All these children are evil! Kids were NOT this mean when I was in high school. This is a bit much.

I would slap the shit out of Echo if I were Vicki! I wouldn't. That sounds great, but no. I don't slap. Ugh. I'm not that cool. Vicki is KILLING it!!!!! Wow...Ross just said he is scared of too! OMG...Vicki's life has been in shambles for months!!!!! Literally months! She cannot catch a break! I was going to say that "Well at least Bo and Nora have gotten to be their happy, loving and fantastic selves before all this with Matthew hits the fan." Ummm Duh! What am I thinking!? That sure as hell isn't true either! Their holiday season was ruined. My favorite characters haven't been happy in months...realizing that now. Hmmm. Anyway, back to Vicki. Ummm it is patently obvious that she is headed for a breakdown any day now. I mean, how could she not? Her life is unraveling at the damn seams! Cheap seams if we are referring to the Minuteman...

Who misses Destiny and Matthew's friendship? This girl does! So glad they are on together...

OMG I want to give Bo and Nora a hug right now! Also, they are reacting PERFECTLY!!! All parents who have good kids are just not gonna believe their child did something so horrible like committing murder. Hell, if I were Nora I'd be in disbelief, too! I mean, statistically the chances of her having BOTH of her children kill someone are like zero to none! And, let's remember, this is Nora...not Todd and Blair's kids. This is bananas for both of her kids to be killers! Also, if I were Bo I would have asked Clint the same thing..."why didn't you tell me this earlier?" I'd be furious, too. However, if I were Clint I probably wouldn't have told Bo and Nora either since they were all on the outs AND Matthew thought he could trust Clint enough to tell him his secret. Clint's actions have been nothing short of pure evil the last few months but I honestly think he thought he was doing the right thing here. one kill me for that! I'm the biggest Bo and Nora advocate ever, but I had to look at that from Clint's point of view, too.

The missing mantle above the fireplace at the carriage house is driving me nuts. I'd love the ladies of "Southern Living" magazine to critique that...lord have mercy!

I said I'd never step foot in the Minuteman, but I would just to beat the shit out of Charlie! Sweet Lord he is so awful and I cannot handle him treating Vicki this way! Also...he has said "saw-ry" multiple times and I am now convinced that some of these people in this town just never learned what phonetics really is all about. Lord, it's a staple people. If I can teach Charlie how to say "sorry" and Langston to say "important" instead of "impor-ent" then I can die knowing I did something good in this world. Who is totally scared of Vicki right now?

Yay Starr Manning! You are so much smarter than Blair when you want to be. Where has THIS Starr been for months?! Lord knows I haven't seen her. Welcome back...if only for a day!

I STILL cannot believe Kim Zimmer is not wearing some shade of blue! This is the second or third episode in a row she isn't in a sea color. Something is going on!

Eh....I'm not into these James/Deanna scenes very much. I swear I think the MAIN reason is because of that terrible sweatshirt she has on.

This video stuff with Shane just reminds me of how terrible the internet can me the chills. Poor thing. Again, I despise Jack's little sidekick. He is such a worm.

Lord...these courtroom scenes have me on edge! Ok...I do indeed believe Clint and his reasoning...for this ONLY. Snap! Talk about having to make a quick decision?! Poor Nora! I will say this: Bo and Nora both look like they have the weight of the entire world on their shoulders. OMG...these two don't even need to speak! Their facial expressions are THAT perfect. Oh Lord...Matthew just walked in.

Awe...Destiny, you sweetheart. Good for you for trying to help Shane.

I miss the old Jack Manning so, so terribly. He was such a cute little smartass. Tear.

OMG...between Vicki and Nora today I'm upset! AHHHHH!!!!!! Charlie you make me want to gouge my eyes out with spoons! Stop telling Vicki you love her it is BEYOND annoying.

James...I'm starting to think you are sketchy. Why are the writers causing trouble for these two? They JUST got back together! RIDIC!

