Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Time to Disinfect

Charlie: "Vicki, I SWEAR to you we will get MerryMaids to come and clean this place up. You don't have to disinfect this place yourself! It's way too much trouble."

Hump Day is upon us! How are y'all?! I'm splendid. The Marvin Gaye channel on Pandora radio got me through my day. The bridesmaid's dress arrived for the wedding I'm in this month. Aaaaaaand, what a surprise...it doesn't fit. Good news is that it's too big...so instant confidence booster. Also, I can now tell myself that I've done well with kettlebelling and eating just kinda healthy. Bad news is that now I will have to pay the expensive European tailor in the next building (oh and I can't understand a word he says) a boatload of money to fix this mess. Also Ross received the Bo Buchanan award tonight, because I came home from work and he declared "I'm not exercising so let's have wine and pizza." How can I argue with such an excellent idea? He then went to the grocery in the rain to get all of this. Le sigh. This day has been just fine. The show was...good. Come on, let's be serious...was yesterday going to be topped? I'm afraid not. We all knew that. However, today's show was pretty good. Vicki was the show stopper...no surprise there!

I've decided from here on out (I think Melissa's comment made up my mind after receiving several) that I'm just gonna watch/type simultaneously. Oh, and this post will not be my longest. It's too late and I still have things to do. I'm blaming the late start on Ross tonight.

Wait...first. Let's all jump, shout, scream, cry...whatever the hell you feel like doing. Roger effing Howarth is coming back after agonizing months of speculation!!! Sweet lord! This is faaaaaaaabulous news! I feel like I've waited years for this crap! I'm not gonna do all sorts of speculating about each "Todd" etc. I don't know enough about anything yet. I just know I'm thankful...that's about it. Oh, and uh...Marty's leaving and he's coming back. Yeah, not feeling that at all. Boo. Otherwise, let's all rejoice.

What is up McBain?! Where ya been?

God, you are the WORST mother ever Starr! OF COURSE you don't know where Hope is...of course. Woof. Also, did I hear Starr say "grandmother" while talking on the phone? Rewind. Yes, I did. How is Addie Cramer these days? I'd love to know what the score is of the intense gin rummy game she and Renee Divine must have going in either the attic at the Buch mansion or Laboulaie. My money is on Renee. Sweet angels of heaven...Hi Marty! I can tell you're still marinating in crazy sauce despite the act. Lurve it.

That's right, Brody. You were in St. Anne's too. If St. Anne's wasn't giving free passes to everyone, this wouldn't be an issue. You got out and now Marty did. That's the way it works. If you are upset with anyone it should be Dr. Levin...he effing sucks. He is a quack, no doubt. OR...he is a priest (in charge of all those nuns) and posing as a Dr. Ah ha!

Natalie, I feel like I haven't seen you in forever. LOL...no there is nothing good in that paper. Vicki is letting anything get published today. She is kinda busy. OH...the baby has dark hair. Hmmm.

Hola Tea! Her hair looks great! She and Starr must be seeing the same stylist! And, what a cute coat!

Hellooooo Tomas. Snap! The RH announcement was yesterday and now they are throwing around his pic! YES!

Oh good lord...I'm JUST now recovered from yesterday's sadness. More Vicki and Charlie. Ah! I'm beyond elated to see them yet I know I'm gonna be upset. Vicki is so freakin' real!

Wow...Llanview's skyline kinda looks like New York City. Who would have thought? ;)

If Blair doesn't grow a pair this episode, I will have to come kick her skinny ass. Punish Jack, dammit!!!

Rex, why don't you tell Shane you thought he went to Texas after you read the note? It would lighten the mood since that was a hilarious/stupid thought. UGH...I STILL can't believe Rex thought Shane just went to Texas...silly. I don't know why I'm so bothered.

I.Love.Susan.Haskell. She is so choice. Again...Marty is still in the crazy sauce.

That's right Tea...be suspicious of your attractive brother! BETTER YET...pray he is not your brother so y'all can get it on. I'd love that. He is just an imposter posing as Tomas...yes!

