Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Please Tell Me What Happened...I Fell Asleep

McBain: "Look Vickers, I don't have time to talk right now. Mary-Ella is falling asleep during this episode and I promised I'd make her slumber party. So, if you'll excuse me I'm off to ME's."

Evening all! Hope y'all had a faaaaaaabulous long weekend! I've decided to go on and sit down and blog since Ross hasn't made it home yet...plus, I would like to exercise at 5:30 in the morning instead of blog (I'm much better in the morning). Anyway, I honestly don't know what happened today or what was supposed to happen. I know Erin Torpey is coming back this week and that is all I know. Ok, let's do this and I'll respond to comments when I can.

Tuesday, September 6th--Marty Is Still Hungover From the BBQ So Little Hope Thornhart Is Still In the Driver's Seat

Oh shit...I will hate this episode. I just know it. Anything starting off with Jess and Christian will suck. Oh, and MH and I discussed this...isn't him just showing up kinda random?

Aubs...it's the day after Labor Day so you shouldn't be wearing that jacket. However, I'll cut you some slack since this day started back on Friday and yesterday was a re-run, etc. Oh, and yes I watched the re-run yesterday. Fabu. I know Bo and Nora aren't on once this week (and I'm not sure about the next) so I'll take them when I can.

Lawd...all this Kim and Cutter stuff. I mean I would be interested if we had more time left. Oh well.

I do like Blair's sass outfit....BUT she has on white pants. Again, I'm gonna let all these people slide for today.

Again, someone please inform me when RH went shopping etc. I mean...all his outfits fit him perfectly. PERFECTLY.

Dipshit...you spent all the money on the Buch bathroom, Cutter. Good God.

Awe...that poor girl in the yearbook named Aubrey Wentworth. I mean...Rama just said an "ugly duckling" was kind. That's mean.

Ummmmm hate to break it to y'all but I'm bored. I'm sorry. I'm bored today. =( I mean...ZERO vets. ZERO. WTF?

OF COURSE the back doors to Llanfair are wide open. Of course.

On the count of three...poor Tea. Good lord. Poor baby. Poor Dan-YELLA, too.

I want to hit both NuJack AND Starr. Both of these children need to be Molly-whopped. Blair...don't tell Starr and NuJack that you think RH shot Victor. Just don't...

Oh, and Young Boots and I would like for McBain and RH to start their bro-mance again. K, thanks. ;)

Y'all I am sooooooo bored! I will just have to make random observations from here on out. I'm so sorry. I can't just make up shit...

The walls in the LPD interrogation room look really blue today...really blue.

So did Kim start off at The Pony? THEN go to Vegas...then to Llanview? THEN back to The Pony? Hmmm....

These Jess/Christian scenes...no words. I would rather have a root canal.

OMIGOD how strange/random/weird/awkward is this Christian and Jess mess?! I mean...really? REALLY, OLTL?! Beyond lame and just lazy writing.

In other lame ass news...You mean to tell me that Cutter, Kim/Aubrey (real), Rama, and Christine/Aubrey (fake) ALL end up in Llanview, Pennsylvania. WOOF.

Awe...well the Tea and Dan-YELLA stuff is sweet but it can't save this episode. Too far gone...

I'm not even entertained with RH and McBain today...what the hell is wrong with me?! I mean...I'm in a good mood today, too! WTF?

Peeing...no, NuJack, Blair can't go back and time and make sure RH doesn't steal the gun because she ain't magical and the bitch left the safe open. Good grief.

LOL...RH tried to go to Carlotta's but it's now some cantina. ha!

UGH...thank God I know Kim isn't going to re-marry Clint. I need Clint back with Vickster ASAP.

This.Whole.Christian.Showing.Up.At.Llanfair.Thing.Is.Weird. That's all. God, can you imagine if Christian and Jess ended up together?! I mean...I've seen boring couples before but these two would def get the blue ribbon!

I love that Kim said "Duh, he's [Clint's] a genius." I love it.

POOR TEA. Sniffing Victor's stuff. Poor baby. I don't blame her.

Lord I'm bored...

Dayum...Starr crying for realzies!

Even Superhero John McBain can't save this episode...

YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!! But guess who CAN make me happy?! Little Sam Manning! Sure, he surfaced 45 minutes into the show but for the first time since this episode started I smiled!

Good grief...Crystal Hunt's pic...AGAIN. I mean, she ain't coming back. So obviously the girl in the bed is Stacy but I have no idea where this is going. I kinda don't care? Yes? Yes...I don't care. That's it...