How is Nora even keeping her composure during all of this!? Sidenote: I despise this judge. He is totally aggravating! OMG...Bo and Nora are so awesome together! They are such a team! They were apart for years because why? Ugh.

Blair: TEAR INTO JACK'S ASS! He is a terror and needs to be controlled! Also, I am so glad Gigi hung up on her.

Aaaaaaaand....Vicki just broke my heart in the last segment when she told Charlie how she went and looked for him EVERYWHERE. I kinda teared up! I'm such a nerd. "You STINK of Echo!" Yes Vicki, and God knows what else at that nasty ass motel. Woof!

Hillary Smith is my all-time favorite actress for scenes like this last one in the courtroom. She is so perfect in my eyes, but today...surely others think that now, too! I had a tear slide down my cheek! OMG! The woman made me cry! What a motherly reaction. That last scene with my favorite three were powerful! PERFECT. I can't even add much more. It was just THAT good.

Oh...and I have to say this is the second episode in a row where we got Bo being in doting and protective husband mode! EVERY girl needs a guy like him! I've always said "everyone needs a Ross" but for the sake of our show...EVERY girl needs a Bo. They just do.

Lord're about to cause all sorts of trouble. Having Deanna live with you just won't work. Ask Charlie Banks if you have questions.

If Blair doesn't beat Jack's ass then I will...

This Shane thing makes my stomach hurt! I cannot even imagine...awful!

I know a lot of you messaged me about discussing this whole Matthew being the killer thing, but it is what it is. I'm just going to take it as it comes.

This episode was beyond fabulous. However, I do miss Marty...don't y'all?!

Can't wait for tomorrow! See y'all back here then. I'm off to have a glass of wine and chat with friends. Cheers!


Ok, so here's the deal. I by NO MEANS am the type of person that would write something like this, but after giving it a lot of thought I felt it was my duty to say something on here since so many people read my blog. Obviously, most of you know that there are rumors every where you turn about the possibility of OLTL being canceled any day now. It has switched between OLTL and AMC for over a week and then there were rumors BOTH would be canceled. These rumors have circulated before, but it is important that people let the powers that be know how much you love OLTL and why it is socially relevant, etc. Not to mention, these rumors appear to be very serious this time.

So many of you have written to me via email, Facebook, etc. about how much you love this blog and how you look forward to it or that it makes your day, etc. I can't tell you how happy that makes me...inspires me to keep going despite having an incredibly busy life! However, there will be no blog to read or laugh with if there is no longer a show. are already on the computer reading this now why not send a quick email to all or even just one of the people listed below? It can be super short! My email was like four sentences or something. I just said that I loved the show...why it should be kept on the air (socially relevant, under-budget, better ratings than others)...and I gave my age group (they look at demographics) and my occupation. Also, I said that I watched the show that same day on my DVR. Soapnet or recording Soapnet does NOT count. That was it. I have NEVER in my life done something like this (hello? I find myself incredibly realistic and sending an email about the possibility of my soap opera being canceled sounds silly but I did it anyway.), but I just encourage all of you to do so. That's all from me! I have fulfilled my obligation!

Here is the info:

One Life to Live
ABC Daytime
320 West 66th Street
New York, NY 10023

Anne SweeneyPresident,
ABC Television
ABC Studios
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank CA 91521

Frank Valentini (Executive Producer)
C/O One Life to Live ABC Daytime
77 West 66th Street
New York, NY 10023

Ron Carlivati (Head Writer)
C/O One Life to LiveABC Daytime
77 West 66th Street
New York, NY 10023

ABC Comment Line: 323-671-4583, 212-456-1000

OLTL Viewer Comment Line: 212-456-3338, 818-460-7477, 212-456-3338

ABC Daytime Feedback Line: 212-456-7777


  1. I've never asked for a show to stay on the air either, but I sent my e-mail. Thanks for the tips on what is important to share.'s show. Bo's face when he was sitting behind Nora in the courtroom after they found out was perfect. And I too was scared of Vicki today. Erika showed why she is the Queen. And Hillary...amazing..but then she is my favorite.