Dan-YELLA is a good little actress and even better when she is not around Nathaniel Q. Salinger. Word.

Yeah...Brody and Natalie are on the horizon. I FEEL it. Weird note: the upstairs at Llanfair is filled with shades of yellow. Jesssica's bedroom is all yellow and now this nursery. WTF?

God...Vicki is too good for that couch. She is!!! Get off of it now, Queen V! My heart is breaking...it's official. "Charlie that was weeks ago...weeks ago." AH! She looks DEV-AH-STAY-TED!!!! Lord have mercy.

God...the wooden wall above the dresser in Tomas' room is an effing eye sore. Ugh...I hate Todd's modern house.

OMG...can we all agree we want the old Jack back?! Cute, adorable, smart ass Jack! Can I get an "amen?!" Dear God!

I just noticed that Ross looked a bit melancholy this episode. No, it's not Vicki's tears causing this. Rick the porn director is not on and I think Ross is truly a bit upset.

If I were Starr I'd be terrified of Marty. I would. hahaha. I love that Marty brought up Hope's visit to St. Anne's! Where is that damn voo-doo doll?! Hmmm?

I love how Tea and Blair are like "there are euros all over this town" kinda thing. How big is Llanview supposed to be? Sidenote: I love John and Tea in scenes together!

Dammit. Charlie is all like I couldn't tell you about Echo because Tess had taken over and then Natalie was gone. WOOF! Soap characters...this does not work. Just like double weddings don't work. Keeping secrets because "this isn't a good time to tell such and such because this mess is going on" does NOT work! Ask Bo and Nora...they put off telling Clint for forever and that backfired! Charlie, you failed with this. It's just that simple. Does anyone else have trouble watching Vicki have her heart broken like this?! I CANNOT take this! I feel like my mother (or grandmother) is getting betrayed and I can't do shit about it!

Jack sounds just like Todd and Blair soooooooo needed to slap him! I would have done it harder. About damn time.

Wait...how did Shane NOT fall?! I mean...seriously? There is no way he wouldn't have fallen off if this were real life.

Jack is ruined...RUINED! This is some nightmare, right?! RIGHT?!

Poor Shane. God, I can't imagine. Being cool in high school is such a big deal AT THE TIME.

Ok....so I am just not gonna really speculate about the paternity of Natalie's baby. I have heard so many different things about what is gonna happen and what isn't that there is just no point. WHANNNN!!!! Why does Marty have to leave?! Why?!?!

Tea looks beautiful today...ah!

Wait?! Is that indeed Jessica's room but now the baby's room?! I'm an idiot. THAT is why everything is still yellow. Ugh...I am so dumb sometimes.

NOOOOOO!!!!!! Ah! OF COURSE, as if Vicki needs to hear ANYTHING else...she has to hear that Charlie's thing with Echo means something. Hell, normal people without DID would have lost it by now. This is RIDIC! Paging Nikki Smith....

I love when Marty talks aloud to herself and says strange things.

Yep...Natalie and Brody have feelings for each other. And, Brody is pretty adorable with the bambino. Too presh.

Dammit Tea...I am sooooo tired of EVERYONE telling John that the kid is his if he wants it. Let the man and his Jim Daniels be!

These Tomas and Dan-YELLA scenes are just ok. I'm fine with them but I just don't have much to say.

Eh...I dunno Blair. I think Toad would be a bastard about all this and side with Jack. HELL YES!!! Blair put your skinny foot down! Take away all his privileges! However, she doesn't seem very threatening. If I were in Jack's shoes...

OMGosh!!!!! The last scene with Vicki and Charlie!!!! NO WORDS!!!! ERIKA SLEZAK is EFFING AWESOME! Ross just said "gah, that felt real." DITTO! She is the queen for a reason...omg!!!! She is breaking my heart!

Ah...a music montage. Who is this Keane? I need to Google this. I kinda like it?

I'm not even speculating the Marty knowing the paternity thing...

Another RH pic! Gosh...they announce it and now toss around his pic left and right! FLOVE it!

