Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Need The Following: For This Show To Pick Up The Pace, Get A New Jack, Show The Vets, & Blow Up Mes. K, Thanks.

Real Jack: "Tea you know I wouldn't lie to you and say dad killed Victor so please get the writers to bring me back. Oh, and I didn't kill Gigi (and would never have done that) but I can't say I miss her...or her hair."

Ah...what it do, Llanview?! Of course, I just asked that in my best Snoop Dogg voice. ;) How the hell are y'all? I had a lovely time back home for my dear friend's wedding! It just took me 13 hours to fly home Sunday..damn weather. Woof! Anyway, I have to once again thank MH for continuing to show why she is fabulous and filling in for me for three whole days. So sweet and she did a stellar job...no shocker there. So thanks and kudos for a job well done. I'll buy you a martito soon...or wine depending on my mood. Cheers. Ok so I kinda (operative word being "kinda") got caught up on last weeks episodes. I don't have time to fully watch all 3 I missed. I'm just jumping right into Monday and I am praying to high heaven the show picks up this week...PRAYING! Alrighty then...

Monday, September 19th--I Brought Marty Back Some Southern Food So She Is Somewhat Happy Tonight.

Who wants to shove a multiple Rodi's burgers down NuJack's throat all at once and then throw him in the Llantano River? Ok that was a bit violent. I'll just settle for throwing him in the Llantano River with weights tied to his ankles.

Tea and Dan-YELLA are still hanging out at THE Saint James (like Bo said in the episode on Friday...ha).

That porcupine is creepy and like MH mentioned...is no doubt stealing the show. Lord help us all.

I want to know if Crystal Hunt gets paid every damn time they show that picture of Stacy and Kim. I could Google this so I guess I'll just hush.

I NEED to know why scenes in the hallway and other areas of the LPD look like I a watching a reality show! The camera is so shaky. So Brody looks relieved about this whole "I saw Todd Manning with the gun at the murder scene foolishness." I dunno if he did it or not. I really don't have a clue right now.

Lawd Rex has on WAAAAAY too much green on. Good God! He looks like turf. I need Kim Zimmer's hair to stay the same color, style, and length. K, thanks.

Man...Kim has on stripper lipstick. Those lips! I bet she gets lots of tips based on those things alone! Interpret as you wish.

Morris is clearly the star of the show and I'm just waiting for him to start spouting off shit to Cutter. I mean...he just needs to say some words and he is no doubt going to be a big star. He has "the look." UGH...woooooof! How effing sad is it that Morris IS the show right now?

Aaaaand Kim just called Vickster "Queen Victoria." I mean....are the writers reading my blog? ;) I kid I kid...

As I sit here watching the Rex and Echo scenes, I was like "Gosh...KZ hasn't been on the show in like 20 years and then surfaces to say that she and Clint created spastic Rex and now she is all up in the show." My mind then wandered to Rex's journey to find his birth parents and then I panicked because I remembered that damn Rick and Lily in New Mexico story and I wanted to slam my head against the wall. AHHH! Get it out of my head!!!!! How terrible was that?! I mean...soooooo insulting and embarassing...the story that is. Anyway...sorry I brought that up. What a nightmare...literally.

Awe that huge portrait of TSJ in THE Saint James makes me miss him...tear.

I'd like to know the name of these two Joe Blow officers attempting to arrest Todd Manning. NuJack STFU!!!!!!!! He didn't bash your head in you dipshit! UGH. I want to beat this kid's ass!

Hey Aubs...sup? Wait...how does her outfit work? She has on a blue dress? But the black thing is over it? Hmmm...dunno how I feel about this get up. PLEASE let me NOT be subjected to Aubs and Cutter doing the wild thing. Please.

Times...I want this porcupine, Morris, to come to life and eat Mestiny (and NQS and NuJack) alive in front of ALL the citizens of Llanview. How effing cool would that be?!

KZ is fab as usual but otherwise these Rex and Echo scenes are rather boring. Well, there just isn't much for me to say about the whole conversation really...

OH.MY.GOD. Y'all if I have to keep hearing about Natty talking about Marty pushing her off of that roof and that damn talkboy recorder and all this other foolishness I'm gonna claw my eyes out and force Ross to send them to the writers of OLTL to let them know they are driving me insane! The ONLY thing I will allow is if they actually show Marty throwing Natty off the roof and then doing that little pump fake move and screaming in that crazy voice. That's it. Oh and I still don't know about Brody's involvement in all this. I am not sure if he pulled the trigger but I do think he is involved somehow.

I just missed the Dan-YELLA and Tea scene.

Lemme tell ya...NuJack is sooooo convincing in these damn cemetery scenes. UGH. I mean...I need old Jack back stat. My life would improve drastically.