  2. Those courtroom scenes were intense. I hate that Matthew is the killer but HBS was amazing today. So was ES. I thought both women were so totally spot on in their reactions. I am waiting to see how this Eddie Ford mess plays out but SO many holes thus far. I want to see something solid because my Matthew had better not be ruined.
    Bullying is horrible and I feel for the victimes. I don't, however, care about Shane/Rex/Gigi so this storyline gets a fail for me. I hate how Jack has been ruined for Shane. Yes, Jack is Todd's son but he's also Blair's child. I think they took him too far. He shouldn't have been the main player here IMO. I care more about Jack than Shane. I care nothing about Rex and Gigi. I hate PSAs on my soaps. I commend OLTL for their efforts in this regard but ruining a legacy character is very upsetting to me.
    Looks like the emails and calls might be making a difference. Let's keep it up!

  3. I totally got cotton mouth today due to chronic jaw dropping - holy cow the shit is hitting the fan all OVER THE PLACE!

    Vicki = AWESOME. Oy vey. I practically gagged in sympathy with "You stink of Echo." OMG.

    Children of Llanview = Children of the Corn. What are they feeding those kids anyway?? Piece of shit sandwiches spread with lame-o mayo ???

    Starr = fierce. Thank you SO MUCH girlfriend for not letting Blair get away with any moronic pooh-poohing today.

    Nora and Bo = oy vey again. Nora's devastated face was priceless.

    Two awesome shows in a row - what is up? Is it sweeps??

  4. ME!! You know that I agree with all that was said!! ES and HBS were, hands down, the MVPs of today's episode. Again, I could watch an entire episode of nothing but facial expressions from one or both of these icons - no dialogue necessary!!

    This judge, whatever his name is, really irritates the hell out of me. All I have to say is:

    Dear Judge Barbara Fitzwater (aka Fitzy), Please come back to Llanview, PA! Please, pretty please with a cherry on top!!

    And, just to add my two cents to the importance of writing to TPTB in regards to OLTL, I have never written in to any network in support of a show EVER, but I did this weekend! No more reality shows, no more talk shows, etc. Just NO!! Enough of those snooze-fests disgrace my television screen already. There is my plug for proactivity!!

    Here's hoping that tomorrow's episode is just as outstanding as this one!

  5. Hi all,

    Had to join in with the raving about today's show. I too agree with everything you said, ME. Vicki rocked the house today!!!!!!!! I loved it. Chuckles, Chuckles, Chuckles, when she said that I almost cried.

    Bo, Nora, and Clint rocked the house. Matthew rocked house. AND Destiny was awesome in both her scenes with Matthew and with Shane. Loved that Starr shut Blair down in making excuses for Jack.

    BTW, it's been confirmed that the fabulous Roger Howarth is back. I've heard that he and TSJ will both be taping. I really like TSJ, but I don't want two Todds, I'd rather they just do what they did when they brought Jonathan Jackson back to GH (even though it sucked for the other actor playing Lucky). Anywho, Roger is back and maybe that means we'll get to see Ted King sometimes, too.

  6. Hey ME,
    First of all, I am definitely going to send an email, as soon as I submit this comment! I love OLTL and even though I like watching Y&R, OLTL keeps me young!

    When Destiny first came on, I did not like her one bit, I thought she was a horrible actor, but watching today, it was just cool to see how far she has come! Go Destiny! And go Matthew for being a lot less douchey!

    And I think I like the judge just because he was on one of my favorite shows, Eli Stone (awww, I miss that show, wish there were more support for that one).

    And go Vicki, every time she came on the screen, I cheered!

  7. Ah, what a day. I am not an emotional person, but Bo and Nora got to me. Their faces spoke volumes. I have a feeling those three will have me in tears before the week is over. It was very hard to watch. But, Wow, like you said perfect, at the end, all three of them.

