Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night!

Lang: "That's right, Marko. My STD test came back clean. Now you and I can move past Ford and out of this town."

Evening all! Let's just go on and get this out there...I'm spread in about a million damn directions this week. I didn't even eat lunch today so I could shop. I'm stretched quite thin! So, here's hoping this post is a good one. Oh, and I love "The Sound of Music" so it got used in the title...quite fitting. ;)

And, James afforded all those groceries how? Exactly. Also, I'm not that interested in this Deanna/James thing.

Starr's hair looks FABU. I love the new look.

OMG! Paris, TX flashback!

Oh sweet lord. That f*@king motel. Sonofabitch. I hate it.

Hey you, Silver Fox! Glad to have you back Clint. Also, I FLOVE the Buch study.

I missed the Joey/Vicki scene when I had a sip of wine.

I will REALLY enjoy Tess if she starts to stir up shit with Cutter and Aubs. Bring it.

NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Ross just blurted out "I haven't seen Nate in forever." Ugh...I'm like "Do you realize what you have just done?!" He will be on this week just to f*@king torment me.

The Buchanan Enterprise folder in Clint's hand matches the school colors of LHS. Nice.

OMG...Tess may become my hero if she exposes these clowns.

Vicki's the shit...just an FYI in case y'all forgot. I tell you what: I don't want this episode to be teacher Vicki instructing pre-schooler Joey on the rules of "heads up seven up." Did anyone play that game?! I FLOVED that shit. Poor V. I hate to see her cry. I know Vicki said that "I'm the last person you should be coming to for marriage advice" or something to that effect, but let's be serious...she just doesn't feel like talking to pre-schoolers. She has grown up shit to deal with right now.

This.Motel.Must.Explode.Immediately. It is so awful and I can't stop talking about it. Dammit! Snap! I could wear Echo's outfit to an LSU football game! Needs a new necklace though. When Charlie just said "both" I effing lost it. I'm saw-ry but he is.

Bright spot: The Fords are "green" and bring their own bags. Aaaaaand, I'm still not feeling this shit. Move it along you kids from Dayton!!! I'm an impatient girl...

Lang's still in her "Charlotte's Web" shirt. Woof. ha!!!!!!!! Sorry Starr...Lang will NOT be staying in Llanview! Ross and I are holding a vigil tonight from 11:59 p.m. to 12:01 a.m. in honor of Lang. We will be saying the word "im-por-ent" for the whole two minutes. Is it just me or does Marko seem much more of a man? He was always level-headed, but he seems he really is now. I will say that KA is giving me the feeling that Starr will indeed miss Lang so good for her.

Oh dear God. I hate these James/Deanna scenes. All he keeps saying is "you dumped me." WTF. Damn did she have his kid or something? I honestly don't have a clue.

Dear God. Charlie was soooooooo fabulous at one point!!! Do y'all remember that time? Yes, I do too. Who is this f*@kin goon??? AND...who chooses ANYONE over Vicki in that situation?! PUH-LEEZE! He looks like one of those cheating assholes on "Cheaters." Have y'all ever seen that show? I suggest you watch one episode if you haven't. That will be enough.

Ok, timeout: This Joey/Vicki convo makes me sad. Not why you think...it's because I terribly, terribly miss OLD Joey and Vicki's relationship. I swear he was her favorite! I'll stop.

Love it...two "Guiding Light" alums in a scene. Warms my heart. STFU....so Clint just whispered "John McBain." Is it just natural when you say "John McBain" to kind of whisper somewhat seductively? Hmm. Y'all rewind that shit if you missed it. Yes...so Clint is telling Kels the truth. FLOVE IT! I do. I want Cutter and Aubs to be outed so damn badly. I don't give a damn who does it at this point.

Aubrey is still in clothes in the steam room. Ugh. No words...

Ok, so Starr and Langston are genuinely crying. I get it. They are friends in real life and it must be tough. Hell, I got upset when I left my clerking job...I get it!

Eh...James and Deanna

I'd LOVE to redecorate the kitchen at Llanfair! Vicki Puh-leeze let me! I will not disappoint, darlin'....swear. Eh...I don't know how I feel about Joey liking Kelly.

I love the Buchanan study. Kelly: "I want Joey to want me for me, not just because he finds out that his wife is a lying little bitch." AWESOME. EVEN BETTER? Clint's sly smile. EVEN BETTER THAN THAT? Clint f*@king counted for Kelly to come back! That bastard counted! And, of course that bitch came back on cue. I FLOVE THIS SHIT!

Missed the Tess/Aubs/Cutter scene...not intentionally

I am floving these Clint/Kelly scenes. LOL...Joey, you idiot. Your little temper tantrum that led to you stomping the jump drive...ruining shit. You're going to get held back another year if you keep this up....

Tess...out these jokers please.

OMG...so glad I caught the Oprah Show commerical. I forgot that Stevie Nicks is on...oh, sweet lord!!!!! Flove her!!! I'm wearing all black tomorrow...

Hmmm...does that tv work in the Minuteman? If it is that old school, they'd have to have a converter. I don't see one. That tv doesn't work. WHAT?!?! Charlie to Echo: "Are you sure you're up for putting yourself through this?" WHAT?! Somebody bodyslam this clown.

The kitchen at Llanfair really does need a makeover. STAT. I want to just hug Vicki and find her a man...like RIGHT NOW!!!!! A grown ass man...like Clint Buchanan. Please.Let.This.Happen. I need it.

Tess is so tricky. This bitch is gold in my eyes if she outs these fools. "Come ooooon Wentworths, it's a win-win situation." Lurve it.