Awe...the sonogram pic. :(

OMG...Liam has dark hair AND he is kind of tan! Do he and Hillary Smith vacation in the same place?! That bronzed look is fabulous. Quite the jet setter for such a young age.

Awe...nice litle last scene with Tea, Tomas, and Dan-YELLA. Suspicious Tea is now unleashed!

WTF?! RH is ALL OVER the damn place!!!

Shane...listen to your mama and daddy! Just step down.

God Bless...the previews for tomorrow! Nora AND Vicki sobbing!? I can't take this. CANNOT take it. Matthew crying saying he killed somone. Dear God.

Whew...my fingers hurt! See you presh people tomorrow evening!



  1. Whoo! I'm finally first for one post! Awesome sauce! Anyways, this was a relatively good episode, I wasn't really watching it to closely, was working on homework at the time, but I did enjoy it. Dan-YELLA has really gotten better, or maybe she just needed to be with some adults...I was freakin' out about Shane, I kinda want him to jump, but I don't want it either...I'm torn. And I can't wait til Nikki Smith comes. It will be crazy good!

  2. I am actually almost embarrassed here - how can I be THIS FREAKING STOKED over RH coming back??? Oh what the hell --whoopeeeeee!!!!

    Not so thrilled about the speculation that he came on board to help give OL a descent burial. *sniff*

    So, okay - you totally returned the favor, miss thing, but I am also a little annoyed because the cab franc stung my sinuses. Ouch. Your suggestion to Rex for lightening the mood was just WRONG.

    And cue me completely cracking up all over again.


  3. ME & Yo,

    I flipped out about Shane. I thought he'd jumped too. Yo, I'm with you about Shane jumping. If he doesn't jump everything will be brushed under the rug in a few weeks, including the consequences for Jack. Of course, I really have no desire to see a child kill himself either.

    And Vicki, rocked the house again. I'll be glad when Chuckles and Echo hit the bricks and leave town. Tomorrow is Matthew. It's going to be good.

  4. Am I going to be dragging ass tomorrow or what?! I'm in the bed and thought I'd comment quickly...

    @YoSammity Congratulations on being the first poster! So proud! Yeah...compared to yesterday the show was just "ok." Dan-YELLA is a great actress and has done really well. She DEF does better with the adults and not NQS. Ummmm....Nikki Smith can come and play anytime! I will have the matches and gasoline handy for her to burn down the Minuteman Motel! Ah! Oh...and the Shane thing. I thought he fell! But...he didn't?! WTF is going on...so confused...

    @Cri*Cri don't be embarrassed he's coming back! You have waned this for forever...be happy! Celebrate!!! He is your guy! I, too, hope his return has nothing to do with the end of OLTL. I'm a positive person so I'm going with no. Yes...that was mean of me to say about Shane (I actually edited it a bit so people would get the point I was joking). However, I STILL can't believe Rex was like "he went to Texas!" What?! Sorry your sinuses stung! :(

    @Kendall I thought he DEF jumped! Or...he might have accidentally fallen or something...lost his balance? I don't know what is suppposed to happen with all this because I haven't really read those spoilers. Like you, I have no desire to see a child kill himself. My stomach has been turning just watching him get picked on! Ugh! Vicki is the shit....end game. Chuckles and Echo give me a migraine. Matthew talks to his parents tomorrow. I will cry. :(