I mean...this Christian and Jess kiss is hella awkward and random and I just don't know why we are having to watch this mess. Granted, he is the most valuable character on the show but this is boring. I'd rather watch him mix drinks at Capricorn...or box...or lift weights...or paint...or teach art classes...or work at the BD cafe. ANYTHING but this Jess shit. Did I leave any of his other jobs out???

RH and McBain's is MUCH better this last segment. PEEING!!!!!! McBain just told RH to call somebody and tell them to bring him [RH] a clean pair of underwear cause he might be there for awhile. HILAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lord...Dan-YELLA needs to go to a psychiatrist ASAP. She has had waaaaaay too many daddy issues within the past year.

Omigod...NuJack EXPLODE!!!!!!! Jesus Christ...I cannot catch a break this episode. Don't tell little Sam his friend killed "Dad." Good God! You are such a dumbass!!!!

Tea, you sneaky little bitch you! Way to go, girlfriend! I actually am looking forward to this confrontation.

Y'all I NEED a better episode tomorrow!!! k, thanks. Lord. I'm so sorry this post is dripping in Mestiny terribleness but I had nothing to work with today. =(

Snap! Erin Torpey in the promo! Damn!

Okie dokie...I am off to cook red beans and rice.

Ciao bellas!



  1. Can I just thank you! Your blog always allows me to skip awful shows, but still know what is going on.

  2. I'm sorry. I can't feel that sorry for Dan-YELLA. Maybe I'm just a terrible person, but I'm beyond pissed that she is more upset about Victor than she ever was about Ross. Ross freaking RAISED her, and she STILL called him Ross after he died. She's all concerned about getting to know Todd because she's still sooo attached to Victor because Victor was her dad. And she's still calling Victor "Dad" instead of Uncle Victor. Hello? Did everyone just forget Ross? Am I the only one who cares that he was there for Dan-YELLA since birth and cared enough about her to try to come back for her when Tea "died" even though he lost about six inches in height and any traces of a badass?

  3. I can overlook Aubrey's jacket because she can take it off. However, I just cannot forgive Blair's pants because with those pants she is most likely wearing white shoes and that is just a cardinal sin.

  4. Christian and Jess--on the one hand leaving with Chris is better than leaving with Ford, on the other hand these 2 have NO CHEMISTRY (oddly I like the actress who plays jess but she doesn't really have chem with anybody) THE ORIGINAL Jess and ORIGINAL Chris were adorable--too bad they can't bring them both back!!

    I want to SMACK NuJack everytime he says scarface/mcpain--knock it off you rotten gigi killing brat.

    and i agree with everything said about danyella and ross==victor was kind of abusive to you danyella, remember the cabin and the gun??

  5. @mojomiller well, may I just say YOU ARE SO WELCOME! I am so glad you were spared from yesterday's snooze fest. Hoping today's wont be like that. Woof.

    @Desi TOTALLY understandable about Dan-YELLA. However, the only reason I do feel bad for her is because I do think she has had a lot to deal with in a year and KM is just a good actress and she makes me feel sorry for her. However, incredibly valid point about her not giving two shits about Ross' death (the man who raised her all of her life) and then just going to Victor. I totally understand. I am just mushy and feel bad for Tea & Co. Unexplainable about my sensitivity towards them. I don't think you are alone in your feelings about Ross. But I do think that there aren't too many people who feel that way (mainly because so many people are enamored with TSJ). Regardless...you made an excellent point. I think I am one of the people who forget about Ross from time to time. Thanks for the reminder, m'am! ;)

    @Katie ha! the pants were rather awful but I was trying to give her credit since she started wearing the pants before labor day and technically it's not labor day yet on the show. Regardless, I'm praying she doesn't have on white shoes because I think that people who wear white shoes should be shot (I prob lost readers thanks to that comment). I do like Aubs jacket. And, you're right...it's removable. I just think it needs to go too.

    @rac Agreed...ORIGINAL Jess and ORIGINAL Chris...DEF chemistry. I agree with you about Jess. I mean...she really doesn't have chemistry with anyone on the show. That is a shame because she is an excellent actress and a really beautiful girl. I don't understand. Oh...NuJack needs to be bludgeoned like 4 months ago. He gives me a rash. Seriously. I have a little rash on the inside of my right elbow and he caused it no doubt. Yes I agree Victor was kinda abusive, etc. but I just think the child has had so many fathers within a year...feel bad for her. She has to be confused!

    @Lexi thank you, darlin! I try but sometimes it is hard when the episode is atrosh...woof! ;)