Again, I'm confused by Aubs' dress and I need the wardrobe department to explain it to me. One thing I do agree with Aubrey about--the porcupine is creepy. It really is.

Wait...Nina? Did Kim call the gun "Nina?"

These Brody and Natty scenes are all of a hot second...

I.NEED.RH.TO.KILL.NUJACK.NOW. I flippin' cannot deal with this little bastard! AHHHH!!!!!!

Whoa...Dan-YELLA just mentioned Ross Rayburn and said he was great. Desi did you hear that?

On another note--I think RH looks quite fabulous in his suit. ;) He is rather ruggedly handsome.

I hate to say this but...I'm kinda bored this episode, too. I think I'm just tired of looking at the porcupine. Excuse this boring post. I just feel I don't have a lot to work with here...

UGH...they showed McBain's halftime bumper but he isn't on the show today. Hmmm.

Oh and I am tired of Kim just talking to Stacy and, personally, I feel like my convos with my dog are more entertaining.

I mean...Natty didn't even make Tracy the secretary sign a statement so could she use it against Brody right now?

Oh...Tea has been doing a stellar job with all this Todd/Victor stuff. Bravo! Had to say that...

The hedges in this town are entirely too high in this damn town. That's all I have to say. Since I own my own landscaping company...

So is this Natty and Brody's new apartment? What in the world is that white and stained glass thing on the table??? Natty so looked like she did not want to kiss Brody and that she still likes John. WOOF.

Again, explain Aubs' dress to me.

Despite the fact that I think they brought back Kim a little late, I do think she is sassy and I do like her. I can't help it. I also think that she and KZ will have some great scenes together. They are both fierce. I kinda wish Echo would go all cray cray on Kim a la Marty Saybrooke style.

Again, it looks like a reality show when they escorted Todd into the LPD. I don't understand.

LOL...Echo called Roxy a gold digging whore.

Jesus. At least set the porcupine straight up. Don't let the poor thing just lie there almost upside down.

Man...Rex got to Kentucky in a hot second or Echo stayed a long ass time at the BD Cafe! Asa's jet is hella fierce huh? Lord...this show and its timing of scenes. Hilarious.

Oh good grief...so who in the world is spying on NuJack? Irene is still in jail right? God, I wish it were Marty...girl can dream. Le sigh. Whoever is hiding and spying (Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Little Hope Thornhart) please take NuJack out immediately.

Tea you know in your heart RH didn't do it so help his ass...

Natty...if you marry Brody it will be kinda like marrying Marty. So, yes, even though initially I wanted Natty and Brody together I hope she says "no" since Brody is on the crazy train and I don't need Natty getting throw off another roof--accidentally or intentionally. I mean...the damn Marty storyline is still going on so I don't need another one to start. Woof.

Eh...today was just okay. I need some vets, dammit! Where the hell are they?! Please surface!!!!

I'm sorry this post was terrible. I am just not feeling the show lately...

Okie dokie...my hair stylist just arrived so I must run. I'll see y'all later and can respond to comments this afternoon. Seriously...I'm going to do it today!

Love y'all much,


  1. Thanks, Mija! Great blog as usual. I am barely watching and you are keeping me up to date. Why am I not watching? Your blog title sums it all up.

  2. ditto to the above statement

    Is Stacey/Gigi a Michael/Al redo???? Please no, can't end this way --as dumb as it was to kill off Gigi the story served it's purpose.

    Eh Hee I'm leaning towards Shane as our killer

  3. FINALLY...I'm responding! Let's hope this becomes a trend!

    @Andrea Oh, my pleasure darling! Although I have to admit that as of late the show hasn't been that great...even last week when BN were on! glad I can keep you up to speed on our show! All limbs crossed our vets surface...and the hippo lands on Mes. Word! Cheers! Titos time! ;)

    @rac Glad some of us are all on the same page! Who knows what this Stacy thing is. I really am so confused and don't understand the point of it at this rate. I haven't read many spoilers on it. Who knows with OLTL. I mean the whole Erin Torpey return (and her being in the promo...PUH-LEEZE!) was insulting enough. You're right...probably Shane. I would hope that OLTL throw us an awesome curve ball but I'm not holding my breath. Le woof...

  4. if it's not Shane I think he knows who it is--maybe he saw Brody do it and feels guilty because he thinks Brody did it for him

  5. @rac I really hope it isn't Shane (event though it very well might be) because I don't need another child murderer. OOOOOHHH good theory about maybe he saw Brody do it! I didn't think about that! I hope the writers don't botch this like they did Eddie Ford's murder...yeah, cause that got resolved, right? Woof!