  5. Hey girly!! I loved the post today...! =D the show was also awesome today.... Well a good day anyway! I am sooooooo right there with you when your talking about Ms Vicki! Oh my god.....she breaks my heart and it's funny but I totally get the same feeling like someone is screwing over my own mama and it's so not ok lol!! She too makes me wanna jump thru the damn tv screen and just hug her then turn around and beat the shit outta "chuckles and friends...." lol! She is amazing to watch and you feel what she's feeling. Poor Vicki. Now...as I mentioned in my earlier post, I've only been watching for about a year or so...so I've never gotten to see "Nikki" is it? I have to admit to you that I'm actually kinda excited that she gets to come out lol. I'm just hoping she goes all kinds of crazy on echo and whoever else crosses her and deserves it....but idk what her character is like at all.....but if it's anything like tess's transformation then I think it'll be pretty entertaining to see. But I do love Vicki! Oh also.....I love love LOVE the "Marty is still marinating in crazy sauce" line in your blog lmao!!! That was awesome and I seriously laughed out loud for a while on that one hehe!! I don't really have too much to say about Shane.... It's disturbing to me to have a child "killed off" of a show when it can be avoided but it wouldn't suprise me at all right now if they have him jump. I've noticed alot that the storylines in all our favorite soaps kinda happen at the same times and just jump from soap to soap lol and the big thing that seems to be going on right now in daytime is children dying =( you've got Jake on GH who was just killed in a hit and run....Jesse and angies baby was just born stillborn on AMC then Johnny got some wild eye cancer just a while back on DAYS (but survived thank goodness...) so oltl kinda has to have something and tho it will be heart breaking and totally wrong if they have Shane jump....it won't suprise me at all. I do agree tho with someone who posted earlier saying that if he doesn't jump then it's all gonna get shoved under the rug in a few weeks including jacks "punishment" and I think that's just horrible =( I'm really really hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that doesn't happen!! Maybe he could end up falling like you had suggested and he will live that way he doesn't get killed off and it's more real and severe for those who pushed him to it? That would be good for me lol! Whew....I apologize for ranting and taking up so much room!! Can't wait to read tomorrow!!

  6. OH.....also wanted to say I absolutely loved your title!! It's time to disinfect..... Omg that cracked me up hehe! I could NOT believe when he tried to "hold" Vicki today....omg.....seriously?!? After just getting outta bed with echo and Vicki damn well knowing it?!? Really chuckles?!? Lmao.....tho I had to yell "Go Vicki" when she pushed him away completely discusted and yelled "You stink of Echo" wow! The way she said it was sooooo heartbreaking and real...you could hear both the discust and pain in every word she choked out.....poor Vicki :"(

  7. Question--if Roger comes back as Todd (please please please--not some new guy) which rotten liitle mannings are his, and which are fake Todd's--Is it fake Todd 1 and old Todd 3??

    I agree with everyone else Shane should jump to make the bullying real--but I don't want to see it. I DO want to see Clint step up for Shane because he IS a Buchanon!! I want him to protect Shane like he did Matthew.

    Charlie needs to find out that is pwesh-us Echo is a lying s--m when it comes to the Rex is your son story--can't happen soon enough for me--she is pathetic and I'm sorry but as a parent if I found out a memeber of my family9adult that is kids don't get it all the time) knew my kid was being bullied but promised not to tell--THEY WOULD BE DEAD TO ME--esp if I hardly knew them.

    Do you think Deanna had James' baby???


  8. I don't see romance between Nat and Brody. He's starting to exhibit "crazy eyes" and she seems to always be thinking, "OK, what was THAT all about?" after every conversation with him. Maybe if she gets amnesia he can convince her they were a love match in order to keep Liam (after he finds out Liam is John's), but I really don't see Nat coupling up with him if she is in her right mind. And while I am making up storylines, here's hoping Viki only pretends to be Nikki to manipulate Tess into St. Ann's - that would be cool. I was surprised at how much I got into the bully story the last 2 days - very well done. Love me some crazy Marty - hope she stays in town for a while. And geez, writers - foreshadow much? Clearly something bad is heading toward Nat/Liam - since everyone and their dog has told John if he keeps acting like a jerk he'll lose her forever.

  9. I'll be brief. I am sooooo effing ZOMG out of my MIND insanely THRILLED beyond belief that ROGER HOWARTH is returning to OLTL!!!!!! slfjdslkfjlsdfjslajlflska YAY!!!!!!

  10. since it is almost 1 a.m., I can only respond to ALL of these comments by saying I'm BEYOND ELATED RH is returning! This is Christmas!!! I just know it!!!! ;) This is GREAT for the show!