    EA proves again, he is the strongest young actor on this show, he learned from the best and it shows.

    That judge, give me Fitzy. Everything he said was such utter bull shit. Go public with it, dude it is public! Todd has had it plastered all over the paper! STFU!

    Viki, just awesomeness, that all I can say.

  8. Wowzie!!!! RH is coming back this summer (YAY), but SH has been FIRED (BOO)??

    Well I am just am going to have to sit back and enjoy the ride. Hope they have great plans for RH's return. We all know how these things can fail miserably.

    At least it seems assured that OLTL isn't going anywhere anytime soon! If RH starts taping in May, when does that mean he will start airing?

  9. Ah...sweet lord! I haven't responded to a single comment...sorry! This week has swept me away and it is only Tuesday! Lemme try and touch on each comment quickly while I'm taking a break from doing work, okay darlings? Can't respond to every thing. :(

    @christie good for you for sending in something! my pleasure to give you the info. felt compelled to use this platform to mention it. Vicki, Nora, and Bo...the BEST. Like you, I loved doting, affectionate Bo in the courtroom. Nora is so lucky to have him! ;)

    @anonymous courtroom stuff was PHENOM! Agreed, let's hope they don't ruin Matthew! This is my favorite family! Everyone keeps saying they didn't ruin Michael on GH and he killed someone (I dont' watch that show) so let's hope he isn't ruined! I agree...they are totally ruining Jack and this is bullshit. Also, this bullying storyline just kinda makes me nauseous all around. I agree with the emailing. Let's hope it works!

    @cri*cri your post was effing hilarious! I read it to Ross and he loved it! I almost spit out my wine when I read your "children of the corn" it! ditto...those kids suck ass! Oh, and yes, all of those scenes with Vicki/Charlie and Bo/Clint/Nora were intense!

    @heather best idea EVER with the Fitzy letter you wrote in your post! Dear God! Puh-Leeze bring her back! I miss her terribly and the dialogue between her and Nora...ah! That judge was terrible!!! Agree...NO DIALOGUE necessary from HBS or ES! They are indeed that good!

    @Kendall I know right?! EVERYONE rocked the house! Nothing or no one irritated me! You pointed out Destiny and Starr in your post...yes, both were good! I miss Destiny. Hope she and Matt hang tough through this. Oh, and where has THIS STARR been for months?! I need this girl to come back permanently. Oh...RH news. BEYOND fantastic! I just pray to God they do this right! I'm gonna touch on it in my post tonight. Nonetheless, I'm elated to no end!

    @YoSammity Good for you for sending in an email! If you want to stay young, you might as well send one right?! Ditto on the Destiny thing. She was just ok at first and now I think she is great. I'm so glad Matthew's douchiness and hair gel are gone!!! wow, Eli Stone?! LOL I had a roommate who used to watch it. I swear I think the two of you are the only ones who DID watch it...haha!

    @mojomiller B/N are PERF...yep! EA...fantastic! By FAR the best teen on the show! I pray they keep him around and don't SORAS his ass...last thing we need. Gonna be great stuff coming up with EA/HBS/RSW...for shizzle! Even though Matt being the killer breaks my heart. Ditto...Fitzy was the bomb!!!

    @cri*cri YEP!!! RH is baaaaaaaack!!!! However, double boo on Marty leaving! UGH! Why can't we get both!? Dammit! I hope it means OL isn't going anywhere. I pray he isn't being brought back for the end or anything...oy!

  10. You had plenty of agreeable posts today, So, I agree as usual...Don't anybody make me come through the Portal and have to slap ya for disagreeing with this Blog !!!! We all love OLTL, and You Mija, for keeping it going at night :)
    See ya on the flip side, Krisi <3

  11. @krisi You are just too sweet and thoughtful! Thank you! AND...thanks for being protective! I will know who to call if I start gettinga lot of hate! xx, Mija