Aaaaaaand, what were you lying about Deanna? Back then, I mean? I'm beyond intrigued at this point. Biting my nails anxiously...hurry up, hooker! Spit it out!

These two genuinely are upset. Poor babies. I will say, I liked Lang better in the flashback. Sorry. OMG...these two are kinda getting to me. Maybe it's because I can't make fun of Lang anymore? I'm kidding...they are doing a good job. Woof Woof.

Again, loving the Kelly/Clint convo. Maybe because I'm happy as a damn clam to see Clint just back on my screen...who knows?

How are Aubrey and Cutter not on TONS of anti-anxiety meds?!?! Seriously??? I mean...they have A LOT of shit on their plates. Plus, Tess is a loose cannon. Oy!

That's right, Joey! Vicki IS the greatest! OMG, how out of effing place was that chair in the middle of the stairwell?! LOL...hahahahahaha! Ross just said that chair is "Joey's timeout corner!" ha! I must stay tuned into this kid...quite funny.

So, the Minuteman has wi-fi...and a mini-bar....yet, those shitty television sets? Yeah right.

OMG...my heart is breaking. Vicki just asked the dreaded questions. UGHHHHHHH! I'm glad they are splitting up, but I am hating Vicki is upset.

Joey to Kelly: "What are YOU doing here?" Pre-schoolers should not be so direct!!!

Aubrey...you look so fresh and clean! Like you never even exercised. Amazing! Especially after that tough workout! Ugh.

NO!!!! James let Deanna just go on and spit it out! God, we are never going to know...

So...Bo, Nora, and Matthew are just hanging out shooting the shit?

I'm DYING to know the score of Renee and Addie's gin rummy game! Also, I'd just love a Renee mention. The Karen the pizza girl mention yesterday bothered me.

Well, this episode was much better than yesterday! Thank you heavens for Clint and Vicki!

Haven't responded to yesterday's comments...try to tomorrow morning early at work. Keep them coming though! I read all of them and usually laugh hysterically when I get the email notifying me about it. Thanks a bunch!

Kisses and sorry for being out of reach this week!


  1. Mija,

    Wonderful news, my car was found safe and sound. Yippee. More good news Deanna changed clothes. As for today's show I have to agree with you about Vicki, she was breaking my heart.

    As for Bo/Nora/Matthew, I really wish Joey was the killer instead, Matthew's so much smarter than he is. I'd rather have Joey in lockup instead of Matthew (I mean if Vicki's going to go over the edge anyway.)

    As for you and Ross's "im-por-ent" vigil, I'm totally cracking up!!! Thanks for another great blog.

  2. Oh snap, thats awesome Kendall! I'm glad you got your car back!

    Wow, I could totally tell that Starr and Lang were genuinely sad, it was making me sad, even though Lang is a ridiculously ugly crier...that kinda took away from it...

    I can't believe Ross said Nate...that means there is going to be a whole show just dedicated to what Nate does during his day, besides his questionable relationship with a minor...

    lol and i ROFL'ed when Clint counted! That was just too funny!

  3. I've decided not watch until my lovely family returns. Love my Clint and Viki, but I find I can only tolerate the rest if Bo and Nora are on. Glad I have your blog, so I don't have to torture myself.

  4. I just need SOMEONE to slug the snot out of Charlie. Joey disappointed me when he didn't even shoulder bump him. SMH.

  5. Ok...let's see if I can drive by reply...quickly!

    @kendall AH! Got an email notification with your comment this morning. We were running around getting dressed this morning and I yelled "OMG Ross, you know Kendall who reads my blog...they found her car! And, it was safe!" He said "That's awesome! She's so lucky!" That's fabulous news! I hate that Matt is the killer, too. Oh, and I feel asleep during the second minute of our vigil. hehe

    @YoSammity ditto with Starr/Lang! Since they are friends in real life, I'm sure the whole thing was truly upsetting. Would you like to fly in from Omaha and help me kick Ross' ass for mentioning Nate?! We could take him I just know it! OMG...the BEST part of the episode was badass Clint in full effect. Floved the counting!

    @Mojomiller OMG...dying for B/N/M to return. OF COURSE, they will be back on Friday when I'll be at the beach. Woof. Glad I'm saving you time...I have a feeling my opinions are quite similar to yours. You'll know if you missed anything. Clint was the bright spot yesterday, because he is a badass.

    @Tina Girlfriend, you and me both need someone to slug the shit out of Charlie! UGH!!! haha...a shoulder bump. He just walked right past him. This Joey has disappointed me so much. It's sad, really. :(

  6. Hey. Heads up seven up!!! I loved that game! I think I learned it in 2nd grade. I'm trying to remember how to play it now. (Viki...!??)

    I read a good point yesterday, in case you missed me mentioning it on Twitter ... WHY is Kelly being all nicey-nice to Clint when he tried to destroy her aunt's life? And for that matter, why is Clint playing games with Kelly when he knows she's hurting Natalie? Well, Clint's Clint, but what is Kelly's excuse?

    Here's what I'm going to start doing: I'm going to pretend La Boulaie is actually an apartment building full of neighbors who don't really care what is going on with each other, rather than a house full of family members.

  7. @Jen OMG I flippin' loved that game so much! Usually we would play it at the end of a school day on Fridays...miss it.
    Good point about Kelly being nice to Clint. They still seem to have such a good relationship with each other regardless of Clint's actions. Plus, Kelly is also probably playing nice because of the Joey's business. So, maybe just ulterior motives? quite a nice observation! Because you KNOW, that Dorian would go for Clint's throat if he tried to destroy Kelly's life. Hmmm

  8. Mija,

    So excited that you, Ross, and Yo were happy for my good fortune! Thanks for all the well wishes. :)